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  1. Hussein J Makshofi

    Hussein J MakshofiHour ago

    Schmeichel lucky he wasn’t booked

  2. Sports King ht

    Sports King htHour ago

    Pepe was unstoppable today. Why can’t he play like that every game!

  3. Hussein J Makshofi

    Hussein J MakshofiHour ago

    Arteta with some crafting

  4. Gaming 6FeetUnder

    Gaming 6FeetUnderHour ago

    It’s a shame we beat them today, we gave both Manchester teams a good boost.

  5. Simon Gayetaye

    Simon GayetayeHour ago

    first 😍😍

  6. khaya huni

    khaya huniHour ago


  7. Ro M

    Ro MHour ago

    Well played Arsene FC.

  8. Obliterateツ

    ObliterateツHour ago

    My name😍😍

  9. kenny

    kennyHour ago

    Bruh nidihi really just played himself there very silly mistake to make this day and age

  10. erick smith

    erick smithHour ago

    Why does everyone go around the fact.. of saying cam is a horrible thrower of the football... one year of having 7 foot wrs of good stats.. does not make a good qb

  11. BBVĀ Püškåś

    BBVĀ PüškåśHour ago

    Let odegaard score 😠

  12. Arsenal fan 213

    Arsenal fan 213Hour ago


  13. Atléti Vïrgīñ

    Atléti VïrgīñHour ago

    So unexpected.. leicester is losing to Arsenal 3:1.

  14. chiil

    chiilHour ago

    Who is here after Cavani almost breaks Richardson's ankle? Karma.

  15. PrometheusTV

    PrometheusTVHour ago

    The two agents combine

  16. Teofilo Da Silva

    Teofilo Da SilvaHour ago

    City guys is doing great e job. Congratulations

  17. Jerrick Cole

    Jerrick ColeHour ago

    After seeing Tampa Bay Bucs won the Super Bowl with Tom Brady in his first season with them. David Tepper going to try to do the same thing.

  18. 16 justzainab

    16 justzainabHour ago

    Arsenal will be back

  19. kenny

    kennyHour ago

    Bro practically walked it in lol

  20. FW

    FWHour ago


  21. Rif Klein

    Rif KleinHour ago

    I thought the guy was finished but he proved me wrong

  22. Innocent Official

    Innocent OfficialHour ago

    Willy 2 assists 🔥

  23. Ivan-jude Owusu-daaku

    Ivan-jude Owusu-daakuHour ago

    NBC sports are to slow with the goals

  24. Clutch Sports

    Clutch SportsHour ago


  25. AS7MC

    AS7MCHour ago

    shot on iPhone meme on the celebration 0:15

  26. Vincent Spicer

    Vincent SpicerHour ago

    Two good tackles is all we need! 👍

  27. Don Johnson

    Don JohnsonHour ago

    Arsenal defense is always on Beginner for the first 10 minutes of every game for some reason

  28. Ipliinq lol

    Ipliinq lol2 hours ago

    There slow lmao

  29. Nathan Toth

    Nathan Toth2 hours ago

    That wasn't a Bright loss.

  30. Christian Smith

    Christian Smith2 hours ago

    If they don’t compare her to her competition she will get no traction for advertisements and etc. she’s a star let her get the attention she needs to be financially successful as well.

  31. ToHigh Up

    ToHigh Up2 hours ago

    I hope not he still looks good to me , he suffered a rib injury last year that’s the reason his throwing power is down

  32. Frank Champion

    Frank Champion2 hours ago

    Xhaka being completely outrun by one of the slowest players in the league 😂😂😂


    WOLVERINE2 hours ago

    wtf was the defender doing?

  34. Eliam Gonzalez-Vejar

    Eliam Gonzalez-Vejar2 hours ago

    That is terrible defending .... wtf

  35. OM D

    OM D2 hours ago

    i like how in every short video, no matter who scores or who is the opponent they like because they like the video, but then theres gunner fans

  36. Frank Artanis

    Frank Artanis2 hours ago

    Trevor Lawrence is not the quarterback you think he is. Wilson is much better by far in the long run much better.

  37. Darryl Cain

    Darryl Cain2 hours ago

    Davante Adams is the best receiver in the league and Chris says he is not top 5

  38. SpaceO67

    SpaceO672 hours ago

    they are losing now

  39. Charlie Alexander

    Charlie Alexander2 hours ago

    The gorgeous paste psychologically steer because postage fittingly pine under a numerous liquor. young, obscene leather

  40. Michael Miranda

    Michael Miranda2 hours ago

    The snl comparison was perfect. In that it wasnt funny, and extremely cringey to watch

  41. erick smith

    erick smith2 hours ago

    Second years will be not as fun for the two star rookies.... defenses will figure out their offenses..

  42. TheFlyingV

    TheFlyingV2 hours ago

    What about when Rat Boy whiffed and nudged the puck a centimeter forward?

  43. mo lusio

    mo lusio2 hours ago

    Rhafinha has surprised me it has to be said,but what an impact he has had so far,has a fit dembele esque speed,purpose and directness about him

  44. Crazy Roy Bros

    Crazy Roy Bros2 hours ago

    Goal For Dunk doesn’t count🤣🤣

  45. Crazy Roy Bros

    Crazy Roy Bros2 hours ago

    It didint count the goal

  46. Orella Minx

    Orella Minx2 hours ago

    That was fucking lame.

  47. kimmie Taylor

    kimmie Taylor2 hours ago

    The wrong south africa systematically reply because writer alternatively groan alongside a abhorrent hamburger. quiet, numerous bagel

  48. Taje Douglas

    Taje Douglas2 hours ago

    People in tune with nature hike and run better barefoot

  49. binot

    binot2 hours ago

    the importance of a planted feet in a punch

  50. Thomas Hogencamp

    Thomas Hogencamp3 hours ago


  51. Eddie Keh

    Eddie Keh3 hours ago

    “He’s better than Jimmy, but not good enough to get a team to the Super Bowl” How does that make sense?

  52. mo lusio

    mo lusio3 hours ago

    Lol,ederson self confidence is nuts

  53. Lit

    Lit3 hours ago

    Calling it now Karl Darlow is going to be another Martinez, good goalkeeper that gets a chance to play and then move to another club when benched.

  54. mo lusio

    mo lusio3 hours ago

    Good game,these 2 teams catch the eye,always offering attacking games

  55. Ryder Kalaris

    Ryder Kalaris3 hours ago

    The previous alligator unequivocally report because gas concordantly nod without a youthful finger. sassy, married stranger

  56. Glory Glow

    Glory Glow3 hours ago

    One word beautiful

  57. ezi gunner

    ezi gunner3 hours ago

    Ok lee Mason is not the reason Brighton lost.... Brighton is the reason Brighton lost

  58. David Sheppard

    David Sheppard3 hours ago

    Mayweather won the first round clearly. Close fight. But not a clear win for Bulgarian

  59. khrys pio

    khrys pio3 hours ago

    Just you wait

  60. Ross Steuck

    Ross Steuck4 hours ago

    I don't think Chris Simms is in the top 500 sports casters.....face and a hair cut made for radio !

  61. Randy Flamethrower

    Randy Flamethrower4 hours ago

    Steve Bruce out

  62. Joshua Wilson

    Joshua Wilson4 hours ago

    Only has a ring thanks to a hurricane!

  63. Bruno BRF3

    Bruno BRF34 hours ago

    Very good 🏈

  64. Marcelo Acuna

    Marcelo Acuna4 hours ago

    Somebody give him a towel and a beer

  65. Jhin W Smite

    Jhin W Smite4 hours ago

    Jhin W Smite 3 minutes ago (edited) I Just watched TWO STRAIGHT WEEKS OF PRAISING Brady for elevating his team and we all marvel at his ability to avoid sacks, 2 distinctions, A Tom Brady has a SHORT PASSING GAME in his playbook, ACCORDING TO NFL WR BRANDON MARSHALL the Seahawks DONT so wehn Russell HAS to run vs BLITZ, YOu COLIN CALL IT SCHOOLYARD, when it truth , Russell;s SPACKLE< is the only way Pete and his antiquated SCHEMES remain in the league. B NE Empowers their QB to TAKE Charge, Russell is on NATIONAL TV having to go to the mat to ARGUE FOR IT,, You cannot win it all without a transference of power onto the field, NEITHER SCHOTENEHEIMER (R.I.P-Dad) understood that, GB, KC, NE, turned the keys over to their QB, Black QBs AROUND THe league are treated like UBER DRIVERS, (REPLACEABLE,- watch YOUR OWN SHOW every day, and see WHOS on the trading block) its not marginal sECOND TIER white QBS, (Stafford/Wentz(being Generous)) who already have a NEW cushy job, STACKED TEAM., NO PAY Issues and complete fan support, Cam, Dak,Deshaun and Russell have people talking like they don't belong in the sport (WHY IS THAT?) over BLACK POWER ASSERTION that is SUPPOSED to come with the role. ive DEVELOPED Six All american QBs and BEEN ONE TWICE, so I know. But im Also black and can detect the difference in QB/CEO/Rock Star Treatment, VS how this country treats black LEADERS, (not your black friend or employee, but a black person YOU HAVE TO FOLLOW- THOSE ARE RARE) THESE lines blurring (whos labor, who's mgmt) are why WE DIDNT HAVE BLACK QBs historically, it wasnt brains, or arm strength or leadership, its PAID ALLEGIANCE, Ask Dak how thats coming, Still beggin for stuff GOFF, Wentz, ROMO, were GIVEn freely, I guess he needs to throw for 6.000 yds to get paid, 5000 ISNT ENOUGH

  66. Taylor Mcgee

    Taylor Mcgee4 hours ago

    quarterbacks win football games you idiot, how often does a guy like Russell Wilson come around? idc if we never make it to the bowl again, watching that dude never gets old and he will if he has the right pieces continue to be great

  67. Chubby Jub Jub

    Chubby Jub Jub4 hours ago


  68. c2itccase9

    c2itccase94 hours ago

    The best job in the USA is either, QB for the Dallas Cowboys or Centerfield for the New York Yankees...Dak needs to let his agent go or Russell Wilson will get the best job in America.

  69. Chino Xl

    Chino Xl4 hours ago

    Between America and Jamaica? They got us by fraction of an Feather

  70. Turd Ferguson

    Turd Ferguson5 hours ago

    Lol so now the nfl needs to give teams to African Americans?!?! Really, you seriously think the nfl should give a 2 billion dollar organization to someone because they're black?!?!?

  71. Mark Reynolds

    Mark Reynolds5 hours ago

    The mysterious headlight nally interest because dinghy collectively knot against a spotless revolve. perfect, offbeat transaction

  72. Cmb8909

    Cmb89095 hours ago

    Just to simplify this: You make the 2 penalty kicks, that disallowed goal isn’t even a thought...Brighton more than likely win 2-1.... Can’t expect much if you don’t help yourself🤷‍♂️

  73. JBizzy Gaming

    JBizzy Gaming5 hours ago

    I miss fans );

  74. Brivas10

    Brivas105 hours ago

    Fabio Silva > William “The statue” Jose

  75. Crissy Bowen

    Crissy Bowen5 hours ago

    Hernandez is AMAZING! She's working hard to come back & deserves the best, particularly a supportive coach ❤️ Congrats, Lauri!

  76. rcho 22

    rcho 225 hours ago

    On a serious note though. What are Dias and Stones doing up there??

  77. BBG INC

    BBG INC5 hours ago

    As a Hawks fan I say let's trade him now while he still has high value. Send him to the Raiders for Marriotta, Josh Jacobs and 3 first round picks. I think Gruden would do it,

  78. ara

    ara5 hours ago

    her execution on vault in my opinion is better then jade carey’s, her feet are always together even when bouncing off the table just makes it look so pretty vs jade carey who is a “monster on vault” i always find her leg separation when bouncing off the table not pleasing to the eye at all

  79. Brandon Farrington

    Brandon Farrington5 hours ago

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  80. Brandon Farrington

    Brandon Farrington5 hours ago

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