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  1. The Renaissance Guys

    The Renaissance GuysMinute ago

    These Devils reverse retros are damn nice!

  2. Eduard Tsirulnikow

    Eduard TsirulnikowMinute ago

    Так обидно за Антона. Тянет, тянет эту команду, а коллеги спят...

  3. Amber Oberlin

    Amber Oberlin7 minutes ago

    Is this really how she sounds?

  4. Jacob Biancardi

    Jacob Biancardi9 minutes ago

    Oh how the mighty have fallen this year

  5. hunkey monkey

    hunkey monkey10 minutes ago

    Cann's goalie is money!!

  6. Brady Sledz

    Brady Sledz11 minutes ago

    I Would agree with that

  7. bilinas mini

    bilinas mini13 minutes ago

    Ehlers > Laine

  8. bilishu aliss

    bilishu aliss15 minutes ago

    vintage goal is great) and the Hyman, Engvall and Mikheyev has to be the fastest line in the league (scoring drills required).

  9. GGMattt_

    GGMattt_21 minute ago

    This guy's voice is like the typical Simpsons sports commentator. So annoying

  10. Maryann M

    Maryann M21 minute ago

    Come on man

  11. My Teams Suck

    My Teams Suck22 minutes ago


  12. wader

    wader22 minutes ago

    patik kame is ver good at the game

  13. Darrin

    Darrin22 minutes ago

    Even if there are only a few fans in the seats...I will take it....can't stand the electronic fan cheers...

  14. AAA

    AAA25 minutes ago

    Sadly the sabres are puck watchers in their own zone, stick checking doesn't work

  15. Drei Ayanami

    Drei Ayanami26 minutes ago

    Carey Price looks like Patty Roy a with that mask and I’m loving it

  16. Cushite Revenge

    Cushite Revenge29 minutes ago

    I'm an Islanders fan, but the Devils have a core of very good young players who are really going to blossom over the next 1-2 years and they will turn the Devils into perennial playoff contenders

  17. Chris Sitar

    Chris Sitar31 minute ago

    I've lived in both cities , but I'm a Jets fan too the core , go jets go

  18. Timothy Potts

    Timothy Potts31 minute ago

    Why isn't it 3 on 3?

  19. antilopa 66

    antilopa 6634 minutes ago

    Dumba is funny name

  20. Tik Fung

    Tik Fung34 minutes ago

    So 2 PPG, Alex Burrows got the credit ?

  21. DoubleJ

    DoubleJ37 minutes ago

    At first I was like who's lak with purple? The Kings have black so it took me a bit to realize lak is Los Angeles Kings. The purple really threw me off. I've only been closely watching hockey since the start of the 2012-13 season, when I finally picked a favorite team, the Blackhawks!! What a year to finally pick a team, they go on to get the presidents trophy AND win the Stanley Cup. Now I'm hooked for life, lol.

  22. Brandon F

    Brandon F38 minutes ago

    What a sucky year for Nashville. Now Saros, Kunin, and Ellis are out with Joey. Watching this just hurts... something needs to change.

  23. sirkka heinonen

    sirkka heinonen46 minutes ago

    Pelas Sebastian Aho, vastustaja on laho :)

  24. rolo tomassi

    rolo tomassi47 minutes ago

    one in a row

  25. Maiina

    Maiina50 minutes ago

    gj wearing your chin diapers pittsburgh fans 3:28

  26. Cambria Davis

    Cambria DavisHour ago

    Honestly, when Cam scored the shorty and it was answered with REAL crowd noise, I got a little emotional. And then he pointed to the fans!....just so nice to have some fans SAFELY back in the building. I think it made a huge difference for the team. I know hockey is a small thing in the world compared to the pandemic and the problems we've all been dealing with the past year. But this game brought a lot of happiness and joy to people and I cannot wait until we can safely fill up Nationwide Arena again. Go Jackets!

  27. max

    maxHour ago


  28. GGMattt_

    GGMattt_Hour ago

    Tampa are so bad.

  29. Lindsay Williams

    Lindsay WilliamsHour ago

    Pasta is looking like Pennywise

  30. Kek McShekels

    Kek McShekelsHour ago

    Good to hear Jessie the Body Ventura doing the color commentating.

  31. Marek Weber

    Marek WeberHour ago

    Hutton very bad goalie

  32. Ross Miller

    Ross MillerHour ago

    Me enjoying watching some amazing plays, even though they were all made by the Pens: 🥲

  33. Sabres boi 9

    Sabres boi 9Hour ago

    I was at this game but I’m a Sabres fan

  34. Joseph Lowry

    Joseph LowryHour ago

    That was an fantastic score by Carolina, awesome game.

  35. Van Columbus

    Van ColumbusHour ago

    Solid Holtby. Bad defense, bad penalty killing. We have no leader! Trade Edler. Rickard Rakell to Canucks?

  36. Lolodan Loiy

    Lolodan LoiyHour ago

    Rip Ottawa horrible trash never change sorry but stuzle 👎 and romanov👍

  37. William Hankins

    William HankinsHour ago

    What a game by kappanen and jarry! And I agree that malkin should stay on the lin with rusty and guentzel

  38. Fana Staněk

    Fana StaněkHour ago

    Pěkně Martine, jen ať to tam padá.

  39. peepostruggle

    peepostruggleHour ago

    Canes were gassed by the third. Hopefully they can rest up after 3 games in 4 days.

  40. Atticus Bush

    Atticus BushHour ago

    I don’t understand a thing

  41. uknowfrodo

    uknowfrodoHour ago

    Nice trip Wood...another non call

  42. Feircest Squirrel

    Feircest SquirrelHour ago

    Those Red Wings jerseys just suck so bad

  43. Random But Right

    Random But RightHour ago

    GG but canes you need to learn how to stop blowing it in the 3rd

  44. kycbo

    kycboHour ago

    That Nyquist goal is #1 to me

  45. Charlie Moore

    Charlie MooreHour ago

    Good win, Canes 😀🙂! Go Carolina Hurricanes!

  46. Ryan John

    Ryan JohnHour ago

    Great play

  47. Taro Tsujimoto

    Taro TsujimotoHour ago

    If you shoot the puck on the net and you don’t hear a “ping” sound when the puck bounces off quickly... teddy there’s no way in hell he hit the post. That’s basic hockey physics101.

  48. Joseph Lowry

    Joseph LowryHour ago

    Well done Columbus Blue Jackets well done, that was an great game.

  49. Chris Welcome

    Chris WelcomeHour ago

    Mason tries to take water break during live play* I fixed it for you. No problems

  50. DMAC26

    DMAC262 hours ago

    My God. I think I honestly might have a new favorite reverse retro jersey 😲

  51. M.O. Stats

    M.O. Stats2 hours ago

    It's impossible to win when you have Russians or Czechs in your team.

  52. Игорь Коптев

    Игорь Коптев2 hours ago

    Да Даллас сейчас в яме , Худобин один не вытащит .

  53. Kato 1to3

    Kato 1to32 hours ago

    Both teams looks like peewee lol what a shame

  54. Nils hoggy Is a beast

    Nils hoggy Is a beast2 hours ago

    Don’t play holtby

  55. James Kilgour

    James Kilgour2 hours ago

    The turnover machine is back and running, must have broken down last game

  56. Quintin Stuart-Guest

    Quintin Stuart-Guest2 hours ago

    Lets go off the losing streak

  57. Mika Rinne

    Mika Rinne2 hours ago

    Dallasin ois pitäny kolata veskari ;)

  58. annihilationHaven

    annihilationHaven2 hours ago

    This is getting too bizarre even for me, first the blm thing, now fake crowd noise. They have lost their minds.

  59. 8 7

    8 72 hours ago

    Let’s go pens

  60. Aleš Rybář

    Aleš Rybář3 hours ago

    Pass by Nečas is just fantastic

  61. Earlene Feltham

    Earlene Feltham3 hours ago

    Do miss ducharme first win with montrael

  62. Dig Bick

    Dig Bick3 hours ago

    Our offence is amazing. Lots of goal scorers. Now we just need to start getting good defence men & we will be able to win the cup ✈️✈️✈️

  63. Matt Hoffman

    Matt Hoffman3 hours ago

    Nice win Pens! Wanted the hat trick for Kapanen, but Hart made a nice save on the "what would have been" 3rd goal

  64. toast toasted

    toast toasted3 hours ago


  65. Harry Crumb

    Harry Crumb3 hours ago

    Flyers need to trade a good forward for a solid D man. If not, we’re doomed in the playoffs (if we make it).

  66. foley

    foley3 hours ago

    Ryan strome is just like Jordan Eberle. One of the best, worst players I've ever seen

  67. hoodster1971

    hoodster19713 hours ago

    its probably for the best the games are being played behind closed doors because I can't believe anyone would pay good money to watch the wings atm

  68. Sir Niksu

    Sir Niksu3 hours ago

    Dallas in Greens tampa in Whites. Tampa winss 2-0... Why does this sound fimiliar

  69. Thomas Klempin

    Thomas Klempin3 hours ago

    Face it, Jackets are a lower tier team . But, playing DRW will cure what's ailing you.☺

  70. Vadim Rakut

    Vadim Rakut3 hours ago

    Sharangovich good job

  71. javier book shadows contributor du

    javier book shadows contributor du4 hours ago

    go penguins go get that cup been years.

  72. TactlessBeast

    TactlessBeast4 hours ago

    That devils announcer is painful to listen to.

  73. Age Rothenberg

    Age Rothenberg4 hours ago

    Awesome show! I love this podcast as well!

  74. Comic Book Guy

    Comic Book Guy4 hours ago

    Wait what? There are real people in seats?

  75. Christi x

    Christi x4 hours ago

    Love Holtby’s helmet

  76. RowdyMajor18

    RowdyMajor184 hours ago

    I love/hate this matchup. Why? Because I'm a diehard fan of both teams. I've been a fan of both teams through the ups and downs, and I literally know each team's chants by heart. If I went to a game and these two were playing, I'd literally would be wearing stuff for both teams, because I can't pick between both of them, they're both my favorite and that's how it'll be for me until the day I die. Let's Go Canes!!!! Let's Go Preds!!!!

  77. Baris K

    Baris K4 hours ago

    It's sad Batherson's goal strike ended but Daccord seemed very solid, this was his only second nhl game with a tired defence in front of him but he was quick and confident. More time to this kid please

  78. PredatorKingdom

    PredatorKingdom4 hours ago

    Although the Devils lost it was great to see the fans back at The Rock and to finally see a colored alternate jersey for the Devils. I hope they keep these new green ones around for a long-time.

  79. hunkey monkey

    hunkey monkey4 hours ago

    Now that's goal tending.

  80. javier book shadows contributor du

    javier book shadows contributor du4 hours ago

    724th comment