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  1. Cecilia Gago

    Cecilia GagoMinute ago

    U have to spend money for ur kids to survive

  2. Melissa Mundhenk

    Melissa MundhenkMinute ago

    I died at, "Learning head knowledge."

  3. Ałłb0utKamn’s TV

    Ałłb0utKamn’s TVMinute ago

    .pimp cup 😂😂

  4. djpome932

    djpome9322 minutes ago

    She got the cure to the rona.

  5. Ruby H

    Ruby H2 minutes ago

    The poor kids are so gonna get bullied especially as they get older DD: lol

  6. F-X-G-L

    F-X-G-L3 minutes ago

    In a survival with her we got food for one month

  7. C.C afton

    C.C afton4 minutes ago

    This is adorable ee My sis asked is she a baba or a adult? Can anyone tell her the answer?-

  8. Karmen Vega

    Karmen Vega4 minutes ago

    Jerry has a feeder fetish.... he will quite literally kill Tammy

  9. Brett Dach

    Brett Dach5 minutes ago

    Its hard to feel bad for somebody so large. I understand some people are born bigger but at some point you gotta stop using that as an excuse and see what you've become. Its actually kinda sickening

  10. Am K

    Am K5 minutes ago

    Go get a job you pu$$y

  11. omonil Biff

    omonil Biff5 minutes ago

    My goodness! From the outside looking in, it looks like this TV show has torn this family apart. So Sad. At the end of the day, I doubt it was worth it. Smh. Now the parents look like villains.

  12. Patrick Shumba

    Patrick Shumba6 minutes ago

    Someone who'd rather have his heart stopped for money😂😂

  13. Lc Devon

    Lc Devon6 minutes ago

    1:15 his ass is hanging out lol

  14. Barbara Smith

    Barbara Smith6 minutes ago

    This woman doesn’t deserve her daughter. It her d-- fault that she is do Hugh. Crying want help, just shut ur trap and try. She rather be in the hospital so people can be at her every call. Do not feel sorry for her🍔🍔🍔

  15. Colby House

    Colby House6 minutes ago

    Imagine the smell 🤮

  16. Nicholas Byiringiro

    Nicholas Byiringiro7 minutes ago

    I think one single meal a day can help her loose weight rapidly.

  17. Supercalifragilisticexpialidocious

    Supercalifragilisticexpialidocious8 minutes ago

    It must be hard for the nail technician to do her nails but it seems fun

  18. Bertha Gilbert XIII

    Bertha Gilbert XIII8 minutes ago


  19. Jason Skerrett

    Jason Skerrett8 minutes ago

    How do you eat enough to gain weight on your forehead

  20. Santi Estrada

    Santi Estrada9 minutes ago

    The worst thing is that it’s hot that day and you get more tried

  21. english goddess

    english goddess10 minutes ago

    I can tell that the mother chose the dress Ashley is wearing when they went to the high school too😸

  22. MrBillisk

    MrBillisk11 minutes ago


  23. Anna

    Anna11 minutes ago


  24. Ella Washington

    Ella Washington13 minutes ago


  25. Simone Gonzaga

    Simone Gonzaga13 minutes ago


  26. Adrian Q SOTX Grappler

    Adrian Q SOTX Grappler13 minutes ago

    Her friends walking in to their future job

  27. Hope Singer

    Hope Singer15 minutes ago

    Idk why she puts herself through all this over and over again. Be happy with your life girl .. Come on now... I'm 29 n im okay being single ... Love will come when it does

  28. Juan Borja

    Juan Borja16 minutes ago

    Sarah is such a wonderful woman ! She deserves the best !

  29. Adrian Q SOTX Grappler

    Adrian Q SOTX Grappler17 minutes ago

    Isn't using the firefighter dish washer for personal use the same as stealing? And damn he deliberately has gotten his family sick with disgusting left overs. What a jerk

  30. سحر البهادلي

    سحر البهادلي17 minutes ago


  31. Sarah Bynum

    Sarah Bynum18 minutes ago

    My mom just passed on 2/3/21 from Lung Cancer

  32. Ashley Amanda

    Ashley Amanda18 minutes ago

    As a kid I had little warts on my fave and had to have them burned off with liquid nitrogen. Painful af

  33. babylali

    babylali18 minutes ago

    Bragging about a green card whike they didn't have a sofa and a car with not AC, this the type of people that think that in south america everyone lives in a jungle. Bet their AC still missing

  34. Armani World

    Armani World19 minutes ago

    This guy is gay asf

  35. Caroline Tranum

    Caroline Tranum22 minutes ago

    Bitter cucumber WHERE!!???

  36. Gavin Reddig

    Gavin Reddig22 minutes ago

    Chris seems like a cool guy

  37. Nick Joffe

    Nick Joffe22 minutes ago

    He doesn't love his family... The only thing he loves and cares about is his money. A husband's first responsibly is providing a good life for his wife. And a father's greatest duty to his children is to give them a happy life while teaching them how to make one of their own. This man does not love his family if he makes them live like this, when at the same time he hoards so much money he COULD use to make their lives happy. All this man cares about and worships is his cash. If he doesn't change his ways and keeps his family living the terrible life he gave them, then there's a day coming to him when his wife and kids will have had enough and leave him. And all he'll have is his money but be all alone, all because he was stupid and he lost himself in his greed.

  38. Jeremy Martin

    Jeremy Martin22 minutes ago

    This is what religion does to's disgusting.

  39. Cecilia Gago

    Cecilia Gago23 minutes ago

    Bruh I have the same coach purse as her

  40. Daniel Hairston

    Daniel Hairston24 minutes ago

    Nasty ass

  41. Daniel Hairston

    Daniel Hairston25 minutes ago

    Wat the he'll SMFH

  42. Meera Raquel Naingue

    Meera Raquel Naingue25 minutes ago

    Parang gago kasi si Ed, kaya namang magtanong ng maayos bakit may pa STD test pa amp

  43. Blank Blank

    Blank Blank25 minutes ago

    Beautiful 💙🦋

  44. Ryan Pope

    Ryan Pope26 minutes ago

    I wish my plug would do the stem thing

  45. AndrewKidd14145

    AndrewKidd1414527 minutes ago

    “I kinda look good”

  46. Trinity Robinson

    Trinity Robinson27 minutes ago

    She kinda look like Nicole tv a little bit .🤞🏾

  47. Brian Spence

    Brian Spence28 minutes ago

    Why are the parents acting like a child and the father is so beyond immature its brutal to watch

  48. Daniel Anderson

    Daniel Anderson28 minutes ago

    Back away from the table.

  49. Felix Covarrubias

    Felix Covarrubias30 minutes ago

    Just ate 3 big ass plates of food and wonders why he's that big

  50. Blank Blank

    Blank Blank30 minutes ago

    As a side note, this teenager has an expensive Coach crossbody handbag on.How did she afford that?

  51. - Xavier Poulin -

    - Xavier Poulin -31 minute ago

    My ears would be crying with this kid, I HATE vacuums to another level

  52. EDP'S TWIN

    EDP'S TWIN33 minutes ago

    He just want to go 🤣

  53. bunny tits

    bunny tits33 minutes ago

    Sorry there aren’t 240 hours in a week , what do you smoke ?

  54. GoochPanooch

    GoochPanooch33 minutes ago

    I know it's messed up but SERIOUSLY what is the deal with Black men and Obese white women

  55. Petar V

    Petar V35 minutes ago

    Nah she’s more like Nonsexual because im sorry but she aint getting no action whatsoever

  56. Francesco Morales

    Francesco Morales36 minutes ago

    This makes me want to shove my finger down my throat. 🤮

  57. Niamh HA

    Niamh HA36 minutes ago

    What the hell is she keeping all that money for? She should give at least some of it to those who need it.

  58. mediamessy

    mediamessy37 minutes ago

    Hell yes Ethan

  59. Triston Manzel

    Triston Manzel37 minutes ago

    Wow he’s really growing up. The father does seem hurt its his own fault

  60. ram charge

    ram charge37 minutes ago

    Quit pretending being fat is okay!!!! People who have legs and arms missing shouldn't be body shamed!!! People who are the size of a Manatee should be shamed or told that it's not healthy. This lady is to self centered

  61. Justin Esquivel

    Justin Esquivel37 minutes ago

    When the cameras cut off*”cutttt that was really good everyone..wait y’all are actually crying?”

  62. - Xavier Poulin -

    - Xavier Poulin -38 minutes ago

    It must be windy in the house 😂

  63. Helen Nigerianbeauty

    Helen Nigerianbeauty38 minutes ago

    She had a c section, so that was correct.

  64. Leah Morales

    Leah Morales42 minutes ago

    not me

  65. pinkpugginz

    pinkpugginz42 minutes ago

    He's a total narcissist and what he just said proves it. You think so it's a burden for his wife to talk about her emotions and that he should not have to carry them? This dude is a sex-crazed maniac that's just living off the welfare system and causing our taxes to go up. All those women need to wake up and leave. However I know the cult of polygamy is extremely dangerous and it's almost impossible to leave successfully. The regular LDS church needs to make more funds and resources available to people leaving flds

  66. LowLight

    LowLight44 minutes ago

    She's amazing. Gotta remember "free tastes better"

  67. ram charge

    ram charge45 minutes ago

    I'd be laughing too, If she hated that body so much she'd loose weight. Or she's sign up to. weight loss surgery. If she was truly okay with her size.shed.. never be bothered. by those comments

  68. BattleGuru

    BattleGuru46 minutes ago

    Hold on which ones the woman?


    ΑΛΦΑ ΔΕΛΤΑ46 minutes ago

    I cringed watching this kiss once and reading the comments right after😂😂

  70. itdoesntmatter

    itdoesntmatter47 minutes ago

    Literally a water bed on top of a bed.

  71. marwa jaffer

    marwa jaffer47 minutes ago

    My height is 4.10 i guess,and i am 15 years old. my friends are taller than me.they are used to make fun of my height sometimes i feel like god is so unfair to me,But everytime i see jyoti and her confidence,i feel very confident and i start thinking postive! she is so adorable by the way!

  72. Chris Ferris

    Chris Ferris48 minutes ago

    300 gallons of waternow that's

  73. M A G N O L I A

    M A G N O L I A48 minutes ago

    Where’s my Ethan?! 😭😭♥️♥️♥️

  74. Isaactherealg

    Isaactherealg48 minutes ago

    'Millionaire takes advantage of poorer people to get more money which she doesn't spend' - nice.

  75. Jojo brown

    Jojo brown48 minutes ago

    Almost choked on my grapes when Ed came out with a condom on his head 😂

  76. Rachel Williams

    Rachel Williams48 minutes ago

    My heart 😭

  77. Theone Cantuba

    Theone Cantuba51 minute ago

    I'm just glad that her daughter isn't like her family

  78. JM Remixes

    JM Remixes52 minutes ago

    “Maybe that’s why you’re yelling at me because you’re cranky and hungry”. I feel like this woman has her heart in the right place but there’s a basic principle called kindness which she is seriously lacking. I get that a civilised conversation doesn’t make for good television, but there’s a way to have a debate without stooping to such low levels. We seriously need to be more kind to each other.

  79. Toni S

    Toni S52 minutes ago

    My Lord, can you imagine if Tammy had a baby?!

  80. Joanna Baez

    Joanna Baez53 minutes ago

    Annie is a beautiful person, inside and out. David and Annie are my favorite of all the couple's on 90 day..Love her ambition and strength..