This is my 2nd channel . Created with the intention of not only documenting my day to day life but also to find something new and exciting to film on a regular basis . For over 5 years I filmed an uploaded a vlog every single day on this channel without missing a day. Since then I have stepped back just a tad and take a few days off here and there and also added live streaming to the mix.

  1. Hampton T

    Hampton THour ago

    My girlfriend started a Disney Instagram @lifealittlebrighter Thank you for a like or even a follow! It means a lot!

  2. Mary Rowe

    Mary RoweHour ago

    Wait until summer to go to SoCal.

  3. Jessie S.

    Jessie S.2 hours ago

    Hello Adam ๐Ÿ‘‹ been subscribed to you channel for a while now. When I read the announcement on my google feed the first thing that came to my mind was #1 I hope the Governor is not trying pulling a prank on us๐Ÿคจ๐Ÿ˜… #2 I know it will be a little more difficult to get into parks now because of the capacity but I honestly do believe this won't last forever just have to have faith๐Ÿ™๐Ÿฝ. #3 If they plan to open all the theme parks on April 1st and you won't be able to get into disneyland that day would you visit the other parks?

  4. Joser Falkkon

    Joser Falkkon2 hours ago

    Go a week prior and switch it back since you still live in Orange county

  5. Joshua Toro

    Joshua Toro2 hours ago

    Love your post on half baked and I have tickets from last year that I didn't get to use due to the closure do you think I'll be able to use them this year

  6. Emy Shibukawa

    Emy Shibukawa2 hours ago

    Salamat (thank you) Adam for trying out our Filipino food!

  7. Sandi Ammons

    Sandi Ammons2 hours ago

    If people get vaccinated, wear masks and practice safe social distancing, it will all work just fine!

  8. GoofyTall

    GoofyTall2 hours ago

    I would love to see Adam own and operate The Celebration Theatre. [movie & concert venue]

  9. Mike Ruh

    Mike Ruh2 hours ago

    Glad you and Tampa Jay got together for this.

  10. B Duncombe

    B Duncombe2 hours ago

    Sweet home Alabama

  11. Arleen Rooney

    Arleen Rooney2 hours ago

    O I'm sure if you show some CA residence, rent receipt, utility or whatever they'll qualify.

  12. s meyers

    s meyers2 hours ago

    greets the cattle after enjoying a steak sandwich ๐Ÿ˜‚๐Ÿ˜‚๐Ÿ˜‚

  13. Mike Ruh

    Mike Ruh2 hours ago

    Umm, April 1st you say Adam? Hmm, " As I sip my piping hot caffeinated beverage. April fools

  14. Ferg

    Ferg2 hours ago

    Baby Gator was probably Hooked UP in that fishing gear...and was probably looking for you to help him โ€œRemove Emโ€...๐Ÿ‘€

  15. Arthur 103

    Arthur 1032 hours ago

    Finally! Finally!

  16. Steven Georges

    Steven Georges2 hours ago

    I had lunch there just last week. The same architecture I remember as a kid in the early 1960's in Los Angeles. Currently, the tables in the museum are off limits during the pandemic. Also FYI, directly across the street is a Jack-in-the-Box. Not the original box design, one of the very recent designs.

  17. Shannon Lawson

    Shannon Lawson2 hours ago

    Adam your just too funny! Your on bumper cars telling people to stay away LOL I guess going through a whole round not getting bumped would be hard to do c: Thanks for the laughs. I needed them c: Your Vlogging friend seems pretty cool as well.

  18. Emy Shibukawa

    Emy Shibukawa2 hours ago

    WOW!!! We had no idea! My parents are buried on the other side of that wall! Who knew?!

  19. Goofy Norm

    Goofy Norm2 hours ago

    Hopefully you kept your CA drivers license! Good luck getting in

  20. Kevin Sunderman

    Kevin Sunderman2 hours ago

    It's funny (Not Haha, but strange!) The California Gov gets Recalled! Amazingly, Disney an the other Parks Get to Open! Funny how that works! great Video an info! Thanks Adam ! :)

  21. Mark Bass

    Mark Bass2 hours ago

    I hope that gator is ok! Will you please go back there tomorrow and make sure its not tangled in the fishing line!?

  22. Melissa Reiman

    Melissa Reiman2 hours ago

    Hi Adam, I enjoy your channel so much ! You pick such cool and interesting to take us. Thank you

  23. Emy Shibukawa

    Emy Shibukawa2 hours ago

    When we were living in a track home across the way, we had NO IDEA about the story until after we moved! ๐Ÿ˜ณ

  24. B Duncombe

    B Duncombe3 hours ago

    I love small town adventures.

  25. Kimberly Shalaby

    Kimberly Shalaby3 hours ago

    I was watching for the Mother. She's not far from her baby. Hopefully everything will work out so Disney opens up April 1st, 2021. Would love to see you there.

  26. Mary Jane McCarthy

    Mary Jane McCarthy3 hours ago

    I can't wait to see your face when you enter Disneyland again. It will happen, someday.

  27. Meloman11

    Meloman113 hours ago

    That was awesome!

  28. muzz engine

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  29. B Duncombe

    B Duncombe3 hours ago

    I feel like I am on the road trips wirh you

  30. RodSterlingโ€™s Grandson

    RodSterlingโ€™s Grandson3 hours ago

    Can you go to The Wonder Years house in Burbank?

  31. Rebecca MacEwen

    Rebecca MacEwen3 hours ago

    Couldn't you use some kind of proof that you have a place in California?

  32. Linda Pietras

    Linda Pietras3 hours ago

    Itโ€™s time for people to get vaccinated if not stay home. Me me s are the spreaders

  33. BobbiTheBuilder

    BobbiTheBuilder3 hours ago

    I walk by the spam museum when I go to school so it's nothing special to me

  34. Nena Ridgell

    Nena Ridgell3 hours ago

    Disney World open 8 months already and no problems so therefore it was ridiculous that Disneyland was closed all this time!

  35. Enrique Briceno

    Enrique Briceno3 hours ago

    Adam, you may want to head to California so you can complete your 14-day quarantine before April 1st.

  36. doombuggywa

    doombuggywa3 hours ago

    Don't get too excited people our daily case rate has been going above the 7 / 100,000. We have to stay at no more than 220 positive cases per day for 2 weeks in order to move to the red tear. And now with spring break coming cases will definitely go back up with everybody going to the beach unless they close them. And I have a feeling Disney is not ready to open until we are in the orange tear when they could be at 25% capacity and not 15. However I am very happy that those of us who have a Knott's Berry Farm pass will still be able to go there for free. And in order to get into the park when they do open you will have to produce a state-issued ID

  37. Wes Sidner

    Wes Sidner3 hours ago

    I live out of state and have a valid ticket too. I hope they lift the CA travel restriction.

  38. David Jones

    David Jones3 hours ago

    Wait a while if it's limited. Let a kid have your spot.

  39. Emy Shibukawa

    Emy Shibukawa3 hours ago

    We used to eat there. The food was really good! So sad it closed.

  40. Poltergeist Productions

    Poltergeist Productions3 hours ago

    Just a quick question what type of tri pod was being used thanks and keep up the good work

  41. Tracey Mozingo

    Tracey Mozingo3 hours ago

    Adam think I've been hearing a bad wheel bearing on your truck! Said something maybe 10 videos ago! So glad your aware now! If that thing breaks wheel would come off! Good i don't have to worry anymore!

  42. Monika

    Monika3 hours ago

    You'll get in the first day because you're Adam The Woo dam it!!!!!

  43. Gary Carter

    Gary Carter3 hours ago

    April 1st? IS April fool's day any talk about Disneyland opening on April 1st is most likely a big joke!

  44. Tracey Mozingo

    Tracey Mozingo4 hours ago

    Is your ca license still valid Adam??๐Ÿค”

  45. voyager015

    voyager0154 hours ago

    As for the camel reference: camels were used in southwestern US during the later 1800s. look up Camel Corps Historical marker. (This particular marker was removed in 2016, but gives info about the camel in the area) also look up Hi Jolly monument in Quartzsite, AZ. I believe this site wasn't on the main road.

  46. JayRam

    JayRam4 hours ago

    Living on the west coast my only experience with White Castle is the stuff you find in the frozen food section. Reminds me of a soggy McDonald's cheeseburger.

  47. Jerome Cushing

    Jerome Cushing4 hours ago

    Your FL ID plus your California Lease Agreement should be sufficent!

  48. Mary H

    Mary H4 hours ago

    Did you trim your beard Adam? It looks really good

  49. Lip-ski's Naturals

    Lip-ski's Naturals4 hours ago

    Wow, Floridians are really over charging for this carnival. Afton Minnesota has a real strawberry festival. Doesn't have an entrance fee or parking fee. But do you want to eat some excellent Strawberry treats, then come here. Man, WHERE'S THE REAL STRAWBERRIES?

  50. JOSSIE M

    JOSSIE M4 hours ago


  51. Milkman4279

    Milkman42794 hours ago

    Opening on April fools day? I'm suspicious ๐Ÿค”

  52. dwayne wingate

    dwayne wingate4 hours ago

    I wonder how they put it together

  53. Jared N

    Jared N4 hours ago

    UFO sighting at 16:14 upper right of the screen lol

  54. Robert Jean

    Robert Jean4 hours ago

    I believe only 15% capacity at Disneyland.

  55. Kevin Cline

    Kevin Cline4 hours ago

    Oh man. Idk what to think. I can't even fill out an application or anything. They're gonna need people

  56. Mark Draskovics

    Mark Draskovics4 hours ago

    HEY, HEY, ADAM The Woo What's up... Well will you be able too get a Ticket to get in to the beautiful land of DISNEY California ? ? ? Or Will you even need a ticket to get in to the beautiful land of Disney so cal Who Knows but As time goes by we will find out what is needed to procure a ticket ๐ŸŽซ to get into the beautiful land of Disney California till then we will have to take the info on what's going on as it becomes available so for now ADAM THE WOO Take care be safe and God bless

  57. Adam_Serratelli*30

    Adam_Serratelli*304 hours ago

    Worst news yet is that they just had numbers come out and it is showing that OC is starting to climb again with cases. But letโ€™s all hope for it to reopen very soon and life return to some what normal. Thanks for the videos Adam

  58. Cindy M. D.

    Cindy M. D.4 hours ago

    That's great news but, I hope it's not an April Fool's joke. You never know with Newsome.

  59. Lord Mordor

    Lord Mordor4 hours ago

    It's just funny how these hardcore hardcore disneyfanatic nerds feel the need to absolutely go day one when Disneyland has anything "unique" planned. It could be like whole week of villains nights but everyone gets moist for that day 1. Disneyland reopening April 1st? Everyone dying to go April 1st when it will be open for more than just that one initial day obviously.

  60. Big Dan T

    Big Dan T4 hours ago

    With all the political BS Disney has dove into I no longer support or like any Disney property, but I am happy that Adam and others still have passion for it. I just can not support a company who has done the things they have done.

  61. TripN With Red

    TripN With Red4 hours ago

    Came up as suggested. Very fun.

  62. Glenn Salas

    Glenn Salas5 hours ago

    Per Google: Disneyland insiders say the100-acre park has a capacity of about 80,000 people per day. The state's new regulations would allow about 12,000 visitors per day once Orange County reaches the red tier.

  63. ITSH Productions

    ITSH Productions5 hours ago

    April 1st Opening. Come April 1st: "APRIL FOOLS"

  64. zerohecks

    zerohecks5 hours ago

    Dunno if your name is on the utility bill in your California homestead. Maybe you can get it switched? ;)

  65. The Michael Vortex

    The Michael Vortex5 hours ago

    Interesting developments. Thanks, Adam.๐Ÿ‘๐Ÿผ๐Ÿค˜๐Ÿผ๐Ÿ˜Ž

  66. artdebogallery

    artdebogallery5 hours ago

    Beautiful nighttime videoing. It is nice there. Another good theme park news, is Universal Orlando is continuing the 3rd park construction! That Iโ€™m pretty excited for

  67. Clay Mation

    Clay Mation5 hours ago

    Is it possible this expression on your face denotes severe Theme Park Addiction?

  68. karen Marry

    karen Marry5 hours ago

    Is the ticket I heard is for California resident only.

  69. Marcelo Varas

    Marcelo Varas5 hours ago

    You need that magic ring to jump into California and back,lol by the way what a beautiful night views.

  70. TripN With Red

    TripN With Red5 hours ago

    First... It is never too late for a piping hot caffeinated beverage. ๐Ÿ˜ณ I needed to get that off my chest. Now... Florida Disney World proved they could open without issues and worked very hard to continue improving safety measures. Disneyland in California was not opening because the Governor went out of his way to prevent it and keep way too many people out of work. Disneyland could have opened with the same strict guidelines that Disney World opened with. Disneyland employees and all of the surrounding business employees that are suffering from the Governor's decision were unnecessary casualties of the Governor. Even Disney made it clear in their statement to the press that he was making it impossible for them to open. Hopefully, Disneyland is allowed to open and people can start back to work. It is scary what financial despair has been placed on so many families by the rectum crevice of a Governor flexing his power. I hope you continue to vlog in Florida once Disneyland reopens. You are enjoyed by so many and I would hate to see you leave.

  71. Amber

    Amber5 hours ago

    Does anyone know what camera he uses?

  72. BanazirGalpsi1968

    BanazirGalpsi19685 hours ago

    In the era of cell phones and smartphones and smart technology and the internet of things, communicore is needed more than ever. I'd put it back. It can be about how all this stuff evolved over the last 25 years and where it might be going. Along with a mini tech shop in the gift shop.

  73. voyager015

    voyager0155 hours ago

    the Yuma territorial Prison was built by the inmates. while incarcerated, the inmates could learn a trade, learn to speak Spanish/English. They even worked on a craft (one guy did exquisite lace work) and sell their wares at a market held every so often. what they made went towards either paying for their keep or held until their release and they had some money.

  74. Jill Enns

    Jill Enns5 hours ago

    Can't wait I looked up get away today and it shows, I can book a trip in October ๐Ÿ˜ƒ so we will make it for our 10th anniversary. It seems less expensive then last year before shut down.

  75. Robert Missimer

    Robert Missimer5 hours ago

    how can you have fun waring a mask all day....

  76. Andrew Campbell

    Andrew Campbell5 hours ago

    Iโ€™ve only been a Woo follower for maybe a few years but looking back at some of the early Woo blogs I can see heโ€™s grown and evolved over the years. Iโ€™m glad youโ€™re back in WDW and living in a modest homestead in Celebration!

  77. Tiffany M

    Tiffany M5 hours ago

    I half expected Adam to break out in song: "Cause I've got a golden ticket..." ๐ŸŽถ๐ŸŽŸ๏ธ ๐Ÿ˜‚ Hope you're able to make it so!

  78. Supercell chaser

    Supercell chaser5 hours ago

    It's the Disney Woo!!!!!!!

  79. Toby's Gurl

    Toby's Gurl5 hours ago

    I was wondering as well right from the beginning if there is a Jungle room,I'm guess yes,someone who would go this far has to have a Jungle room. Thank you,thank you very much ๐Ÿ˜Š I so appreciate you taking the time to make this video,love your smile to ๐Ÿ˜ I liked & subscribed

  80. Amy Davis

    Amy Davis5 hours ago

    More celebratinโ€™ in Celebration!!! ๐Ÿ‘๐ŸŽ‰๐Ÿฅณ๐Ÿฐ๐Ÿช„