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Eric gets Engaged!!
  1. David B

    David B8 hours ago

    Let's just hope nickelodeon doesn't screw them over again

  2. GrimmBones

    GrimmBones8 hours ago

    Man, Rob's the best. Going to such lengths, that's fucking insane!

  3. Jane St. Valentine

    Jane St. Valentine8 hours ago

    Fun fact: "Idiot's Lantern" is what they called TVs when they first came out.

  4. The Lazy Gamer

    The Lazy Gamer8 hours ago

    "She's gonna change sides here pretty soon." *cough* *cough* *COUGH* *COUGH* Sorry, just started choking on the bullshit I just heard.

  5. Ian Bravo Gaming

    Ian Bravo Gaming8 hours ago

    I watched this in theatres opening weekend and loved it! I cant imagine not seeing it on the ultra screen!

  6. mary poppins

    mary poppins8 hours ago

    How they got a Cockroach and a Rat to make out with each other... that's Doom Patrol.

  7. Graak100

    Graak1008 hours ago

    Great Let`s Play. Try the Gamen from Dirk Henn "Wallenstein". I think it could be something for you. And when you like it, please make a Video with your Guys. Greets from Germany ;)

  8. Ted Coles

    Ted Coles8 hours ago

    I’d love to think that the kid is Neil but then surely the Protagonist knows that by recruiting him he’s sentencing him to his death essentially

  9. Hoof Hearted

    Hoof Hearted9 hours ago

    Do a second reaction when you rewatch it next knowing what you know now. It will still be confusing and will still give you plenty to talk about and discuss.

  10. Z3R021

    Z3R0219 hours ago

    Oh! I get it! Hahahahaah!

  11. GaryR4791

    GaryR47919 hours ago

    Hey guys. I know it's long overdue and you may never see this but I just finished your SHIELD reactions. I just recently watched season 7. So I ended up rewatching all your SHIELD reactions from the beginning. I'm really gonna miss watching it and watching you guys react to it. I also wanted to say that you shouldn't despair, Enoch is still alive in Deke's timeline. He's still being a good anthropologist at the moment... As he has always been. Thank you for the awesome reactions and congratulations on becoming Agents of SHIELD.

  12. mary poppins

    mary poppins9 hours ago

    25:53 Eric: I pulled a muscle yawning. Eric: Getting old sucks. (agrees with eric.)

  13. Ted Coles

    Ted Coles9 hours ago

    I think you have to look at the time travel in a linear way. The way the protagonist goes forwards then back is one straight line to him. When he effects the past, he was always going to effect the past because it had already happened. For example when you guys talked about changing the past, if you think I’m going to change the past then you always would’ve thought that and whatever you changed would be what happened anyway in the past.

  14. p0ppysmic13

    p0ppysmic139 hours ago

    some theories were saying Neil was Kat's son in the future.

  15. Tai Moya

    Tai Moya9 hours ago

    Always love rick mentioning persona AND YESSSSSSSSSS this episode was great wow

  16. Darkstar

    Darkstar9 hours ago

    They should do a mixed/hybrid benders idea in the Avatar universe. Air/Water. Earth/Fire. There's a lot of material to work with there, enough for at least one full series. You could even have the "opposites" like Air/Earth and follow a bender's struggle with the polarity/contrast between them.

  17. Kyle McCormack

    Kyle McCormack9 hours ago

    "I can't feel you" Four dead humans: no reaction

  18. byron javalla

    byron javalla9 hours ago

    I think the way Wanda saw dead Vision and Pietro is a way of showing how she experiences sudden PTSD episodes.

  19. JeyJey

    JeyJey9 hours ago


  20. Lenny Lynch

    Lenny Lynch9 hours ago

    There's already 2 novels about Kyoshi so I think they'd go with avatars before her if they went that way

  21. Making Kids Go Reee

    Making Kids Go Reee9 hours ago

    Really bad ep, hoping next one is better.

  22. Vincent New Say Wee

    Vincent New Say Wee9 hours ago

    Guys, for your question, how many %they have followed the manga? For someone like me that have followed the manga for more then 30 years, this movie is about 95% and very detailed, try check out the manga...

  23. Lenny Lynch

    Lenny Lynch10 hours ago

    those witches were fools thinking a skybeam would be BAD for a villain


    E0GUBEAST10 hours ago

    This reminds me of Sasha from aot

  25. Terrill Holmes

    Terrill Holmes10 hours ago

    OMG!!! Shut up! Enjoy the movie!

  26. zeruel857

    zeruel85710 hours ago

    Imagine the crew watching Dark. Just sayin'... :)

  27. Spreadie

    Spreadie10 hours ago

    Rick is such a mudge. Suspension of disbelief is a thing, dude!

  28. Jim Rhino

    Jim Rhino10 hours ago

    Calvin has a Rocinante hoodie on!!!!

  29. Divusmagus

    Divusmagus10 hours ago

    Perfect news after 2020

  30. SilentxPhoenix

    SilentxPhoenix11 hours ago

    God that old spice fart had me gasping for air

  31. Lord Hoth_09

    Lord Hoth_0911 hours ago

    Have not watched yet, sorry you guys did. Also I feel for Eric.

  32. Byron ‘92

    Byron ‘9211 hours ago

    The Scarlett.... *BITCH!*

  33. Byron ‘92

    Byron ‘9211 hours ago

    5:20 just like how Obama and Biden dropped bombs on Syria.

  34. Byron ‘92

    Byron ‘9211 hours ago

    Relevant because Biden just dropped bombs on Syria.

  35. Byron ‘92

    Byron ‘9211 hours ago

    The whole show is about Loss and Acceptance

  36. FBI

    FBI11 hours ago

    How the mighty have fallen... I’m sure if that stupid drama between Shane didn’t happen. This channel would have gotten to 1 million subscribers long ago and not average 9.5k views on their videos now a days.

  37. Byron ‘92

    Byron ‘9211 hours ago

    I was so disappointed seeing the engineer reveal 😂 Beast would’ve been perfect!

  38. Adrian Murillo

    Adrian Murillo11 hours ago

    To me it seems like Wanda create vision with powers from the infinity stone that she was given which is why they mention the avengers in the Halloween episode he knows nothing of it. That’s a different vision.

  39. PackuMira

    PackuMira12 hours ago

    the best way for Salem to die is in Osma's Arms

  40. Stats

    Stats12 hours ago

    Definitely the most satisfying trailer I've ever seen.

  41. Chaos Thierry

    Chaos Thierry12 hours ago

    This episode is one of the most disturbing things the MCU has ever done.

  42. Otaku Riser

    Otaku Riser12 hours ago

    The best news

  43. Anbu Kakashi/Hokage Kakashi

    Anbu Kakashi/Hokage Kakashi12 hours ago

    I'm so happy for Neji that after this fight he can finally leave his terrible past behind. Shino, on the other hand, can only be regretted. Especially when you consider what's to come 😅

  44. forceinfinity

    forceinfinity12 hours ago

    The thing that got me with Tenet was the idea that if you have an object that took inverted damage such as that glass in the airport turnstile room. For the glass to have those bullet holes, it would’ve had to have them at the point of installation because those holes would be there until they were undone. So does some asshole figure “wth, lets install this broken stuff like this anyway”. Did someone know that “oh a time traveler is going to cause this, so lets put up this broken glass” Same thing for that car that started with the shattered mirror. Someone had to have installed the shattered mirror for it to exist like that from the beginning so that it can get undone later on.

  45. Parker Jacobs

    Parker Jacobs12 hours ago

    I’ve said it before and I’ll say it again. A show called 600, it’s about the 600 day siege on Ba Sing Se. Iroh would be the main villain, who’s obviously conflicted, and his son Prince Lu Ten fight and die in the war. We could see the Dai Lee and even Long Fangs rise to power. Could be super interesting! You don’t need an avatar to have a great avatar show, just good bending and characters. Like this to show some love to the idea.

  46. Anon Ymes

    Anon Ymes12 hours ago

    Hmm, 'Captain Marvel' seemed crystal clear to me on the very first viewing - the engine was powered by Tesseract energy and that's where Captain Marvel gets her powers from. Super simple, no confusion.

  47. AFC 9798

    AFC 979812 hours ago

    I'm guessing with Kara not being at Martha's funeral that this is a standalone series or maybe even the start of a new (insert name here)verse

  48. Magnani mouse

    Magnani mouse12 hours ago

    I just love how different the brothers are but you can still see how much they love each other

  49. Jacob King

    Jacob King12 hours ago

    The airbender kids mustve been raised by Tai Lee or something. Their hair styles and attitudes are insanely similar

  50. Byron ‘92

    Byron ‘9212 hours ago

    The little kid is dressed like Magneto

  51. xX4LERXx Boom

    xX4LERXx Boom12 hours ago

    "They're gonna be dead in 3 episodes" Spiler alert Episode 8, 3 episodes after this episode, Not only do we find out wanda didnt steal vision's body, but billy and tommy are being threatened lol

  52. Manish Ghosh

    Manish Ghosh12 hours ago

    Boy its funny how Eric is so confused by the notion of fox hunting parties. 😄 almost as if its a pointless exercise performed by rich fucks for little to no reason.

  53. Chess Duncan

    Chess Duncan12 hours ago

    Ray park himself Yess did it

  54. dandyman

    dandyman12 hours ago

    Can you guys please add the first couple reactions that are down to the website or patreon that would be dope

  55. Jacob King

    Jacob King12 hours ago

    "its treason then."

  56. Kresna Pramudhita

    Kresna Pramudhita12 hours ago

    After this episode 8 of wandavision, i got the vibe that after "The Snap" event, every super human on earth whom didn't follow Sokovia Accords will be considered as a threats by government..... And it wouldn't be surprised if Hayward actually has a connection with general Thaddeus Ross....

  57. joshua pfeifer

    joshua pfeifer13 hours ago

    Thank fuck that bitch shane is gone. Now i can watch without wanting to break the screen

  58. Making Kids Go Reee

    Making Kids Go Reee13 hours ago

    Boring show. (waits for snowflakes to attack)

  59. Chaos Thierry

    Chaos Thierry13 hours ago

    Nothing to do with the episode at all......but god damn...... "Voodoo Chile" hits fucking hard.

  60. ChefGandhi

    ChefGandhi13 hours ago

    I have a feeling, joker will say Bruce instead of batman.

  61. wheybig297

    wheybig29713 hours ago

    They really spent like 20 minutes discussing how to divy up like 5 items 😂

  62. YA ZAHRA

    YA ZAHRA13 hours ago

    Hi, can you please react to (THE LADY OF HEAVEN) Trailer 2021 💐🙏😘

  63. D D

    D D13 hours ago

    17:52 How much you wanna bet the guy Liu Kang is about to torch is Kabal. How he get burnt and somehow survived (in the movies storyline)...maybe. He looks like he’s holding Kabal’s weapons.

  64. Venom_1462

    Venom_146213 hours ago

    TVA are the Timecops of the Marvel Universe

  65. kwanarchive

    kwanarchive13 hours ago

    I don't think the story of Zuko's mother would make a good movie. It's not high stakes, but I loved it. It would be better as an arc in a miniseries or something.

  66. Byron ‘92

    Byron ‘9213 hours ago

    Paves the way for the X Men coming to Marvel!

  67. Byron ‘92

    Byron ‘9214 hours ago

    Baby Vision 😂😂😂

  68. WTD Productions

    WTD Productions14 hours ago

    When I first saw it I was sorta disappointed. I liked it but not on same level as most Nolan films, but on rewatch I LOVED IT. I usually like Nolan movies more the second time, but I didn’t expect to enjoy it that much more the second time around

  69. Byron ‘92

    Byron ‘9214 hours ago

    The card trick was a good callback 😂

  70. wheybig297

    wheybig29714 hours ago

    “And I will have the matching set” 😳🤯 HOLY SHIT. Write this down and turn it into a movie cause that line gave me literally goosebumps

  71. Tragic Poet

    Tragic Poet14 hours ago

    I just hear Mikan from Danganronpa whenever that little girl talks.

  72. Viiksis

    Viiksis14 hours ago

    12:25 Clairevoyance?

  73. Zan1024

    Zan102414 hours ago

    @4:31 oh if only you knew

  74. Just kye

    Just kye14 hours ago

    Cliff and Jane literally are thee best characters

  75. wheybig297

    wheybig29714 hours ago

    Tork killed him, Tork gets to carry his weapon. That’s straight up law Tork gets first dibs on his weapons!

  76. Isaiah Cox

    Isaiah Cox14 hours ago

    The mind stone opened her mind

  77. Coolzer0

    Coolzer014 hours ago

    Elizabeth Olsen and Catherine Hahn deserve a bag of fricken Emmys for this episode alone!

  78. Geneticfreek

    Geneticfreek14 hours ago

    they couldn't call her by that name cause they didn't own the Black Panther they said that Vision can live without the Mind Stone..and i think she was able to recreate him cause she knew him better than anyone...and White Vision should still be Vision...without any feelings for Wanda...the part about Darcy vs Monica...the difference is...the first time Monica was sucked in...Darcy the area engulfed her...and everyone else...then when Monica went in on her own accord...thats the difference...When Wanda and Pietro were under the bed and the Stark bomb was there she could of had a little bit of her powers but never realized it...she could have just been there..and in her mind she was hoping it didnt blow up..and her powers just made it not blow up

  79. Деметрий Траускасос

    Деметрий Траускасос14 hours ago

    Hmm, so Russia annexed Prussia for 5 years, during the Seven Years War ...

  80. Coolzer0

    Coolzer014 hours ago

    So Agatha needed someone with super speed to puppet. If Pietro didn’t have his powers Wanda would know something was up. So Agatha pulled fox quicksilver to this universe probably because it was the simplest way to accomplish this. We don’t know of any other speedsters that are in the mcu universe right? It still could be fox quicksilver guys...