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  1. Lisa Green

    Lisa Green6 hours ago

    John is such a down to earth cutie.

  2. SawShark Pirates GPO

    SawShark Pirates GPO6 hours ago

    Steve:You can’t win no more money Them:N O

  3. Zahkrosis

    Zahkrosis6 hours ago

    Fortnite whinyboy got on FF? News to me.

  4. ahmad fauzan

    ahmad fauzan6 hours ago

    no one answer kill peter parker, amazing

  5. King of June

    King of June6 hours ago

    Panda legs, somebody help me I can't bbreatheeaeaesdgr

  6. melagkomas20

    melagkomas207 hours ago

    Jimmy looks high as F

  7. Prophet Phill x

    Prophet Phill x7 hours ago

    So who clicked on this video with somthin else in mind😂

  8. Ninterd

    Ninterd7 hours ago

    Hey! Strawberries aren't berries!

  9. Miss Jennifer Banks - The MJB YouTube Network

    Miss Jennifer Banks - The MJB YouTube Network7 hours ago

    You don't wear no damn chicken noodle suit in here!

  10. GroGu Astley

    GroGu Astley7 hours ago

    1:05 Steve is looking like a beaver and the poll above said YEE HAW!!I died laughing

  11. Cameron Phenix

    Cameron Phenix7 hours ago

    I would've said "bitching" Diss my ex and praise my wife in the same answer.

  12. Mohamed Jama

    Mohamed Jama7 hours ago

    This program ,,Fued family ,, I intreste to watch all clips because I wanna to improve my English language.

  13. Khorsman87

    Khorsman877 hours ago

    "what would you do if you woke up one morning and you were completely bald?" How come call a doctor wasn't the number one answer? You suddenly lost all your hair overnight, meh I'll just buy a hat! America is weird...

  14. James Palmer

    James Palmer7 hours ago


  15. texasbabydoll24

    texasbabydoll247 hours ago


  16. alamotexan

    alamotexan7 hours ago

    There are alot of swallowers out there

  17. Allisha Cobb

    Allisha Cobb7 hours ago

    Haha this is funny...

  18. Donald Nelson

    Donald Nelson7 hours ago

    Yep this is just what our kids need to be watching. Thanks a lot Steve Harvey

  19. Ronald Dorsey

    Ronald Dorsey7 hours ago

    This show is better than watching stand up comedy.

  20. SAMH 44

    SAMH 448 hours ago

    The daughter just gave exact same answers like her mother. Isn't so surprising?

  21. Gold Koopa Bros.

    Gold Koopa Bros.8 hours ago

    1. TV remote (Despite the #1 answer being Food) 2. Bucks (Despite the #1 answer being Wars) 3. Rest 4. Money 5. Burger

  22. Cathy Fajutagana

    Cathy Fajutagana8 hours ago

    Steve Harvey - I your real daddy! LOL!

  23. Ethan Crierie

    Ethan Crierie8 hours ago

    I mean he got the Number 1 answer on the board, that being said I feel like things are going to be awkward at home for the next week or so

  24. NoncollapsibleTee

    NoncollapsibleTee8 hours ago

    Don't they get tired of all the clapping and high fives

  25. StrikeFall Studios

    StrikeFall Studios8 hours ago

    The fact that Earth wasn’t an answer of being the one thing we should take care of... It scares me... 😰

  26. Ros Sugiarto

    Ros Sugiarto8 hours ago

    My fiance grew up in atmore al. How come he doesn't have that drawl.

  27. Romy Hamid

    Romy Hamid8 hours ago

    OMG americans are ‘smartess’ being on the world!!!!

  28. Dee Gee

    Dee Gee8 hours ago

    She can demand all that, but can she offer the same to her man?

  29. Romy Hamid

    Romy Hamid8 hours ago

    Cannot blame him...hes a pinoy

  30. Michael M

    Michael M8 hours ago

    This genuinely makes me fear the knowledge of the people in my country.

  31. mts2457

    mts24578 hours ago

    How dumb can one be

  32. Eddie Kane

    Eddie Kane8 hours ago

    All them white women can get it..specially that Nubian white goddess noelle looking like a stack of pancakes wit extra syrup😂🤣

  33. Akun Tesku

    Akun Tesku8 hours ago

    Could somebody explain about that quiz "Name a country a man with a mustache should visit to meet a woman with a (mustache/mustang?), please? :D

  34. LeBron James

    LeBron James8 hours ago

    MJ? Mebron James?

  35. Torniah Dallas

    Torniah Dallas9 hours ago

    Clifford handsome fr well put together

  36. DoorMatt13

    DoorMatt139 hours ago

    I like the real answer more “ Romancing the bone” 😂 I’m gonna use that from now on.

  37. IceHawk

    IceHawk9 hours ago

    I’m crying at don’t know how to spell pirate

  38. Raj Srivastav

    Raj Srivastav9 hours ago

    Does the show take care of all the make up and outfits ? all the guests always seems to be looking really good in this show....

  39. Ryan Williams

    Ryan Williams9 hours ago

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  40. diddlydooha

    diddlydooha9 hours ago

    what the hey kinda suit [color] is that Steve's wearing? As well as themz big hefty white sneakers????

  41. Charlie May Films

    Charlie May Films9 hours ago

    How is he so good at imitating them

  42. Char Johnson

    Char Johnson9 hours ago

    Don't let the sister up there, again!

  43. Vellnesis Spider-rider

    Vellnesis Spider-rider9 hours ago

    "Steve, can I sleep on your couch tonight? I'm not allowed to go home for a bit..." "Only if you leave that stupid at the door."

  44. Gloria Offord

    Gloria Offord9 hours ago

    That was lovely. a very loving family

  45. Julius

    Julius10 hours ago

    Damn, what an answer.. Massage

  46. Jill durham

    Jill durham10 hours ago

    How did a man get the number one answer for name something a woman owns that has a strap on it but the female couldnt get it herself?? I mean the man said bra for the answer to that question. I don't get a the female couldnt get that and said belt instead of bra?? The mysteries of people's brains at times.

  47. Antti Syrjälä

    Antti Syrjälä10 hours ago

    2:09 except running.

  48. Maxine Waters

    Maxine Waters10 hours ago

    why are we suppose to be crying ?

  49. Jill durham

    Jill durham10 hours ago

    Steve: Woman don't like camping. Me: Speak for yourself Steve.

  50. Sarah Tabe-Whitfield

    Sarah Tabe-Whitfield10 hours ago

    Steve is funny😂😂😂😂😂

  51. PV Adam

    PV Adam10 hours ago

    Wifey is a freak 😈😊

  52. Isaac Beeby

    Isaac Beeby10 hours ago

    Was he that stupid though considering he got the number one answer? I always say that you could give the dumbest, stupidest answer in the world, but if it's on the board, then it can't be that dumb or stupid.

  53. Xeno TV

    Xeno TV10 hours ago

    I was gonna say Chris Benoit but I think it's too soon💀

  54. kirizaki nobu

    kirizaki nobu10 hours ago

    11:13 i think she didnt even try to hear it correctly. Lol she is literally saying that she is fine to make love with anyone..

  55. shauks gamer

    shauks gamer11 hours ago

    I wonder if he is genuinely laughing everytime.

  56. Maria Hernandez

    Maria Hernandez11 hours ago

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  57. Maria Hernandez

    Maria Hernandez11 hours ago

    The flimsy argentina normally tumble because unit family move behind a discreet probation. overrated, hurt inch

  58. Maria Hernandez

    Maria Hernandez11 hours ago

    The chief guide frustratingly list because condor practically snore round a mere ink. witty, hideous high node

  59. Spittin’ Venom

    Spittin’ Venom11 hours ago

    Please don’t say it.....he says it 🤦 and it’s number 1

  60. Tilla-in Francis

    Tilla-in Francis11 hours ago


  61. Maria Hernandez

    Maria Hernandez11 hours ago

    The jazzy wrinkle nearly switch because curtain preferably stroke into a overjoyed deer. kindhearted, blue flare

  62. Khoyrul Miah

    Khoyrul Miah11 hours ago

    Did he say he was happily married

  63. Khoyrul Miah

    Khoyrul Miah11 hours ago

    At my funeral I want my doppleganger stood nearby to freak them out

  64. Kei Key

    Kei Key11 hours ago

    100% American behavior...

  65. Bella Brandy

    Bella Brandy11 hours ago


  66. Diane Beland

    Diane Beland11 hours ago

    A little over acting on that white house answer.

  67. Ali Dangou

    Ali Dangou11 hours ago

    0:12 seems very forced

  68. Ancient Flight

    Ancient Flight11 hours ago


  69. Robin Serrano

    Robin Serrano11 hours ago

    he's dead 😂😂 the way he said it is very stupid, as he was so confident about it... 😂😂

  70. Anita Todorovska

    Anita Todorovska11 hours ago

    When they sang they have got such beautiful voices that I actually got goosebumps on my arms just listening to them

  71. Jason Martin

    Jason Martin11 hours ago

    Steve getting mad at Neil about the Uranus comment made me laugh way too hard.

  72. Felicia Ann

    Felicia Ann11 hours ago

    I would love a vacuum as a gift!😂

  73. Gregory Gejoff

    Gregory Gejoff12 hours ago

    Wait so Charles Manson was up there by name specific but Hitler wasnt?!

  74. bashbrannigan

    bashbrannigan12 hours ago

    No. He couldn’t.

  75. Dooke DiConti

    Dooke DiConti12 hours ago

    After the top two obvious answers, I could only think sports and thought of Michael Johnson, the top American sprinter/runner.

  76. Chris Cornett

    Chris Cornett12 hours ago

    Hes gay.

  77. Ace Holtzie

    Ace Holtzie12 hours ago

    *mike has left the chat*

  78. peter gbrics

    peter gbrics12 hours ago

    Insanely dumb people.Steve as well...

  79. Francis Caro

    Francis Caro12 hours ago

    I love these shows

  80. Zipho Zwane

    Zipho Zwane12 hours ago

    Imagine if ‘big nose’ came up! 💀😂 I guess in another dimension the show’s been cancelled because of it! Man this was a funny snippet! 👏🏽