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  1. Kaige Gonzalez

    Kaige GonzalezHour ago

    ur sush a goat such

  2. Sean Fennessey

    Sean FennesseyHour ago

    A gold leather action is better then a gold pump look at the damge side by side

  3. Sarai Marfo

    Sarai MarfoHour ago

    I play fortnite my name is torrentialskys and I want to know what the secret weapon is

  4. Jaydin Becoate

    Jaydin BecoateHour ago

    Imagine that squad he killed imagine that was a streamer squad first thing there gonna do Reports hackin. Stream sniping LAMO

  5. Robert Tomczyk

    Robert TomczykHour ago


  6. VetraVortex

    VetraVortexHour ago

    Make sure to sub, hit that bell and us TypicalGamer in the fortnite item shop

  7. Robert Tomczyk

    Robert TomczykHour ago

    My like button is blue

  8. JHgamers

    JHgamersHour ago

    Brownthanks got all the love

  9. Christopher Flynn

    Christopher FlynnHour ago

    I played that mod and got 17 kills i swear on my life

  10. Brett Bernstein

    Brett BernsteinHour ago

    I found a green combat smg

  11. Char Bear

    Char BearHour ago

    Hi Filmmaker

  12. Holly Detonnancourt

    Holly DetonnancourtHour ago

    I love you videos

  13. Zooey Bays

    Zooey BaysHour ago


  14. Boop playz

    Boop playzHour ago

    My color is black.

  15. Erica Lueptow

    Erica LueptowHour ago

    The (cursed) AR is a grave digger from save the world

  16. iPreston

    iPrestonHour ago

    Who thought that there was actually a new weapon in Fortnite Hands in chat: ✋✋✋✋✋✋✋✋✋✋✋✋✋✋✋✋✋✋✋✋✋

  17. Bagley Sgro

    Bagley SgroHour ago

    green tg

  18. Courtney Faucett

    Courtney FaucettHour ago

    My Fortnite username is jfaucett23

  19. Pugboys Gaming

    Pugboys GamingHour ago

    Ya just gotta keep an ey-WRRU

  20. Lalitha Bora

    Lalitha BoraHour ago

    6:47 I like how tg said he was cracked but only hit him once 🤣🤣

  21. Blue_Frosty YT

    Blue_Frosty YTHour ago

    Typical how do I be a successful youtuber I try but I barley get views how do you do it

  22. Sajin Govender

    Sajin GovenderHour ago

    I love your videos. When I started playing I watched your videos not only your current videos but videos long ago too. Hope you like my comment💯💖❤️💎👌🔥

  23. Focus Noobmaster

    Focus NoobmasterHour ago


  24. Dehyun Brown

    Dehyun BrownHour ago

    Mine was blue


    DUB APEXXHour ago

    It’s not cursed it is a glitch cause if you pick it up it was change into a scar

  26. Jeremy Monteau

    Jeremy MonteauHour ago

    healing only by siphon or supply drops

  27. omomar

    omomarHour ago

    2:13 who died (read the first three letters)

  28. Kory Goldenberg

    Kory GoldenbergHour ago

    20 boom

  29. William Prescott

    William PrescottHour ago

    The kid in the first match is a baby and bad he needs to get better

  30. Sandy jane

    Sandy janeHour ago

    My like button is white

  31. Adil Punjabi

    Adil PunjabiHour ago

    i just feel like heavy ars are more accurate than regular ars

  32. Banana Man

    Banana ManHour ago

    Doctor doom was in this if you did not notice the green bombs that are popping outta nowhere that’s doctor dooms gauntlets

  33. Oskar Guzior

    Oskar GuziorHour ago

    TG: He just got slapped... he also just got slapped! Also TG 2 seconds later: Gets slapped

  34. BlueBaron

    BlueBaronHour ago

    the infantry is also gold in the wrong form right after he shows the ar

  35. SmartGuy

    SmartGuyHour ago

    Can you gift me my name is zyqn_smartguy

  36. Luca Pisani

    Luca PisaniHour ago

    Also when I played this someone dropped a scar and I was on green so it was a green scar

  37. Ȼyclone ϟ

    Ȼyclone ϟHour ago

    I love how for TG grey weapons are like blue, green are like purple, and blue are like gold

  38. Cooper Ailes

    Cooper AilesHour ago

    I found a P90 that was in a SMG form.

  39. Shadow Cats

    Shadow CatsHour ago

    I love the corgi in the background it's so random but cute

  40. Reagan Jones

    Reagan JonesHour ago

    so they are practically copying rags to riches exept when yo respawn

  41. HairChateau1

    HairChateau1Hour ago

    Wing killed me and see fortnight season five season Fortnite5

  42. William Graulau

    William GraulauHour ago


  43. Rojeely Martina

    Rojeely MartinaHour ago

    Thats exactly teamrumble but when you die you twitch to another colour

  44. Grant Ten

    Grant TenHour ago

    You got 1 more kill then mr.fresh

  45. Sean Zopelis

    Sean ZopelisHour ago

    dont forget to use code typical gamer all one word in the item shop

  46. Mark Oconnor

    Mark OconnorHour ago


  47. ratan sardar

    ratan sardarHour ago

    tg just say a bad word in this video

  48. MarGUCCI

    MarGUCCIHour ago

    i would rather marvel

  49. Ben Siracusa

    Ben SiracusaHour ago

    It's cool

  50. HairChateau1

    HairChateau1Hour ago

    Plus it thumbs up button attends white

  51. Controlla Flopp

    Controlla FloppHour ago

    10:27 there’s a cursed infantry rifle in the blue house

  52. Reem Naji

    Reem NajiHour ago


  53. ethan laclair

    ethan laclairHour ago


  54. 999 WRLD

    999 WRLDHour ago


  55. flashyaboi27

    flashyaboi27Hour ago

    What’s the secret weapon?

  56. VENOM

    VENOMHour ago

    6:08 he killed it 😅😅😎😎

  57. Fortnite Pro277

    Fortnite Pro277Hour ago

    Tg:welcome back to do grey weapon challenge in fortnite Dies Tg again: welcome back to the green weapon challenge in fortnite Dies Tg again: welcome back to the blue weapon challenge in fortnite Dies Tg again: welcome back to the purple weapon challenge in fornite Dies Also tg: welcome back to the gold weapon challenge in fortnite Wins!!!!:)

  58. K Jay Tan

    K Jay TanHour ago

    I love the npc

  59. Jayden Tomaselli

    Jayden TomaselliHour ago

    Haha lol

  60. Anisa Rahman

    Anisa RahmanHour ago

    i wish i was soo good like u TG

  61. Boston Woods

    Boston WoodsHour ago


  62. Jayden Tomaselli

    Jayden TomaselliHour ago

    Lol samara

  63. kayden kayden

    kayden kaydenHour ago

    U can go fishing for heals

  64. Bacon Boi

    Bacon BoiHour ago

    the word blue was purple !!!!!!!!

  65. Jen R

    Jen RHour ago

    He said it was a purple pistol, IT WAS A DEAGLE!

  66. Jayden Tomaselli

    Jayden TomaselliHour ago

    Eve Midas

  67. Kelley Whittaker

    Kelley Whittaker2 hours ago

    I can hear your keyboard and mouse

  68. angela scales

    angela scales2 hours ago

    I love when all of the you tubers say I’m a god then either they get laserd or they miss there shots then they say I am a bot lol

  69. Lior Amar

    Lior Amar2 hours ago

    This video was at 1am

  70. kriss tommietee

    kriss tommietee2 hours ago

    See now i know it’s not about the weapons but how good you are

  71. da fish 657

    da fish 6572 hours ago

    my only question is why aren't the common, uncommon and rare burst since they are burst

  72. Benny Boi

    Benny Boi2 hours ago

    TG: Blue pumps can truck people. does 27 damage

  73. Abigail Collins

    Abigail Collins2 hours ago


  74. Fish

    Fish2 hours ago

    This game mode is the opposite of rags to riches

  75. Drift L

    Drift L2 hours ago

    OMG that’s so cool

  76. Mason Huitron

    Mason Huitron2 hours ago

    The back scratcher was female Midas.

  77. Blue Ben

    Blue Ben2 hours ago

    That og charzard in the back round

  78. Thu Thảo Phạm

    Thu Thảo Phạm2 hours ago

    that call m16a4 is you know tg {sorry}

  79. Starr

    Starr2 hours ago


  80. TengoBamboo gogoated

    TengoBamboo gogoated2 hours ago