For 18 incredible, eventful and sometimes life-changing seasons, Ellen has been making audiences laugh all over the world with her signature brand of humor and her powerful message of kindness. There's nobody better at making you laugh and brightening your day. You never know what funny can do!

  1. User AP

    User AP21 hour ago

    Yes, I’m one of the young fans 😍

  2. Jaden-lee Abrahams

    Jaden-lee Abrahams21 hour ago

    Come on!Ellen's the best!!!!

  3. Hunter Morring

    Hunter Morring21 hour ago

    This kid is so good but this auto tune is not good

  4. sébastien Dreveton

    sébastien Dreveton21 hour ago

    She has an unique voice I love it

  5. Ince Maceus

    Ince Maceus21 hour ago


  6. Maria Alvarez

    Maria Alvarez21 hour ago

    Te amo Maluma!

  7. Summer Hagan

    Summer Hagan22 hours ago

    I would pick racheal

  8. hlongs hlongs

    hlongs hlongs22 hours ago

    Kim is so humble and matured. She has a kind heart. Its great to see her.

  9. Michael Dudley

    Michael Dudley22 hours ago

    So i just read these comments and i see 1 year ago so.... That means if i send a comment rn then um first is that right or.... Dont judge me i just dont know...

  10. Delicia Weathered-ferris

    Delicia Weathered-ferris22 hours ago

    It's the laugh for me with ellen

  11. James Snider

    James Snider22 hours ago


  12. Yağmur Rumeli

    Yağmur Rumeli22 hours ago

    so the common opinion while watching Ellen is I LOVE ELLEN right? it is like in every clip I am repeating this to myself

  13. khushi class 6th B

    khushi class 6th B22 hours ago

    Hey in this show BTS comed I remember 💜

  14. Steven Barry

    Steven Barry22 hours ago

    Thor vs Harley Quinn

  15. Chris Gordillo

    Chris Gordillo22 hours ago

    it so good

  16. Klapslol

    Klapslol22 hours ago

    He’s better without auto tune but still fire

  17. Purz

    Purz22 hours ago

    Imagine having to do witchcraft to keep a man Hailey Baldwin can relate

  18. quilter1643

    quilter164322 hours ago

    Love it. U 2 nailed it

  19. Joshua Varghese

    Joshua Varghese22 hours ago

    For God so loved the world that He gave His only begotten Son, that whosoever believes in Him shall not perish but have eternal life. john 3v 16

  20. Stephen 28

    Stephen 2822 hours ago

    Back on the fyp i see

  21. Zach Archer

    Zach Archer22 hours ago

    I can hear the man shout was so loud when lizzie twerking

  22. Roxanne Robinson

    Roxanne Robinson22 hours ago


  23. Abby Ryosuke

    Abby Ryosuke22 hours ago

    I love Kate so much!! My fav snl cast along with Pete ☺️

  24. Thabiso Khumalo

    Thabiso Khumalo22 hours ago

    Lol. USlikes is very shady shame 😂 😂.

  25. Valentina Tadic

    Valentina Tadic22 hours ago


  26. Andres Landaeta

    Andres Landaeta22 hours ago

    Omg, I love you, Ellen. I’m cracking up 😂

  27. GTX Gaming

    GTX Gaming22 hours ago

    is she an actress ?

  28. K Game

    K Game22 hours ago

    Aww she really wanted ellen to be there... N she thought maybe ellen didn't like her... Aww my heart🥺

  29. Sammy Louis

    Sammy Louis22 hours ago

    I like how they all started throwing paper airplanes to get one of them in the hoop

  30. Jesus Reigns Evangelical Outreach TV

    Jesus Reigns Evangelical Outreach TV23 hours ago


  31. Football Reviews99

    Football Reviews9923 hours ago

    This guy is going places

  32. LoveBLACKPINK Blink

    LoveBLACKPINK Blink23 hours ago

    Did u see v's reaction to when no one approached rm

  33. sana o

    sana o23 hours ago

    i’m just looking at saint the entire video he’s so precious 🥺

  34. The Blue Serpent

    The Blue Serpent23 hours ago

    S Si Sim Simo SIMON Simo Sim Si S GOLDEN BUZZER!

  35. Joseph Lenehan

    Joseph Lenehan23 hours ago

    Joseph and today Ellen TV

  36. _xx_ Nagini

    _xx_ Nagini23 hours ago

    He's such a sweetheart..🖤

  37. Movies & Stuff

    Movies & Stuff23 hours ago

    For Bradley.. she could hv just said... he uhh he is just not that into you...

  38. marmara666

    marmara66623 hours ago

    there is have a unlike thing just watch

  39. Jay P

    Jay P23 hours ago

    Full of charisma... Some people are just born with magic in them

  40. jefferson ortaliz

    jefferson ortaliz23 hours ago

    Ez Mil on Ellen Degeneres Show please. ❤️🙏

  41. jefferson ortaliz

    jefferson ortaliz23 hours ago

    Next Ez Mil please 🙏

  42. Nehir Karadağlı

    Nehir Karadağlı23 hours ago

    1:16 is so cutee

  43. Namrata Chainani

    Namrata Chainani23 hours ago

    3:28 that jimin's laugh....

  44. Joseph Lenehan

    Joseph Lenehan23 hours ago

    Joseph and today Ellen TV

  45. Andri Pongoh

    Andri Pongoh23 hours ago

    The new Ellie's Show looks promising

  46. JusticeTheDoggo

    JusticeTheDoggo23 hours ago

    I think imma straight guy ( traditional ) but this movie is the most romantic movie in the history .

  47. Mike Rotch

    Mike Rotch23 hours ago

    America is so so.. loud?

  48. Dan Miller

    Dan Miller23 hours ago

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  49. Sashil Anand

    Sashil Anand23 hours ago



    YOUNG FLAVAH23 hours ago

    This show may Rest In Peace

  51. Trangy

    Trangy23 hours ago

    It's hard for ppl to not look at you Andy, you are on tv so everyone is supposed to look at you if you are playing a game. 😂

  52. Thomas R. Anderson

    Thomas R. Anderson23 hours ago

    The obese sauce yearly expect because measure disappointingly describe amongst a perpetual iris. purple, ahead reason

  53. Satan’s Boss

    Satan’s Boss23 hours ago

    Omg the 'YEP' at 15:48 was legendary 😂😂😂😂

  54. yayad pajaam

    yayad pajaam23 hours ago

    yoo myboy

  55. Linda Alise Karlsen

    Linda Alise Karlsen23 hours ago


  56. Collins West

    Collins West23 hours ago

    I am from Africa I have been whaching ur show more than 6years now

  57. Ishita Gharu

    Ishita Gharu23 hours ago

    Jin's voice is tad cracking in between!

  58. Dunja Rubic

    Dunja Rubic23 hours ago

    Am I the only one who loves that "hehehehehe" 😍😂😂

  59. Abhi Choudhary

    Abhi ChoudharyDay ago

    Andy is all time Favorite

  60. Nora Gabrielsson

    Nora GabrielssonDay ago

    Carlo is by far the star of the show!

  61. jsc809

    jsc809Day ago

    Who is here after Darcy hits Hayward with a car

  62. m con80

    m con80Day ago

    Ellen’s reaction while watching 🥰. The vibage of these 2 is awesome.

  63. Berkis González

    Berkis GonzálezDay ago

    Bello mi malu.....colocando en alto a los latinos....Bendiciones !!

  64. shreya Agarwal

    shreya AgarwalDay ago

    He is back

  65. AymEd 1888

    AymEd 1888Day ago

    He's the harry potter forever And he's never scared

  66. Jimmy Shinobi

    Jimmy ShinobiDay ago


  67. Aashna Bhatia

    Aashna BhatiaDay ago

    2:50 that smile melted my heart..❤️💖💘💖💝💗💞💓

  68. Chl Ekfo

    Chl EkfoDay ago

    다들 무대 잘한다! 주허니 콘서트 하시는중이고 그리고 우리 셔누는... 말해 모해 실크 셔츠입혀주신 코디님 늦었지만 절받으세요



    I think l was scared only three times watching this

  70. Damien Daly

    Damien DalyDay ago

    music is for everybody

  71. shane keogh

    shane keoghDay ago

    She is very down to earth!

  72. Elodie Davis

    Elodie DavisDay ago

    this is another level omg

  73. Emily Genevive

    Emily GeneviveDay ago

    They left me at 50yrs. What did these people give to God

  74. Osiris Pluto

    Osiris PlutoDay ago

    This may make all the girls wet, but as a straight man the whole dance sequence starting at 0:33 when Channing gets out of his chair makes me want to run around on the walls of my apartment like Jackie Chan in a kung fu movie.

  75. shane keogh

    shane keoghDay ago

    Saoirse has lovely legs

  76. Zainab Akhtar

    Zainab AkhtarDay ago

    Grandpaa got no chill

  77. Heehee Q3Q

    Heehee Q3QDay ago

    And I’m Jennifer

  78. Vinal Kumar

    Vinal KumarDay ago

    She's a good woman

  79. Tatiana Baker

    Tatiana BakerDay ago

    I always wanted to go to Ellen’s show!

  80. Eve h

    Eve hDay ago

    1:25 they went full Vogue cover shoot and I love it 😂