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  1. Mr kd awesome

    Mr kd awesome23 hours ago

    I hate tiktok people that dance and get views but I really like the ones that make me laugh such as DTAY

  2. Lucas Feitosa

    Lucas Feitosa23 hours ago

    A tip for anyone starting this game: Play in the highest difficulty, the game is too easy even in the hardest difficulty but atleast you will feel some challenge.

  3. Jon C

    Jon C23 hours ago

    I can’t watch this it hurts my soul

  4. Commander Gram

    Commander Gram23 hours ago

    He was kinda funny too. Entertainment funny but not full out dying laughter.

  5. roljavi

    roljavi23 hours ago

    Ludwig van Beethoven went deaf, Vincent van Gogh cut his ear off. Those Chinese names with "van" in them are all same for Charlie.

  6. CeNoTiX Gaming

    CeNoTiX Gaming23 hours ago

    I wonder if this guy is from canada.

  7. xuanbao Xb2103

    xuanbao Xb210323 hours ago


  8. unown

    unown23 hours ago


  9. strebor

    strebor23 hours ago

    In my opinion he didn’t care if they didn’t land. I think he came there knowing they wouldn’t. He just did it for a gag and he himself found it funny. That’s all that matters.

  10. Yujiro Hanma

    Yujiro Hanma23 hours ago

    Nope This would annoy me I didn't come to skool to hear a teacher sing

  11. Avakadough

    Avakadough23 hours ago

    This guy sounds like ben shapiro but cant be serious and sarcastic

  12. Epik Moment

    Epik Moment23 hours ago

    Start Angry Comment Thread Here:

  13. kaustubh Joshi

    kaustubh Joshi23 hours ago

    We live in a society 😔

  14. BillyTheKid 9o2

    BillyTheKid 9o223 hours ago

    Charlie, you're fucking hilarious. The kingdom hearts character killed me.

  15. Haris Ahmadi

    Haris Ahmadi23 hours ago

    “It tastes like chocolate” *Hmm yes the floor here is made by floor*

  16. bug aboo

    bug aboo23 hours ago

    this guy would still win America’s Got Talent though

  17. Dakota Korfhage

    Dakota Korfhage23 hours ago

    I feel like no one understands he’s getting the exact response he wants. Looking around like that with that stupid smile, he did this exactly on purpose and he knows what it is. A fucking legend

  18. Dauntless

    Dauntless23 hours ago

    This got me depressed

  19. Guter Versuch

    Guter Versuch23 hours ago

    Let me guess, he didn´t get his money back and is ranting now? xD

  20. Xelphate

    Xelphate23 hours ago

    Taking a shit is more fun than watching Tik Tok

  21. Sweet Tart Tartin ass

    Sweet Tart Tartin ass23 hours ago

    Jimmy is cringe.

  22. Adam Byrom

    Adam Byrom23 hours ago

    The guy smiling behind him the whole time is probably his dad who drove him there

  23. Maxim Olehash

    Maxim Olehash23 hours ago

    Does this work for Russians? Because imma buy the entire stock if it does

  24. DrewG

    DrewG23 hours ago

    Instead of just pouring it out and looking at about just stating the size (how many Oz are in each bag) ..

  25. ninjawhale03

    ninjawhale0323 hours ago

    6:39 "I was I wasn't" It's kind of funny that the only time this guy actually is funny is when he's being more serious

  26. DocProdusser

    DocProdusser23 hours ago

    cmon... bombed with style! it's a sport on it's own. get informed^^

  27. Ded Boi

    Ded Boi23 hours ago

    I left from my phone for a second, and I thought the video closed out due to the silence.

  28. Giovanni Egidio

    Giovanni Egidio23 hours ago

    I thought he was boutta tell us he can only pee while sitting down or something

  29. Lasky Labs

    Lasky Labs23 hours ago

    Feeling secondhand embarrasment hurts me. I am in pain. This is pain. I feel so terrible for him.

  30. DrewG

    DrewG23 hours ago

    He used to eat it all the time in college when he had money... now that he doesn't, no way he wasting $6 on so little... life hits you hard as you get

  31. Jake the Last survivor

    Jake the Last survivor23 hours ago

    Can you do a moist meter for the TV anime series Gintama? It has 8 seasons, 367 episodes, 3 movies, fillers are interesting, and least toxic fanbase. Also, i recommend you watch it on a bundled dvd as they played copyright music for parodic purposes. Genre of this anime: Action, Comedy, Historical, Parody, Samurai, Sci-fi, Drama, Shounen. It would appreciate myself. Too bad this anime is so underrated. Popular but not famous.

  32. a disease

    a disease23 hours ago

    he looks like aldrich killian if he never became evil

  33. krawchicken

    krawchicken23 hours ago

    imagine being so disconnected from real life that you worship another person on the internet that you don't even know

  34. RedBeretJim

    RedBeretJim23 hours ago

    3:56 ....

  35. Jordan Stainton

    Jordan Stainton23 hours ago

    Why does Charlie’s rhymes always give me a kick


    SPOOKITODay ago

    All scenarios Charlie gave saying it could be worse were honestly better than the absolute embarrassment that was those jokes

  37. Rev Rick

    Rev RickDay ago

    2:11 lol vice grips are pliers...THAT is a bench vice...and all of a sudden I'm wondering why I give a shit.........

  38. Owen Cahill

    Owen CahillDay ago

    Yikes just yikes

  39. Patrick Ellis

    Patrick EllisDay ago

    Is he Canadian?

  40. EnderalPhantom

    EnderalPhantomDay ago

    The animation makes me splurg

  41. Mechalism

    MechalismDay ago

    This hurts, I'll finish this one later

  42. caEwQk

    caEwQkDay ago

    4:48 it might be true tho you never know

  43. P3pp0z

    P3pp0zDay ago

    that is fucking awful. what the fuck.

  44. Ceyill

    CeyillDay ago

    kpop fans are the worst , most of them are 12yo fucking internet keyboard warrior

  45. Checkers

    CheckersDay ago

    "Stating your opinion on twitter" Probably the hardest stunt

  46. This username

    This usernameDay ago

    “I guess I’ll marry you” god that’s depressing


    SPOOKITODay ago

    Some people don’t deserve freedom of speech... it’s for the greater good of our second hand embarrassment

  48. Nerry_

    Nerry_Day ago

    Imagine something beats it in just 3 days

  49. Reuben Bailey

    Reuben BaileyDay ago

    Alright, you've already stole my heart by saying twitter bad.

  50. GB Packer Guy

    GB Packer GuyDay ago

    Fun fact... I am also a Uriah

  51. XeroDollars

    XeroDollarsDay ago

    me when i stub my toe: 6:25

  52. Benson

    BensonDay ago

    *“The Lord of the Rings of porn”*

  53. SaltyLeaf

    SaltyLeafDay ago


  54. Thorns of Yor

    Thorns of YorDay ago

    Why does he look like Bill Hader and Joe Keery combined?

  55. JustScrollingInTheComments

    JustScrollingInTheCommentsDay ago

    Ehh...still better than Amy Schumer

  56. bq

    bqDay ago

    Politicians are sad. No humans there.

  57. Luke Skywalker EU

    Luke Skywalker EUDay ago

    Imagine if they said: "20 years in prison"

  58. DKProductions

    DKProductionsDay ago

    Arkham origins is my favorite out of all the games

  59. Mouse _

    Mouse _Day ago

    Why tf he so quiet

  60. Lego Clonetrooper

    Lego ClonetrooperDay ago

    I tried..... **GASPS FOR AIR** In the end.... I did ~Arthur Morgan

  61. A M

    A MDay ago

    The cringe is strong

  62. Danjuw

    DanjuwDay ago

    I'm 10 seconds into the actual clip and I already feel physical pain....

  63. RaggaMuffin

    RaggaMuffinDay ago

    where did you get your inspiration from? Ks Kitchen? Or Cooking with jack? Roasting those worst chefs on youtube but your stuff looks not far from their creations.

  64. Shakib Rashid

    Shakib RashidDay ago

    even charlie is more funny than this cringe guy lmaooo

  65. Michael D'Angelo

    Michael D'AngeloDay ago

    “What did my butthole say when I put a finger in it? Nothing. It couldn’t talk, it’s a butthole. Idiots. Stupid. Face” 🤣💀

  66. doomphd

    doomphdDay ago

    How did they land bill nye for the acting role?

  67. SmokeCh3ddaDaAssGetta

    SmokeCh3ddaDaAssGettaDay ago

    done we're gay

  68. 201 crunt

    201 cruntDay ago

    One time lost a pool game and got a tennis ball shot at my back with one of these ... I still have the welt

  69. Novarity

    NovarityDay ago

    Oh, this was in Santa Barbara. Makes sense.

  70. Oblivion

    OblivionDay ago

    My step dad would get pissed off at me if I wasn’t using all the blade of the hand saw

  71. Ray Tan

    Ray TanDay ago

    the mike pence impersonator on the left is trying very hard to give a giggle

  72. James Wylie

    James WylieDay ago

    I had a dream about doing stand up in court as I was charged for murder

  73. Wonka Nobi

    Wonka NobiDay ago

    Please stop this fight its graphic youtube stop this

  74. Kirito Loves Pizza

    Kirito Loves PizzaDay ago

    Its not cringe, its just sad :(

  75. Masqueradian

    MasqueradianDay ago

    I'm able to watch the bloodiest of videos imaginable, but this is painful to watch. Mad respect for that man.

  76. Kuba :]

    Kuba :]Day ago

    Yeah the great painter Beethoven, not to be mistaken with DiCaprio and Gogh

  77. SmokeCh3ddaDaAssGetta

    SmokeCh3ddaDaAssGettaDay ago

    were those kids who watch psychomantis just super shy or were the massive fucking betas bro

  78. Scofflepot

    ScofflepotDay ago

    I feel kinda bad for him not gonna lie

  79. Eggyhead

    EggyheadDay ago


  80. benthecool 87

    benthecool 87Day ago

    I really wish critical would make more videos like this