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Vid Chronicles specialize in making inspirational and life lesson videos.
Our goals are to make videos that reflects on the day to day life of people and showcase a positive outcomes.
Our team is working hard to create contents that touches the life of others and show people that there is still good in this world.
It is our duty to make a change and to stand for what's right.

Thanks for being apart of our Family and always remember to let love lead the way.

  1. Renee Rose

    Renee Rose3 hours ago

    First of all I wanna know why is there nice music playing in the backround

  2. Wanda Hart

    Wanda Hart3 hours ago

    Love this one

  3. slave j

    slave j3 hours ago

    If only the real world worked this way

  4. Makayla Dakurah

    Makayla Dakurah3 hours ago

    Me: *When the music started* Also me: *This some real sh*t now*

  5. JazleneTheKid

    JazleneTheKid3 hours ago

    i love how their own video is playing on the big tv lol

  6. Irma Villoria De Nitto

    Irma Villoria De Nitto3 hours ago

    What a beautiful son.

  7. Eric Tandy

    Eric Tandy3 hours ago

    People just don't realize how often this happens I am not one for violence but I believe in eye for an eye I am just saying what is true eventually we are going to start killing them the way they're killing us sooner much sooner then later

  8. cuthbert gultia

    cuthbert gultia3 hours ago

    She has to be related to jesus

  9. Jonathan Nevarez Resendiz

    Jonathan Nevarez Resendiz3 hours ago

    What is the name of the actor who played brad?

  10. Brooke Smith

    Brooke Smith3 hours ago

    I feel like they need more subs they are underrated

  11. Papo Flores

    Papo Flores3 hours ago

    They do this every day😪😔

  12. Savage Queen

    Savage Queen3 hours ago

    Why do ppl always believe outsiders over their own kids 🙄🙄🙄🙄

  13. Herb Presley

    Herb Presley3 hours ago

    I think everyone in this kind of situation needs to learn how to deescalate.

  14. Esther Zikhali

    Esther Zikhali3 hours ago

    Woooow the prayer touched me,lm a single mom of 2,lm always afraid of meeting the wrong ones and let me drift away from my daughters, Oh God

  15. Jimmy Screech

    Jimmy Screech3 hours ago

    " Do you think you have one in my size ? "

  16. Savage Queen

    Savage Queen3 hours ago

    Dude: HeLp Me GeT oUt Of ThIs Michael: No problem....... it’s Mr.Steal yo girl

  17. Balls Pain

    Balls Pain3 hours ago

    She have a boyfriend and still went out to hore around

  18. panagioths 22 soulaidis

    panagioths 22 soulaidis3 hours ago

    Black lives matter and dont bully me for saying that

  19. melanieCC _

    melanieCC _3 hours ago

    I dont understand, me and my family haven't gone out in 4 months. We held back. I haven't been out of my house once in the past 4 months. How can these people not bare being at home for 2 weeks only?

  20. Mac Swanton

    Mac Swanton3 hours ago

    "Two X-cops arrested for spousal abuse" subsequent headlines.

  21. Emi Masery

    Emi Masery3 hours ago

    That's what every mum needs

  22. Carlos Gonzalez

    Carlos Gonzalez3 hours ago


  23. Isabella Kosmoson

    Isabella Kosmoson3 hours ago

    If your seeing this comment. Remember that: if your family want to see you, stop what your doing and go to see them. Never ever take anyone for granted. NOTHING is more important that family

  24. Patrina Brooks

    Patrina Brooks3 hours ago

    She turn herself down cause she dont want to dress properly cause that was not modest apparel anyway

  25. tyrone k johnson

    tyrone k johnson3 hours ago

    Too bad this would never happen


    DON CURRINGTON3 hours ago


  27. It's Shelsea

    It's Shelsea3 hours ago

    We got this girl lookin like Megan Thee Stallion how could he not love a girl like that?

  28. Eric Nettles

    Eric Nettles3 hours ago


  29. 👑 Amir

    👑 Amir3 hours ago

    Great video

  30. Let's Love

    Let's Love3 hours ago

    We should always take the time too always let our Love ones know we Love them because we never know when God will call them home so Choose Love over all the things that distract us because LOVE is greater then materialistic things

  31. Green plays

    Green plays4 hours ago

    Come every live does matter black or white

  32. •Kara•

    •Kara•4 hours ago

    i rlly did like this one <3

  33. C Rapach

    C Rapach4 hours ago

    Why was this in my recommendations ? I don’t watch skits.

  34. arjan singh

    arjan singh4 hours ago

    I wish the best for this channel it’s so amazing

  35. Austin ATOM

    Austin ATOM4 hours ago

    He made the right move then decided to be a simp at the end 🤦🏾‍♂️🤦🏾‍♂️

  36. Angel Guzman

    Angel Guzman4 hours ago

    If we can Speak reasoning and confidence like that.

  37. Jorge Negron

    Jorge Negron4 hours ago

    Always let love lead the way.

  38. Ronald McDaniel

    Ronald McDaniel4 hours ago

    THANK you

  39. Joe Chain

    Joe Chain4 hours ago

    The guy that thought she was fat had a date with Rosey Palm.

  40. jay morris

    jay morris4 hours ago

    FFS how ridiculous

  41. Maxwell Marsden

    Maxwell Marsden4 hours ago

    ...she's SO sorry, that she got CAUGHT!!!

  42. Nohea

    Nohea4 hours ago

    its the bad cops that got the good cops killed ,ambushed sitting in their vehicles.

  43. Meron Kebede

    Meron Kebede4 hours ago

    I have been this's not easy you must run...

  44. Gabe Baby

    Gabe Baby4 hours ago

    Wow, as of today we have 13 thousand people that disliked this video! Just shows we still have cowardly evil people in this world that hide behind dislikes to show their hatred for people based on their skin color. Sad.

  45. {run come Falla backa me Ministry of God}

    {run come Falla backa me Ministry of God}4 hours ago

    The KJV Bible 23:12 says:-And whosoever shall exalt himself shall be abased,and he that shall humble himself shall be exalted("and my comment is")And the based shall be amaze at what the humble as Achieved, in this case.

  46. katung hill

    katung hill4 hours ago

    Great video

  47. Explorer 2448

    Explorer 24484 hours ago

    I really like his friend, hes really supportive

  48. James D3

    James D34 hours ago

    This is a really good video. You never know who you're going to need in the future. God bless.

  49. FULLFaZE DIEGO Bello

    FULLFaZE DIEGO Bello4 hours ago

    “U about lose ur job u about to lose ur job” got me dead 🤣

  50. Pixel

    Pixel4 hours ago

    Mom: Get a job, I won't be around forever to support you. After getting a job. Mom: I won't be around forever so come visit me. Conclusion : what?

  51. Josh Bridges

    Josh Bridges4 hours ago

    I cant wait4the day when REENACTMENTS like these come into fruition #keepthemunderpressure

  52. Gilberto Diaz

    Gilberto Diaz4 hours ago

    Police academies trains to protect and to serve, but the trainees when go to their field training throw away what they learned. That’s what we facing now, no all cops are bad just a few!

  53. Paul Thurlow

    Paul Thurlow4 hours ago

    If the cop is a cop he needs his haircut . What a set up video

  54. anxiel

    anxiel4 hours ago

    I don't know what a best man is

  55. Sunny’s Gaming Channel

    Sunny’s Gaming Channel4 hours ago

    Can you see that they are watching they’re channel on that tv

  56. Afro Samurai868

    Afro Samurai8684 hours ago

    The dude is lucky he ain’t get fired

  57. Paulo Lodicora

    Paulo Lodicora4 hours ago

    All racism are bad, even the other way around! Cheers from Brazil where all races live together!

  58. Tasteynelly

    Tasteynelly4 hours ago

    i would have left with my daughter and slapp him for even saying such a thing about mines... if don’t respect her you damn sure don’t respect me sad

  59. stepityo

    stepityo4 hours ago

    Nice Concept. But, not Reality. Peace

  60. Mohsen Musab

    Mohsen Musab4 hours ago

    If that was an arab ,he would I have took her hair and send her back to her mother😂😂😂😂

  61. Boomer Fun

    Boomer Fun4 hours ago

    oh thank god he's alive...

  62. Katie and Vicky

    Katie and Vicky4 hours ago

    This is so sad it left me in tears

  63. Andrew Muus

    Andrew Muus4 hours ago

    Every police department needs to be like this. Lead by good example.

  64. spicy pepper

    spicy pepper4 hours ago

    God will destroy all evil

  65. Luciano Cavazza

    Luciano Cavazza4 hours ago

    I was expecting something from this video.. but this is wholesome.

  66. r⃰emii*

    r⃰emii*4 hours ago

    What a prick.

  67. Cyrus Nyenkan

    Cyrus Nyenkan4 hours ago

    The only way as a woman I will regret my action if only he's not chatting on the other side.

  68. Wendy-Rita Chakam

    Wendy-Rita Chakam4 hours ago

    Did you see that she only became nice when she was getting to meet big model and get on a Magazine so now my girl want to befriend her cause shes gettin famous amh

  69. Sophia Gonzalez

    Sophia Gonzalez4 hours ago

    Amen that was great I've never saw anything like this video with got in it god bless you all go to church it is great

  70. Moahmmad Uddin

    Moahmmad Uddin4 hours ago

    The lobster looks amazing

  71. Chris Bowman

    Chris Bowman4 hours ago

    Let's get back to the REAL WORLD, people. Even if this were to happen, the police chief can't on his own fire officers without higher approval. It's sad, but it's the truth.

  72. Sheila Gallegos

    Sheila Gallegos4 hours ago

    This video is so good and I know it’s only a video I’m praying it wasn’t true. But remember they might not be there tomorrow is never promised. And then when he didn’t say I love you man that killed me got straight straight to the heart. So please anyone out there don’t take your parents or anyone for granted it’s very hard when you lose someone. Keep those videos coming with Vid Chronicles OK they are awesome

  73. Total Creative Gaming

    Total Creative Gaming4 hours ago

    So in other words, be careful who you trust

  74. Tommy Pritchett Sr

    Tommy Pritchett Sr4 hours ago

    It's ads like these that keep the hate going...Period

  75. Yonathan Zewde

    Yonathan Zewde5 hours ago

    Boyfriend- alright babe.... Fans- OOOOOHHH!!!

  76. damn bouquet

    damn bouquet5 hours ago

    As I can say being a silent viewer this is the best channel and guys subscribe to this best channel😊😊😊😃😃😃

  77. Wendy-Rita Chakam

    Wendy-Rita Chakam5 hours ago


  78. Maria Patricio Parel

    Maria Patricio Parel5 hours ago

    Correct ..always let love be the way..

  79. Explorer 2448

    Explorer 24485 hours ago

    Well that isn’t very nice isn’t it?

  80. Bo Jackson

    Bo Jackson5 hours ago

    Yeah bro good woman hard to find a lot trash out here..