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  1. Peter Miller

    Peter Miller22 minutes ago

    Rude worker i can tell respect for tools!! dont toss your machines all over the place man.

  2. Marshall Welchel

    Marshall Welchel29 minutes ago

    Hi, if you loss power, how can one run it safely without power? Like maybe with a car battery? Or some other way? Like to no in case of power outages!!! Thanks! πŸ‘πŸ‘β„πŸŒ§πŸŒ¨πŸ’¦πŸ’¨

  3. james millard

    james millard30 minutes ago

    Stupid and dangerous. You just put compressed air (oxidizer) with WD40 (fuel). I hope you have a good lawyer.

  4. Damian B

    Damian B53 minutes ago

    Seems like centrifugal force is just goi.g to lock the paint to the sides of the can, can you make a contraption that attaches to a saws all to shake cans ?

  5. Charlie Goodson

    Charlie Goodson56 minutes ago

    They will not work in East Texas where the humidity is 96% all the time. Do you have dirt dobber wasp? Those things would clog that thing in a heartbeat.

  6. wayne smith

    wayne smithHour ago

    When using steel bolts into aluminum try Teflon tape. When you try to take it out some day in the future it helps.

  7. peterisaloft PC

    peterisaloft PCHour ago

    Good for out doors but I would go with electric version for indoors. I love this idea very good video.

  8. wayne smith

    wayne smithHour ago

    I have used the copper liner method for 40 years but with a stick welder. I really can't remember it not working. Sometimes it takes a couple tries.

  9. mbg

    mbgHour ago

    I tried this but there were kinks to iron out. The anti tip did not work well on the soft carpet, the timer had trouble with the amperage (burnt smell after a month), the snowblower once gobbled the extension cord. I also wanted a looser fitting/self unplugging connection that would retract into the garage so the driveway looked nice and the snowblower couldn’t gobble it.

  10. Sheal Dedmon

    Sheal DedmonHour ago

    I don't like how AI spies in us although it did bring this video to me. Now I can tinker in the garage and make a new cutting edge for my 1984 snow blower without spending 40 dollars. Thanks for the knowledge.

  11. Jose Nieves

    Jose NievesHour ago

    Sorry this is not for time is worth more then a couple dollars. buy in bulk

  12. Beats By GRIMM

    Beats By GRIMMHour ago

    Been using a sawzall for years.. Nice channel.. SUBSCRIBED!

  13. snocrushr

    snocrushr2 hours ago

    πŸ‡¨πŸ‡¦The knock may be a carbon buildup in the combustion chamber. Motors with high hours will have a carbon deposits in the combustion chamber and can come in contact with the piston at TDC causing a knock noise. I have seen it many times with RV gen-sets. Remove the head and scrape the carbon out or use a combustion cleaner product like Mercury Power Tune or Honda Combustion Chamber Cleaner sprayed into the intake while running (follow directions on can) πŸ‡¨πŸ‡¦

  14. peter sack

    peter sack2 hours ago

    8:45 what about those white, fiber ceiling panels. i think they are fibreglass, flexible, and square. they would probably be ok, too, or even pink insulation, maybe foam ? as K.R.V. states somewhere here....good ....

  15. peter sack

    peter sack2 hours ago

    Good education. that large muffler your holding, at 3:15, is too restrictive, with many bends inside. It is called 'back pressure' and on a one cylinder engine, would restrict the rpms'.

  16. Model Railroad Back Shop with Roger Kujawa

    Model Railroad Back Shop with Roger Kujawa2 hours ago

    Idiot just poisoned himself with carbon monoxide.

  17. p dub

    p dub2 hours ago

    i knew the sawzall was good for destroying something in a productive way

  18. Scot Metcalf

    Scot Metcalf2 hours ago

    I’ll be that guy that leaves the same way every time β€œBrilliant with the copper tube” worked at a welding shop old man showed me the weld method and heat never seen the copper! Have a great day. O love the dog

  19. Ras

    Ras3 hours ago

    Extracted 2 with the extractors yesterday. They keep breaking em and I keep fixing it. This is fantastic info, way faster than drilling the screws out or burning out the screws with an sinker Edm (nice to have)or Edm boring machine.

  20. jorge fernandez

    jorge fernandez3 hours ago

    Very nice purchase. Good Luck with it.

  21. Sam Son

    Sam Son3 hours ago

    I cannot find a place that rebuilds these.

  22. Nate vanLandingham

    Nate vanLandingham3 hours ago

    Anyone who has ever worked retail and moved products around has ridden one of those pallet jacks like you did in the end.

  23. Jeff Abercrombie

    Jeff Abercrombie4 hours ago

    Dam it your grass is nice...

  24. Veracious Patriot

    Veracious Patriot4 hours ago

    Great-now do an exhaust bolt/stud out of a 40 year iron cylinder head...

  25. Roger Clark

    Roger Clark4 hours ago

    Yeah I don’t know what a flaring cutter is that’s a tubing cutter you have in your hand

  26. Harry Canary

    Harry Canary4 hours ago

    Hats off to a great idea that actually works ! Bravo!

  27. Roger Clark

    Roger Clark4 hours ago


  28. pasquale parente

    pasquale parente4 hours ago

    What I have done to some blades is to grind the small teeth till there is no more and put a sharp edge and use it on a hackzall or even a blade holder to cut rock wool insulation. At least my I won’t have to use my wife’s best knife for that. No need to mention how hard rockwool is on a sharp edge.

  29. gst69man

    gst69man4 hours ago

    why i buy makita

  30. frank campbell

    frank campbell5 hours ago

    add a little lube and use a large heavy chunk of hard wood END grain

  31. Robe Rey

    Robe Rey5 hours ago

    Didn't know that trick...holly molee going to try this now from now on.

  32. not sure

    not sure5 hours ago

    I did this 18 years ago. Never seen anybody do it? I'm sure many people have done this before πŸ˜‚

  33. Curtis May

    Curtis May6 hours ago

    Just smear a little oil on the head and use scissors and a leather punch cut out the holes

  34. Vince S

    Vince S6 hours ago

    That is some great information thank you

  35. jps101574

    jps1015747 hours ago

    The battery wobbles on purpose. Milwaukee does it to dampen the vibrations from the impact mechanism to the battery cells and connections. Makita does the same thing.

  36. Suari Debbarma

    Suari Debbarma7 hours ago

    Can I balance my car Tyre by following these steps?

  37. jjj023

    jjj0238 hours ago

    Harbor Freight will sell you that same tire on the rim for less than 3 bucks with a coupon. A tube will cost twice that. Your "info" is totally wrong.

  38. Nicke W

    Nicke W8 hours ago

    Damn good idea! πŸ‘πŸ»πŸ‘πŸ»πŸ‘πŸ»πŸ‘πŸ» And that tool.... Show it a bit closer and I will do one myself πŸ‘πŸ»πŸ‘πŸ»πŸ‘πŸ»

  39. Gee Cali

    Gee Cali10 hours ago

    Miles per hour or kilometers per hour for you other guys, LOL

  40. Fred Larracuente

    Fred Larracuente10 hours ago

    Damn! Coolest welding cart I've ever seen! Great video sir!

  41. donald gibbs

    donald gibbs11 hours ago

    Just filled out the info and got a shipping label of my impact. It has been sitting for two years since I have another one I use. Easy to fill out the from. This video just reminded me to do it. Thank you!

  42. blkmustang007

    blkmustang00711 hours ago

    You brought up the fact that a winch changes power {mechanical advantage/levarage} based on how much line you have out...I never thought about it but you are absolutley right. I learned something today...... thanks.

  43. Jay West

    Jay West11 hours ago

    If u call craftsman and send it to them you will receive a usa tool back to you in the mail better to get usa tools then china or Taiwan

  44. James Kim

    James Kim11 hours ago

    Love your DOG...... I will differently purchase Milwaukee tools due to Excellent warranty service...

  45. brenton freeman

    brenton freeman11 hours ago

    You have some very useful ideas. I finally subbed when I seen your a fellow idahoan.

  46. Alex T

    Alex T11 hours ago

    'Merican made? Good luck. We're where GB was in the old days. On our way out. We cannot compete on the world market. Too many fat bastards depend on insane salaries to maintain a crazy lifestyle by cutting quality and ignoring international competition the "forces of nature".

  47. Steve Cookson

    Steve Cookson12 hours ago

    Grew up on a farm in northern Maine Not running to the parts store for a gasket. Made plenty in my day.

  48. joesph miller

    joesph miller12 hours ago

    Nice to know if I have problems with milwaukee tools

  49. S L

    S L12 hours ago you're pumping Carbon Monoxide into your shop? This is why we shake our heads when we show up to your house on an aid call. Our department sees this stupid stuff every winter, people heating their homes with gas powered devices that are not intended for indoor use. There's a reason that a dryer vents to the outside air.

  50. James Hussey

    James Hussey13 hours ago

    Who docked the tail of the awesome dog? It looks awful.

  51. Kevin Auld

    Kevin Auld13 hours ago

    I've always liked Mil. Used them for work hole hog and sawsall good to know they still oner worenty even if they have let the quallity slide .

  52. Rick Tipton

    Rick Tipton13 hours ago

    Good video. I've done similar. By the way, what you are calling tumblers are actually pins. Tumblers are uses in a different type of lock.

  53. Michael D

    Michael D13 hours ago

    The spring snapped on my Stanley Fatmax auto lock... It’s got sentimental value, so I don’t want to trash it. I opened it up and written all over the spring cartridge is β€œNOT REPAIRABLE! Warning! SPRING UNDER TENSION! NOT REPAIRABLE!” I wish Stanley didn’t have such a disposable mindset. If a tiny little piece breaks on any of their products, you trash it and buy a new one... Why sharpen a saw, just trash it and buy a new one. πŸ™„

  54. tblbaby

    tblbaby14 hours ago

    warrantees O_O who knew! Great info.

  55. Arian Martinez

    Arian Martinez14 hours ago

    Milwaukee seeing this video πŸ‘πŸ‘„πŸ‘πŸ’§ after you saying you got it second hand lol

  56. Frank Clark jr

    Frank Clark jr14 hours ago

    Get it white hot and melt it off

  57. whiplash316

    whiplash31615 hours ago

    Great job man

  58. T CAPO

    T CAPO15 hours ago

    Send the dog over to Mustie1 he'll fix it ! NICE DOG .

  59. T CAPO

    T CAPO15 hours ago

    I got a better idea go get a 44 magnum and shoot it.

  60. Sylvan dB

    Sylvan dB15 hours ago

    That is impressive service.

  61. TRX Tech

    TRX Tech15 hours ago

    I gotta say I beat the hell out of all of my DeWalts. THe only reason I bought more is to upgrade and I wanted some extra batteries and tools anyways.

  62. Riggs Co.

    Riggs Co.15 hours ago

    When your time, filler rod, and gas is worth less than a $3 trip to the hardware store:

  63. Monte Stu

    Monte Stu16 hours ago

    Milwaukee seems to have some great tools, and service to boot!

  64. channel view

    channel view16 hours ago

    I've resharpened a bunch of holesaws, too. BTW, don't know if it would work on a sawzall blade, but when I took a class the teacher had a sawset tool. It looked like a pair of pliers and was intended to adjust the tooth set on a carpenters handsaw.

  65. Maverick Wagner

    Maverick Wagner16 hours ago

    Be careful with those adapters. Most of the time the adapters don't have any protection built in. I melted one adapting a milwaukee battery to a dewalt circular saw.

  66. foad 5981

    foad 598116 hours ago

    I've always had great luck with milwaukee tools I have a very used and abused High torque impact 6 years old and still going strong....😁

  67. Scott Horn

    Scott Horn16 hours ago

    I'll be doing this...

  68. Jimmy's Blacksmithing

    Jimmy's Blacksmithing16 hours ago

    Oh yeah! That is the way to do it. Good job. It also takes care of the drain oil problem at home.πŸ‘πŸ˜³πŸ˜Š. Thanks for sharing. Keep up the good work. PS maybe park aDodge on there as well as a Chevy. And maybe some Fords as wellπŸ˜‚

  69. J M

    J M16 hours ago

    Ok thats it, I'm going to start buying millwaukee tools from this day forward. Thats just amazing warranty there and worth it. Thats a good company right there.

  70. RAWR Motorsports

    RAWR Motorsports17 hours ago

    Man I've learned more on your channel in a week than I could on other channels in a lifetime πŸ˜…

  71. Dee Spasojevic

    Dee Spasojevic17 hours ago

    Yea dude been watching a bunch of your vids and you're legit. πŸ’ͺπŸ‘

  72. Lewie McNeely

    Lewie McNeely17 hours ago

    A Milginger or a Ginwaukee but fixed, nonetheless! My DeWalt impact does the non-holding thing but I give it a shot of Kroil or SC 50/50 and that's that. But the DeWalt is refurbished or rebuilt too. The refurbished sounds like it might be a Gingerism. So THANKS, Moe! Good job and no tennis ball is safe now!

  73. Dive Chart

    Dive Chart17 hours ago

    Your doggy is totally used to you I see. πŸ‘

  74. ww_big_al

    ww_big_al17 hours ago

    I had no problems with Milwaukee repairing my impact when the circuit board failed. Excellent customer service. I do wish they would quickly re-engineer design faults in there tools.

  75. Winston1 Winston2

    Winston1 Winston217 hours ago

    The copper idea πŸ’‘ was great information thanks for sharing πŸ‘ I will put that method to use for now on.

  76. Moody 2

    Moody 217 hours ago

    Epic vid, thanks for sharing man

  77. Lynn H

    Lynn H17 hours ago

    I won't buy another milwaukee because of that issue. The heated vest is cool though.

  78. Gary Mucher

    Gary Mucher18 hours ago

    You can easily do house locks the exact same way if you don't have the Kwikset smart key versions. Right after moving into our new home, I rekeyed all the door locks that way. So easy...

  79. Sean White

    Sean White18 hours ago

    Just picked up an Avenger 400!!! Can’t wait to get started. Thanks for posting your video!

  80. blownwindsor2

    blownwindsor218 hours ago

    What kind of torch is that?