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I'm Pregnant !

I'm Pregnant !

8 days ago

Dear Tana Mongeau

Dear Tana Mongeau

6 months ago

Toronto ❤️
I had surgery done!
  1. Brianna Naranjo

    Brianna Naranjo18 seconds ago

    i can't wow ive been here since the start i love you congrats !

  2. Bryanna Atrisco

    Bryanna Atrisco20 minutes ago

    Your def having a girl my baby heartbeat was 160 too

  3. Chloe clegg

    Chloe clegg29 minutes ago

    Congratulations ☺️☺️💖

  4. RealistBri

    RealistBri59 minutes ago

    this is amazing especially if you’ve been around since longgg time ago since her “haunted videos” it’s amazing to see how far she has come & now she’s expecting a baby wow🥺

  5. Maybell rivera

    Maybell rivera3 hours ago

    Biiiiiiiiiitch what🥺🥺🥺🥺🥺🥺🥺 I seen your thumbnail for *seeing my baby for the first time* and wtf I had to click on you Chanel and aaaaahhhhhh congrats 🥺🥺🥺😭😭🙏🏼❤️

  6. Tianca Dominqué

    Tianca Dominqué5 hours ago

    I can definitely see you as a Girl Mom 🎀💗Congratulations!!! 😊❤️

  7. Katelyn Harris

    Katelyn Harris5 hours ago

    Nessa is already glowing !!!!

  8. Devyn Thomas

    Devyn Thomas5 hours ago

    Ong I feel like shit everyday, idk if my body just can’t handle it or what🤢

  9. alida flus

    alida flus6 hours ago

    Wow Courage nice job

  10. The BJ Fam

    The BJ Fam6 hours ago

    Awee that’s cute xx

  11. Hayley McDade

    Hayley McDade8 hours ago


  12. kaybii babii

    kaybii babii8 hours ago

    GLOW baby GLOW!!! I love how happy you are xo can't wait for more baby updates 🥰

  13. Anna L

    Anna L8 hours ago

    07.07. is actually my dads birthday and he is the sweetest man ever <3 <3 (mine is july 11th and i guess i'm alright as well :D)

  14. Lauren

    Lauren11 hours ago

    This made me super emotional so happy for u both🥺

  15. Ari Miller-Fortman

    Ari Miller-Fortman13 hours ago

    i watched you grow up and it’s so cute 🥺🥺 i’m so proud of you mama

  16. Alexander Everts

    Alexander Everts14 hours ago

    commenting just to help nessa get that BAG

  17. Leslie Velazquez

    Leslie Velazquez15 hours ago

    Oh sweetie when you said you got worried when she couldn’t find the heartbeat, it hit home because I lost my first baby at 7 weeks and I had the ultrasound where they couldn’t find anything. And then you said you lost your baby a few months before. I know your pain, and I am so sorry you lost that little angel. My loss messed me up for over a year. Its absolutely terrible. Two years later, I got pregnant and now I have a beautiful 8.5m baby girl who is thriving! I pray everything goes well in your pregnancy, and send you all the best wishes for a smooth, safe delivery. There’s no better feeling than having that beautiful living baby in your arms after everything ❤️

  18. Hailey Tilley

    Hailey Tilley15 hours ago

    Going through a miscarriage is hard. I lost my baby in the beginning of 2020 I felt like something was completely wrong with me my depression got so bad I didn’t know what was going on but turns out my body was already grieving the loss of my baby before I even knew I was having a miscarriage. I’m so happy you’re having a successful pregnancy so far let’s welcome this rainbow baby with open arms ❤️ Many prayers and much love

  19. Mangos Bruh

    Mangos Bruh17 hours ago

    So happy to see you happy Vanessa! Ive been following you for years and its so cool to see you become a mother! I love you! Sending all the good energy to you guys. ❤❤❤

  20. kisujad3

    kisujad317 hours ago

    i havent watched u in awhile and i go on ur youtube and uhhhh BITCH WHAT OMGMGMGM CONGRATTTSSSSSS UR GNNA BE A GOOD MOM

  21. Beatriz Nunes

    Beatriz Nunes17 hours ago

    Is it just me or Shyla and her look alike? Aka Shyla from L&S

  22. Murda Doll

    Murda Doll18 hours ago

    Honestly I pick money over everything unless it’s my happy ness if I wanna go to Fuckin Disney imma go

  23. Shannon Kathleen

    Shannon Kathleen18 hours ago

    Lol what

  24. Maria yasabiaTM

    Maria yasabiaTM18 hours ago

    That nurse tho

  25. Aliya Emily Satar

    Aliya Emily Satar19 hours ago

    im high af and i dont know if this is a joke yet

  26. Hannah Gilliard

    Hannah Gilliard20 hours ago

    (Respectfully) BIIIIITCH you have me crying tears of joy😭🥰💕 I'm so happy for you, I've been watching you for years and the growth and glow on you is amazing

  27. DuhItzArii A

    DuhItzArii A21 hour ago


  28. LUCY ! !

    LUCY ! !21 hour ago

    so happy for you girl !🥺🥺💛💛💛

  29. Adriana Mendoza

    Adriana Mendoza22 hours ago

    Congratulations! :)

  30. Nikiah Campbell

    Nikiah Campbell22 hours ago

    Love ya nessa im so excited for u and I love your videos💚 me and my husband just started youtube and im so excited to put content out your an inspiration love ya girl

  31. sbabyxox

    sbabyxox23 hours ago

    Great video! 🤍

  32. Ivy ThaQueen

    Ivy ThaQueenDay ago

    I'm so happy to see you happy!!! The nugget is just the icing on the cake!!! CONGRATS Nessa!!!!

  33. IISammII

    IISammIIDay ago

    Mam r these the pieces that got u pregnant lol cuz...I dont think i can wear these around my man and not expect him to jump me

  34. Bubba BlackIce

    Bubba BlackIceDay ago

    I am not a fan of savage because the mesh and lace ripped ig cause my nails are long so my underwear is under a year old and has holes in it already

  35. Dalena Nguyen

    Dalena NguyenDay ago

    You look amazing! As always 💗 and that glow ✨

  36. Alisa J

    Alisa JDay ago

    I was psycho bitch the first time I was pregnant for literally no reason. I feel horrible looking back on it. My hormones were insane. Second pregnancy I was normal lol

  37. Lil xo

    Lil xoDay ago

    Who’s dad?

  38. Melissa Stephan

    Melissa StephanDay ago

    Good Lord I wish I'd saved more when I lived with my parents. Instead I bought junk I don't even still have.

  39. pandastrophic_

    pandastrophic_Day ago

    Virtual Aunties UNITE 🥰❤️ So happy for you Nessa 🥺❤️❤️❤️ sending so many positive vibes to you!

  40. 자연의 소리

    자연의 소리Day ago


  41. Harley Young

    Harley YoungDay ago

    I am not crying I am not crying 😭 I am 38 weeks and being induced Monday sending baby dust your way momma 😭💖

  42. Terri Lee

    Terri LeeDay ago

    Errrbodyyy pregooo!! Including me lmaooo 😂😭😭😭😩

  43. Saida Y.

    Saida Y.Day ago

    Congrats ! Everyone is pregnant rn whats going onnnn 😭

  44. Lyandra Benitez

    Lyandra BenitezDay ago

    Sending my love this is beautiful 💕❤️❤️

  45. Velvatier

    VelvatierDay ago

    Enjoy that belly while it’s still like that girl 😫

  46. Velvatier

    VelvatierDay ago

    You’re gunna love being a momma it’s amazing

  47. Desert Ghost

    Desert GhostDay ago

    My jaw dropped at the hair wrapped... wtf. Yeah clear sign someone is doing something to her

  48. Danni Vidakovich

    Danni VidakovichDay ago

    congratulations girlie 💕

  49. Lidia 001

    Lidia 001Day ago

    No wonder she pregnant with all these sexieass lingerie

  50. Kylie steed

    Kylie steedDay ago

    Hey guys just started a USlikes channel pls check me out and give me a sub @kyliesteed

  51. alyssa kirk

    alyssa kirkDay ago

    SHES PREGNANT?! i’ve been around for YEARS watching her story time videos and i’m so happy for her!!

  52. Mia Ortiz

    Mia OrtizDay ago


  53. Carolina Altamirano

    Carolina AltamiranoDay ago

    I just hope she’s not smoking weed during her pregnancy

  54. Isabella Stensland

    Isabella StenslandDay ago

    im 9 weeks 3 days today! so excited for you🤍

  55. Gwendolyn Withrow

    Gwendolyn WithrowDay ago

    Congratulations 🎊 🎁🎈🎉

  56. vaughnthabest

    vaughnthabestDay ago

    lmao congrats love but 4 test REALLY 4 !!!!

  57. Ariess Osuala

    Ariess OsualaDay ago

    Yesss nessa!♥️ You're going to be a great mom

  58. Kara Mears

    Kara MearsDay ago

    My first dream about my baby was a girl too 💖💖 and I am having a girl in June. My first baby 🥰🥰 I'm so excited for yooou Nessa 😍😍💖

  59. MariaLakay

    MariaLakayDay ago

    YAAAAAYYYY im so happy for u!!!!!! literally the first little clip i was like “OMGOMG YESSSS BXTCH” I wish you and your new family so much love and peace throughout this beautiful journey. <3

  60. Angel Nichols

    Angel NicholsDay ago

    noooooooooooooooooooooooo i lived in arizona:(

  61. Jaysyley

    JaysyleyDay ago

    Such a beautiful experience. So happy your baby is doing good. Wishing you guys all the best!! <3

  62. molly Rogers

    molly RogersDay ago

    Awww your due date is the same day as my birthday!! Congratulations Nessa I’m so happy for you❤️sending you love, prayers and happiness ❤️

  63. stephanie Anne

    stephanie AnneDay ago

    I'm duenin August but this is my 4th baby. congrats mama



    Miscarried in November so this gets me SO emotional. Gives me hope tho that i can give my daughter a brother/sister she deserves 🤍 Congratulations 🙏🏼❤️

  65. Tia Williamson

    Tia WilliamsonDay ago

    I’m due July 16th. Congratulations 🥳

  66. Flabby

    FlabbyDay ago

    I never knew what baby fever felt like before... until now 🥺💕

  67. Isa Musters

    Isa MustersDay ago

    ik maak me zorgen om dat kind nu al

  68. विवेक कुमार

    विवेक कुमारDay ago


  69. hyunjin's americano

    hyunjin's americanoDay ago

    the fact that i've been watching this girl since i was still in secondary school and now i am a med student :(( still my fav girl on YT ngl

  70. Ghostface ASMR

    Ghostface ASMRDay ago

    wooooow. im shoooo ur pregnant. im legit shook. so happy for you nessa. i like you a lot. always have

  71. Kayc Sanderson

    Kayc SandersonDay ago

    Praying for a Leo baby ♌️💛

  72. Maddy Buchanan

    Maddy BuchananDay ago

    Aww we been waiting mama 🥺 yur gonna do great

  73. Amber Maumasi

    Amber MaumasiDay ago

    I’m not crying YOU ARE 🥺

  74. Maggie Greene

    Maggie GreeneDay ago

    Ladies don’t let this glamorization of pregnancy make you think it’s chill to just get pregnant. This girl didn’t mean to get pregnant; she CERTAINLY wasn’t “trying”... it’s sweet that she’s gonna have it now because of whatever convictions she has but this is just another prime example of irresponsibility. Another pregnant chick. Yay.

  75. Maggie Greene

    Maggie GreeneDay ago

    You’re pregnant....? I had no idea you were even married let alone had a man

  76. Austiin Shaw

    Austiin ShawDay ago


  77. jonkovlogs

    jonkovlogsDay ago


  78. It’s Kalii

    It’s KaliiDay ago

    Omg 🥺🥺🥺. Really excited for y’all.❤️. 🙏🏾

  79. It’s Kalii

    It’s KaliiDay ago

    Omggggg Nesssaaa!!! Congratulations lovee.!!!!!! 🥺🥺. I’m excited like Mann I can’t even say what you having lmao. Just gonna have to wait for the general revel and I was thinking boy & not cause you wearing blue lol. N ouuuu you should do a video of telling the ppl you want like ya friends n family. 😊.

  80. Saniya lashay

    Saniya lashayDay ago

    Such a cute pregnant lady ❤️