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  1. loganletise

    loganletise5 hours ago

    the pressed white people in these comments omg

  2. Aura Garcia

    Aura Garcia5 hours ago

    Sigo sin superar esto!!!

  3. Flower 9190

    Flower 91906 hours ago


  4. Flower 9190

    Flower 91906 hours ago

    ............................ 🕯 🕯 🕯 🕯 🕯 FULL 🕯 VERSİON 🕯 🕯 🕯 🕯

  5. Yoongi Charm

    Yoongi Charm6 hours ago




    Yo aquí viendo un comercial de Coca-cola por el JungKook JAJAJAJA

  7. TheXpender

    TheXpender6 hours ago

    "We've greatly enhanced our crowd and community systems to make Night City the most believable city to date." Cyberpunk 2077 AI: 2:06

  8. Gloss :3

    Gloss :36 hours ago

    Original song: jamie n commons jungle Canción original: jamie n commons jungle *aunque prefiero la versión de BTS 🤭* ♡♡



    Awwww lo encontréeee jajajajaja MUERTA QUEDÉEEEE XD

  10. فانز فرقة bts

    فانز فرقة bts6 hours ago

    جونغكوك فتح بث وهو عم يغني هي الأغنية 😭

  11. tostadita UwU

    tostadita UwU7 hours ago

    Jungkook's voice is superior! Jeon Jungkook is so superior

  12. ghoulunathics

    ghoulunathics7 hours ago

    QUIT Coca Cola! Racist companies are not welcome on Earth!

  13. Tiffany Bee

    Tiffany Bee8 hours ago

    came only for jungkook!! #bts #army

  14. Mr ElusiveOnion

    Mr ElusiveOnion8 hours ago

    No one cares about the coke ad everyone just wants Tyler to make a new song.

  15. Salvador vallejo

    Salvador vallejo8 hours ago

    The man is dancing in Tarragona. He actually gets out of a Pakistani store.

  16. Armadillo Hamster

    Armadillo Hamster8 hours ago

    Is it just me or does Pinocchio look like Stingy from Lazy Town?

  17. lonny W

    lonny W8 hours ago

    My DNA test says I am white 👍 Swedish 26% Irish 20% English 17% Norwegian 16% Scottish 10% Finish 8% Spanish 2% Welsh 1%

  18. Miguel Pérez

    Miguel Pérez9 hours ago


  19. Tymon RŻ

    Tymon RŻ9 hours ago

    Happy birthday tyler

  20. • Vk •

    • Vk •9 hours ago

    extended version please

  21. Raisa ramadani

    Raisa ramadani9 hours ago

    Min kemaren di nyanyikan loh sama Jungkook langsung di v live nya😭😭

  22. Anion 14

    Anion 149 hours ago

    Now you can show this ad to your friends and they will have no idea that BTS is singing the whole song 😬

  23. Mr. Right

    Mr. Right9 hours ago

    Vita Cola best

  24. The Gec Tree

    The Gec Tree10 hours ago

    this is just the grubhub ad with tyler making the music

  25. Moon Shadow

    Moon Shadow10 hours ago

    JK IS HERE 07/03/2021

  26. LongIsland2Reno

    LongIsland2Reno10 hours ago

    Glad Tyler’s getting that Coca Cola check but why exactly were people hyping this up so much? People made it sound like the song combined with the commercial was gonna be some out of body experience and Tyler himself was gonna pop out my phone to give me a drink but it’s just an average commercial.

  27. Nicholas Kaminski

    Nicholas Kaminski10 hours ago


  28. Nicholas Kaminski

    Nicholas Kaminski10 hours ago


  29. Nishwa Pawani

    Nishwa Pawani11 hours ago

    i am here after his v live

  30. Jimsan

    Jimsan11 hours ago

    مافهمت شي 🌚💔جيت حسبتها أغنية🥲

  31. سارقة حليب موز كوك الأصلية

    سارقة حليب موز كوك الأصلية11 hours ago

    Let's be honest we are all here because of our jkkkkk

  32. Ameri Can

    Ameri Can11 hours ago

    Trying to be less white, so I left a $5 tip on a $80 tab. 👍🏼

  33. EnjoyMaCubingSkills

    EnjoyMaCubingSkills11 hours ago

    Mi cousin eructed at this moment and i thought the ad was a prank: 0:07


    DARIUS-PETRU SALE11 hours ago

    GO ICELAND 🇮🇸🇮🇸🇮🇸

  35. Ernst Thorén

    Ernst Thorén12 hours ago

    Someone remove the music! I want the result!

  36. Aspect Dank

    Aspect Dank12 hours ago

    good music, bad ad

  37. Aryana

    Aryana12 hours ago

    Who's here because jungkook sang this on his live✋💜

  38. CAUGHT Redhanded

    CAUGHT Redhanded12 hours ago

    Are you less white? Keep getting fatter drink their products.

  39. Kirti Ka

    Kirti Ka12 hours ago

    JUNGKOOK covered this song today in his live LOL 😂😂

  40. Hanif Hussain

    Hanif Hussain12 hours ago

    guys i- i think big brand want us do dance and make viral like grubhub 😳😳😳😳😳😳

  41. Rashmi Yadav

    Rashmi Yadav12 hours ago

    Accept it we searched for this ad

  42. Brenda

    Brenda13 hours ago

    eu me arrepio toda vez 🛐


    JACQUELINE TODD13 hours ago

    Here becoz Jk 🤣

  44. aisha

    aisha13 hours ago

    jeon jungkookieee!!

  45. CureFan123

    CureFan12313 hours ago

    Be less white - never forget

  46. CureFan123

    CureFan12313 hours ago

    If you’re drinking Coke you are ok with racism

  47. 사브리나김

    사브리나김13 hours ago

    Jungkook noticed this<3

  48. Lolbit

    Lolbit13 hours ago

    this app is SO BAD

  49. Meri N.N

    Meri N.N14 hours ago

    Si es Jungkook de BTS 💜💜💜 Lo confirmaron 🙌

  50. nutan Shrestha

    nutan Shrestha14 hours ago

    I was here... But today I came here again after Jk's vlive . 🤣💜

  51. bts legends

    bts legends14 hours ago

    im here because of jk's live

  52. Rizka Uwu

    Rizka Uwu14 hours ago

    “coca cola bangtan” dont be shy u came because of it

  53. San芝熹

    San芝熹14 hours ago

    oh my!!! just knew the singer is JK😱 saw his VLive today... and just wondering we the singer's voice same as JK's, and now I know, JK sing it for sure 🤣

  54. 전정국

    전정국14 hours ago


  55. Johann40

    Johann4014 hours ago

    Dislike ads on USlikes

  56. Daj si Čiaru

    Daj si Čiaru14 hours ago


  57. Alondra Solorzano

    Alondra Solorzano14 hours ago

    I need a long version

  58. Wan Nurfadhila Wan Mohd Rasdi

    Wan Nurfadhila Wan Mohd Rasdi15 hours ago

    I came here again after he sings it on the vlive jz now hahaa

  59. Washington lima

    Washington lima15 hours ago

    Gente eu amo essa música tô escutando hj toda hora !

  60. Washington lima

    Washington lima15 hours ago

    Gente eu amo essa música tô escutando hj toda hora !

  61. Claudio Gonzalez

    Claudio Gonzalez15 hours ago

    Cómo se llama la rubia de ojos verdes

  62. Generic_meme_lord 1337

    Generic_meme_lord 133715 hours ago

    Capitalism is weird when it comes to commercials nowadays

  63. Jihan Farah

    Jihan Farah15 hours ago

    Who is coming here again after jungkook sang this on vlive???

  64. Anj Uy

    Anj Uy15 hours ago

    Who came here from JK's Vlive? I'm so happy he read my comment T_T I love their version of Jungle!!!

  65. 181_Hoirus Silfia

    181_Hoirus Silfia15 hours ago

    Jungkook awwww

  66. Live with Bts

    Live with Bts15 hours ago

    Who came here after Jungkook sang a little part in this live today? Only me? Okay, no problem

  67. Melissa

    Melissa16 hours ago

    I can’t believe JK sang part of this live in his Vlive today

  68. geekj0oo0n

    geekj0oo0n16 hours ago

    I can hear this "Coca-Cola bangtan, hehe."

  69. BTS TAE

    BTS TAE16 hours ago

    أو مرة أسمعها روعة ❤️🇲🇦💜

  70. QNQN명순이

    QNQN명순이16 hours ago

    좋은말 할때 풀버전 주세요. 안그러면 무릎 꿇을거임.

  71. Isabel Rojas

    Isabel Rojas16 hours ago

    Yo vine aquí después del live xd

  72. chimmy jm

    chimmy jm16 hours ago

    Jk search "Coca Cola Bangtan" 😭😭

  73. Davi Sonhador

    Davi Sonhador16 hours ago

    Escutei pela primeira vez em 2014 na tv.. me lembra de uma bela mulher que eu me apaixonei este ano, Infelizmente nunca mais a vi e toda vez que escuto essa música me lembro dela!

  74. yaya K-pop

    yaya K-pop16 hours ago

    JK voice

  75. yaya K-pop

    yaya K-pop16 hours ago

    From JK live❤️❤️

  76. army LAETICIA

    army LAETICIA16 hours ago

    go me vanter a tout le monde pour dire que c'est la voix de jk

  77. army LAETICIA

    army LAETICIA16 hours ago

    is jungkook voice whaaaw

  78. Taniya Adhikary

    Taniya Adhikary16 hours ago

    Jks voice really took my mind

  79. Juan Ramos

    Juan Ramos16 hours ago

    Most annoying music ever!!!