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  1. Feminism is a lie promoting misandry

    Feminism is a lie promoting misandry23 minutes ago

    <The globalist elite occult worshipers hiding in plain sight again. The Bill and Melinda Gates Foundation only 0.3 miles away from the Space Needle. Read about Event 201 a simulated test run for a pandemic which was held October 2019 hosted by the Bill and Melinda Gates Foundation. Beware of the coming Kabbalah Christ and "miracles" in the sky.>


    SNEAKIE31 minute ago

    Good!!! We don't want them

  3. Mae Mae

    Mae Mae31 minute ago

    Let invade Canada again

  4. Michael Abell

    Michael Abell34 minutes ago

    They protecting inslee. Thats embarrassing

  5. Oceania 23

    Oceania 2335 minutes ago

    Remember all activists groups dressed like ninjas ! Get out there on J20. The government can't tell you what to do! Do it for social justice!

  6. Rocknium1

    Rocknium136 minutes ago

    Where is the gabagool 🤭

  7. Craig Littlefield

    Craig Littlefield38 minutes ago

    Mr Governor Sir , people unmasked at ravensdale park and maple valley Fred Meyer parking lot a lot of young people no mask same at Safeway at black diamond bike park no mask I’m concerned about these spreaders people are not fallowing rules and guidelines vaccines are no good we are stuck with this virus just like influenza and pneumonia no cure means not safe

  8. randy gee

    randy gee39 minutes ago

    Inslee you F ng worthless pos. Where the F is my unemployment.

  9. Qwerty Pro

    Qwerty Pro42 minutes ago

    I don’t think this guy wanted to hurt anyone. He was just done and went out having some fun. Took his own life and didn’t hurt a soul.

  10. Steven Miller

    Steven Miller44 minutes ago

    Seattle NEWS Organization being critical of the Capitol Riots? Ironic... Have we forgotten this idiotic thinking ENCOURAGED THE SEATTLE CAPITOL HILL "CHOP" zone?? Let's review how this went down... They were CRITICAL of PRESIDENT TRUMP helping so they allowed the BLM protesters to RIOT AND ANNEX a chunk of downtown SEATTLE and they occupied an ENTIRE SEATTLE POLICE STATION WITHIN THE CHOP ZONE. This was so badly handled the Black CHIEF OF POLICE RESIGNED and several black officers quit when they defunded the Seattle police budget. Be careful of this madness it benefits none of us, Black, White, Asian, mixed or whatever your race is. BTW... most of us have racially diverse families now anyway...

  11. w

    w47 minutes ago

    who are all these conservative voices in a state that voted for Biden?....smells fishy 'cause were near the Sound?

  12. Kai Anderson

    Kai Anderson49 minutes ago

    Civil war when?

  13. Santiago de León Audio

    Santiago de León Audio51 minute ago

    Vivir para ver, Dios bendiga a Los Estados Unidos.

  14. Michael Abell

    Michael Abell53 minutes ago

    Inslee what a loser

  15. Michael Abell

    Michael Abell54 minutes ago

    Just to listen to Inslee makes me and a lot of people sick to there stomachs. He is a socialist Dem and is corrupting our state along with our country. He is a punk and needs to be taken out of office. YESTERDAY

  16. وعد سامح

    وعد سامحHour ago


  17. Leah Farmer

    Leah FarmerHour ago

    Rodgers lost my vote for life

  18. FreedomsMellowD

    FreedomsMellowDHour ago

    If every small business owner in this country does not drop out of the Chamber of Commerce, then they are idiots. They are working against you.

  19. The X Nut

    The X NutHour ago

    Holy balls i ve been in this shop like 6 years back. Time flies along with their walls

  20. Israelite Reuploader 144

    Israelite Reuploader 144Hour ago

    Its created by a Chariot of the most high Yahawah. They should stop the BS and come out with the classified documents

  21. mario carosone

    mario carosoneHour ago


  22. Emmanuel Regent

    Emmanuel RegentHour ago

    Let me guess....ANTIFA 🙄

  23. Greg Ringler

    Greg RinglerHour ago

    WELCOME TO SOCIALISM !!!!!!!!!!!!!! WELCOME TO SOCIALISM. !!!!!!!!!!!!! WELCOME TO SOCIALISM !!!!!!!!!!!!!! NOT!!!!!!!!!!!!

  24. DrunkenGuitarGuy

    DrunkenGuitarGuyHour ago

    how did america get to be so stupid?? a couple generations raised and educated by tv's and videogames!!

  25. noneof yourbusiness

    noneof yourbusinessHour ago

    It's common sense to wear a 😷! Please think of others! No one wants to die!!!

  26. Big Dwz

    Big DwzHour ago

    Guy with the pepper spray was lucky the guy didn't stab him clearly he is not trained for this type of incident.

  27. John Doe

    John DoeHour ago

    Thats some b.s.. you resisted arrest.

  28. davetileguy

    davetileguy2 hours ago

    Yes pollute the sky and ground to stop oil trains ???? thats eco terrorist thinking for you.

  29. Kyle Chew

    Kyle Chew2 hours ago

    where is this located and is this opened to the public yet?

  30. Mr Peace

    Mr Peace2 hours ago

    This is the fastest coffee purchase ever!

  31. icebreaker

    icebreaker2 hours ago


  32. True skeptic

    True skeptic2 hours ago

    An attempt to gaslight people doing normal human activities. Getting out doors to experience nature and clean air is good for mental health but here's the "nanny" media poopoo-ing.

  33. souixness

    souixness2 hours ago

    We are just a couple of taxes away from utopia people! Bite me Inslee!

  34. Lucas Russi

    Lucas Russi2 hours ago

    Leo was always there...

  35. Geoffrey B

    Geoffrey B2 hours ago

    Should've sent them home on Amtrak back to Seattle in the baggage car. Would've taken about 4 to 5 days.

  36. Lance Warr

    Lance Warr2 hours ago

    Put these losers in jail

  37. Drew P Knutz

    Drew P Knutz3 hours ago

    Had to shut down for 2 days because somebody drew 2 tiny swastikas on an easily cleaned No Loitering sign? (They left that out on this report) Yeah, OK..And the fires were like 2 months ago. And nothing on cameras?

  38. Jim Backus

    Jim Backus3 hours ago


  39. The Observer

    The Observer3 hours ago

    What happened? Did someone call attention to the color black?? That will generate a lot of clicks!!! (what a sick world)

  40. INCEL

    INCEL3 hours ago

    This will save humans from COVID-19 virus. Everyone invest all your money in technology that does this during this pandemic.

  41. Gerardo Godoy

    Gerardo Godoy3 hours ago

    Trump ❤ Biden 👎Stolen election.

  42. Oceania 23

    Oceania 233 hours ago

    Last summer, Inslee completely ignores FBI briefings about antifa groups that Carmen Best received in Seattle. Then he sends the national guard home at Cal Anderson park. When the CHAZ invariably happens, his response is "Well that's news to me" Cities burn all summer and it's a collective shoulder shrug from Washington state leadership. Now its "Defcon 1" ? Pretty sure its called repressive tolerance. .

  43. BoostedPower

    BoostedPower3 hours ago

    Nice Let's shut down the outdoors too

  44. Richard K MuseVid-Metal RVREVO

    Richard K MuseVid-Metal RVREVO3 hours ago

    Since when can kids not rideca bicycle thru a parkinglot of a mall? That's messed up.

  45. dreamy & blue

    dreamy & blue3 hours ago

    Her screaming in pain makes my heart sing 💙

  46. Rise of Health Consciousness

    Rise of Health Consciousness3 hours ago

    what are the long term effects??

  47. C C

    C C3 hours ago

    For drive up vaccinations, what arrangements are in place for people with known or unknown/unexpected allergies resulting in an anaphylactic reaction? Where are they monitored? Do they have EPI pens on site? Is there a doctor in the drive through area? Seems a little less safe than getting vaccinated in a doctor's office or medical facility for those who have an anaphylactic reaction.


    JVONROCK3 hours ago

    And nobody shows up. It’s planned for June 20th.

  49. Mike Cullen

    Mike Cullen3 hours ago

    I wonder if he was shot down. 11:06 this is 446 we're gonna go ahead and shut down...was that code?

  50. PUMATV

    PUMATV3 hours ago

    My big question is how did the cops get there in less than a minute?

  51. Amber N

    Amber N3 hours ago

    A lot of people are stuck here (DR) because it's too difficult to obtain a test. And for the people who ARE able to obtain a test, aren't able to get their results within three days. Three days is not a reasonable amount of time to receive test results in many places because of the high amount of tests they're already giving. When I took mine in the US before coming here to the DR, it took 5 days to get my results.

  52. Jason Glessner

    Jason Glessner3 hours ago

    Well wait. I can't blame them for making it known that they are a "Black owned" coffee shop. See, if they don't they run the risk of Antifa or BLM burning their business down. BLM and Antifa destroyed A LOT of black owned businesses because they burn first and ask questions later.

  53. hempelchamp

    hempelchamp4 hours ago

    It Shouldn’t Have To Be This Way! Screw Inslee!!

  54. Dave Myers

    Dave Myers4 hours ago

    Falcons are always better

  55. godblesschild808

    godblesschild8084 hours ago

    Anyone who dislikes this got problem and enjoy reading his book

  56. flobie1kenobi

    flobie1kenobi4 hours ago


  57. Speed Racer

    Speed Racer4 hours ago

    I hope they take the payment out of his retirement! Make his whole family feel it!

  58. Jason Glessner

    Jason Glessner4 hours ago

    Well good. I'm gald they are getting support.

  59. Michael Clark

    Michael Clark4 hours ago

    I wish I could pull a gun on someone and only get a 5 day unpaid vacation.

  60. thisisLEA

    thisisLEA4 hours ago

    "it's what I love, so I have to keep doing it." bless this kid

  61. Jay Quinn

    Jay Quinn4 hours ago

    Trust the plan

  62. இராசகோபால் சே

    இராசகோபால் சே4 hours ago

    God bless you ..need to learn this great attitude from you

  63. GDMan Number 1

    GDMan Number 14 hours ago

    This is great comedy

  64. Mike Moore

    Mike Moore4 hours ago

    Exactly what did the cop want the child to do? Face the car or get on the ground? Wtf?!?!

  65. Eric Hoskins

    Eric Hoskins4 hours ago

    We The People will without a shadow of a doubt stand beside President Trump & not lose him to the (Extremist Terrorism Democratic Party) that are only there to push their agenda of communist rule, Big tech! & the media mob that only spins a one-sided view points, We America stand beside Donald Trump the President of the United States & we will not abandon him it doesn't matter how much our boat shakes on The chaotic waters of Fraud Lies Deceit & Pure Evil, we will not be thrown off course!! 🙏🏻👏🏻 We Gather in Support of our president and the Constitution, we will render victorious!!!!!!!!!!!! 💛👏🏻, Donald Trump is going nowhere but into his second term 👌🇺🇸...$'_[][][][[[[[

  66. crimbandino

    crimbandino5 hours ago

    we all start somewhere

  67. scott smith

    scott smith5 hours ago

    When you shut down movie theaters, restraunts, bars, bowling alleys, gyms, arcades, etcc. People will congregate in the same places. You can tell the government really thought this through. 🙄

  68. The bullet Dodger

    The bullet Dodger5 hours ago

    10,000 ok so if you see me patrollin black coffee dont call the cops I going 4 that money on criminal investigation.

  69. Rodney Armstrong

    Rodney Armstrong5 hours ago

    Hundreds, there are 30,000 troops. In Washington DC Capital.

  70. jamaal7

    jamaal75 hours ago

    Nuclear "Machinist's Mate." Not "mechanic."

  71. Duati Feli

    Duati Feli5 hours ago

    Sad story... felt so bad for both of them.

  72. Rob Simer

    Rob Simer5 hours ago

    Another peaceful protest by a perfectly normal person in Seattle.

  73. Kristin Fuller

    Kristin Fuller5 hours ago

    When u lock people down for a year that’s what you get, people don’t know what others are doing they do what they want. Inessential Inslee needs to be recalled his dictator days are over. Let’s make it right by voting out Democrats.

  74. Jann Coons

    Jann Coons5 hours ago

    Trumptards scare me more than covid-19. I won't be coming to your festival any more. Sorry it's just the way I feel. Very not safe.

  75. Purple Butterfly Kisses

    Purple Butterfly Kisses5 hours ago


  76. Raul Chavez

    Raul Chavez5 hours ago

    That's what u get..

  77. David Welnak

    David Welnak5 hours ago

    I kinda want the trump tards to try something the world will be a better place when they get slaughtered

  78. Davida SS

    Davida SS5 hours ago


  79. CutsinLine

    CutsinLine5 hours ago

    So both parties are planning on releasing the same "stockpile". Sounds polarizing. Good thing you told me who is 'Right'. So if T releases the stockpile 1st how can B release the same "stockpile" later to be 'Right' here?

  80. Montana Native

    Montana Native5 hours ago

    This is what happens when the public's access to their lands is "limited". Just another example of the "unintended consequences" of blanket public land policies, or is it?