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  1. Mister G

    Mister G5 hours ago



    APCOPILOT5 hours ago

    You reap what you sow ---- STOP making WARS for profit and start WORKING for living instead, you THIEVING PARASITES !!

  3. my diet is fruits' nutt and seed

    my diet is fruits' nutt and seed5 hours ago

    Yeah he deserved to be fired. If he was just protesting, as much as I disagree with him, that would be his right. But he said "we" are trying to get into the Capitol, meaning he was a rioter.

  4. D greene

    D greene5 hours ago

    Life has consequences for your actions. Welcome to the United States of America.

  5. Mary Schmitt

    Mary Schmitt5 hours ago

    Could it be they are trying to silent the attorney with facts and trying to silence our voices? The politicians don’t really want the peoples voice, just our money.

  6. FoTuOe

    FoTuOe6 hours ago

    Don’t worry that guy almost time out

  7. Denise Fogarty

    Denise Fogarty6 hours ago


  8. Todd C

    Todd C6 hours ago

    Isn't this America?

  9. Judah '66/'75

    Judah '66/'756 hours ago

    This is some B.S. Everybody involved should be charged with Felonies not Misdemeanors. SMH.....

  10. TheMaryam1891

    TheMaryam18916 hours ago

    Thank you to his ex wife. I am sure more charges will be made. A Capitol police officer is dead. Thousands of dollars of damage to federal property. If they do not get these nuts out of the populace they will do it again. As you travel across state lines to commit a crime. If you plot and collude w others to commit federal crimes. Throw it all on them.

  11. Yogeek

    Yogeek6 hours ago

    He can film himself during an insurrection because of privilege with impunity. It's disgusting for him to say words opposite of what took place. People were killed that day. 🤦🏽‍♀️

  12. MarilynB

    MarilynB6 hours ago

    Remember this boys and girls don't piss off your exes when you exit ☣️

  13. Happy Man

    Happy Man6 hours ago

    Well what you sow is what you reap !!! 😂

  14. Real Mexican American

    Real Mexican American6 hours ago

    Man, these guys are whack jobs. THERE WAS NO FRAUD. THERE IS NO PROOF OF FRAUD.

  15. Stephen Monash

    Stephen Monash6 hours ago

    One of the injustices.. of justice systems is that the evidence is fabricated... I think we are to have efficacy in the world.. charge people only for what they have done.. and do not attach frivolous charges. A lawless law.. is no justice at all. Stacking the evidence or fixing a brief is not right. All for prosecuting these guys and gals who entered the capitol.. but lets do it right.

  16. Brian Jarrett

    Brian Jarrett6 hours ago

    Actions have consequences. Even my children know this.

  17. Tim Mancillas

    Tim Mancillas6 hours ago

    Ex-Wife strikes back. xD

  18. Bruce Gately

    Bruce Gately6 hours ago

    I went to a lawyer once in Houston, and without any provocation, he told me he was NOT from Houston, but from "the city that shot JFK....Dallas." He was very proud of that. So I have to come very reluctantly to the conclusion, that to become a lawyer in Texas, you don't have to be law abiding.

  19. Iscah

    Iscah6 hours ago

    Well, we can see why he divorced her. He should've just gotten a dog. At least they're loyal. She wouldn't have reported him if he was the vindictive type.

  20. Oldftrpilot

    Oldftrpilot6 hours ago

    Enjoy prison Larry, you traitor dirtbag. Hopefully the UCMJ will also deal with this person. No traitor should receive a military retirement.

  21. Pranav M

    Pranav M6 hours ago

    Trumpsters: Blue lives matter *Proceeds to storm the Capitol*

  22. Steve Broadsmith

    Steve Broadsmith6 hours ago

    republicans are traitors ONE AND ALL

  23. phil pugliese

    phil pugliese6 hours ago

    Republican protests will not be permitted. Republicans will jailed and fired, and a democrat favorite, attacked by the IRS. Not feeling so unified right now.

  24. Galileo Shift

    Galileo Shift6 hours ago

    honorable intentions by normal citizens protesting the 2020 election integrity after 2yrs of the dems & msm 's mueller report 25mil$ failed trump russian collusion 2016 election claims

  25. J Swagg

    J Swagg6 hours ago

    That's a strange looking doggo

  26. eddie Towers

    eddie Towers6 hours ago

    What are future generations going to call the 2021 US Capitol riots recorded in history books? The Family Album. What do you call a riotous crowd outside the US Capitol? Pending court docket numbers. Breaking News: 1/4 of the country were placed under arrest, today. I went to raid the US Capitol and all I got was a lousy mugshot. Man, these things just write themselves.

  27. harlie ray-wallick

    harlie ray-wallick6 hours ago

    hate groups do not "save" Democracy--they are using djt and he is using them--even if 1 mil strong--they will fail. djt is done. He had his chance and blew it. He will not be POTUS 12 noon 20 January.

  28. eli imperio

    eli imperio6 hours ago

    Yes yes yes... all of you will be fire! Along the tRump and karma will be with you!

  29. Dee Pattison

    Dee Pattison6 hours ago

    Lawyers who take part in insurrection should be disbarred. Your politicians are complicit in a crime. They are perpetuating a lie.

  30. harlie ray-wallick

    harlie ray-wallick6 hours ago

    law degrees sure don't amount to much--especially in Texas

  31. Black Heart

    Black Heart6 hours ago

    Was he suddenly idiot or he was born idiot?

  32. Randy Johnson

    Randy Johnson6 hours ago

    A Lt colonel qualifies for public defender?

  33. Ac Scott

    Ac Scott6 hours ago

    He should be stripped of all his honors.

  34. Chris White

    Chris White7 hours ago

    Why don't you just print everyone a sticker the same way you just print the fiat...out of thin air. Just another tax on the people. Extortion from pos so called leaders

  35. Antony Carles

    Antony Carles7 hours ago

    Trump Organization will provide many jobs for them

  36. Y Anselen

    Y Anselen7 hours ago

    I don't support what went on at the Capitol. However. I find it ironic that all the people "outraged" now were perfectly fine with all the "peaceful" rioting that went on all summer. When the left riots, it is as the Seattle mayor called it "the Summer of Love." This is selective outrage.

  37. David Garcia

    David Garcia7 hours ago

    Zip ties are a dangerous weapon. They are made for restraints!!!! To hold people, when unlawfully used, against their will!

  38. Braydon Coate

    Braydon Coate7 hours ago

    takeovers are NOT street racing

  39. David Garcia

    David Garcia7 hours ago

    Looks like he'll be spending his stimulous check on lawyer and legal fees! Give him the maximum sentence! He deserves no less!!

  40. Kadian Graham

    Kadian Graham7 hours ago

    Social media is going to be our demise

  41. Nick

    Nick7 hours ago

    Homelessness, typical liberal states problem.... oh wait....

  42. Torian Webson

    Torian Webson7 hours ago

    What about BLM?

  43. Kyngomade Beats

    Kyngomade Beats7 hours ago

    What he do to that ex wife

  44. naren d

    naren d7 hours ago

    Dude, u r screwed, its omly a matter of time before u appear in one of those videos inside the Capitol

  45. Moshe Sierra

    Moshe Sierra7 hours ago

    Ex wife got the best revenge 😂

  46. Funny City

    Funny City7 hours ago

    mr clean , is going to jail!! 🤣

  47. Wok Among Us

    Wok Among Us7 hours ago

    Ouch..thats gotta hurt! 😂

  48. Funny City

    Funny City7 hours ago

    all those years in college,, just to find out,, he's an idiot!!! 🤣

  49. Willis Brice

    Willis Brice7 hours ago

    You know the reporter wanted to laugh the comedians of the world have a lot of jokes for this whole riot

  50. Elated Jade

    Elated Jade7 hours ago

    Anyone carrying zip ties meant to subdue other human beings should be charged ...... I feel this is one of the scariest items.... meant for abductions and hostage taking...... the 2nd amendment doesn't cover such items....only law enforcement should have such an item on them.

  51. S C

    S C7 hours ago

    The Feds are coming..... 😉😂😂

  52. Stronk Serbia

    Stronk Serbia7 hours ago

    Sack him for not wearing a mask

  53. riverice7

    riverice77 hours ago

    Most Employers have a notice in company policy that employees “represent” the company at all times.

  54. Might Guy

    Might Guy7 hours ago

    It was an honest moo steak 😏

  55. Justin Case

    Justin Case7 hours ago

    Can you imagine what he did in other countries if this is the attitude on his own soil?

  56. Montee Spell

    Montee Spell7 hours ago

    Wife : That’s him yeah Larry I’m snitching Larry : That Bitch

  57. Dani Mooti

    Dani Mooti8 hours ago

    Disgusting how all the states that said they are all about America and they became terrorist and attacked our nation. The new face of terrorism and they don’t look brown or middle eastern ha!

  58. Dern Vader

    Dern Vader8 hours ago

    AIM FOR THE MAGA HATS! These fools are just angry they lost. They know Republican State, after Rep. Judge, after Rep. Governor, after Republican DOJ all said this election was the safest in history. Facts mean nothing to them, they lost and they just can't handle it. While any decent human being, hell we had to deal with this Tr*mp Garbage for years now... NOW IT ENDS. The 20th cannot come soon enough... GOOD RIDDANCE TO BAD GARBAGE...

  59. vitroz

    vitroz8 hours ago

    Fox News is evil

  60. ma sa

    ma sa8 hours ago

    You look like Mr. Clean but your record ain't so clean.

  61. Sam Sharpe

    Sam Sharpe8 hours ago

    Take every penny of his pension away.

  62. ma sa

    ma sa8 hours ago

    You look like the clean version of Dr. Eggman.

  63. AV8R Jerry

    AV8R Jerry8 hours ago

    He should have know better.

  64. Dan Scaglione

    Dan Scaglione8 hours ago

    Cheers for 10 years!

  65. yourmom6

    yourmom68 hours ago

    4 years ago when Trump won we called voter fraud and his minions acted like that was insane to think. Now look at them. These are the kids who got mad when they didn’t win, so sports stopped keeping score and everyone became a winner. These are the kids that whine in the store so their parents get them what they wanted. These are the kids that call their parents by their first name/curse word when they are mad. 😭

  66. Levi Ladof

    Levi Ladof8 hours ago

    Both of the officers need to be in jail. There is literally no excuse why they shouldn't be, and I'm more than fed up with cops not being treated like anyone else who breaks the law. Once again, the taxpayers are going to pay for a tremendous lawsuit, and the cops are just going to keep on doing what they do

  67. Mikey moo

    Mikey moo8 hours ago

    for some reason this makes me feel sad. As a farmer once said to me 'they're not stupid, they just trust us'.

  68. Diego Emilio

    Diego Emilio8 hours ago

    The leader of this mob was flinging feces at our Constitution and this attorney is one considered for the impeachment defense of the soon-to-be ex-president.

  69. The Morrow Family

    The Morrow Family8 hours ago

    I can dig it! For medical usage that it is. . 🙃

  70. Peter Parkour

    Peter Parkour8 hours ago

    Not all heroes wear capes. Some of them are ex-wives.

  71. Junior Cosio

    Junior Cosio8 hours ago

    Wow these people are so pathetic

  72. Rock Strongo

    Rock Strongo9 hours ago

    Ha ha!

  73. Bellarium

    Bellarium9 hours ago

    Such an employer, Goosehead, did not deserve you anyway. Proud of you Paul Davis! And proud of the pro-democracy protests! Many, many stand behind you! Do not let yourself be intimidated. This case is a perfect example of the victimizing behavior of liberals.

  74. Lilo

    Lilo9 hours ago

    Useless attorney. good riddance.

  75. PC 24

    PC 249 hours ago

    Homeowner's dead buddhist grandma came back as a cow.

  76. Vilhelm Hammershoi

    Vilhelm Hammershoi9 hours ago

    That creep and all thos t-sheep, should be put away for life!

  77. Kimberly Anne

    Kimberly Anne9 hours ago

    A lawyer of all people‼️

  78. Chang Yang

    Chang Yang9 hours ago

    Another slap on the hand. What’s new America? Same old crap.

  79. Kuli Does Things

    Kuli Does Things9 hours ago


  80. Edington

    Edington9 hours ago

    So the ex-wife snitched? Best ex-wife comeback 😂 😂 😂 😂 😂