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Hello! My name is Colleen Ballinger and I got popular on USlikes a decade ago because I created an egotistical, weird character named Miranda Sings. Even though my life basically just consists of baking, mental breakdowns, and playing with toy trucks with my two year old, I film my life every single day for you to enjoy... or make fun of. Your choice. love ya!

  1. Jennifer Brown

    Jennifer Brown7 hours ago

    "I'm making cookies" 🍪

  2. Leah Heard

    Leah Heard7 hours ago

    Plz make dar dar merch I know that Flynn doesn't say dar dar anymore but it would be so cute or like rip dar dar

  3. Becki davis

    Becki davis7 hours ago


  4. Keela Hogan

    Keela Hogan7 hours ago


  5. Karen Vasaturo

    Karen Vasaturo7 hours ago

    For yawning: look up mirror neurons

  6. RQsuperglue

    RQsuperglue7 hours ago

    It says you MUST wear headphones to do the ASAP Science hearing test lol. Try it again with headphones on

  7. Drew Caton

    Drew Caton7 hours ago

    Her mom cracking up in the background while Colleen is singing as Miranda killed me lol 😂

  8. Grace Robinson

    Grace Robinson7 hours ago

    “It’s dance party time” on a t shirt!!

  9. Grace Robinson

    Grace Robinson7 hours ago

    How about a T shirt with a cookie on it saying “let’s church it up, Love” 🤣😍🍪

  10. John Arkle

    John Arkle7 hours ago


  11. maria kert

    maria kert7 hours ago

    I do a similar thing with eye contact. For me, eye contact makes me lose track of what I'm trying to say. I'm sorry somebody made you feel self-conscious about it.

  12. IamKris411

    IamKris4117 hours ago

    What fun parents you guys are! Flynn is such a lucky boy! 💜

  13. Andi Dwyer

    Andi Dwyer7 hours ago

    You are such a good mommy!!

  14. JeRsEy Ashton 2

    JeRsEy Ashton 27 hours ago

    Testing amazon products

  15. Maddi

    Maddi8 hours ago

    Colleen and Eric are such good parents 😭😭

  16. Kinley Pittenger

    Kinley Pittenger8 hours ago

    I want ''' she's rare'' SO BAD!!!

  17. JeRsEy Ashton 2

    JeRsEy Ashton 28 hours ago

    Iam vloging it's boring Iam colleen

  18. nicole muir

    nicole muir8 hours ago

    Collleen, i do this too..making eye contact for me just makes me feel awkward AF....i promise i WILL find an answer!!!

  19. treebles

    treebles8 hours ago

    yes, i yawned too!

  20. SheNoob

    SheNoob8 hours ago

    "just girly things" "No I'm not on my period, you're just annoying"

  21. treebles

    treebles8 hours ago

    omg, is flynn wearing baby timberlands? so cute! 🌈💗

  22. A Girl And her Guitar

    A Girl And her Guitar8 hours ago

    You can’t feed bread to ducks

  23. Rachel Kinder

    Rachel Kinder8 hours ago

    Flynn saying Gustopher was just amazing.

  24. Krusty Krab Gaming

    Krusty Krab Gaming8 hours ago

    WHAT. ARE. YOU. TALKING. ABOUT. Lol I'm sorry for being aggressive but you look AMAZING with the curtain bangs! And it looks EXACTLY like the picture! You are beautiful.

  25. Martha Eakins

    Martha Eakins8 hours ago

    Yawning registers in the part of your brain that also registers sympathy. I would imagine that it has something to do with that maybe?

  26. Chelsie Couture

    Chelsie Couture8 hours ago

    Ok why is no one bringing up that it is bad to feed ducks bread it stays in their stomach and settles there I can be really harmful it's better to just feed them crackers and other Foods or not at all

  27. Leah G Henry

    Leah G Henry8 hours ago

    Flynn sniffing the Gophers is the CUTEST thing!

  28. tmntaddict

    tmntaddict8 hours ago

    Yawning I think has to do with the animal instinct to be territorial towards other animals when they roar. If you've ever seen tigers and lions/etc. open their mouths at each other, that's supposedly a competitive territorial thing. I could be wrong.

  29. Darth Illi

    Darth Illi8 hours ago

    Rip headphone users

  30. Essi Linnavirta

    Essi Linnavirta8 hours ago

    One usually yawns if their brain needs more oxygen and it has something to do with thermoregulation. However, if you see someone else yawning, you might yawn yourself because of empathy or if you have emotional bond with someone who yawns. I think it also has something to do with humans being social animal.

  31. Layan

    Layan8 hours ago

    “Oh my nooness” “Dance party” “Dar dar”

  32. Elizabeth Jansen

    Elizabeth Jansen8 hours ago

    The fact that Flynn had the same shoes as Eric makes my day! 😄☺️

  33. Morgan Montgomery

    Morgan Montgomery8 hours ago

    Put skid steer at the top of the shirt and then write FUN in big letter and put a skid steer

  34. Darth Illi

    Darth Illi8 hours ago

    I need merch that says “dang it!” Its classic ballinger

  35. Kristin Literski

    Kristin Literski8 hours ago

    Dance party sweatshirts

  36. DramaticSimmer

    DramaticSimmer8 hours ago

    “ i need cookies” is what you have every night which is iconic xx

  37. Isabel Sunrise

    Isabel Sunrise8 hours ago

    my family find this really funny: when i hear or even read the word "yawn" i yawn and i cant top so i yawned about 8 times while watching this vlog and again writing this comment hAlp <3

  38. Jeanmarie Armellino

    Jeanmarie Armellino8 hours ago

    I would totally buy a shirt from you that says “I’m going to bake cookies tonight” of something like that LOL

  39. Mariam Almohandes

    Mariam Almohandes8 hours ago

    When she said that LA is the grossest place ever and showed the park I felt like I am living in a landfill😂😂 Here in Egypt this is the normal even all the Nile river is literally trash floating and you can see weird drawings or people's names all over the walls everywhere And even when people try cleaning it all just returns because there is no real laws I don't know This is how it feels living in a developing country 🙂🙂 Edit: But you're all welcome to Egypt (after the pandemic of course) there are a lot of beautiful places and cool monuments

  40. Beck Thorson

    Beck Thorson8 hours ago

    Wait these literally look amazing

  41. Anaïs Gélinas

    Anaïs Gélinas8 hours ago

    we yawn when someone yawns because we're unconsciously empathic to the fact that they are tired I think? At least that's what my psychologist told me...

  42. Michelle Antonio

    Michelle Antonio8 hours ago

    *Colleen calling LA gross* Me: *laughs in South African*

  43. Katherine Thomasson

    Katherine Thomasson8 hours ago

    Flynn is super cute!!! Where'd you get the boots he's wearing also I tried the charli remix and I am obsessed with it!! Love you so much you inspire me everyday!!

  44. Simply Sara

    Simply Sara8 hours ago

    Omg 😂 this reminds me of the video where the guy can’t say “buttery flaky crust.”


    SEYEBONOMUSIC ♪♫8 hours ago

    Smelling da' Gophers. ◕‿◕' P.S. In ancient times, yawning was a form of natural untaught communication. With the formation of language, that ability was lost. However, when yawning does occur in these modern times, it rekindles our natural instinct to mimic that once lost expression, which satisfies our unconscious senses, bringing us back once again to our primordial beginnings. \๏๏/

  46. K M

    K M8 hours ago

    Please stop with the middle part. You even said yourself you dont look good with one. Go back to the side part!!!

  47. Richard Fleming

    Richard Fleming8 hours ago

    i have a job-?

  48. Ashley Campailla

    Ashley Campailla8 hours ago

    I think she looks good with a side part. I do a side part and I wear skinny jeans. Soooo, there's that.

  49. Lauren Kate

    Lauren Kate8 hours ago

    Flynn’s face when he was pushing the table 😂😂😍

  50. REMI

    REMI8 hours ago

    Uhhhhh I thought my town had shit in streams and rivers (grocery carts and stop signs being chucked off bridges and trussels) but WHAT IS THAAATTTTTT

  51. Alanna b

    Alanna b8 hours ago

    "Just girly things." Shirt idea!!!!!

  52. caroline maurer

    caroline maurer8 hours ago

    Merch ideas: ‘I’m gonna go make cookies’ ‘Just Girly Thingz ✌️’

  53. Kawanna Pena Cepeda

    Kawanna Pena Cepeda8 hours ago

    “Don’t go anywhere, don’t do anything”

  54. Mary Frazier

    Mary Frazier8 hours ago

    I'm sorry for your loss you are a wonderful person and this is hard on anyone that has gone through it my prayers for you and your family

  55. Dainora Mazukniene

    Dainora Mazukniene8 hours ago

    Nice and cool and my name is sofie and i LOVE YOU

  56. María Justina Godoy

    María Justina Godoy8 hours ago

    "I didn't cut" "Ima go make cookies" "Okaaaayyyy" "Oh my noooness" That's SOME of my opinions

  57. Meghan Veltri

    Meghan Veltri8 hours ago

    make a cookbook!!!

  58. CandieConverse

    CandieConverse8 hours ago

    You should use purple splat hair dye for dark hair! You don’t need to bleach your hair and it washes out after a few washes but it gets your hair pretty purple for not bleaching it!

  59. Kelly Parsons

    Kelly Parsons8 hours ago

    How about: Skid steer is always having... FUNNNNN!!!!!

  60. GeeGeeGiraffe

    GeeGeeGiraffe8 hours ago


  61. Sophie

    Sophie9 hours ago

    Colleen you’ve come this far so you need to cut the wispy bangs now!!

  62. Jennifer H.K.

    Jennifer H.K.9 hours ago

    I feel your pain. 🥺 I lost our Baby last october. I am still so hurt and depressed. But i hope one day the pain will fade away..

  63. EJ Klimp

    EJ Klimp9 hours ago

    11:30 the fact he calls himself 'baby' is adorable <3 ur the best mom Flynn could ever wish for.

  64. Natali Monroe

    Natali Monroe9 hours ago

    I have always looked elsewhere when talking to people but never knew that was related to my anxiety. That makes so much sense. I’m sorry you’ve been made fun of for that though. I’m self conscious about it but I don’t feel I’ve been made fun of for it necessarily.

  65. thisiz_etta

    thisiz_etta9 hours ago

    "Just girlie tingss" with a bunch of 80s stuff around it! "Dance party" with trucks and the word "dar dar" ov 💜 "EEEEEAAAAAHHHHHHH" "Get a L i f e" And "Oh N O O O O" "Flinnsss truck off thee dayyyyy" with snow plows And "Okay I'm going to go make cookies now" Ps I love y'all sooooo much!!!💜💜💜💜💜💜💜💜💜

  66. Epic Kate Bjärgvide

    Epic Kate Bjärgvide9 hours ago

    My first pregnancy ended in miscarriage, that was the worst pain ever. Every loss deserves to be mourned.

  67. Jazon Wong

    Jazon Wong9 hours ago

    Horrendous Atrocious

  68. Maja Sabolek

    Maja Sabolek9 hours ago

    Merch idea: oh my nonness 🤩

  69. Aarna Sharma

    Aarna Sharma9 hours ago

    Make merch that says ' oh my nunnes'

  70. Allison Ryall

    Allison Ryall9 hours ago

    I have anxiety and adhd and I have ALWAYS had a hard time looking people in the eye since I was a little girl

  71. Rizza.

    Rizza.9 hours ago

    my cold foam melted and disappeared before i even got home with my drink i was so disappointed lmao

  72. RANDOMfacts

    RANDOMfacts9 hours ago

    Not to be rude but why don’t you guys clean it?

  73. Stacy Kohout

    Stacy Kohout9 hours ago

    Why not just make that room your "podcast" room so that you can just leave all your podcast stuff up all the time? Then there is no set up and break down/strike of all that stuff. Just a thought.

  74. Sienna Reynolds

    Sienna Reynolds9 hours ago

    ‘Oh my noodness’

  75. Possum Magic

    Possum Magic9 hours ago

    Merch idea. Just the word "SHITSHOW". It's short, concise and extremely accurate.

  76. Adrienn Ormai

    Adrienn Ormai9 hours ago

    filming a TikTok seems exhausting 😆 no, thanks

  77. Kara Pettigrew

    Kara Pettigrew9 hours ago

    The phrase “I/we already knew” bothers me, because it can be an exciting thing for someone and when that phrase gets said to them it can ruin the experience and excitement of it. Truthfully when I first started watching her I thought she was but didn’t say anything and respected that she was in a relationship. And when she came out I got super excited and happy for her and was all like awwww she looks so happy.

  78. EJ Klimp

    EJ Klimp9 hours ago

    11:09 FLYNN!! omgg he's so cute with the little 'lbl blb lb' <3

  79. Miguel de Ornelas

    Miguel de Ornelas9 hours ago

    We need one with ✨JUST GIRLY THINGS ✨

  80. Stephanie Burton

    Stephanie Burton9 hours ago

    IDEA - you should make a blanket that says “gettin cochy”