Nicole Johnson's Detour
Nicole Johnson's Detour
Nicole Johnson's Detour

Professional monster truck driver Nicole Johnson explores vastly different motorsports experiences, discovering uncommon people, personalities and cultures along the way. Plugging in with the locals, hearing their stories, and driving their best vehicles.

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  1. Mikel Robles

    Mikel RoblesHour ago

    Did he really just let a Standard Transmission driver virgin drive his baby WTF dudes crazylol!! Also Someone plz find his 1/4mi. Timeslip plz!

  2. Anthony

    AnthonyHour ago

    Maybe he should've used a synchronized transmission.

  3. James Moore

    James MooreHour ago

    Not only was this tour awesome, but she's got an AWFULLY cute butt as well...Not that I noticed! LOL

  4. Chris Two

    Chris TwoHour ago

    I remember meeting you at world finals. Your such a nice person

  5. Tyler Spin

    Tyler Spin5 hours ago

    Gotta love this guy

  6. Tyler Spin

    Tyler Spin5 hours ago

    Truly a sleeper. Nice job

  7. Scott S.

    Scott S.5 hours ago

    Love the glasses. Great video

  8. William Guill

    William Guill5 hours ago

    You're a very trusting person! She looked like she had 2 "O's" between 2nd and 3rd, the last time you drove it before she started grinding gears!

  9. Dane Fuller

    Dane Fuller6 hours ago

    I see that ls4...

  10. Kevlar

    Kevlar7 hours ago

    his face when he drives (kills me) haha

  11. jose gutierrez

    jose gutierrez7 hours ago

    Realmente el video lo veo porque me gusto la chica, gracias buenas tardes...

  12. At Zero

    At Zero7 hours ago

    Looks like your having fun, keep at it!.. Cheers from Southern California Daily driver everyday and everywhere 1968 Dodge Dart..

  13. Victor Scurs

    Victor Scurs8 hours ago

    Unbelievable... People can't drive manual and doing a car review...

  14. Keith Combs

    Keith Combs9 hours ago

    I think he’s scared of is car

  15. C.S.S.

    C.S.S.9 hours ago

    Good on you for putting in the hard work. The world needs way more gearheads.⚙️

  16. Steve Padilla

    Steve Padilla10 hours ago

    Amazing car and looks fun to drive. Would love to have it and drive up to a muscle car and smoke him to the next stoplight. haha

  17. nothereforlong

    nothereforlong11 hours ago

    She is my sweet spot. 😍😍😍

  18. AC Wright

    AC Wright11 hours ago

    When you said sleeper bug, I thought you meant it has a place to sleep inside.

  19. Herbert Simon

    Herbert Simon12 hours ago

    Wow...driving way too fast (110+) on a public road in a vehicle that can "get squirrely ". Stunningly irresponsible. Take it to the track.

  20. Louis Mazza

    Louis Mazza12 hours ago

    She’s Hot....

  21. Mike Folgers

    Mike Folgers13 hours ago


  22. 3rdpull

    3rdpull13 hours ago

    Herbie Goes Bananas

  23. Eric faley

    Eric faley14 hours ago

    I’ve got a high impact color Mopar 70 Road Runner Factory FJ6 Sassy Grass Green

  24. Rolly Polly

    Rolly Polly15 hours ago

    I find her really attractive


    THROTTLE POWER16 hours ago

    Nice video , Nice cars!!! 👍👍👍

  26. BigDmike

    BigDmike17 hours ago

    That fella was a good sport. You did a good job 👍

  27. Kevin Oxtoby

    Kevin Oxtoby19 hours ago

    Drive it like a tractor, pick a gear and use it, or like the old mini start in second change to fourth. The only difference is if you hit the gas and it does not break loose then you will need a glass floor to see where you are going.

  28. Robsthedon

    Robsthedon20 hours ago

    Love this!

  29. Wade

    Wade21 hour ago

    That spandex butt, damn...

  30. wingsken

    wingsken22 hours ago

    Vw bugs were death traps. My dad had the 1.6l double carburettor version of it and he said, with the engine in the rear and the low weight front, its road grip sucked, especially in wet conditions.

  31. Willy Zaragoza

    Willy Zaragoza22 hours ago

    F A N T A S T I C ! ! !

  32. toose70

    toose7023 hours ago

    That’s now an early 911, a widow maker lol.

  33. John Terlaje

    John TerlajeDay ago

    Hes not happy at the end😡

  34. Frank Gabron

    Frank GabronDay ago

    The best part......When Nicole told the owner, "The car is camming" your shoulders can be seen moving from the cars cam !! A woman who KNOWS her cars. Great video series !

  35. Frank Gabron

    Frank GabronDay ago

    No better racecar/monster truck driver on the planet to test drive the "Sleeper Bug" !! GREAT video !

  36. Freedom Nuggets

    Freedom NuggetsDay ago

    Use of the word "Bitchin"................. encouraged.

  37. captainothing

    captainothingDay ago

    Please mention all the experts that actually build these cars its lovely you can afford these projects but please appreciate the engineers.

  38. Freedom Nuggets

    Freedom NuggetsDay ago

    you know it's fast..... when the owner looks panicked in the pull.

  39. Smitty

    SmittyDay ago

    When a woman man handles a full blown rock crawler for 6 hrs at a time but a 73 vw beetle gives her a giant wet spot! Lmao

  40. jakespeed63

    jakespeed63Day ago

    That was so much fun!! ...and you're both such great sports!!

  41. marsocreaper

    marsocreaperDay ago

    18:32 😱👀 when panic attacks

  42. skinnyt

    skinnytDay ago

    super beetles sux

  43. Glenn Muir

    Glenn MuirDay ago

    Cool car, shite viddy.

  44. cjones29hd

    cjones29hdDay ago

    Wow the work underneath is top notch

  45. c1965MG

    c1965MGDay ago

    Not a car where you would want to sit in the passenger seat with an amateur driving

  46. Thom Platt

    Thom PlattDay ago

    His face when he drives is funny as hell. He is white knuckling the steering wheel.

  47. Jaime San

    Jaime SanDay ago

    I like sleepers, especially ones that appear this stock. Now about that E85, it may be clean burning but the energy to convert grain to ethanol pollutes as much as gasoline when it's all said and done.

  48. woofer devlin

    woofer devlinDay ago

    Mopar nerd here, I think the Cuda is Vitamin C, 4-spd RR is Tor-Red, and the Auto RR, is Bahama Yellow- Butterscotch at Dodge. Total nerd. A place called Mopar Ponderosa is up here, the guy bought the $3.5m HemiCuda sold at Mecum. Best part is Terry going back to his service days. I think your Pearl Harbor story validated you in his eyes and he really opened up. You made his day! H-excellent vid. Ü

  49. HollandaGuy

    HollandaGuyDay ago

    i like her!! petrol girl

  50. Gayle Cichocki

    Gayle CichockiDay ago

    I'm so glad you put this out. You are a real life super hero of motor sports!

  51. Thomas Pike

    Thomas PikeDay ago

    Is a Sleeper Bug like a Bed Bug?

  52. orangecounty60

    orangecounty60Day ago

    That’s about the stupidest thing that you would ever do to a race engine is to put a dog box in there so you could grind the gears and potentially ruin the whole thing

  53. Jonathan Edmondson

    Jonathan EdmondsonDay ago

    Mighty car mods did it first with miss daisy


    OUTDOORLIFE KeithDay ago

    Make sure you get a guy to drive you around in it.. Lord you will be dead in that..

  55. Open Carry

    Open CarryDay ago

    So she is ignorant, but at least she is interested which most gals are not. She's also nice to look at.

  56. Marcus Vargas

    Marcus VargasDay ago

    wow nice guy

  57. Al Gobotsfan

    Al GobotsfanDay ago

    That would be a great triple take bug!:)

  58. Jack Taylor

    Jack TaylorDay ago

    For such a light car, that's a lot of power!

  59. chris l

    chris lDay ago

    electric cars a passing fad thousands of cars

  60. Stinger Ger

    Stinger GerDay ago

    I think she has no Idea what he is talking about lol

  61. James Maroon

    James MaroonDay ago

    Hey Nicole. Mopar or no car. My dad and I are putting together a 1967 Dodge Dart 2 door. It's blue, but really B5 blue in the dodge world. Thank you for taking the time to show us this collection, really appreciate that. Take care

  62. Ufkun Çakır

    Ufkun ÇakırDay ago

    It's so naked in John's eyes that the bug is his precious!!

  63. mikeinwtby

    mikeinwtbyDay ago

    Did she allow him to even finish one sentence?

  64. Delta_1103

    Delta_1103Day ago

    My dad had a baby blue super beetle back in the day.

  65. Tony Luciano

    Tony Luciano2 days ago

    The VW is pretty cool, but I was alot more interested in the Hot Female showing it off, and she knows her stuff too. 😁

  66. Mike Courson

    Mike Courson2 days ago

    Well WOOF! - I've known Terry for about 10+ years and watched him build a good number of those cars and his Naval collection. Terry is a man who is very much alive in his pursuit of fun activities. Even several heart surgeries during the last year didn't slow him down. The Doctor would tell him slow down and the next day you'd see him out on his property moving dirt, building a wall or something as unusual as a rocket or miniature submarine. He'll be one of those people you hear about that will arm wrestle with God over bargaining for just a little more time to complete the 27 major projects that he would like to finish before he "steps out". Nicole, good on you for your boldness on the track and in life. Thank you for taking your time and $$$ to bring to awareness that real people (such as yourself) and real life exists beyond Hollywood movies and game-boy fantasies.

  67. mr toehead

    mr toehead2 days ago

    is that a 66 corvair

  68. 'Lubes' Lubbers

    'Lubes' Lubbers2 days ago

    Awwww, Suzie Wargen! Oh, and my Pooky too! 🤩

  69. Apixture Photobooth

    Apixture Photobooth2 days ago

    I like that!

  70. Nyle Dusenbery

    Nyle Dusenbery2 days ago

    All the way From Yuma Az a great video and knowledge also history thanks Terry and Nicole!

  71. Vicente Fuentes

    Vicente Fuentes2 days ago

    I like the girl's expressions...

  72. James Webb

    James Webb2 days ago

    I had a 73 super beetle, built just enough to enter and exit freeway traffic, could buy every piece but new struts....good memories

  73. DragNDrive

    DragNDrive2 days ago

    He looked stressed when he hit it

  74. JOE KING

    JOE KING2 days ago

    everyone herd of herbie the love with that being said my dream car would be a 73' beetle and all painted up the same fashion as herbie the love bug BUT remove 53 and put 73 THIS 73 beetle as seen here would be the ultimate dream beetle for me BUT painted as i said like herbie the love bug BUT 73 of course :)

  75. Johnsmopar

    Johnsmopar2 days ago

    Damn shes constantly interrupting him