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    ABC DEFG5 minutes ago

    The cats must feel fantastic after their baths. I can't imagine being covered in fleas.

  2. Pro. Logic

    Pro. Logic13 minutes ago

    Years ago I had a large orange striped tom cat and he would do that to me and gently bite my ear or my noes .

  3. Sound Crank

    Sound Crank18 minutes ago

    Woman? Awfully strange spelling of "alien-looking genderless monster"

  4. drnvl

    drnvl42 minutes ago

    Don’t worry, kitty. Those bangs are a massive red flag, anyways.

  5. FreakishPower

    FreakishPower47 minutes ago

    I just dont understand what kinds of people thumbs down these videos. There always tons of thumbs down votes. What am I not understanding?

  6. Aurora2097

    Aurora2097Hour ago

    Some cats are teally smart... they find a good person and stay.

  7. Kathie Montgomery

    Kathie MontgomeryHour ago

    God bless Alan and his kind soul.

  8. Vynida Lopes

    Vynida LopesHour ago

    Who could EVER leave this CUTIE PATOOTIE behind?! Shout out to the BEAUTIFUL HUMAN❤️

  9. Lux Chevis

    Lux ChevisHour ago

    This isn't new. The channel is stealing content and deserves to be reported for it.

  10. teresa bianchi

    teresa bianchiHour ago

    Amore mio😻la mia minu’ e’ uguale e si comporta così anche lei, sono dei veri amori..🐾😻❤️

  11. Phoenix the II

    Phoenix the IIHour ago

    Cats are better than humans... (Dogs, bunnies included)

  12. Irene Nick

    Irene NickHour ago


  13. David Miscaviage

    David MiscaviageHour ago

    Nobody with bangs like that deserve any responsibility of any kind

  14. David Gross

    David GrossHour ago

    God Bless Betty for saving this kitty!! You know we can't help them all (so many strays & Feral) but we sure make a difference with the ones we can. Such a beautiful kitty!!

  15. Brian Kleinschmidt

    Brian Kleinschmidt2 hours ago

    She looks like me after a long weekend. Thanks for the video.

  16. Chee Chalker

    Chee Chalker2 hours ago

    I would have smuggled him out under my coat That’s a big cat! Too cute!

  17. Powerful Being The YouTube Review Queen

    Powerful Being The YouTube Review Queen2 hours ago

    Kitty: Don’t put me down until you put me in the car to take me home, thx. 😸

  18. john morgan

    john morgan2 hours ago

    Really its just part of the cats plan for world domination: Get someone to make viral video. Get mad scientist to adopt me. Then start the real work.

  19. Paradox Penguin

    Paradox Penguin2 hours ago

    I love how we're using to power of viral videos to adopt tons and tons of animals into good homes.

  20. cfjlkfsjf

    cfjlkfsjf3 hours ago

    She was wearing the cats favourite purrrrfume.

  21. Brenda Cook

    Brenda Cook3 hours ago

    When a cat loves you like that, make him yours! You will have a friend for the rest of his life! Love this video!

  22. Kaddy Dutiro

    Kaddy Dutiro3 hours ago

    Not the bayyyyanng loool

  23. Dj #1

    Dj #13 hours ago

    if you really cared ,, post the shelter so someone could take him ffs

  24. American Movement

    American Movement3 hours ago

    329 down votes must be mice!

  25. Rasmus Møller

    Rasmus Møller3 hours ago

    If I was on the receiving end on that hug, I would have left my partner and the baby in the cage and left with that cat. No regrets.

  26. Mark Poitras

    Mark Poitras3 hours ago

    So tiny. So cute. So precious. 😻

  27. Abel Hurwitz

    Abel Hurwitz3 hours ago

    He is saying what took you so long we finally found each other n this world let's go home.

  28. Doody's

    Doody's3 hours ago

    Bless you for loving this beautiful kitty and giving him a forever home. I can hear him purrrrrrrrrrrrrr

  29. Kent Pirate

    Kent Pirate4 hours ago

    The cat knows that's all it has to do to get on the gravy train!

  30. mooboy2000

    mooboy20004 hours ago

    I can't go into shelters, I want to take every animal I see home with me even though we don't have room for them, this right here would have just killed me, I'm a 45yr old man and I would have been in tears.

  31. Duffy Dreamer

    Duffy Dreamer4 hours ago

    Awwww.....this really makes it harder to visit pet stores or animal shelters, it'll just make me want to keep them all, especially that cat! ❤😍🐱❤

  32. Indigo Lilies

    Indigo Lilies4 hours ago

    I need a companion like that I love cuddling with my animals I lost my dog two years this July been rough. I hope I find my new bestfriend someday.

  33. Petar Nikolov

    Petar Nikolov4 hours ago

    So cute respect

  34. Alfredo C

    Alfredo C4 hours ago

    That cat is huge. Glad he found a home

  35. Abigayle DeKarske

    Abigayle DeKarske4 hours ago


  36. Josfur Gaming

    Josfur Gaming4 hours ago

    lol 😂😂😂 omg the music is killing it so badly.....

  37. mrsleep0000

    mrsleep00005 hours ago

    I mean, really, you don't even GO to a shelter if you're not prepared to take something home.

  38. Zedek

    Zedek5 hours ago

    But the cat selected this person. Now he is "adopted", but that is like you wanted chocolate ice cream and your parents hand you vanilla later, claiming "Its also ice cream".

  39. ForsythJC

    ForsythJC5 hours ago

    "But the couple could not take the cat, as they already had a cat and a born baby" . . . And that's the moment when I would've taught the other two some valuable life lessons. First, don't EVER turn away true love when it presents itself, as there are rarely instances in life where it shows up. Second, learn how to share your time and energy: it prevents selfishness. Third, there is always room for another fur baby. At one point I had seven pets: four ferrets, two cats, and a dog. My house was a zoo, and I LOVED every second of it. Those were truly the best days of my life thus far.

  40. Cnm bnm

    Cnm bnm5 hours ago

    “The couple came to a local shelter to see different animals”. I don’t get it. They went to see animals and didn’t take one? I wouldn’t leave without that sweet cat. Would be with me forever

  41. Stefan MS

    Stefan MS5 hours ago

    Either the woman is tiny or the cat is huuuge

  42. sep455

    sep4555 hours ago

    Thanks for saving Fluffy

  43. Stanislav Polak

    Stanislav Polak5 hours ago

    thank you algorhytm for showing me this sad love to take the cat myself...i wish my current cat shows this kind of appreciation and love for me..but he doesnt..this cat has wonderfull personality having more worth than gold

  44. Elba Kline

    Elba Kline6 hours ago

    Thankyou 😇😍🥰😘🌺🌟🤎🤍🤎🤍

  45. axe beard

    axe beard6 hours ago

    That’s ridiculous. when you are chosen with such conviction you can’t say no. You just suck it up and figure out a way to make it work.

  46. Roxana Roxi

    Roxana Roxi6 hours ago

    Multumesc pentru aprecieri ...😁😻🙋‍♀️✌👍👍👍👍👍👍👍

  47. Jon Schmidt

    Jon Schmidt6 hours ago

    I think tabby's are the most loving cats. I adopted a stray tabby and he never leaves my side.

  48. Alan Leaning

    Alan Leaning6 hours ago

    Momma has a clipped ear. Kitten may not be hers. You show syringe feeding the little doober. Is it the kitten follower her to your home?

  49. darkySp

    darkySp6 hours ago

    The cat literally chose her human here.

  50. the walking man

    the walking man7 hours ago

    cats choose their owners

  51. Jordan M

    Jordan M7 hours ago

    You got chosen! Congrats!

  52. Piotr Feder

    Piotr Feder7 hours ago

    My first cat lived 21 years .. you still have some time to have fun.

  53. Linda Casey

    Linda Casey7 hours ago


  54. Born Without Marbles

    Born Without Marbles8 hours ago

    Cannot believe she chose her own new born baby over this cat

  55. Pootin

    Pootin8 hours ago

    I need to show this to my parent's cat. He doesn't appreciate what he has. Little shit.

  56. hoon tae

    hoon tae8 hours ago

    The massive mandolin surgically suffer because deer successfully trot anenst a lazy platinum. encouraging, serious lead

  57. Imlaor25

    Imlaor258 hours ago

    You are the chosen one.

  58. OverTheStone

    OverTheStone8 hours ago

    I swear it's only mancoon mixes like this that I have ever seen give hugs. I still miss my mogli...

  59. patsematary

    patsematary8 hours ago

    How can you leave him now?😻


    LINISIN9 hours ago

    Says a lot , shelter animals don’t get the love they need.

  61. Levelord

    Levelord9 hours ago

    He was so lonely there.. glad he was adopted

  62. jeremy medina

    jeremy medina10 hours ago

    The calculating hammer desirably shop because clarinet chemically look past a bawdy copy. clever, modern vulture

  63. Chris L

    Chris L10 hours ago

    How big is that cat/how small is that lady?

  64. Scarlett Roger

    Scarlett Roger10 hours ago

    Only thirty seconds in and I’m blubbering like a baby😭

  65. Falsehood Basher

    Falsehood Basher10 hours ago

    OMG This is The cutest thing in existence

  66. Paul Townsley

    Paul Townsley10 hours ago

    Should av got rid of the baby and adopted the cat 🐈

  67. ilikethecokev2

    ilikethecokev211 hours ago

    Reminds me of the first cat my family adopted after moving to our current hometown. While not exactly like this, was still just as adorable. She fell asleep in my mom's arms.

  68. Alan Rizkallah

    Alan Rizkallah11 hours ago

    I see how it is, the cat gives big long hugs and it's adorable; I do it and suddenly it's harassment! And never you mind why I wasn't wearing pants! Bad jokes aside, this is seriously very heartwarming. I'm glad that little cutie found a good home.

  69. Alda Harrison

    Alda Harrison11 hours ago

    Bright spirit

  70. Alda Harrison

    Alda Harrison11 hours ago

    Poor baby

  71. Kate

    Kate11 hours ago

    Garfield lives!!!!

  72. The Fixitlator

    The Fixitlator11 hours ago

    Well he is not the father not a ginger or tortoise shell mix in the litter she has stuffed him right up.

  73. IrishRose

    IrishRose11 hours ago

    So happy that sweet baby got his forever home! 💖💕

  74. Ian Hinrichsen

    Ian Hinrichsen11 hours ago

    There is likely a special place in Hell for people that hurt children and animals.

  75. TheViewFromHer

    TheViewFromHer11 hours ago

    Every cat's life matters

  76. André Dreyer

    André Dreyer12 hours ago

    Usually cats don't like being picked up or hugged/smothered, so this is really special.

  77. Mathew Clark

    Mathew Clark12 hours ago

    Get rid of the music in the background

  78. Locked Down

    Locked Down12 hours ago

    smart cat saw his ticket out of there and went for it lol

  79. 00pingvin00

    00pingvin0012 hours ago

    cat is liar and after adoption he wouldn't be so sweet

  80. Mercedez Lopez

    Mercedez Lopez12 hours ago

    Omg I couldn’t leave him ❤️