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The Kitchen \u0026 Jorn Show
The Kitchen \u0026 Jorn Show

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  1. Kadyplansit

    Kadyplansit5 minutes ago

    I use soda for A LOT of baking. Someone told me this years ago and you can’t taste the soda I have no idea what it does or why it does it!

  2. Gabby Esmeyer

    Gabby Esmeyer9 minutes ago

    When they used Brie’s dead name before the disclaimer 😱

  3. Kiko Laureano

    Kiko Laureano13 minutes ago

    Honestly living for all the love for Brie in the comments. <3 Corn pancakes are amazing!

  4. Lily Myers

    Lily Myers32 minutes ago

    Jen in the background screaming "THERES NO RULES!"

  5. Sammy-Jayne

    Sammy-Jayne46 minutes ago

    I'm not from Texas but I'm with Brie on the Dr Pepper hype train

  6. Rhea David

    Rhea DavidHour ago

    Brie is bloody hilarious! During the whole video I was often caught off guard by her puns and jokes.

  7. littleoldme

    littleoldmeHour ago

    Coming out aside, it's just so nice to see a married couple genuinely have so much fun in each other's company and have so much respect for each other as people. 💕 I love to see it.

  8. Caroline Dunham

    Caroline DunhamHour ago

    Hilarious! Really fun show! Do a taco little food fight!

  9. Emory NM

    Emory NMHour ago

    I wanna say, ur hair is bootiful Brie, and that lipshade looks AWESOME on u!! I ALSO LOVE UR DRESS

  10. Livi McHugo

    Livi McHugoHour ago

    Scones 😂 I can imagine the accents already

  11. Kittykillah

    KittykillahHour ago

    It’s not a house of smarts or farts. It’s a house of memories!!

  12. Candy-Coated Disaster

    Candy-Coated DisasterHour ago

    Brie is so dang cute 🥺 I love her. Also I love Jen and Kristen too ofc

  13. -GRAY-

    -GRAY-2 hours ago

    what a beautiful heterosexual couple🥰

  14. Preston Siegler

    Preston Siegler2 hours ago

    Congratulations Bri!!! Love the flower pattern, it looks cute ❤

  15. Chelsey Blue-Sneed

    Chelsey Blue-Sneed2 hours ago

    Brie, I love you and your dress! Pleaseeeeeeee share where you purchased it!

  16. Sarah Nash

    Sarah Nash2 hours ago

    Omg where are Brie’s glasses from, I looooooove them 😍

  17. Rhiannon Jones

    Rhiannon Jones2 hours ago

    Fucking love Kristin constantly going leave my wife alone actual icon 😂

  18. Lancashire Lass

    Lancashire Lass3 hours ago


  19. Rae Linklater

    Rae Linklater3 hours ago

    This was genuinely the best content I've seen this week. So positive and heartwarming. Thank you for sharing your truth with us, Brie! I hope it's not too much to ask that we get more Brie on the Kitchen and Jorn show in the future! xx

  20. Lancashire Lass

    Lancashire Lass3 hours ago

    love it

  21. Amelia Velasco

    Amelia Velasco3 hours ago


  22. Lannie901

    Lannie9013 hours ago

    This is epic, love to everyone, so darn happy!

  23. Emily Flagg

    Emily Flagg3 hours ago

    The love in their eyes when they look at each other 😭💕 the love there

  24. Alice P

    Alice P3 hours ago

    The amount of love I felt radiating through the screen from this video almost made me cry. Brie is such a wonderful person and truly deserves the best. Kristen is so unbelievably supportive and seeing your relationship makes me feel so good and hopeful. I wish you all the absolute best!!!

  25. Jaylin Flores

    Jaylin Flores3 hours ago

    brie saying no spoilers is everything to me

  26. Lancashire Lass

    Lancashire Lass3 hours ago

    you're so unbelievable strong

  27. Michele Caron

    Michele Caron3 hours ago

    #TeamChirico we love you ladies! ❤️❤️❤️

  28. Leslie Kinakin

    Leslie Kinakin3 hours ago

    You’re supposed to freeze the cookies before you batter and fry them 👍

  29. Lancashire Lass

    Lancashire Lass4 hours ago


  30. Alissa H

    Alissa H4 hours ago

    im so happy for you brie, you look so much more comfortable and happy now and that brightens my heart

  31. CordobaGirlC5

    CordobaGirlC54 hours ago

    Best example of soul mates right here ❤️

  32. Emily Miller

    Emily Miller4 hours ago

    Not to be that bitch but Brie is slowly becoming my favorite part of Little Food Fight.

  33. Maybe I'll Sing

    Maybe I'll Sing4 hours ago

    So many brilliant one-liners in this video! You two are comedy ✨gold ✨

  34. miippi

    miippi4 hours ago

    Kristin finally realizing the femme gay struggle. When your partner is really pretty, you have to bring your A game so people don't ask "so are you the man in The relationship?"

  35. Savina Morgan

    Savina Morgan4 hours ago

    I love the Kitchen's wife's name is cheese related.

  36. Jennifer Lemelin

    Jennifer Lemelin4 hours ago

    I have a Brie and most likely Kristen question. Did you use extensions for the official video because your hair looked so much longer. Or was it a shampoo or something you used? I'm trying to grown my hair out more

  37. salatinandrubyshow

    salatinandrubyshow4 hours ago


  38. miippi

    miippi4 hours ago

    Kristin "you're still the same person. You're just pretty." 😂😂😂

  39. i0le0pwn

    i0le0pwn4 hours ago

    Whenever I watch you, you give nothing but good vibes. 🤗 Love seeing you all so happy ♡♡♡

  40. yuoop noke

    yuoop noke5 hours ago

    This is the content I was looking for

  41. Candice Marie Creations

    Candice Marie Creations5 hours ago

    Brie legit is the house mom. As soon as she heard panice she rushed out in mom mode. Then you hear both Jen and Kirsten say everything is good . Anyone who has siblings or cousin's know everything is not good 🤣🤣🤣🤣

  42. samchanel1223

    samchanel12235 hours ago

    I love this! I was so worried because I noticed a lot of vague wording around your relationship and I was so heartbroken thinking you two had divorced.

  43. Julia Karen

    Julia Karen5 hours ago

    Kristin tapping her chest with wooden spoons XD mood

  44. Brawnasaur

    Brawnasaur5 hours ago

    Little Food Fight sounds better than Tiny Cooking Competition anyway 😆 Love you guys! Y'all make my day 😊

  45. Willow G

    Willow G5 hours ago

    that last thing they said,,,, ive been seen

  46. Rhiannalovesyungblud

    Rhiannalovesyungblud5 hours ago

    jen on ladylike was my awakening and ill forever love her for that

  47. Jillian H

    Jillian H5 hours ago

    That syrup though, why so runny lolol

  48. Lisa

    Lisa5 hours ago

    This video is ridiculous. I always knew Kristin was married but not much beyond that. Y’all are so annoyingly perfect for each other. The banter is so absurdly natural and it’s everything I’d imagine she’s like outside of work.

  49. samm s

    samm s6 hours ago

    all these why i left buzzfeed kinda petty and somehow i feel all these peeps are just using buzzfeed platform at first to build fan community before ditching the company and start their own i am not a fan of buzzfeed but kinda feel that all these people left buzzfeed is using the company

  50. Asher Wibrata

    Asher Wibrata6 hours ago

    i kept on thinking about the part wheen jen laughed and said, "case closed, B*tch!."

  51. Natalie B

    Natalie B6 hours ago

    Wow some more old school Buzzfeeders leaving.

  52. Lori G

    Lori G6 hours ago

    Brie, like the cheese, is a very powerful name choice

  53. maddi kp

    maddi kp6 hours ago

    i hope brie doesn’t get food poisoning from this 😭

  54. Cat's Meow

    Cat's Meow6 hours ago

    When Brie magically appears <3

  55. Kaitlyn Glenn

    Kaitlyn Glenn6 hours ago

    Omg I love y’all’s love! Just the way you look at each other is so cute!

  56. Carissa Miller

    Carissa Miller7 hours ago

    I love you guys! I’m glad you guys told your story! Stay strong.

  57. Nova Lee

    Nova Lee7 hours ago

    My wife is a trans women. It’s a special magic. I feel a kinship with partners of trans women? We’re so lucky. It’s so incredibly special to be apart of their journey. I hope this doesn’t sound chaser-y...... I just love my wife 😭 I wish I could like consensually hug you both!

  58. water pop tarts

    water pop tarts7 hours ago

    what if you collabed with the try guys one day so you became the ex-buzfeed group😂

  59. shimmeries

    shimmeries7 hours ago

    did someone say C * R N ?????? 😡😡😡😡😡

  60. Erin Pomian

    Erin Pomian7 hours ago

    You saying you walked through hell for them and they would just ask you to pick things up while you were there resonated so much for me. That’s how I’m feeling in my life right now with my career. I love my coworkers and my company so much but it hurts beyond what I’d imagine to know that to me, it’s everything but to them, I’m just another body and there’s a stack of resumes waiting to replace me. Thank you for being so open and honest, this is the push I needed ❤️

  61. cherbarid

    cherbarid8 hours ago

    kristen and her partner now look like the same person but slightly different fonts

  62. mandycon99

    mandycon998 hours ago

    This video is really funny

  63. Milo Cook

    Milo Cook8 hours ago

    New challenge, everytime they say Bri's name wrong you scream "Women."

  64. Janel Strachan

    Janel Strachan8 hours ago

    The transparency in this video is wild 😭 RT at take your antidepressants. They literally help.

  65. Pokadotslover12

    Pokadotslover128 hours ago

    Me this entire video fist pumping and chanting “yeah!” I’m so happy for you!

  66. Madison Worchester

    Madison Worchester9 hours ago

    Can y’all try to make Macaroons?

  67. ebonyloveivory

    ebonyloveivory9 hours ago

    To watch Kristin and Jen is to watch a comedy reel of unadulterated chaos. 🤣

  68. K S

    K S9 hours ago

    So glad this popped up while I'm cooking breakfast 😆

  69. Alanis

    Alanis9 hours ago

    4:35 Im always thinking about that because ppl talk about "coming out" as if it's a one time thing but when you are lgbt it's more like a choice you make everyday

  70. Barbara Mullen

    Barbara Mullen10 hours ago

    The trader joes beefless ground beef is all I use and I've been vegan for 3 years. You can't just got with the packet itself.

  71. Aidyn H

    Aidyn H10 hours ago

    i am now gonna be a depressed person making pancakes for lunch i feel

  72. Julie Nelson

    Julie Nelson11 hours ago

    Adopt me ♥

  73. Caitlin Rangecroft

    Caitlin Rangecroft12 hours ago

    This was very very sweet. Hi Brie! 😍

  74. Vanessa Small

    Vanessa Small12 hours ago

    Homemade pop tarts

  75. Nova Kid

    Nova Kid12 hours ago

    She is so cute!

  76. Symantha Pearce

    Symantha Pearce12 hours ago

    I hope one day I could find a love, like they have.

  77. Jane Smith

    Jane Smith13 hours ago

    Use an airfryer.

  78. Hannah Hammond

    Hannah Hammond14 hours ago

    I love you guys omg❤️ so strange to hear Brie’s deadname, happy for you Brie🥰

  79. jmleeinla

    jmleeinla14 hours ago

    Everything you guys were saying is me. I just made the decision to leave my job at another company yesterday. I’ve been out on medical leave after having surgery, and looking forward to going back started to give me major panic attacks. I felt sick to my stomach. Sweating , heart racing, pain in my chest. No one at my company cared about how much work they dropped into my section. Always wanting more no matter how good you were, loyal you were, how hard you worked, how long you were at the job; never calling out sick, always on time etc. I started at 10.50 an hour 11 years ago and leaving at 15.00 an hour ONLY because the minimum wage went up. My paychecks would literally be zero because all of it went to insurance. That was what I was working for. (I’m extremely lucky my husbands job is lucrative). And to make matters worse is I don’t really like anyone on my team. They are just as unhappy as I am but can’t leave, so they take their frustrations out on everyone around them. It’s seriously a miserable place to work. I’m already feeling the panic of going back into that place leaving my consciousness. Just like you said I never want to talk about that place again. Good luck guys and I wish you all the good luck the Universe has.

  80. Ivy Goddard-Amador

    Ivy Goddard-Amador14 hours ago

    I don’t usually comment on these thing but I LOVE YOU ALL. I am thankful that you decided to make this video. Go Brie ❤️