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  1. Shannon Circe

    Shannon CirceHour ago

    What model are you using

  2. Siferon

    SiferonHour ago

    everyone: going about their day me waiting to see the 100 player maze video, hoping I'm in it: *waiting, but intensely*

  3. Christopher Sloan

    Christopher SloanHour ago

    we now have great ape socks even stronger than lawyer blaza the ultimate blaza

  4. melissa lumsden

    melissa lumsdenHour ago

    If you want a dragon egg you have to kill a dragon and right click it on so you get a dragon egg

  5. amr321 hejazi

    amr321 hejaziHour ago

    HI Sox41

  6. Mr. Fromage

    Mr. FromageHour ago

    Crewmate: finds impostor and accuses 9yo impostor: 00:33

  7. FaintedDead

    FaintedDeadHour ago

    Alt title:Playing in the tophat clan's ship

  8. Apple you can’t eat

    Apple you can’t eatHour ago

    Plot twist: Obama is actually fatmemegod

  9. Nilay Shah

    Nilay ShahHour ago

    From slogo jelly and crainer

  10. Guinea Pig Guy

    Guinea Pig GuyHour ago

    Nice trending

  11. Joceline Aoun

    Joceline AounHour ago

    Wait you lost memegods medical degree

  12. tommy boy

    tommy boyHour ago

    i watch your imposter god to watch this

  13. Somebody

    SomebodyHour ago

    Idea:Balancer mod Purpose:To kill all people that are not crew mate It has three list at this side of the screen Leave, Major, Kill If your are on the leave list your like sheriff,Detective doctor and troll you know who are those Major are like jester vampire and stuff like that but if there's an impostor god they are on the KILL category they have to be killed Hope you do it!

  14. Emanuel Ziska

    Emanuel ZiskaHour ago

    You know i thought the person that was singing sounded familiar and its one of my favorite aong creators

  15. Maksym Shklyaryk

    Maksym ShklyarykHour ago

    Socksfor1 pls can you let me play once with you I am your fan and I have a youtube channel so i wanted to record you and me and I I think I will sponsor you?😎😎🤘🤘😟😟🤗🤗

  16. Gavin Rysinski

    Gavin RysinskiHour ago


  17. Ngal Lay

    Ngal LayHour ago


  18. Itay Har-tsvi

    Itay Har-tsviHour ago

    14:36 he litterly ate a banana lolol

  19. JustEcho

    JustEchoHour ago

    I'm rejecting my humanity, Nadwe!

  20. Rafay ali

    Rafay aliHour ago

    This sounds like fgteev dad rapping

  21. gerry n omar

    gerry n omarHour ago

    jolly roger bay music is calming

  22. constandinos tsiakkis

    constandinos tsiakkisHour ago

    do a mod that you draw a pattern and then press a button and activate the slash

  23. Jhanlie_gamer

    Jhanlie_gamerHour ago

    Ohh yeah

  24. Angela Maxiverse

    Angela MaxiverseHour ago

    Meme God is the worst is the worst person alive

  25. Drip drip Nyier

    Drip drip NyierHour ago

    Sorry that I was late

  26. noobi noob

    noobi noobHour ago


  27. Eli montell

    Eli montellHour ago

    Who wants to see were he jumps in the gate without edit

  28. Sebastian Briatico

    Sebastian BriaticoHour ago

    do Minecraft among us mod

  29. justin anklesaria

    justin anklesariaHour ago

    memegod: "do you want to talk about the dream that i had last night?" *fatmemegod is giorno giovanna confirmed*

  30. Drip drip Nyier

    Drip drip NyierHour ago

    socks “ right now I’m the imposter God” * kills the troll* dang it!!

  31. Orstanovi [BS]

    Orstanovi [BS]Hour ago

    got sub & fletch'd

  32. Unknown Shadow

    Unknown ShadowHour ago

    I’ve noticed that Ssundee has been copying socks.



    Assassin's Creed Amongus

  34. Julian Eplin

    Julian EplinHour ago

    i know i ask for alot but do a spider vampire pleeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeease

  35. Cytorb

    CytorbHour ago

    thomas: *gets a reboot* everyone:

  36. BubbleGumGirl Gaming

    BubbleGumGirl GamingHour ago

    The ending was unexpected and hilarious😂😂

  37. sonam Thargay

    sonam ThargayHour ago

    How shall I tag u tik tok is banned in india

  38. S4boteur

    S4boteurHour ago


  39. Fade Edition Rewinded

    Fade Edition RewindedHour ago

    Please continue your Minecraft mod series

  40. Nathan Chaves

    Nathan ChavesHour ago

    I like all of your friends to

  41. Mnuj

    MnujHour ago

    return to monke

  42. CatGamingKids

    CatGamingKidsHour ago


  43. Nathan Chaves

    Nathan ChavesHour ago

    It's so cool the song is very good I like to listen to it the hole time thanks socks your song is so good its my favorite song ever I like it and thanks for all the video is so fun to watch thanks

  44. ChildishMine Bino

    ChildishMine BinoHour ago

    This is the same mod jelly and slogo and craner used You just copied them

  45. Why

    WhyHour ago

    lmao the way memegod died in the meeting

  46. Death Star gamer 360 c

    Death Star gamer 360 cHour ago

    This is a great song I like the beat

  47. Lotz 101

    Lotz 101Hour ago

    Socks for one and Ssundee are very similar one. Does one thing the other does something similar

  48. Jarell Dozier

    Jarell DozierHour ago

    march 1st is my B-day!!!! =D

  49. yunghomievan

    yunghomievanHour ago

    Wait I forgot that it is your smp you could ban everyone

  50. -Sʜᴏᴏᴋᴏᴏᴋɪᴇ Wᴀɴsᴜᴇ-

    -Sʜᴏᴏᴋᴏᴏᴋɪᴇ Wᴀɴsᴜᴇ-Hour ago

    2:16 Ouch-

  51. Brain dead fishy Gang

    Brain dead fishy GangHour ago

    You should do god mode with a pistol and mario cart mod with cars

  52. DrägønRät_

    DrägønRät_Hour ago

    Why does USlikes think I’m a lesbian

  53. Weeb Greninja

    Weeb GreninjaHour ago

    oh ı loved the outro photo

  54. love cats butterflies

    love cats butterfliesHour ago

    Spider be op

  55. Alpha Gaming

    Alpha GamingHour ago

    Socks should work for epic games to make tralier

  56. VINCECATOG2046

    VINCECATOG2046Hour ago

    Is this jelly's mod or your mod?

  57. Beth Dorsch

    Beth DorschHour ago

    This is what happens when you run out of ideas

  58. UltraFreshLoL

    UltraFreshLoLHour ago

    I got the Impostor drip

  59. VINCECATOG2046

    VINCECATOG2046Hour ago

    This is jelly idea

  60. Daruna Basli

    Daruna BasliHour ago

    Socks Be Impostor Al:Oh no GOD Of Impostor MEME:BRUH.....

  61. ThatGodly Gamer

    ThatGodly GamerHour ago

    How about among us but the mod is where ever the imposters are they can press a button and talk to only the other imposter

  62. WildStorm74

    WildStorm74Hour ago

    This song/video is flipping awesome!

  63. Matteo Depalma

    Matteo Depalma2 hours ago

    11:24 i need content I really need content

  64. omar selim

    omar selim2 hours ago

    Socks how is your pc alive it's literally a machine of work when is it gone a explode

  65. Sasja Thode

    Sasja Thode2 hours ago

    I have a mode Air head you die quicker then others by oxygen and snowman and there you die quicker by reactor and internet freak you die if you do not fix coms and scared of the dark you die if you not fix lights

  66. Anna McNally

    Anna McNally2 hours ago


  67. rainbows and unicorns

    rainbows and unicorns2 hours ago

    I love his consistent uploads

  68. DemZay

    DemZay2 hours ago

    pls stop your among us content is making me terrified (joke)

  69. Saruhhjaynee716

    Saruhhjaynee7162 hours ago

    communism sock pls

  70. Huzaifah Anwar

    Huzaifah Anwar2 hours ago


  71. Huzaifah Anwar

    Huzaifah Anwar2 hours ago


  72. Matteo Depalma

    Matteo Depalma2 hours ago


  73. Kendrick Vran Escobar

    Kendrick Vran Escobar2 hours ago


  74. Johann Cariño

    Johann Cariño2 hours ago

    The black hole thing is like a nuclear reactor but futuristic

  75. Huzaifah Anwar

    Huzaifah Anwar2 hours ago

    I wish I cud be in the mod

  76. side of fry's maybe

    side of fry's maybe2 hours ago

    can i have the sock smp modpack

  77. ImPurity Flames

    ImPurity Flames2 hours ago

    i LOVE the new outro

  78. Nilabh Nisar

    Nilabh Nisar2 hours ago

    Sorry for your lost we will be here for u man

  79. Tatjana Todorovic

    Tatjana Todorovic2 hours ago

    This Is the Best thing EVER🤩