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  1. Bj Williams

    Bj Williams4 hours ago

    Toivonen needs to get a look by some NFL scouts for sure

  2. Stephen Williams

    Stephen Williams4 hours ago

    Beasts #1 Awwwww yahhhhh

  3. Simple 87

    Simple 874 hours ago

    Damn I didn’t realize he was that short and good at basketball

  4. DC The Kid

    DC The Kid4 hours ago

    This guy man...he’s a no...he’s a...he’s a...he’s a no

  5. Connor Pattie

    Connor Pattie4 hours ago

    The ultimate tank bowl

  6. Curtis Welker

    Curtis Welker4 hours ago

    You want to know who should come to this league Nathan Peterman

  7. Hailong Xiao

    Hailong Xiao4 hours ago

    Read bunch of comments. Guess most the people here only follow losing teams. They never thought the real football season starts in December. Who peaks in that time span who will have the last laugh.

  8. Golden griZZ

    Golden griZZ5 hours ago

    Clickity clicky click clickbait Ohhhh..

  9. Adolfo Pacheco

    Adolfo Pacheco5 hours ago

    Beasts=Patriots, getting help from the refs all the time lmao

  10. Blez War

    Blez War5 hours ago

    Somehow 13-8 is a weird score. Quite literally a 2 point conversion and a missed extra point

  11. lilfoxey7

    lilfoxey75 hours ago

    He's small

  12. Bobby Scott

    Bobby Scott5 hours ago

    garbage when Fans control.

  13. Fanta

    Fanta5 hours ago

    How long is the field. Like 20 feet?

  14. TrashPanda

    TrashPanda5 hours ago

    Oh this isn't james harden nba ok I see

  15. Nicholas Wolstencroft

    Nicholas Wolstencroft5 hours ago

    that fucking throw out of sack to the check down was insane

  16. The Lone Penguin

    The Lone Penguin5 hours ago

    Imagine playing in the NBA for the nets and not even being the best James Harden in sports

  17. DetonateTheDilemma

    DetonateTheDilemma5 hours ago

    If it was the NBA’s James Harden I bet he would literally do nothing if he was on defense lmaooo

  18. Tyler Anderson

    Tyler Anderson5 hours ago

    This should just be called tony romo

  19. Lola Jay

    Lola Jay5 hours ago

    Imagine getting gifted a super bowl and only kicking a field goal #justiceforthesaints

  20. T Daddy

    T Daddy5 hours ago

    Win or lose we booze

  21. John DiSabito

    John DiSabito5 hours ago

    Refs somehow still enjoy playing refball just like the NFL smh

  22. paul mcginn

    paul mcginn5 hours ago

    first impression. no one play made gronk, i always call bronc cause he's like hoss. but never mind all that, what made gronk is he is from the brady, jerry rice, joe montana school of work ethics to name a few.

  23. Tony V

    Tony V5 hours ago

    I want to get into this league but the commentators make it unwatchable for me.

  24. Jake T

    Jake T5 hours ago

    The weirdest thing is hearing a commentator all your life then finally seeing his face.

  25. Sorryiplayxbox Notps4

    Sorryiplayxbox Notps45 hours ago

    Excuse me....trav what?

  26. J Tube

    J Tube6 hours ago

    Title: protect tony romo Cowboys O-line wait what does that mean

  27. noah frank

    noah frank6 hours ago

    Jesus loves you

  28. Deadpool

    Deadpool6 hours ago

    Wilson deserves better. Had no chance to even make a play

  29. Anthony Catino

    Anthony Catino6 hours ago

    Where do I sign up to play in this league?

  30. Jaeger Kahle

    Jaeger Kahle6 hours ago

    Tom Brady probably would’ve thrown it 5 yards

  31. B B

    B B6 hours ago

    Honestly enjoys this more than the nfl

  32. Team Beastmode

    Team Beastmode6 hours ago


  33. Asian Rice

    Asian Rice6 hours ago

    5:58 JAMES HARDEN me: wait james harden is now playing in the fcf me after: oh nvm its not harden its hart UNCOOL

  34. blacker58

    blacker586 hours ago

    little shorter than i remember

  35. KoolKive

    KoolKive6 hours ago

    i thought it was gonna be harden on the sidelines coming on to the field to celebrate or something

  36. Tucker Bolsinger

    Tucker Bolsinger6 hours ago

    What's it on

  37. DCL Wrestling

    DCL Wrestling6 hours ago

    What channel is the fan football League on

  38. Chris Marple

    Chris Marple6 hours ago

    I’m confusion

  39. ZayBreezy

    ZayBreezy6 hours ago

    I mean technically it's not clickbait lol

  40. FinnC2929

    FinnC29296 hours ago

    Announcers clearley weren’t that happy

  41. Joseph H

    Joseph H6 hours ago

    I would much rather watch this than indoor lacrosse. Production seems pretty cool.

  42. Ray6ix Glazed

    Ray6ix Glazed6 hours ago

    This just proves jay cutler sucks

  43. brcooley325

    brcooley3257 hours ago

    Wish NFL players would have some more fun like NBL

  44. Davide85

    Davide857 hours ago

    What a shitty way to end a decent game!

  45. Bamjeb15

    Bamjeb157 hours ago

    0:13 that laugh though.

  46. OwenGamer513

    OwenGamer5137 hours ago

    Beasts got bailed out by the refs

  47. TheOC

    TheOC7 hours ago

    Me looking at this like, huh James harden looking kinda small... I was tricked and bamboozled by that name lol.

  48. UCeagle79

    UCeagle797 hours ago

    It seems like every game has been close and competitive this is so fun to watch! Also great job with the highlights!

  49. ッParty Monster

    ッParty Monster7 hours ago

    One of the greatest thumbnails I’ve ever seen.

  50. Aggiesfan12

    Aggiesfan127 hours ago

    This was an amazing game, go Zappers!


    MRDIPPER YABOI7 hours ago

    Watch he probably not even gonna play next game

  52. Vaguely

    Vaguely7 hours ago

    Of course... the interceptions are thrown by my favorite team.

  53. graham peebles

    graham peebles7 hours ago

    This just shows that there will never be a company to compete with the nfl

  54. Harry Sheng

    Harry Sheng7 hours ago


  55. Cheng Bros

    Cheng Bros7 hours ago

    congrats glacier boyz you have won against the zappers only a brick wall can stop'em its name was the beasts

  56. XGU

    XGU7 hours ago

    Beasts need to legit run it more than 3 times a game

  57. Oli J

    Oli J7 hours ago

    i don’t wanna sound like a salty glacier boyz fan but wtf were those calls lmao

  58. Mia Eddleman

    Mia Eddleman7 hours ago


  59. Ike Washington

    Ike Washington7 hours ago

    I’m trying to dust my cleats off... better than my 9-5 sales job...

  60. Aasha Ahmed

    Aasha Ahmed7 hours ago

    Romo goated

  61. Zac Gibson

    Zac Gibson7 hours ago

    I hope this shit fails to show this league you must be willing to produce something better then this garage time league

  62. Rafael Orozco

    Rafael Orozco7 hours ago

    Fun fact: that's actually Kyler Murray and DeAndre Hopkins in disguise.

  63. F L A S H

    F L A S H7 hours ago

    No hate but we need better refs

  64. Bobs Dinos

    Bobs Dinos7 hours ago


  65. samofmaya

    samofmaya7 hours ago

    When he shaves he gets shorter as well.

  66. free headd

    free headd7 hours ago

    Jesus loves you

  67. Jaime Torres

    Jaime Torres8 hours ago


  68. Reginald Boggs

    Reginald Boggs8 hours ago

    I watched it live

  69. Josiah Paige

    Josiah Paige8 hours ago

    “Too Slow 52 I Don’t Wanna Hear Shit” - Number 9