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  1. First Last

    First Last3 hours ago

    Hmm, it took as long to create/count ballots as it did for Biden to congratulate NASA about the rover. When is Joe going back to Mars?

  2. Shiloh Phoenix

    Shiloh Phoenix3 hours ago

    The illegitimate bumbling old buffoon had absolutely nothing to do with the success of this mission. But NASA and JPL in California are doing a splendid job.

  3. Cato the Elder

    Cato the Elder3 hours ago


  4. Joke Biden

    Joke Biden3 hours ago

    “Great job on the Neptune landing”

  5. mek86.2

    mek86.23 hours ago

    how do we give Mars a atmosphere again? Create a magnet field? Add more mass to the planet?

  6. Anil Indika

    Anil Indika3 hours ago

    good bye cassini. i love you.thank you...

  7. Antonio Bryon

    Antonio Bryon3 hours ago

    It’s incredible in that time we made curiosity now we have perseverance

  8. S

    S3 hours ago

    These people could learn a thing or two from Biden, he's a real space cadet.

  9. Pedro Benitez

    Pedro Benitez4 hours ago

    Porque ay nubes en espasio

  10. Eduardo Barreto

    Eduardo Barreto4 hours ago

    14 Bis

  11. mario menendez

    mario menendez4 hours ago

    Wow!! Nice!!! Looks like Devon island!!!!

  12. Suryakala Wasnik

    Suryakala Wasnik4 hours ago

    POV : USlikes recommended this to you after 8 years

  13. BoggedCabbage 61

    BoggedCabbage 614 hours ago

    Why did the start look like a sponge bob intro?

  14. Courtney Johns

    Courtney Johns4 hours ago

    Didn't the other two rovers send back photos of Mars that's why I'm not impressed with this

  15. Nunya Beeswax

    Nunya Beeswax5 hours ago

    We love watching this exciting Mars mission and NASA is doing a splendid job, but wow that old guy is such an embarrassment. Most of the time he doesn't know if he's coming or going. His mental faculties are failing fast. What a joke! Please don't have that old guy on here again which takes away from your great achievements.

  16. Raunak Shaw

    Raunak Shaw5 hours ago

    Indian are in top every ware(-inf to +inf) 🇮🇳🇮🇳🇮🇳🇮🇳

  17. Mr Random

    Mr Random5 hours ago

    This guy looks so old

  18. Shiloh Phoenix

    Shiloh Phoenix5 hours ago

    Congratulations to NASA on this historic Mars rover mission, but old bumbling decrepit Byedenn probably doesn't even know what he's calling about without the text written down by his handlers for him to say.

  19. HyuBin Gaming Roblox

    HyuBin Gaming Roblox5 hours ago

    Martians: oh great here we go again

  20. Koresh Godi

    Koresh Godi5 hours ago

    Always been a fan and firm believer of Man on Mars mission. NASA you are my dream as a child which I couldn’t pursue. Blame myself for that. But iam withyou in every mission thanks to Social Media. Sorry Mr Biden nothing for you ..neither a fan or a believer of wat you say. “Prompter”

  21. brian krause

    brian krause5 hours ago

    This dude with 2 mask needs two more.

  22. Scarabaeus1

    Scarabaeus15 hours ago

    Congratulations NASA! Keep up the good work! 👍

  23. jmiogo

    jmiogo5 hours ago

    Only NASA could make such a spectacular achievement so dull.

  24. Ricky Tenderkiss

    Ricky Tenderkiss5 hours ago

    The flat-Earth people exclude themselves from so much fun, and from so much that’s awesome about reality! Yay science, yay NASA! 🤗❤️🚀

  25. Aerial Arboreal

    Aerial Arboreal5 hours ago

    That's sort of like that place in the desert called "Wandering Stones"... At night a very thin layer of ice forms under the rocks and with the high winds, the stones move or 'wander' sliding along the ground...

  26. People

    People6 hours ago

    This whole video has a vibe of 1992

  27. Dejan Smilev

    Dejan Smilev6 hours ago

    1:46:15 when the rover lands.

  28. Craigular

    Craigular6 hours ago

    Biden........ What an embarrassment... He is losing it more every day... And stop saying "believe science..." Science is a process, NOT a dogma or "settled fact."

  29. Paul Moore

    Paul Moore6 hours ago

    We have other things to spend are money on like humanity problems once we figure that out we can due these things.

  30. Ron Cork

    Ron Cork6 hours ago

    Now you know how to move across mars, make hovercraft with dry ice as the runners.

  31. John Lennon

    John Lennon6 hours ago

    Find to Jedi

  32. Kristel18

    Kristel187 hours ago

    Earth is a perfect place where people only should be. Not in any planet.

  33. Deano White

    Deano White7 hours ago

    Maybe nasa should try landing it on mars instead of landing it on devon island!!!!

  34. thenarley1

    thenarley17 hours ago

    JPL +10, JB -5

  35. Heidi Campbell

    Heidi Campbell7 hours ago

    So exciting!! I hope these videos are being used in schools around the world 🌎 ✨.

  36. Deano White

    Deano White7 hours ago

    Cancel nasa

  37. Liliana Ochoa

    Liliana Ochoa7 hours ago

    Gloria a DIOS los felicito por haber Sido capas de llegar hasta Marte 😷👍que robot tan completo

  38. Camilo Castillon

    Camilo Castillon7 hours ago

    So that's is the purpose on sending probes on mars huh

  39. John Burr

    John Burr7 hours ago

    Regular news reporters kept asking for the information either already published by NASA or obviously not yet known. Of the questions asked, that 9 year old put them all to shame with the best question of the day. I wish we could replace all mainstream news reporters with kids. We'd get better information.

  40. Chexone

    Chexone7 hours ago

    296 people 👎 don’t believe in science

  41. Eugene Bell

    Eugene Bell7 hours ago

    Is the first flight scheduled yet? Will it be covered live?

  42. Daniel Lopez

    Daniel Lopez7 hours ago

    asite. Vayas a marte jupiter a bajo del mar a don de tebayas de ahí te aL csnsara La mano de Dios opnipotente. arepientete y buscalo orita Que puedes cristo teama buscalo

  43. Jeff

    Jeff8 hours ago

    Great video till bidens face showed up. Teleprompter reading old man

  44. Lg Hammer

    Lg Hammer8 hours ago

    That's beautiful

  45. Shatner's Bassoon

    Shatner's Bassoon8 hours ago

    Poor heliocentric religion believers lapping up the priests lies. Look what the catholic church achieved and all they had was a book hardly anyone could read

  46. David Santiago

    David Santiago8 hours ago

    The first thing that needs to happen is you have to get off Devon island and stop calling it mars. I cant believe people buy this bs

  47. Clarence Hopkins

    Clarence Hopkins8 hours ago

    Yep, amazing stuff

  48. Sabbir Ahsan

    Sabbir Ahsan8 hours ago

    Why not we cultivate some cactus(survive without water)on mars as because there is lot's of carbon dioxide?

  49. Sabbir Ahsan

    Sabbir Ahsan8 hours ago

    Why not we cultivate some cactus(survive without water)on mars as because there is lot's of carbon dioxide?

  50. Sabbir Ahsan

    Sabbir Ahsan8 hours ago

    Why not we cultivate some cactus(survive without water)on mars as because there is lot's of carbon dioxide?

  51. Sabbir Ahsan

    Sabbir Ahsan8 hours ago

    Why not we cultivate some cactus(survive without water)on mars as because there is lot's of carbon dioxide?

  52. Andrei Silva

    Andrei Silva8 hours ago

    Eu voto em Bidem, amor amor

  53. Claire

    Claire8 hours ago

    funny the nasa page doesn’t leave comments on-he’s not the people’s president

  54. Broadwaymungo

    Broadwaymungo8 hours ago

    TRUMP 2024 🇺🇸

  55. Unique Music Spot

    Unique Music Spot8 hours ago

    Balkan UFO anyone? :)


    BARIS DEMIRCAN8 hours ago

    Nice production.

  57. Aghartaian Man

    Aghartaian Man9 hours ago

    I think these images were taken in a region on the earth's surface where living things do not live, the places in the image are edited with a photo filter application, Because, Nobody There Was No Go To Mars.

  58. Nakul sri

    Nakul sri9 hours ago

    R u sure because the valley is deep in mars, here it's not even leaving a mark. And Mars is pron to sand strom

  59. CCJuan 14

    CCJuan 149 hours ago

    Es el doble de Biden. Se puede ver en su oreja derecha, no tiene lóbulo bien definido 🤫 el real está dormido

  60. Gregory Zoebisch

    Gregory Zoebisch9 hours ago

    Nice pictures of Baffin Island guys! But most of you don't know that do you? Just as Buzz Aldrin if we went to the moon.

  61. Crazy Cajun J

    Crazy Cajun J9 hours ago

    Biden, lol what a joke

  62. Wojciech S

    Wojciech S9 hours ago

    Każdy polityk lubi się ogrzać w świetle sukcesu pracy innych ludzi... Prezydent zrobił sobie show kosztem pracy innych osób.

  63. Tsakani Beatrice Sithole

    Tsakani Beatrice Sithole9 hours ago

    Congratulations to USA NASA Team for the MARS Science Program. From RSA.

  64. Brahim Bedaa

    Brahim Bedaa9 hours ago

    hello .... with The Perseverance Rover machine we see the earth on the planet Mars .. But it did not show the sky. !!!. Does the color of the sky on mars look like that of the earth ???

  65. Brahim Bedaa

    Brahim Bedaa9 hours ago

    bonjour .... avec L'engin Rover persévérance on voit la terre sur la planète mars ..Mais il n'a pas montrer le ciel .!!!. est ce que a la couleur du ciel sur mars et comme celui de la terre ???

  66. Albert Hendershot

    Albert Hendershot9 hours ago

    So much technology we still can't figure out how to live indefinitely, why because we don't have the technology and God as set that for his purpose !!!!!!

  67. Mike Schwinn

    Mike Schwinn10 hours ago

    Unfortunately Biden thinks he's talking to Charles Lindbergh

  68. Mike Farkas

    Mike Farkas10 hours ago

    Thank Perseverance Team at a time when things looked hopeless you gave us hope by doing this amazing feat. I'am so glad cameras were placed to see the chutes open and other aspects of the landing. A life long memory!

  69. louison bin

    louison bin10 hours ago

    Félicitations depuis la France !

  70. Son of God

    Son of God10 hours ago

    This my technologies , You'll never seen this science Reyhan son of god

  71. Károly György

    Károly György10 hours ago

    Nasá=ámit, félrevezető, mint a kígyó Évat.

  72. Ivan Break

    Ivan Break10 hours ago

    I knew that we are searching for other planets to do things like this

  73. Fawad Raza

    Fawad Raza10 hours ago

    Very nice to see an Indian-Origin lady Swati Mohan, NASA's Perseverance Rover's Entry, Descent and Landing Engineer, talk to President Biden, along with other NASA Perseverance crew. My 9 years old daughter was extra focused when she came on video, well my little one might not want to take Space Sciences, but happy to see she was paying attention. 🙂

  74. riya sharan shrivastava

    riya sharan shrivastava10 hours ago

    congratulations 😩😩🤍

  75. Fernando Leles Da Silva

    Fernando Leles Da Silva10 hours ago

    Thank you Mr President.

  76. alan weyant

    alan weyant10 hours ago

    Meanwhile, Lardo is whining about not getting his diet cokes delivered fast enough...

  77. Susanne Brunberg

    Susanne Brunberg10 hours ago

    Congrats NASA! This is what I have been waiting for. Gr from Finland

  78. محمد وادي

    محمد وادي10 hours ago

    الهم زدنا علما - تطور علمي رائع

  79. Sreedharcp

    Sreedharcp10 hours ago

    Great job and congratulations to all the team members of this most wonderful project and God bless you all, God give more strength, health and knowledge to you guys to do more wonderful things in the future. You guys once again made entire world look at NASA’s great victory and one more milestone in the world.

  80. Dyuli Pp

    Dyuli Pp10 hours ago

    Congratulations NASA From 🇧🇷