Shawn Medi
Shawn Medi
Shawn Medi

24 year old kid in Toronto making crazy daily Vlogs!
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  1. 《Haeri》

    《Haeri》7 minutes ago

    Everyone talking about masks Me like they said they were going to go grocery shopping but yet didnt buy a single grocery

  2. Maggie N

    Maggie N10 minutes ago

    Ok so u got the sanitizer part but u forgot something. Mask.

  3. Esra Todoroki

    Esra Todoroki13 minutes ago

    Oh you call it zommer i call it with my grandparents dog we say crazy 5 minutes or crazy 10 minutes

  4. Allie Hellquist

    Allie Hellquist22 minutes ago

    I can’t resist to stop looking at Kobe cause I can’t stop looking at him and watching theses videos🥰

  5. Yo Momma

    Yo Momma22 minutes ago

    I like the girl better 😭

  6. Naenae Hi

    Naenae Hi23 minutes ago

    Is something wrong wit him bc like he was not interject

  7. Pillow pet Lover

    Pillow pet Lover30 minutes ago

    Happy b-day (im a little late but it is still your b-day month so the party goes on🎉🎈🎂)

  8. Autumn Ellis

    Autumn Ellis33 minutes ago

    So CUTE 😚😚🤗🤗🤗🐩🐩🐩

  9. Coraline Robinson

    Coraline Robinson35 minutes ago


  10. Coraline Robinson

    Coraline Robinson38 minutes ago

    He is like My dog if he gets my shoes he will bite me if I try to take away bite me

  11. Coraline Robinson

    Coraline Robinson41 minute ago

    Awwwwwwwwwwwwwwwwwwwwwwwwwww he is so cute

  12. Jessica Ernest

    Jessica Ernest45 minutes ago

    Dogs like to be comfortable when they eat so they always go to rugs or on a bed or couch

  13. Dragonfly Breath

    Dragonfly Breath50 minutes ago

    Dude my mum is obsessed with the movie rat a tooey

  14. George gaming Channel

    George gaming Channel53 minutes ago

    First of all wear a mask I don’t care if you think masks are stupid or they don’t work you protect other people are you that selfish to not wear a mask it’s a state law and Alabama I thought sucked before this I live there btw but they have had a mask mandate this whole pandemic so nice

  15. Analysis Melendez

    Analysis Melendez54 minutes ago

    "I SWEAR he looks intoxicated" 🤣🤣🤣🤣🤣🤣

  16. Happy Sunflower

    Happy Sunflower54 minutes ago

    My Australian Shepherd is named Riley he is soo cute!

  17. Nelson and Lily

    Nelson and Lily59 minutes ago

    Now I want a waffle with nutella

  18. Emmalyn Garcia

    Emmalyn GarciaHour ago

    I love how you said his legendary towel

  19. Mandie Black

    Mandie BlackHour ago

    Aww that’s sad 😞 bye sloth

  20. yana_ louise

    yana_ louiseHour ago

    Baby lion

  21. Anitha D'silva

    Anitha D'silvaHour ago

    It's a good thing you found him ..... but I was never able to find my own and now he is been lost for a week.

  22. Emmalyn Garcia

    Emmalyn GarciaHour ago

    Poor baby lion rip his snout

  23. M&J people

    M&J peopleHour ago

    Cute puppy

  24. M&J people

    M&J peopleHour ago

    I love your puppy

  25. Kelsie Shipes

    Kelsie ShipesHour ago

    Dude half way to 30 is 15 your 5 years away from 30 and BTW I love your vids lol

  26. Buster The Turtle Does YT

    Buster The Turtle Does YTHour ago

    Question what is a squish mellow ? And my step mom is in love with coke and I hope your having a splendid day 👌

  27. Satira Sohal

    Satira SohalHour ago

    Aww 🥰 that is so cute 😊 of Kobe/baby lion

  28. alfred Moreno

    alfred MorenoHour ago

    Btw put shaving cream on the slime ro make it fluffy

  29. Adela Castellanos

    Adela CastellanosHour ago


  30. Sariah De la Rosa

    Sariah De la RosaHour ago

    Me at school spinning my pen

  31. Avocado Gorly

    Avocado GorlyHour ago

    The puppy tho... 😵

  32. Ember Wood

    Ember WoodHour ago


  33. Jake Lake

    Jake LakeHour ago


  34. Immarlia Walker

    Immarlia WalkerHour ago

    Awwwww he named the dog Kobe

  35. Breezy

    BreezyHour ago

    Legit my Birthday is August 4

  36. McKenna Moran

    McKenna MoranHour ago

    The baby lion is adorable and very overwhelmed, Happy birthday as well!

  37. Samantha Baskaran

    Samantha BaskaranHour ago

    Am I the only one who saw Mina from mha/bnha when he who the toys 😁

  38. Cloudydayzz Dayzz

    Cloudydayzz Dayzz2 hours ago

    When he said keto diet I thought he said Cheeto diet😅

  39. Jake Connaughton

    Jake Connaughton2 hours ago

    That baby lion, I just want it in my life... so badly...

  40. Sis fidget Queen

    Sis fidget Queen2 hours ago

    Do you need to meet datrie

  41. Potato

    Potato2 hours ago

    Kobe’s like “I’m still the better baby lion”

  42. Christopher Bustamante

    Christopher Bustamante2 hours ago

    Bruh why he talk like Eminem

  43. DexifyYT

    DexifyYT2 hours ago

    Your sister is beautiful I’m not trying to seem rude or anything

  44. Oliver Yemm

    Oliver Yemm2 hours ago

    I want to eat kobe for dinner

  45. Tamara Koutstaal

    Tamara Koutstaal2 hours ago


  46. Emma Dobler

    Emma Dobler2 hours ago

    Hey can u please tell the baby lion he so cute

  47. Gavin Payne

    Gavin Payne2 hours ago


  48. Anonymus

    Anonymus2 hours ago

    Wait are u ThinkNoodles!!!???

  49. TrstMeImLyin

    TrstMeImLyin2 hours ago

    Why was she using purple shampoo? It's typically for dyed blond hair, too remove yellow tones from the hair and get a more cold color.

  50. Sophie Marshall

    Sophie Marshall2 hours ago

    it looks like there’s a snake is in the bowl in the beginning

  51. Leslie Houghton

    Leslie Houghton2 hours ago


  52. Kendall Powes

    Kendall Powes2 hours ago

    I know it’s the cutest

  53. Ultimate Gamers Club

    Ultimate Gamers Club2 hours ago

    I wonder if shawn has a discord server? And I wonder if he will respond

  54. Mercy Bella

    Mercy Bella2 hours ago

    I bought the same slime

  55. Araceli Herrera

    Araceli Herrera2 hours ago

    Why do you call your family different names

  56. Eleanor Means

    Eleanor Means2 hours ago

    You guys are the cutest couple have an amazing day!Sending love♡. BTW your dog puts a smile on my face every day.

  57. theresnotgonnabeCAKE

    theresnotgonnabeCAKE2 hours ago

    Three words. *I can relate*

  58. bethany garney

    bethany garney2 hours ago

    this man has a busier day then my whole life

  59. Christina Geuss

    Christina Geuss2 hours ago