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  1. zoom doof

    zoom doof16 hours ago

    The mvp race is so wide open rn like there are 6 players people have mentioned in the mvp lebron emmbid curry jokic dam dollar and now harden. I think emmbid or lebron will get it. Now who has played better this season emmbid but lebron has played slightly below emmbid but he has showed up every single game and some would say that makes him more valuable 🤷

  2. Thomas Blanks

    Thomas Blanks16 hours ago

    Lol yo yall gotta put captions on when perk be saying players names 🤣

  3. Polo IV

    Polo IV16 hours ago

    Checkout my video on how to play like Devin Booker and Chris Paul in 2k21

  4. Campbell Gilbert

    Campbell Gilbert16 hours ago

    The guy has been pulled over numerous times for driving under the influence of multiple pharmies legal and illegal. You have a few hundred million, get a driver buddy.


    REALFACTS TV16 hours ago

    How in the hell do Harden get to play with KD and Russ again . You can't make this stuff up

  6. Wendell Glo

    Wendell Glo16 hours ago

    Where is Stephen Curry

  7. Polo IV

    Polo IV16 hours ago

    Checkout my video on how to play like Devin Booker and Chris Paul in 2k21

  8. TMM 19145

    TMM 1914516 hours ago

    He balling because of Chris Paul

  9. Luminious Beings NYC

    Luminious Beings NYC16 hours ago

    If he's gonna complain like this, wait until he has to square up with LeBron in the playoffs.

  10. Boss

    Boss16 hours ago

    Arrington was an unreal CFB player.... a pretty good pro.... and complete shit on this show

  11. Youtube Watcher

    Youtube Watcher16 hours ago

    Having new guys that are not biased are a good break and provides us good arguments.

  12. Christopher Gordon

    Christopher Gordon16 hours ago

    Trade lebron james

  13. Alexander Graham Cracker

    Alexander Graham Cracker16 hours ago

    You guys act like hes working in a coal mine. Hes playing basketball. The guy is only 36 years old. You act like hes 80. Exactly what he said is completely 100% true he has a job to do and his job is to play basketball.

  14. synQ OTB

    synQ OTB16 hours ago

    Nick be exposin himself sometimes he said well “if you just look at the numbers” LIKE BRUH WE WATCH THE GAMES AD HAD BEEN SORRY THIS YEAR 😂😂😂😭

  15. K Mcc

    K Mcc16 hours ago

    I like Cousins, but i just don't think him for the Lakers right now, i want him to work on his career, but not with the Lakers, we need a big, that's going to MOVE and protect the rim, and Cousins is not it, with allllll respect

  16. Trieu Tu Dong

    Trieu Tu Dong16 hours ago

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  17. superphi

    superphi16 hours ago

    Jesus Christ it’s not about if he can do it, it’s the wear and tear that accumulates over time, basketball is not the same as Brady playing quarterback, there is a lot of pounding on the legs, it’s gonna give out sooner or later, lebron doesn’t have much more time left, he will not be able to play at this level in 2 yr.

  18. juanio

    juanio16 hours ago

    I finally agree with perk and he ain’t all up on lebrons nuts

  19. juanio

    juanio16 hours ago

    Harden wants that ring in a bad way.

  20. nathalie floreal

    nathalie floreal16 hours ago

    Kyrie this and that. Kyrie was already taking those shots when KD was playing. Ric is a hater, he doesn’t like the big 3 that’s why he keeps on hating. If this was the warriors big 3 he would be speaking differently.

  21. Trieu Tu Dong

    Trieu Tu Dong16 hours ago

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  22. Jerome Davis

    Jerome Davis16 hours ago

    People can Unk and SKIP have a vacation?? Stop whining pleaze.

  23. Youtube Watcher

    Youtube Watcher16 hours ago

    Where is skip and shay? What happened? We're they replaced?

  24. Nick Cosellian

    Nick Cosellian16 hours ago

    Same show, same bs, different day. If you want real sports analysis, listen to podcasts...

  25. IntegrityTradingCards

    IntegrityTradingCards16 hours ago

    Anyone shocked that even though Shannon isnt making excuses for Lebron like he usually does, that even these guys made sure excuses are still being used? LOL

  26. Trieu Tu Dong

    Trieu Tu Dong16 hours ago

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  27. Jake Johnson

    Jake Johnson16 hours ago

    Bro where is skip n Shannon? This is 🗑

  28. Mikal Joppy

    Mikal Joppy16 hours ago

    Perk dropped some gems in this segment!

  29. LeBron James

    LeBron James16 hours ago

    D book is the most disrespected player at this point it used to be Zach Lavine but now d book is so disrespected

  30. MegaPat223

    MegaPat22316 hours ago

    Lebron fanbois always be hating on his former teammates kyrie’ dwade, love etc

  31. Optimistic1 __

    Optimistic1 __16 hours ago

    Y’all really think they care what y’all be saying.. 🤣🤣🤣 ain’t no 3rd wheel.. who is this lil Indian dude wth lol

  32. Jonathan Evans

    Jonathan Evans16 hours ago

    The FAKERS are gonna lose again lol

  33. Youtube Watcher

    Youtube Watcher16 hours ago




    Sick of listening to Nick my 15 year old nephew will beat this dude in a game to 11 in spot him 7 hate listen to dudes that never play sports a day in their life

  35. Esus Jesus

    Esus Jesus16 hours ago

    Chris Paul, Rudy gobert, and Paul George didn’t deserve to be there. Booker deserved to be in one of their places. It’s more of a popularity contest than a real roster smh

  36. Kimberly Becoat

    Kimberly Becoat16 hours ago

    I'd much rather see Booker than Zion. He could've waited another year. Luka as well same thing Dame should've been starting and Luka should be reserves or not there at all. I don't know who voted - but I definitely didn't vote for no damn Luka or Zion.

  37. Black Beard

    Black Beard16 hours ago

    As a suns fan this is just ignorant nick.

  38. Larry Thornton

    Larry Thornton16 hours ago

    Tomorrow’s headline: should we panic lakers lose 4th game in a row.

  39. Trieu Tu Dong

    Trieu Tu Dong16 hours ago

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  40. Cameron G

    Cameron G16 hours ago

    Things were going great... then they showed Molly

  41. juanio

    juanio16 hours ago

    Who wants to see nets lakers in final?

  42. Billy Mills

    Billy Mills16 hours ago

    Just an opinion before anyone goes crazy what do you think about getting rid of Jared getting rid of Quinn cook as planned and Matthews, and we try to go for JR Smith Andre Drummond and Blake Griffin and if we have enough cap tries to get Avery Bradley for 1 year contract

  43. Babyk Babyk

    Babyk Babyk16 hours ago

    This is just bullshit didnt Durant beat lebron in the finals twice? What the gal is wrong with these demons ? Have kawai met lebron in any finals wasnt he the one preparing for lebron

  44. Nathan Shane

    Nathan Shane16 hours ago

    Take of AD, he's been hurt half the year and has been off on the offensive

  45. Junior Barton

    Junior Barton16 hours ago

    The Nets take turns on any given night. Whoever is hot gets the shine. Stop saying Kyrie is the 3rd wheel cuz he isn’t

  46. Brandon Penn

    Brandon Penn16 hours ago

    All-Star game is all about popularity doesn't matter how good you are ,which doesn't make since at all,I'm just sayin

  47. erik williams

    erik williams16 hours ago

    I just can't do it Skip, Shannon, and Jenny's not on it I can't watch i just don't get the same excitement, laughter, and enjoyment from watching it. Everyone deserves a break though every now and then they're hard workers and they're on break and hopefully we'll get to see them next week but until then I can't watch this show not the same vibe. So I'll just go back and probably watch old clips until they return.

  48. Daniel Moore

    Daniel Moore16 hours ago

    Why not change the rules and let all the Allstars that want on the team and be done with it or have roster of 13 and have the team captains have a list of all the players they choose and let them decide cause this gets old every year of who should have made it or etc

  49. Sean Khumalo

    Sean Khumalo16 hours ago

    Devin booker got snubbed cz they don't want the smoke lol

  50. KreyzAim

    KreyzAim16 hours ago

    Sabonis is undisputedly the All Star Snub

  51. Ricky Mckinnon

    Ricky Mckinnon16 hours ago

    They won't win. Not enough quality players to help.

  52. Diggy Diggs

    Diggy Diggs16 hours ago



    THE GREAT ONE16 hours ago

    Pretty much what I'm hearing is no big deal if Lebron can't win a game without AD NO BIG DEAL WTF??

  54. Cloud R

    Cloud R16 hours ago

    You would have thought Frank Vogel would play Quinn Cook some minutes , with Dennis out of the lineup . Cook is a great shooter and when he plays he doesn't turn over the ball. strange he plays Matthews who is the most inconsistent player on the floor.

  55. Ameere Alves

    Ameere Alves16 hours ago

    Where is Shannon and skip, hurry bk can't stand these idots whos here

  56. Rationalthought83

    Rationalthought8316 hours ago

    Did dude say "Booty Cousins"??

  57. Darrell Mitchell

    Darrell Mitchell16 hours ago

    Lakers really need a real Big Man. They are missing Dwight and Javale big time. Gobert might go for 40 tonight. Lakers gotta get Marc Gasol out of there.

  58. Billy Mills

    Billy Mills16 hours ago

    I don't know who here believes in manifest station and trying to transfer energy but I believe that all the media is trying to manifest and speak into existence LeBrons fatigue or burnout every human knows their limit every single individual knows their limit Date With Love for the only player in history to play as much minutes to play almost every freaking game in his career to almost never have a major injury this is the most efficient skilled consistent and durable player in the whole world accepted and let LeBron beat rate can someone actually help him be great instead of hoping and wishing for his downfall this is the only man in NBA history to play actual super teams with 5 All Stars and f****** win this is the only man that plays against extreme Talent in comes out on top no one in NBA history has played this much talent at this high level and also win four championships in the Michael Jordan era there was not as much talent as there is today and before anyone ignores that if you talk about MJ please talk about the talent he was facing if you want to compare LeBron and MJ please look at the teams that they were on and the team that they were up against who had the harder work assignment

  59. East All star

    East All star16 hours ago

    James harden before Bradley Beal Damian Lillard before Luka Booker before Paul

  60. blakejones44bj

    blakejones44bj16 hours ago

    We’re skip and Shannon

  61. Jason Black

    Jason Black16 hours ago

    Marc Gasol needs to go, They shouldn't have let Mcgee or Howard go for him.

  62. Shawn Mercenary

    Shawn Mercenary16 hours ago

    If the lakers lose tonight expect some trade rumors of trade talk. And That back court is about to get cooked

  63. Vilius Vaišvila

    Vilius Vaišvila16 hours ago

    CP3 > booker this year

  64. alex dolata

    alex dolata16 hours ago

    Where shannon been? I miss him n skip damnit

  65. SmokeSmitty

    SmokeSmitty16 hours ago


  66. Amaan Mohammed

    Amaan Mohammed16 hours ago

    Bro the white dude and the crispy dude on the far left are Kyrie haters

  67. I support Kaepernick 100 percent

    I support Kaepernick 100 percent16 hours ago

    Tobias Harris should of made it

  68. Aquarius Leviathan prophecy

    Aquarius Leviathan prophecy16 hours ago

    MVP 🏆 should go to Randle got Handles 🤷💗🌃

  69. Marcus Wong

    Marcus Wong16 hours ago

    Yo nick this isnt a MVP race. CP3 is 'important' to the team as MVP, but not the best player on the team. Booker is the catalyst and scorer on the team that what All star games are for.

  70. Ayden Hunt

    Ayden Hunt16 hours ago

    Lakers in 6

  71. Frank Bordoy

    Frank Bordoy16 hours ago

    Are skip and shannon on vacation or something?

  72. Roger Dread

    Roger Dread16 hours ago

    Basketball is like politics...they are so much players which is l00%.better than lebron. I could name you one. A I.

  73. Trieu Tu Dong

    Trieu Tu Dong16 hours ago

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  74. Dan Golden

    Dan Golden16 hours ago

    Also Devin Booker over Paul George😂, PG is more efficient, puts up better offensive numbers AND is 100x better on the defensive end......... What are these guys smoking

  75. Thedude1983

    Thedude198316 hours ago

    Bam Adebeyo he’s carrying the Heat right now. I know The Orlando magic center ballin but Orlando sucks period

  76. Bluevia Gaming

    Bluevia Gaming16 hours ago

    How to is AD in

  77. Samurai BeastWarrior

    Samurai BeastWarrior16 hours ago

    My Lakers is going to get smash by 30 vs Utah

  78. Joseph Manzella

    Joseph Manzella16 hours ago

    Labron is great; yet, la AD, la cherry picked superteams are great as well.