I am a professional photographer based in Southern California. This channel is mainly about my drone captures above the ocean. My latest shark documentation efforts are to educate and provide information about marine life from an aerial perspective. I'm NOT a marine biologist or naturalist. I encourage independent verification of facts via scientific channels. I will strive to post citations for any information I discuss on USlikes whenever possible. My goal is to use photography and drones to bring awareness to wildlife and the nature around us. I welcome collaborations with scientists whenever possible to bring cinematic elements to the educational presentation.

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ICELAND- July 2019
  1. Brady Platt

    Brady Platt42 minutes ago

    0:42 looks like there is something under it

  2. Neal Babbington

    Neal Babbington48 minutes ago

    You didn't even take your drone down to try and warn him. Better footage for you I guess. Then you can knock one out to a shark eating someone.

  3. Janna Smith

    Janna SmithHour ago

    There's something soothing about this man's voice. Thanks for sharing the footage!

  4. Ivan Jimenez

    Ivan JimenezHour ago

    I think he saw it, but he seems used to seeing shark 🦈 fins and is not scared.

  5. Michael H.

    Michael H.Hour ago

    Amazing Channel!! How big are these sharks that come this close to the beach? They look like young animals? A lifeguard in malibu once told me that only youngsters come so close to the beach? Thank you!!

  6. CrimsonCruiser18

    CrimsonCruiser18Hour ago

    Great video! But there isn't a man alive that has a clue about millions of years ago so please sound more intelligent in the future and not talk about something no man can know about being millions of years ago!

  7. MsBaztastic

    MsBaztasticHour ago

    Am I the only one waiting for the bite?

  8. Empty Space

    Empty SpaceHour ago

    Do communities that live alongside shark populations utilise drones in this way to protect swimmers and the animals? If not, they should.

  9. zabortnick

    zabortnick2 hours ago

    Doubt you will catch a predation on sea lions or seals near shore, white sharks ambush there prey from below usually so some depth is required. Perhaps a place with a serious drop off and a seal colony would be a more likely spot to catch a predation.

  10. DPL Destroyer

    DPL Destroyer2 hours ago

    Eso fue un mojon qué pasó por el lado del tiburón? 😂😂😂😂

  11. tom d

    tom d2 hours ago

    Just like anything else in life, don’t act like prey & you won’t be treated like prey

  12. gabriel sherman

    gabriel sherman2 hours ago

    whenenver i saw that shark i wasnt thinking, omg its gonna eat them, it was like damn he just vibin

  13. Joe Skill

    Joe Skill2 hours ago

    The dude on the paddle board was like.....nobody get in my line, not even a great white..🧐 Great white.... dude chill..😹

  14. lee gorman

    lee gorman3 hours ago

    I certainly applaud you alerting others and prompting a greater awareness. I'd never wish this on you, what if you were documenting a shark and it decides to charge? I imagine that's an awful poition to be in.

  15. Austin Register

    Austin Register3 hours ago

    The soft, peaceful music paired with the slow , natural movements of the sharks really relaxed me. I enjoyed watching these beautiful creatures and your footage, thank you!

  16. apexmoto

    apexmoto3 hours ago

    Hmm... What beach was this, guy? Just so I can cross it off my places to visit

  17. Reborn Smith

    Reborn Smith4 hours ago

    That dude didn't look very stable on that paddle board either.

  18. FlexViper

    FlexViper4 hours ago

    so there's a possible chance that a megalodon cannot be spotted from above

  19. Mel J

    Mel J4 hours ago

    Another awesome video 🤙


    THE TRUTH4 hours ago

    Good for you

  21. Timothy Burleigh

    Timothy Burleigh5 hours ago

    Wow beautiful footage of White Sharks bro. Keep up the good work Thank You for sharing.

  22. Aaron 88

    Aaron 885 hours ago

    I luv ur videos bro, giving us such good information about their behaviour close to shore. Thanks dude.

  23. S

    S6 hours ago

    Shocking parents.

  24. Buddy Price

    Buddy Price6 hours ago

    You saved them!!!

  25. Charles Lacombe

    Charles Lacombe7 hours ago

    WOW !!! I hope you showed them the video so they know your not "Pulling their foot"! I never realized how useful a drone could be sighting Sharks. I wonder if the Tuna fishermen are putting them to use, as i know they often use spotter planes for that purpose and I'm sure its not cheap.

  26. James Chou

    James Chou7 hours ago

    Man: Alright, just stay cool and maintain a safe distance from the shark Shark: Alright, just stay cool and maintain a safe distance from the dolphins

  27. aaron

    aaron7 hours ago

    Dislikes from people who know sharks need to eat too.

  28. Justin Tuttle

    Justin Tuttle8 hours ago

    What were those kooks surfing anyhow?

  29. James Renton

    James Renton8 hours ago

    The bloke who came close....didn't panic and swam towards the shark....was literally the most perfect thing he could have done in that situation. He is educated

  30. Silas

    Silas8 hours ago

    There should be AI drones at all time just doing this, warning people 👍

  31. AGDinCA

    AGDinCA8 hours ago

    Is he injured just behind the dorsal fin?

  32. bruce baker

    bruce baker9 hours ago

    Being a kayaker, sailor and swimmer I have never feared sharks, killer whales are my number one worry!

  33. Gear head A1

    Gear head A111 hours ago

    That’s a big fish

  34. Master Jedi55

    Master Jedi5511 hours ago

    I’ll never forget the time I came face to face with a bull shark. I couldn’t believe how fierce this killing machine looked up close!! I saw attack in its eyes, it saw dinner in mine. I had little time to react, so I went with my gut, angled to the right , and moved on to the stingray exhibit!!

  35. 2BORED

    2BORED11 hours ago

    Is it possible to get a zoomed up video of fin out of water from the waterline in future vid. Great video 👍

  36. Mikey N

    Mikey N11 hours ago

    It's really good that drones could save lives and warn surfers and also save the sharks getting killed

  37. OmoDeiru

    OmoDeiru12 hours ago

    Amazing I hope national geographic hit you up! You deserve great quality videos!!

  38. Lee Cregeen

    Lee Cregeen12 hours ago

    Be bubbles of 💩💩💩everywhere😳😳😳

  39. C C

    C C14 hours ago

    I’d easily smash one of these

  40. James Tucker

    James Tucker14 hours ago

    Great whites are beautiful I'd like to figure how they really operate the pattern of sharks swimming routes is never like migratory routes they don't migrate yet travel vast distances

  41. tangomike15

    tangomike1514 hours ago

    I wonder if refraction could explain the shark seemingly aiming in the wrong direction when breaching. Maybe he was actually aiming for the drone.

  42. # SlowTheWorld

    # SlowTheWorld14 hours ago

    Just a theory but i believe not all sharks prefer to swim so close to the surface. Either one may be more aggressive as well.

  43. # SlowTheWorld

    # SlowTheWorld14 hours ago

    Earned that like 👍

  44. psychiatry is eugenics

    psychiatry is eugenics15 hours ago


  45. Andrew Demarest

    Andrew Demarest15 hours ago

    I think you're giving these sharks too much credit... it's reacting to a four limbed creature on the surface of the water as it swims upward to attack it; unfortunately for the shark, it could only see the dark shadow of the drone and doesn't know that it's not truly in the water.

  46. crunchers9

    crunchers915 hours ago

    Only one surfer, and the other guy was probably treading water, making the kinds of splashes that attract big sharks.

  47. Blu

    Blu16 hours ago

    The dolphin dead, the sharks eating it and cleaning the sea Beautiful The sea crows (The crows clean the terrestrial space)

  48. pocket

    pocket16 hours ago

    Which beach was this? Also question: Do they tend to prefer sandy areas vs reef areas?

  49. Super Crazy Peanut Butter Dave

    Super Crazy Peanut Butter Dave16 hours ago

    it would have been far more interesting to not tell them and see what the shark did.

  50. TheMalibuArtist

    TheMalibuArtist16 hours ago

    Hello Folks, For those of you who asked for a version without narration please visit this video. I can't stand my voice either, so I made one with just the music. Enjoy! Have a great day, and if you complain about that one, well, I still wish you a better day.

  51. rsuriyop

    rsuriyop16 hours ago

    The stingray was probably something the shark has never seen before and could've simply been only a little curious about it.

  52. candrerc25

    candrerc2517 hours ago

    Where's that shooting?

  53. joe jackson

    joe jackson17 hours ago

    What beach was that?

  54. psychiatry is eugenics

    psychiatry is eugenics17 hours ago


  55. tanefendi

    tanefendi17 hours ago

    Most surfers I know don't care about sharks, and most sharks don't care about surfers.

  56. we liT

    we liT18 hours ago

    Makes me hungry

  57. NeoIBelieve matrix

    NeoIBelieve matrix18 hours ago

    That's why I say hell to the no when going in the water when I hit the beach... ocean is a scary place man

  58. BudaKhan

    BudaKhan18 hours ago

    Was that shark even of mammal hunting size?

  59. BU_ DO

    BU_ DO18 hours ago

    Lifeguards should use drones like this with a siren and flashing lights on it.

  60. Fallbranch

    Fallbranch18 hours ago

    No one's gonna wanna surf there. Ignorance really might be bliss.

  61. TNT Ex

    TNT Ex18 hours ago

    Omg you should play the jaws theme tune when shark approach

  62. timmy le

    timmy le18 hours ago


  63. draven griphith

    draven griphith19 hours ago

    why dont you just put a little phone on it with a loud speaker tell them that a huge shark is following them