Jordan Davis - Detours
  1. George Rumbelow

    George RumbelowDay ago

    Thanks for sharing not only this song, but the personal vids on this clip. Great music.

  2. Joshua R Music

    Joshua R MusicDay ago

    how did you do that with your #beard that grow quick from begging of videio

  3. Harrison Hightower

    Harrison HightowerDay ago

    I like the full beard 🧔🎅

  4. Joe

    JoeDay ago

    This is my go to in this crazy world right now.

  5. 3ironheart

    3ironheartDay ago

    Keep the tunes going Jordan! You dah man

  6. John Moore

    John MooreDay ago

    Too refreshing!

  7. Holly C.

    Holly C.Day ago

    Cute but why you leaving your kids in the car??

  8. Jeremy Andrews

    Jeremy Andrews2 days ago

    Wouldn't be no all alones.... wouldn't be no sad songs..... wouldn't be no had enough and moving ons !!!

  9. Kait Lovelady

    Kait Lovelady2 days ago



    LAKESHA BOY2 days ago

  11. Hayden Compton

    Hayden Compton2 days ago

    If i get 50 likes I will grow a mullet.

  12. Chelsea Ingram

    Chelsea Ingram2 days ago

    I love this song

  13. Cecilia Barlow

    Cecilia Barlow2 days ago

    Love it!!

  14. Cecilia Barlow

    Cecilia Barlow2 days ago

    I love this song!!

  15. Joy Crusio

    Joy Crusio2 days ago

    Love the song, and huge fan of Hannah Brown ❤

  16. Sked Liu

    Sked Liu2 days ago

    About to go dance at my job aka walmart in the morning with my boyfriend to this song

  17. Erika Outdoors

    Erika Outdoors2 days ago

    Love this song! For has always been riding the dirt roads in my Chevy, or being out on the lake fishing, or out in the woods hunting, camping, or sitting by a fire.💛

  18. RC of Wichita Falls

    RC of Wichita Falls3 days ago

    Darius Rucker - Beers and Sunshine ✔ Luke Bryan - Down to One ✔ Blake Shelton - Minimum Wage ✔ Jordan Davis - Almost Maybes ✔ Kenny Chesney - Happy Does Justin Moore - We Didn't Have Much

  19. Surprise K

    Surprise K3 days ago

    How is this country??????

  20. portersam1981

    portersam19813 days ago

    A real Man would not let her goo

  21. Mark Huber

    Mark Huber3 days ago

    Those teammates are the definition of teammates 😂😂

  22. Hayden Nelson

    Hayden Nelson3 days ago

    omg watching this in 2021 making you feel so lonely😢😁😎

  23. Dimmy Golge

    Dimmy Golge4 days ago

    This is a country song 100%

  24. Huckleberry Winn

    Huckleberry Winn4 days ago

    this is awful. wtf

  25. ellie o

    ellie o4 days ago

    Ahhh shiiiii they did our boi Adam so dirty 😂 not what I was expecting

  26. Haileigh Miller

    Haileigh Miller4 days ago

    that boy that looked at the girl was kinda cute

  27. Marley MacCall

    Marley MacCall4 days ago


  28. portersam1981

    portersam19815 days ago

    I lost my girl and feel like A Fuking DUMB AS

  29. portersam1981

    portersam19815 days ago

    Cip up the good work man sorry Did not spill anything right I'm 8

  30. portersam1981

    portersam19815 days ago

    Not really

  31. portersam1981

    portersam19815 days ago


  32. portersam1981

    portersam19815 days ago

    He is till stupiiiiiiiiiiiiiiiip

  33. portersam1981

    portersam19815 days ago

    He is stupiiiiid

  34. Aidan Crutcher

    Aidan Crutcher5 days ago

    I am definantly glad to say I saw this song live in a all age bar along with other good hits by him, it was a mindblowing concert and I will always remember it.

  35. G C

    G C5 days ago

    Honestly, I'm just speechless.

  36. Nurse13

    Nurse135 days ago

    So proud of Hannah! Sending big love!

  37. ewoks461

    ewoks4615 days ago

    Love This Song Jordan 💜💜

  38. ewoks461

    ewoks4615 days ago

    Just got off the phone with my cousin that knows his Daddy..

  39. Jen’s Violin Worship

    Jen’s Violin Worship5 days ago

    Repent of your sins and turn to God, for the kingdom of Heaven is near. Matthew 3:2 Jesus loves you♥️ Never give up on your life! 🙏

  40. Jay Weekes

    Jay Weekes5 days ago

    beat a bit bassy...missing that country twang

  41. Sxrypt

    Sxrypt5 days ago


  42. Rémi C

    Rémi C5 days ago

    Where is your beard ?

  43. Pamela Peters

    Pamela Peters6 days ago

    I love Hannah and this song.

  44. li baoqiang

    li baoqiang6 days ago

    The abundant clef particularly glue because trumpet analogously skip past a damaging mustard. awful, overt tuesday

  45. Love Kpop

    Love Kpop6 days ago

    I love love it! ❤️

  46. Walker Earlston

    Walker Earlston6 days ago

    It’s sad but I don’t know how to dance and this song kinda made me dance with my Girlfriend in the Walmart Parking lot she was like”What are you doing?” And dances best night of my life ❤️❤️

  47. Mariane Rizzuto

    Mariane Rizzuto6 days ago

    Is the guy on the couch with the guitar a reference to Jed?😂😂😂

  48. Pio Kelekeleivalu

    Pio Kelekeleivalu6 days ago

    Love from Fiji 🇫🇯🔥

  49. Conservative Jared

    Conservative Jared6 days ago

    Beautiful one day I will slow dance in a parking lot when God blesses me with a girl

  50. Chris M

    Chris M6 days ago

    In what part of the world does the sun come up "a little past two?"

  51. jim catalfamo

    jim catalfamo6 days ago

    man the first few notes are close to Maren morris - the bones but then again i hear the same beginning in a modern folk song. julia also reminds me of Kate Hudson especially from the side view. biy am i having deja vu.

  52. jim catalfamo

    jim catalfamo6 days ago

    what it is the fascination about wal-marts parking lots? what nothing happens at the Piggly Wiggly anymore?

  53. M S

    M S6 days ago

    Authentic sweet Hannah Brown ❤️

  54. Megan Wacker

    Megan Wacker6 days ago

    I want this to be me and my crush someday .

  55. Camelia Bumbulici

    Camelia Bumbulici6 days ago

    Excelenta melodie ,superba voce .Pupici din România. ROXI .

  56. Vicky Moks

    Vicky Moks6 days ago

    This song will always remind me of spring time quarantine of 2020. Good times, stuck at home, drinking wine & listening to some good music 👍

  57. Amanda B

    Amanda B7 days ago


  58. Kara Ubriaco

    Kara Ubriaco7 days ago


  59. L DS

    L DS7 days ago

    Had to see Hannah, now have a new favorite song!

  60. Heather Relph

    Heather Relph7 days ago

    Soon many bachelor peoplebwill be in the country world

  61. Daniel Taiña

    Daniel Taiña7 days ago

    I don't understand english but i like these songs in english

  62. Nanosh

    Nanosh7 days ago

    Everyone saying they're here for Hanna Brown.. as much as I like her but I'm listening to the song cuz Jorda Davis is my fav country singer.... He did it again, a beautiful song ❤🥰❤🥰

  63. Jean Sanders

    Jean Sanders7 days ago

    I am IN LOVE with that song, and Hannah B just makes it better, SO happy for you guys❤️❤️❤️❤️

  64. Ariana Centeno Vlogs

    Ariana Centeno Vlogs7 days ago

    Hannah is literally the queen

  65. Paulyne Nguyen

    Paulyne Nguyen7 days ago

    This made me love this song even more!!! Yes Hannah Brown 🙌🏻

  66. Sarah Cervenak

    Sarah Cervenak7 days ago

    This song is great and Hannah was perfect for this video!! ❤️

  67. LillianRose XoXo

    LillianRose XoXo7 days ago


  68. benny timbs

    benny timbs7 days ago

    Hey guys no lie.. I met my wife in a parkin lot....her hood was up and she had car troubles.....

  69. Sharie Bartholomew

    Sharie Bartholomew7 days ago

    Absolutely love the new song, my first marriage was a disaster but if not for that I would not have met my husband Daniel who is the love of my life and the one who remembers that daisy's are my favorite flowers and treats me like a queen keep up the great work your songs are great and really loved meeting you at the Clair county fair ❣

  70. Tara Spaid

    Tara Spaid7 days ago

    Oh my goodness, love his music, loved the song, and then Hannah Brown in the video! PERFECTION!

  71. Nokutenda 2

    Nokutenda 27 days ago

    I'M HERE!!!

  72. Veronica G

    Veronica G7 days ago

    Hannah is the cutest! Such a cute song, she was perfect for this video!

  73. Melina Lopez

    Melina Lopez8 days ago

    Hannah, Hannah, Hannah. You go girl

  74. Melina Lopez

    Melina Lopez8 days ago

    I'm here because of Hannah

  75. Amanda Frew

    Amanda Frew8 days ago

    Y’all come for HB I came for JD 😎

  76. Joshua R Music

    Joshua R Music8 days ago

    love this song

  77. R. Yang

    R. Yang8 days ago

    What a cute music video! ❤️

  78. Anggie M

    Anggie M8 days ago

    To be honest, watching that MV was because of Hannah, but the song is on repeat now and it's stuck in my head 🤣🤣🤣 that song and that MV. I'm a new Jordan Davis fan now 😉 & start listening to and following some of your songs ☺ - ps. I also love most of Hillary Lindsey's songs for Carrie Underwood

  79. Captain Morgan

    Captain Morgan8 days ago

    Why are the country singers with beards the best, Jordan Davis and Luke combs.

  80. Kerri Torres

    Kerri Torres8 days ago

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