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Wario - SNL

Wario - SNL

7 hours ago

Chad on Mars - SNL
Cowboy Standoff - SNL
Ooli Show - SNL
L’Eggs - SNL
  1. Diana G

    Diana GHour ago

    I fucking love this lmfao

  2. Mouna Aqerrout

    Mouna AqerroutHour ago

    other generations , SIT BACK AND LAUGH

  3. Cris

    CrisHour ago

    This is pathetic...

  4. landguine

    landguineHour ago

    Elon moves a lot more like Dr.Evil then anything else

  5. Henok Getachew

    Henok GetachewHour ago

    Strange times we live in...

  6. Marie Kirby

    Marie KirbyHour ago

    Dr Bruh to the rescue !

  7. Indr1DC01D

    Indr1DC01DHour ago

    Snl is horrible now

  8. Branden Oller

    Branden OllerHour ago

    Dang, SNL is so hit or miss it's unreal. Like when were we supposed to laugh?

  9. KGLAProductions

    KGLAProductionsHour ago

    This is completely accurate.

  10. Justo Man

    Justo ManHour ago

    How is this racist if this is how majority of inner city kids talk of all races ????

  11. Luis Torres

    Luis TorresHour ago

    Did anyone notice Riley Reid at the right side of the crown wearing a space suit at 00:16 ?

  12. Miriam Wainwright

    Miriam WainwrightHour ago

    Dying. This is funny.

  13. PapaDeLaSon

    PapaDeLaSonHour ago

    What is she saying after "and let me tell you, mama is"?

  14. Emily Joyce

    Emily JoyceHour ago

    Elon coming out and opening saying that he is on the spectrum as one of the smartest people of this generation is amazing, this is the diversity we need see! so much wholesome energy 👏🏽

  15. Laserking 2031

    Laserking 2031Hour ago

    Ok Kenan! Sounding like Notorious BIG! 😂😂

  16. Spence C.

    Spence C.Hour ago

    I pray to god that this is satire. I think it might be but I can't tell. I don't think they made any jokes about human suffering so I can't tell. The doctor makes it seems like satire, but I'm getting a ton of mixed signals.

  17. SilverSkull

    SilverSkullHour ago


  18. Trevor Regay

    Trevor RegayHour ago

    What has happened to Hanna Montana???

  19. ariadne

    ariadneHour ago

    OMG i hate this so much

  20. arlint 69

    arlint 69Hour ago

    No thank you.

  21. Denton Fender

    Denton FenderHour ago

    Elon did a great job with the facial expressions for comedy that's gold.

  22. zeesupahgerman

    zeesupahgermanHour ago

    This is pretty dumb shit.

  23. Aethetic Twin

    Aethetic TwinHour ago


  24. Black Rooster Woodworks

    Black Rooster WoodworksHour ago

    I guess im the only one who thinks Mooney's Baby Yoda is freakin gross! 🤮

  25. Millie Brown

    Millie BrownHour ago

    I would love to meet him

  26. Elias H

    Elias HHour ago

    Boomer humor

  27. Carlos Medero

    Carlos MederoHour ago

    Elon's Indian accent.

  28. lucy annis-bercier

    lucy annis-bercierHour ago

    this was extremely painful to watch

  29. chsbob9

    chsbob9Hour ago

    Time to rewatch There Will Be Brawl.

  30. easyscore

    easyscoreHour ago

    Hartman was definitely one of the great SNL performers

  31. Chachi B

    Chachi BHour ago

    Whats the name of the song? Somebody knowM

  32. DJ Dinklebonk

    DJ DinklebonkHour ago

    they just copied the ending to fallout 3

  33. KillJoy Wuhanvirus

    KillJoy WuhanvirusHour ago

    To much misgendering yo.

  34. Creamy Sauce

    Creamy SauceHour ago

    Hahahaha I’m deaddd

  35. goreycinema

    goreycinemaHour ago

    Peach doesn't have an Italian accent. I don't expect you to have extensive knowledge of Mario lore, but can you at least get the basic stuff right? I don't think that's asking much.

  36. Rileyman69

    Rileyman69Hour ago

    This is a disgrace to my boy Wario

  37. Amanda Katherine

    Amanda KatherineHour ago

    So basically you’re describing my experience of being autistic at parties.

  38. Glazer Guy

    Glazer GuyHour ago

    SNL sucks!!!!!

  39. Siddhangana Ray

    Siddhangana RayHour ago

    I love that last bit of exchange between colin and pete

  40. richard daniels

    richard danielsHour ago

    Miley sounds like a dude and it’s terrible 😢

  41. Thot you would Never ask

    Thot you would Never askHour ago

    Jane lynch was one of my first crushes

  42. literelli

    literelliHour ago

    this just attaway general

  43. Tangila Lee

    Tangila LeeHour ago

    Grimes is sooo cute I can’t

  44. Alex Berger

    Alex BergerHour ago

    What a trash skit

  45. Mo Lester

    Mo LesterHour ago

    This was a good sketch no? Why so much hate on SNL? I miss the Chris Farley days too but some sketches have been so good like, 'Wassup with dat' with Keenan Thompson right??

  46. mark1138

    mark1138Hour ago

    Bunch of fraidy cats its a joke.

  47. sarcasmo57

    sarcasmo57Hour ago

    Wow they really got a big star like Paul Simon on the show.

  48. the Man of Shadows

    the Man of ShadowsHour ago

    Yeah it was my birthday today. I just went to work. What's there to do anyway?

  49. Plague

    PlagueHour ago

    Can't tell if this was deadass or not-

  50. Saurabh Sharma

    Saurabh SharmaHour ago

    Is he elon musk 🧐

  51. Phil James Descartin

    Phil James DescartinHour ago


  52. Coaster Explosion

    Coaster ExplosionHour ago

    This is honestly really really good

  53. King PaulWall

    King PaulWallHour ago

    The realest sketch snl has ever done. It's so real it makes me shake in disgust 🙌🏼🙌🏼👌👌

  54. Aaron McKenzie Powell

    Aaron McKenzie PowellHour ago

    Always wear a mask folks

  55. Evelyn May

    Evelyn MayHour ago

    this is my 13th reason

  56. Dorothy Lewis

    Dorothy LewisHour ago

    Okay this is the SNL I LIKE

  57. Ripp Hunter

    Ripp HunterHour ago

    How does 1996 RDJ look older than 2008 RDJ

  58. erepsekahs

    erepsekahsHour ago

    We are fortunate to be living in these times. These people only come along every one or two hundred years.

  59. KaylaKoture

    KaylaKotureHour ago

    This hurt to watch

  60. Denton Fender

    Denton FenderHour ago

    John Lee Hooker: "Everybody wants to go to heaven, but nobody wants to die".

  61. Matthew Garsha

    Matthew GarshaHour ago


  62. O AA

    O AAHour ago

    I never thought a psychological weapon of this caliber could exist

  63. sfgiantsfan921

    sfgiantsfan921Hour ago

    That is not Elon Musk, that is Darrell Hammond.

  64. kenmastersmaster

    kenmastersmasterHour ago

    Isn't upside down ok sign white supremacist??? Lol

  65. Samad Savage

    Samad SavageHour ago

    If only they ended with a harmonized “sheeeeeeesh”

  66. Señor Pickle

    Señor PickleHour ago


  67. Jason Zermeno

    Jason ZermenoHour ago

    It's like Fenimore Cooper: what's a darter? Oh!

  68. Denny Davenport

    Denny DavenportHour ago

    Not gonna type anything more than these 2 dudes died waaaaay too early. I understand one had a different lifestyle and the other had just really bad luck but if you dislike this then I don't know who you are or whatever but that's your opinion which makes us Americans but you're a JACKOFF

  69. Ted Abur

    Ted AburHour ago

    Hater alert

  70. SpicyMayo

    SpicyMayoHour ago

    Some men: it can’t be that bad! All women: welcome to Hell. We’ve been expecting you.

  71. Mr. MnM

    Mr. MnMHour ago

    The Epic of Chad has brought us throughout time and now SPACE! Where shall Chad come to next? Stay tuned for the next entry in The Epic of Chad!

  72. Nick Leeper

    Nick LeeperHour ago

    This would’ve been funny if he just said Waaa the entire time.

  73. RavenThePlayer

    RavenThePlayerHour ago

    Comedy skits shouldn't make you feel uncomfortable, and it's not because Elon. This is embarrassing writing. SNL is where good careers go to die.

  74. Zoë Alexander

    Zoë AlexanderHour ago

    I love how Grimes is playing Princess Peach! Nice surprise

  75. MOOD

    MOODHour ago

    That bitch

  76. Vitor Borges

    Vitor BorgesHour ago

    Funny how?

  77. Xeqzes Xeq

    Xeqzes XeqHour ago


  78. sarcasmo57

    sarcasmo57Hour ago

    Jeff Goldblum strikes me as the kind of guy who would always rewind before returning.

  79. Ted Abur

    Ted AburHour ago


  80. Jordy Shepherd

    Jordy ShepherdHour ago

    Wait Gen Z is Bill and Ted without air solos