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Florida's Wildest
Florida's Wildest

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-Chris \u0026 Gabby

Gator missing leg!
2-legged gator!?
Live with the Gators!
  1. Matthew Popow

    Matthew Popow6 hours ago

    Huh, I honestly didn't think that ticks attached themselves to reptiles as much

  2. Stephanie G

    Stephanie G6 hours ago

    What happens to the alligator?!

  3. Ili Silva

    Ili Silva6 hours ago

    Love that you guys rescued her. I did have a python once and gave to some one who wanted her. Definitely don’t just abandon pets. Worse thing you can do.

  4. Sophy Sam

    Sophy Sam6 hours ago

    Don’t let nature take its course. I felt like in his case he should have been an exception and taken in.

  5. Gonzalo Guerrasalinas

    Gonzalo Guerrasalinas6 hours ago


  6. PuertoRicanPrincess

    PuertoRicanPrincess6 hours ago

    I feel so sad for this beautiful creature being kept in a cage.

  7. juliet igot

    juliet igot7 hours ago

    I never thought that snakes could have ticks on their skins...

  8. Allen Andrews

    Allen Andrews7 hours ago

    It was either click on Avengers clips or an alligator bellowing. Good choice, me.

  9. agsiar

    agsiar7 hours ago

    Interesting part starts at 2:07 and ends at 4:30

  10. Kendra Sowell

    Kendra Sowell7 hours ago

    Nature is truly the greatest healer of all:)

  11. wsol80

    wsol807 hours ago

    That alligator is absolutely being a nuisance to me. I'll file the paperwork from CA if need be. Keep an eye on that guy and if he looks to be having trouble please pick him up. Imagine how great of a species ambassador he would be? He might be surviving, but there is no way he can defend himself from other gators.

  12. EekEekAMoose

    EekEekAMoose7 hours ago

    Could this have been a poaching situation? Get a top jaw or something?

  13. Victoria Nottingham

    Victoria Nottingham7 hours ago

    Thank you for making videos like these!! They are so interesting. I could never walk through the Everglades like you do. Too many things ready to bite! Haha

  14. Amanda Brank

    Amanda Brank7 hours ago

    🐊Amazing how he has over come having only 1 eye & no top jaw & living healthy!🐊

  15. Manitoba

    Manitoba7 hours ago

    Damn, poor alligator. No fault of the channel, by that bummed me out.

  16. Kitkat00221

    Kitkat002217 hours ago

    So I decided to google how much you might make and apparently $50 for a 4 footer and over 4 is 25$ per foot! That's crazy 😳

  17. Suzanna Slaby

    Suzanna Slaby7 hours ago

    Great video!! New subscriber here!

  18. Le Anh Nguyet

    Le Anh Nguyet8 hours ago

    Gator : You know how I feel , a little unpredictable snacks ....right ?.

  19. She Croc

    She Croc8 hours ago

    How does the alligator lose its top jaw? It must be very sad to see this. Lets hope this gator will still live as comfortably as it can.

  20. T Mo T

    T Mo T8 hours ago

    It's a trap! And holy crap do they move much quicker than I would have ever imagined. I actually jumped.

  21. Yaya Molina

    Yaya Molina8 hours ago

    That's is such a cool cat

  22. David Robertson

    David Robertson8 hours ago

    In TX ive walked up on 2 moccasins. 1 stood up tall n came at me n the other did chase me about 10' so it aint all myth. Maybe we just got the tard a$$hole variant, idk

  23. Rex Trowbridge

    Rex Trowbridge8 hours ago

    You would think that FFWC would come out and take that gator to someone so it can get special care and live the rest of its life in safety. I feel so sorry for animals like that, it breaks my heart!

  24. Tomsawyer

    Tomsawyer8 hours ago

    Amazing episode. It would be really great to see what that gator is living on, and more so how it's eating. Well we know it's got to be swallowing prey whole.

  25. Daniel Porras

    Daniel Porras8 hours ago

    Awesome video! I just subscribed today but I'm quickly loving your work. Best wishes from N. Florida.

  26. Emily Yuchasz

    Emily Yuchasz8 hours ago

    Yo thats godzilla

  27. Joe Penny

    Joe Penny8 hours ago

    That gator eating snails???

  28. Aunrah Aomi

    Aunrah Aomi8 hours ago

    I can't really watch snake picture or video, but my heart goes to him. 😥

  29. Mandisa Hryciw

    Mandisa Hryciw8 hours ago

    What kind of rattlesnake was that? New to the channel - love your videos!

  30. closplayguy68

    closplayguy689 hours ago

    Great video

  31. Raider Joe

    Raider Joe9 hours ago

    Gator: I wanna eat u Huma: **rubs chin** Gator: Nvm time to lay down

  32. Amanda Belecz

    Amanda Belecz9 hours ago

    I'll admit I'm not in love with snakes however it breaks my heart to see any animal in such a terrible state. Whoever abandoned her should be ashamed of themselves! Thank you so much for saving her.i really hope your videos can help educate people about being responsible pet owners 🤗

  33. Paul Brent

    Paul Brent9 hours ago

    I'm just here because there was a chick holding a snake with her mouth open

  34. Craftin' Me

    Craftin' Me9 hours ago

    She knows shes being well taken care of. She is such a good girl! <3 Thank you for rescuing this baby. Ive been watching the other videos! Shes got me invested lol

  35. Pebbles Pebbles

    Pebbles Pebbles9 hours ago

    What do you do with the pythons?

  36. Jermey Maham

    Jermey Maham9 hours ago

    What do you think caused the injury was it from a boat propeller?

  37. Dan Pennington

    Dan Pennington9 hours ago

    that is one hell of an injury. Surprised its still alive

  38. heather landskron

    heather landskron9 hours ago

    great video!! have a good evening. hi chris and gabby!! i hope all is well. cute wild monkeys..

  39. heather landskron

    heather landskron9 hours ago

    wow i didn't know that, but it look like he or she is doing okay. hi chris and gabby!! have a good evening. i hope all is well. great video!!


    HANG LOOSE ITS ZACH9 hours ago

    “He is really cold right now”. “He gotta be 70 something degrees”. When UK room temperature is considered cold 😳

  41. Ashley Walls

    Ashley Walls9 hours ago

    He raises up like don't u touch- oh wait this feels good lemme sit down

  42. Rift 348

    Rift 34810 hours ago

    What an absolute unit

  43. Scotty Mccurry

    Scotty Mccurry10 hours ago

    Y take the chance of getting your hand bit off why please tell me

  44. Steve Bellock

    Steve Bellock10 hours ago

    What an incredible day you had. I can't believe you saw that rattlesnake.

  45. Monica Kruczaj

    Monica Kruczaj10 hours ago

    A few years back when I was staying at my brothers place in Key West. There was a cold snap that came through. The temperature was was so cold iguanas were falling out of the trees. So sad

  46. Wanda Morales

    Wanda Morales10 hours ago

    Very educational, not a fan of Florida’s critters.

  47. Stephen

    Stephen10 hours ago

    Ha ha, that half-jawed alligator is pretty impressive. Well, I'm a chicken that had my head cut off by the farmer's wife, and I'm still running around, pecking at bugs. Or trying to. Damn! And, I typed this comment totally blind and headless, and using only my buffalo wings to tap the keys... Beat that, alligator!

  48. Brandi Kucko

    Brandi Kucko10 hours ago

    I love your channel!

  49. Teresa Smith

    Teresa Smith10 hours ago

    Yay another python out of the Everglades! What a survivor! The gator with no top jaw I love any animal that has heart like that.

  50. Hilarie Calijo

    Hilarie Calijo10 hours ago

    Poor baby. I feel so bad for him/her 😢

  51. Melanie Rollins

    Melanie Rollins10 hours ago

    Do you guys have any videos just on invasive species? I’d love to show it to my 5th grade class.

  52. Jael Ng

    Jael Ng10 hours ago

    their survival instincts are crazyyy

  53. Stephanie c.

    Stephanie c.10 hours ago

    Did people plant the inasive plants and if they did why would they? Im just curious how and why they get there.

  54. road trek

    road trek10 hours ago

    try pissing off a Pigmy rattlesnake. It will chase you! Bad bad temper!

  55. sound mind

    sound mind10 hours ago


  56. D S

    D S10 hours ago

    Poor alligator. It must be hard with no top jaw. I hope he will be ok

  57. S T

    S T10 hours ago

    What an incredible find. How can that gator catch anything with only one jaw? Does its tongue move much?

  58. stlmikie

    stlmikie10 hours ago

    Amazing animals gators are.

  59. Meg Cutter

    Meg Cutter10 hours ago

    Obviously the gator doing ok but it still makes me sad 😢

  60. Kira Snow

    Kira Snow10 hours ago

    wooow thats crazy

  61. Sweet Butpsycho

    Sweet Butpsycho10 hours ago

    Awesome video!!! What do you do with the pythons since they are invasive? How is your rescue with the stuck shed? Love this channel!

  62. Omar Mendez

    Omar Mendez10 hours ago

    Glad to find out you got a USlikes channel🤟🏼🤟🏼

  63. Stephanie c.

    Stephanie c.10 hours ago

    Woow thats crazy he survived with it!

  64. Lea G

    Lea G10 hours ago

    You guys are awesome. Thank you for taking care of this poor girl

  65. G2monki G

    G2monki G10 hours ago


  66. A Offical

    A Offical10 hours ago


  67. TrollerShia

    TrollerShia10 hours ago

    Oooooo interesting’

  68. EskimoDude

    EskimoDude10 hours ago

    How does this gator eat

  69. Clay Foster

    Clay Foster11 hours ago

    That gator has better teeth than me

  70. Bella

    Bella12 hours ago

    michael jamison: finally a worthy opponent, our battle will be legendary!

  71. Jili Anne

    Jili Anne12 hours ago

    I’ll be honest, i never thought ticks would feed on snakes/reptiles. I thought they only feed on furry mammals. 🥺

  72. Reliance Property Management

    Reliance Property Management12 hours ago

    I would die if I had that many ticks on me. I have had one tick on me once and I could not get out of my bed for a day.

  73. Abdalla Matit

    Abdalla Matit12 hours ago

    Fun fact: this was in you recommendation

  74. Emerald

    Emerald13 hours ago

    I wish i was that fearless 😳, I'm to terrified 😣

  75. Mikey Moose

    Mikey Moose14 hours ago

    Not going to lie, this is like super majestic to me somehow.

  76. Khadaj_Nash

    Khadaj_Nash14 hours ago

    Where in Florida did you find him? If it’s in South Florida, I’d gladly adopt the little snoodle.

  77. María Fernanda Acosta Núñez

    María Fernanda Acosta Núñez14 hours ago

    You shouldn’t grab that snake like that, and it’s worse because of the ticks.

  78. aralyn rivers

    aralyn rivers14 hours ago

    What should I do if I find an invasive chameleon outside in Florida? Obviously re-releasing them is not an option, but I don’t have the resources to keep one as a pet and I don’t know anyone who would be interested in adopting one. Is there a place that takes in invasive species?