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  1. mmi16

    mmi168 hours ago

    Surprised Tucker isn't being SWAT'd.

  2. Trash Clips

    Trash Clips8 hours ago

    Does he even read those books behind him


    THEKNUCKS698 hours ago

    You should really check out the Kevin's really dead the whole time theory it's pretty good.

  4. Geoffrey Winn

    Geoffrey Winn8 hours ago


  5. D3fec7

    D3fec78 hours ago

    If you substituted shaman guy for Portland rioters firebombing federal courthouses, does the legal advice stay the same? Or does it get nuance..

  6. Dylan Philpott

    Dylan Philpott8 hours ago

    Can we just retract Newsmax as a whole?

  7. David Stratton

    David Stratton8 hours ago

    They should rename The Tucker Carlson show . . to . . . Tucker's Suckers.


    DR. BROOKSIE ESQ.8 hours ago

    I noticed you only showed Donald Trump with Epstein and not the many pictures of the Clintons (both Bill and Hillary) with him. Pull up your pants, your bias is showing.

  9. Kora Dorcey

    Kora Dorcey8 hours ago

    Can you do a movie law review of the old movie "The Client" I've loved it forever, and want to know if its legally accurate

  10. Sh1ptoast

    Sh1ptoast8 hours ago

    Bruh I thought that clip was fake

  11. David Stratton

    David Stratton8 hours ago

    Tucker Carlson and his lying bro Trump both need to be in prison for life . . . . . ACTUAL life, not this get a sentence for 25 years and be out in 4, crap.

  12. PsychoGamer

    PsychoGamer8 hours ago

    It would be interesting seeing a video like this one regarding the Apple vs Epic Games case

  13. Mila Ortun

    Mila Ortun8 hours ago

    If someone defends their tucker report with saying "Well I thought it was real I saw it on tv". It should be brought up that Fox had to claim in court that Tucker knows he's lying and that all of his audience knows too.

  14. Izzy

    Izzy8 hours ago

    A+ for Ad placement transition.

  15. David Zarate

    David Zarate8 hours ago

    Anti Karen legislation. I like the sound of that.

  16. Chickpea Pasta

    Chickpea Pasta8 hours ago

    Commenting for the algorithm ✨ because everyone needs to know how ~legally~ abhorrent Tucker Carlson is.

  17. J A

    J A8 hours ago

    Understandable that tucky doesn't support parent's rights to raise their kids how they want. He never actually knew his parents, because reptiles don't raise their young. 😞

  18. Martinho

    Martinho8 hours ago

    People saying he's joking don't understand that he's neither a comedian nor that he's a propaganda machine

  19. Chad Victoriam

    Chad Victoriam8 hours ago

    Your video sucks.

  20. Aleksandrs Masharo

    Aleksandrs Masharo8 hours ago

    The real crime is committing here by you who promotes and defends fascism.

  21. Thiago Albino Santos

    Thiago Albino Santos8 hours ago

    Tucker should be arrested, he will make people commit crimes, again and again

  22. Thatcher Doing Cool Stuff

    Thatcher Doing Cool Stuff8 hours ago

    Hey you should def react to the custody battle episode in grey’s anatomy season 14

  23. purcedure

    purcedure8 hours ago

    @All - 35 second video... There's more to the story...

  24. David Dubois

    David Dubois8 hours ago

    I hope you do see her in court... mostly cause I want to see _you_ in court defending your good name

  25. Nick Holmes

    Nick Holmes8 hours ago

    Tucker Carlson and the GOP are attacking Halloween!!

  26. ItsYoBoy Kris Fields

    ItsYoBoy Kris Fields8 hours ago

    Bout time

  27. justasop

    justasop8 hours ago

    Me who stayed home alone when I was 8: 😳

  28. Doc .Rankin

    Doc .Rankin8 hours ago

    If I was Dominion, I'd make every single person and entity that I sued make a public apology in front of the camera. Defeated and shamed. That's what I want to see.....(maybe orange jumpsuits but that's later)

  29. Jay Haischer

    Jay Haischer9 hours ago

    can you really slip and fall if you live under water tho

  30. TealWolf26

    TealWolf269 hours ago

    Dr. Simone Gold: "I'm fighting the lockdown!" LegalEagle: "We don't do that here."

  31. eddy current

    eddy current9 hours ago

    tucker is not on our side

  32. Captain America 1776

    Captain America 17769 hours ago

    You are talking about a political commentators hyperbole, and not address the fact that during a murder trial right before closing arguments, a Congresswoman publicly stated (even though the Jury was not sequestered) she wanted a guilty, guilty. guilty verdict or "we will not leave, we will not give up, we will have to get more confrontational". I think the congresswoman has more power than a political commentator.

  33. Tomislav Andrasec

    Tomislav Andrasec9 hours ago

    OBJECTION! The Good Samaritan rule applies to help IF it is REASONABLE to do so... The guy was armed! How could they help without phones and weapons against armed robber! The right thing is to get away... -Then reporters should be on trial who are filming news as let us say bank robbery unfolds for not storming in front of the pistol...

  34. T ZB

    T ZB9 hours ago

    The majority of Fox News viewers would be in deep, deep trouble if the law mandated that all parenting decisions must have a scientific basis.

  35. Jazz DIRT

    Jazz DIRT9 hours ago

    Really, a background check.. not for guns.. but for love .. LOL Muricans....

  36. Lonesome Lenny

    Lonesome Lenny9 hours ago

    Newsmax was fortunate to settle but Dominion should give a turbo legal enema to all other parties involved to set the record straight.

  37. Kyle Brown

    Kyle Brown9 hours ago

    Wait but why would the "negligent / reckless driving" from the barefoot discussion not also apply to the internal light being on? As you said yourself, it can be distracting or make it more difficult to see due to the reflection, so actively leaving it on would be reckless, no?

  38. Harry Stephenson

    Harry Stephenson9 hours ago

    Sorry, been living under a rock for that past few years, who is who and who did what now?

  39. Just Sharon

    Just Sharon9 hours ago

    My dad went to law school

  40. LiamborninDC

    LiamborninDC9 hours ago

    Outdoor transmission is low as long as you stay distanced from other people. So kids running around a playground with their friends and breathing all over each other doesn't count as distanced.

  41. Len Thomas

    Len Thomas9 hours ago

    They let Hollywood up into the Whitehouse and this is this is what happened. Sex, Lies, Drugs and Venmo Accounts. This is just to seedy.

  42. Clark Sheckells

    Clark Sheckells9 hours ago

    Please quit showing me this idiots tiktoks

  43. Hailee Danielle

    Hailee Danielle9 hours ago

    I'd really like to see you react to 'I Care A Lot' !!

  44. 00meat Plays

    00meat Plays9 hours ago

    Please don't call Tucker a libertarian. As an actual libertarian I find this to be somewhat offensive.

  45. damasviews

    damasviews9 hours ago

    They should be forced to play their refraction every hour on their channel.

  46. John Detter

    John Detter9 hours ago

    Natural selection

  47. John Hogan

    John Hogan9 hours ago

    Bro, that dude’s last name is Coomer? That’s hilarious

  48. Mortbise

    Mortbise9 hours ago

    Carlson is a tool anyway. Not the dumbest one in the toolbox, but that one behind the old shelves that vanished under the dust and grime.

  49. Andersson Dyke

    Andersson Dyke9 hours ago

    I feel like another grade of negligence would be buying the wet floor sign and never putting it out. Sure, Mr. Krabs once thought about it when purchasing in this case, but he also never revealed that he owned one. Which is worse?

  50. Emperor Orthopox

    Emperor Orthopox9 hours ago

    It may not be admissable in court but it sure makes you look bad It's not like everyone is wearing a butt load of glitter and it's unlikely that a common criminal is going to give an intelligent explanation

  51. Master Pink

    Master Pink9 hours ago

    Has there ever been a trial over what ICECREAM flavor is better?

  52. Master Pink

    Master Pink9 hours ago

    Has there ever been a trial over what ICECREAM flavor is better

  53. David X.

    David X.9 hours ago

    Objection: IIRC, Dominion itself is still suing Newsmax, just Coomer is settling

  54. Astrobella

    Astrobella9 hours ago

    I’m so happy you said “everything is legal in New Jersey”

  55. Mr Pig

    Mr Pig9 hours ago

    Since there’s already precedent for “no reasonable person” taking him seriously that seems like it would give serious standing that a call like this would be made in bad faith

  56. Syeda Fatima

    Syeda Fatima9 hours ago

    I was watching it with

  57. Chelsea R

    Chelsea R9 hours ago

    Omg I love this collaboration

  58. Quinn Martin

    Quinn Martin9 hours ago

    All numbers are made up

  59. Maxwell Sage

    Maxwell Sage9 hours ago

    Is the music at the beginning from Hunter Quinn's album "Rambles?" Great vid!

  60. Scooty Puff Sr

    Scooty Puff Sr9 hours ago

    Best scene of all time

  61. MrRendeer

    MrRendeer9 hours ago

    My parents never really told me anything was illegal out of convenience. They would tell me that no, it's not illegal, but it would be great if I still didn't do it, and I listened to them. I'm thankful for my parents.

  62. Tippy Daug

    Tippy Daug9 hours ago

    One of the limitations of a FOIA request is limiting any "techniques or procedures for investigations or prosecutions" amongst many other things. It's incredibly likely this book delved into those things and other things that fall under limitations of the FOIA. As such a major lawyer, you'd think you would know about these limitations...

  63. Tyler Stevens

    Tyler Stevens9 hours ago

    Given the damage, I'd prefer theses cases go through to a verdict.

  64. steelersguy74

    steelersguy749 hours ago

    We’re SOOOO close to never having to hear the name Rudy Giuliani ever again!

  65. Diego Berzain

    Diego Berzain9 hours ago

    surprised at the lack of coomer jokes

  66. Shadrick Carrick

    Shadrick Carrick9 hours ago

    Could you do an episode where movies have snippets of Legal situations but aren't full legal movies, (eg Lilo and stitch scene where Lilo had signed an adoption certificate to keep Lilo). It would probably only cover a minute or less of video time, but there'd be a bunch of movies that have these small scenes.

  67. william rankine

    william rankine9 hours ago

    Hi was just wondering if you ever checked out the battlestar galactica baltar trial

  68. Super Mario

    Super Mario9 hours ago

    Got it ... a settlement written on "font no. 2" .. posted for 48 hours (Saturday and Sunday) ....

  69. EatenBy TheDistance

    EatenBy TheDistance9 hours ago

    Let’s talk about tucker carlsons hair.....fake comb over is completely ridiculous, that should be a fashion crime worthy of calling law enforcement. What kind of name is “Tucker” ? Having a name like that is like having your mother dress you up for Sunday Sunday school everyday of your life.

  70. Jean Lepage

    Jean Lepage9 hours ago

    Finally a person who attended multiple antifa riot get arrested. He only needed to be in 1 Trump rally 😂

  71. Lius

    Lius9 hours ago

    Welcome to another life episode of...White people be doing the darnest things lol

  72. michael rowe

    michael rowe9 hours ago

    Question for Legaleagle. Can a defense layer also practice as a prosecutor or is it a specialization?

  73. brady50429

    brady504299 hours ago

    Any deformation against cnn

  74. Dope Ragu

    Dope Ragu9 hours ago

    We can only hope we'll see him.... In court!

  75. Dorian Payne

    Dorian Payne9 hours ago

    Where were your videos about antifa? blm? Portland? You are a bias hack....


    NAFISA HAFEEZ9 hours ago

    I wish he did holes the movie as many children go to jail so is it according to law

  77. Alyssa Danielle

    Alyssa Danielle9 hours ago

    " I don't think he's a good lawyer" hahahhahahahfhjfhdfa

  78. Seth iRoth

    Seth iRoth9 hours ago

    1.3k dislikes..... Bunch of snowflake 🤣🤣

  79. Jonny B

    Jonny B9 hours ago

    Even if Tucker is satire, the number of folks who watch him who ain’t bright enough to appreciate that.