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  1. L. A. Mon

    L. A. Mon13 hours ago

    Zach's body roll is everything!

  2. Kayla Green

    Kayla Green13 hours ago

    Question: when eating do your employees have to remind you to not eat too much because you have more to eat? Like if you like something and want to continue to eat it?

  3. Jasmine Anastassia

    Jasmine Anastassia13 hours ago

    when an eat the menu ep is more than 30 mins long you KNOW keith is about to lose his mind

  4. Moreliaaa

    Moreliaaa13 hours ago

    wow I've never seen Keith eat this many vegetables before

  5. Kwak the duck

    Kwak the duck13 hours ago

    Keith and ned would probably the best dad

  6. Brian Basurto

    Brian Basurto13 hours ago

    as a mexican im triggered af

  7. Sierra Tofte

    Sierra Tofte13 hours ago

    i want to be as passionate about literally anything as Becky is about her quesadillas ..

  8. Hem A'royd

    Hem A'royd13 hours ago

    Conspiracy is new speak for thought crime.

  9. Jaidyn Withyman

    Jaidyn Withyman13 hours ago


  10. Adriana M RM

    Adriana M RM13 hours ago

    Try the kid's meal: veggie with guac/pico/sour cream and then ask for queso on the side. I make a sauce quesdilla.

  11. Annaeeee

    Annaeeee13 hours ago

    The vinaigrette is gross.

  12. Garine Nikola

    Garine Nikola13 hours ago

    i love how all the try guys had a single emotional experience with one or more animals and the tasmanian devil wouldnt even eat the egg keith gave it.

  13. Paula Jaramillo

    Paula Jaramillo13 hours ago

    And for that Matty impression, I'm giving this vid a like.

  14. Diana Ríos

    Diana Ríos13 hours ago

    Team tomato🤣

  15. emma jade

    emma jade13 hours ago

    judge on the left has major hots for eugene and i am very into it

  16. Lesley Plunkett

    Lesley Plunkett13 hours ago

    I love when Keith is food drunk. On a side not - love to see Jack on some future videos like a judge on Without a Recipe or have the Try Guys do a gaming challenge and he judges he is so funny

  17. LilSisBH

    LilSisBH13 hours ago

    6:15, was that a @Barats&Beretta ref?

  18. Stina Strickland

    Stina Strickland13 hours ago

    Vegan bowl....Keith turns into a bunny... 🐇

  19. Jeneva Touchie

    Jeneva Touchie13 hours ago

    Ryan - is my new favourite! Please, please bring him back!! 😉

  20. G.

    G.13 hours ago


  21. •Bërñådëtte•Jöyçē• Møñtāñõ•

    •Bërñådëtte•Jöyçē• Møñtāñõ•13 hours ago


  22. Rebekah Tennenbaum

    Rebekah Tennenbaum13 hours ago

    I’m so excited! I’ve been waiting for the Chipotle episode for years!

  23. Jenna Hsu

    Jenna Hsu13 hours ago

    Love the blue wall, but I lowkey miss the rag-tag “back of the van” vibe

  24. Artys10

    Artys1013 hours ago

    "Who needs double the tortilla? People ask for that?" Listen, I make a beast of a burrito when I'm gonna have my stomach pay for it later.

  25. Gina Ray

    Gina Ray13 hours ago

    courage here to make everything sexual because eugene isnt there

  26. Gabe

    Gabe13 hours ago

    had no idea that the OG quesadilla was a "secret menu" item, that's all i would order. i hope they can make it that way again

  27. Josie Bieler

    Josie Bieler13 hours ago

    Can someone explain the different numbered fork thing

  28. Nazika Nazmin Choudhury

    Nazika Nazmin Choudhury13 hours ago

    I love how Keith turned into a whole different person with each guest! With Becky: a 6 year old who wants to play with his food With Ryan: an 11 year old who's hungry but doesn't like anything on the menu. So he's hangry and bored. With Jack: a drunk/stoned college dude!

  29. sweetpeaelle21

    sweetpeaelle2113 hours ago

    Hot take: I don’t like Chipotle

  30. ShiftyAC

    ShiftyAC13 hours ago

    Never expected courage to be on these episodes lmaoo

  31. Monica

    Monica13 hours ago

    First time seeing Jack Dunlop but his and Keith's chemistry is off the fucking charts

  32. Student Lemon Bingham

    Student Lemon Bingham13 hours ago

    18:25 that little äyo"made my whole day lmfao those grandmas in the front row lmao

  33. wheredidmyfriendsgo

    wheredidmyfriendsgo13 hours ago

    What is with Keith and Becky squeezing the juice out of their food? Meals at home must be wild.

  34. aicila azlabas

    aicila azlabas13 hours ago

    Keith is for sure high here lol

  35. Vocal V

    Vocal V13 hours ago

    Eugene where did you get that bomb hoodie, I’ve been looking for it and I really want it

  36. Khalisah

    Khalisah13 hours ago

    im upset that this vid is underrated like COME ON omggg shes so precious

  37. Jade W

    Jade W13 hours ago

    I have never seen Saggitarius ranked so high! I feel so loved!! I feel like I don't hear to much about Saggitarius from other signs. BTW I seem to love Capricorns so I'm sad you ranked it so low. : (

  38. wheredidmyfriendsgo

    wheredidmyfriendsgo13 hours ago

    Didn't Becky's ever parents tell her not to play with her food?

  39. shutupgrande

    shutupgrande13 hours ago

    the try guys are our lost brothers

  40. Gina Ray

    Gina Ray13 hours ago

    this is hands down one of the best eat the menus!

  41. Kayla Danforth

    Kayla Danforth13 hours ago

    “It’s me?!? I won the pavavulva award?!”

  42. Roos ten Cate

    Roos ten Cate13 hours ago


  43. Natalie Young

    Natalie Young13 hours ago

    me watching this while high

  44. K D

    K D13 hours ago

    Keiths voice is literally vibrating my phone

  45. Ayush Bundela

    Ayush Bundela13 hours ago

    Indian food cooked by Jains . Fuck .

  46. Corianne Royer

    Corianne Royer13 hours ago

    I hate the kids menu. They get 3 choices for tacos total. Some kids like more than 3 ingredients! My kids (10 and 6) like meat, cheese, beans, rice, guac, sour cream, and lettuce. I end up getting them both regular bowls.

  47. JiminyCriket

    JiminyCriket13 hours ago

    You'd think after all that time and trouble restoring his hair, he'd get a decent haircut/style so he DOESN'T look like he's going bald! 😑

  48. forgotn1

    forgotn113 hours ago

    Oh my god. Can you imagine the energy in a Matty X Keith video? That'd be absolutely wild and I would *love* to see it.

  49. Jalena Rainn

    Jalena Rainn13 hours ago

    I am also a fan of the vinaigrette like Ryan. Keith really made me question myself for a second.

  50. Kaerwynne

    Kaerwynne13 hours ago

    I adore Keith's decent into madness 😂

  51. Felicia Cuecaco

    Felicia Cuecaco13 hours ago

    Keith is at the point in his fullness that all emotions come at once because you’re full but keep eatting

  52. Jennifer Lopez

    Jennifer Lopez13 hours ago

    I swear the police man looks like my dad

  53. Katie Gregory

    Katie Gregory13 hours ago

    not me thinking there was an inflatable mattress for ned in the background, only to realize its a couch that was already in the restaurant XD

  54. Anna Allison

    Anna Allison13 hours ago

    Im so jealous keith isnt mine... lol dont come for me Becky!!!! 💜

  55. Nat L

    Nat L13 hours ago

    Becky WHY would you eat a taco like that

  56. jgfhljkl

    jgfhljkl13 hours ago

    Ryan Garcia you are quite sexy i must say...

  57. Kristen BOOKS

    Kristen BOOKS13 hours ago

    10/10 there’s always a gap at the bottom of the guac, and there’s never enough guac for the bag of chips. When I get a large, the problem reverses, but the ratio’s at least CLOSER.

  58. azexl86

    azexl8613 hours ago

    Please do chick fil a

  59. Hope Yamada

    Hope Yamada13 hours ago

    Courage and Keith were so precious lol, I loved how Courage clearly watches the show and wanted to do it right. So so sweet!

  60. toxic feelings

    toxic feelings13 hours ago

    Keith is just a hyped joe pera

  61. Erica Downing

    Erica Downing13 hours ago

    i love guests!!!!!

  62. XxAnimexLoverxX13

    XxAnimexLoverxX1313 hours ago

    Thank you for making more videos of eat the menu. It really does help me. I have a hard time having an appetite during the day and when I’m trying to eat and relax I tend to have anxiety and despite smoking a ton of weed. I didn’t have an appetite until I sat down. Smoked a bowl. Put on Keiths beautiful teeth eating the menu and I can eat my dinner with you guys. And it feels better.

  63. Marcus Berry

    Marcus Berry13 hours ago

    Not the Money Lettuce 😂

  64. Prina Jindal

    Prina Jindal13 hours ago

    Even with the recipe they are just as chaotic 😂

  65. Sydne Gernaat

    Sydne Gernaat13 hours ago

    Nothing like watching an Eat Everything Episode and being like, "Is that Eddie Dantes?" *This is an Edgar Allan Poe Murder Mystery Dinner Party reference

  66. Matthew Tasetano

    Matthew Tasetano13 hours ago

    I need to know why the numbers were different on those forks. 👀

  67. Kaitlyn Maschke

    Kaitlyn Maschke13 hours ago

    That Marty Matheson impression was spot on 😂

  68. aurora78

    aurora7813 hours ago

    That final song... nope, no idea why you don't get the big corporate sponsorships, 😆

  69. HAZER_Batz

    HAZER_Batz13 hours ago

    In the nicest way possible... Karen.

  70. Nicole Peaslee

    Nicole Peaslee14 hours ago

    I freaking love Chipotle. I always get the sofrito tacos and tons of extra queso.

  71. Husnaa Vhora

    Husnaa Vhora14 hours ago

    Did Becky start eating red meats again? I know she only used to eat chicken.

  72. percabethisawesome

    percabethisawesome14 hours ago

    1/10. missed keith-osis joke when talking about ketosis. will not be buying again

  73. Aye Borba

    Aye Borba14 hours ago

    The numbers on the forks are the numbers of the molds so the manufacturer notices a malfunction on the injection mold or even after de production they find a quality deficiency, they can recall the bad batch and recognize the mold that was malfunctioning.

  74. Becca Anne Foster

    Becca Anne Foster14 hours ago

    I love the vinegrette

  75. Rikki Crowder

    Rikki Crowder14 hours ago

    I can tell Keith has a big friend crush on Jack cause he was still very "on" despite being exhausted and miserably full of Chipotle lol

  76. Keira Roberts

    Keira Roberts14 hours ago

    Becky and Keith are such a beautifully chaotic couple, it’s so funny. :)

  77. Michael

    Michael14 hours ago

    Let's sit side by side and scream at the top of our lungs.

  78. Valerie Park

    Valerie Park14 hours ago

    White people: I'm going to lose so much weight if I eat like our ancestors did 10,000 years ago Also white people: *piles on guacamole with an ice cream scoop*

  79. sophia

    sophia14 hours ago

    omg it was such a surprise to have jack in this video LOL

  80. Lennox Vazquez

    Lennox Vazquez14 hours ago

    "There's no cinnamon on set. But I saw some trail mix by the door." Keith. The shit that comes out of Keith's mouth sometimes is just *chef's kiss*