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Hello! Welcome to my channel.

I showcase rhythm games and mods for them.
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  1. Andruk Montoya

    Andruk Montoya6 hours ago

    RIP keyboard

  2. Sunlight Sage

    Sunlight Sage6 hours ago

    Yeesh, the more notes one adds, the less it looks like Whitty has any manner of control over his actions. Maybe he should have run and hid faster.

  3. Mizuru Aozora

    Mizuru Aozora6 hours ago


  4. Mood time

    Mood time6 hours ago

    Mom come pick me up I'm scared

  5. Kalming The Kid

    Kalming The Kid7 hours ago

    Imagine coryxkenshin trying this

  6. cursed macaroni

    cursed macaroni7 hours ago

    everyone gangsta till my man goes ⬅⬅⬅⬇➡⬇➡⬇⬅⬅⬅⬇⬇⬆➡⬆⬇⬅➡⬅➡⬅➡⬅

  7. ʟᴜᴄʏ ڿڰۣڿᴋσяυ - ѕнɪ ڿڰۣڿ

    ʟᴜᴄʏ ڿڰۣڿᴋσяυ - ѕнɪ ڿڰۣڿ7 hours ago

    so am i the only one who thinks whitty looks to good for his own good? just me? o k :’)

  8. ywos

    ywos7 hours ago

    I like it when the camera went:⬅️➡️⬅️➡️⬅️➡️⬅️➡️⬅️➡️⬅️➡️⬅️➡️⬅️➡️⬅️➡️⬅️➡️

  9. Stacy Zavisch

    Stacy Zavisch7 hours ago

    In the first song, it sounds like Whitty is saying YØU ĘÅT MĖ

  10. sW1chYboi 449

    sW1chYboi 4497 hours ago

    1.25 is basicly the finger breaker

  11. kelly

    kelly7 hours ago

    Coryxkenshin would like this week 4 b side remix

  12. Jasmine Browneyes

    Jasmine Browneyes7 hours ago

    This is no longer ballistic, this is just straight up spastic.

  13. Airconix

    Airconix7 hours ago

    That's About 1976 Notes, What a Hardcore!

  14. Barlist Ult

    Barlist Ult7 hours ago

    This addon is insane, that combo system are broke

  15. The Dark Lord

    The Dark Lord7 hours ago

    this is amazing im gonna go torture myself with playing this now

  16. SedricBeasterZ

    SedricBeasterZ7 hours ago


  17. TheEmeraldSlothIM

    TheEmeraldSlothIM7 hours ago


  18. Kristor

    Kristor7 hours ago

    even MC Mental was too afraid to diss him

  19. Spleep

    Spleep7 hours ago

    Low-light is no underrated in my opinion. It reminds me of high and philly nice

  20. Kristina Tryon

    Kristina Tryon7 hours ago

    your really good at this i love your skills

  21. J Gonzales

    J Gonzales7 hours ago

    Me: ahHHHh thIs iS sO hArD My Asian Friend: *Step aside, young one.*

  22. Limeshi

    Limeshi7 hours ago

    I think the combo counter had an integer overflow lmao

  23. B4ngFargl3

    B4ngFargl37 hours ago

    Yeah. I think imma play this on stream

  24. Bryce

    Bryce7 hours ago

    “the test isint that hard!” the test:

  25. clumsy kay master

    clumsy kay master7 hours ago

    the gf is trying not to piss herself

  26. Mirka Kainulainen

    Mirka Kainulainen7 hours ago

    Whitty: i dont want anyone to know im here Qlso whitty: Littearly transforms into a elecric guitar

  27. JJ248K

    JJ248K7 hours ago


  28. Asdf

    Asdf7 hours ago

    let it ALL out, Whitty.

  29. Chaosbrine YT

    Chaosbrine YT7 hours ago

    make at 2.0 speed

  30. Kevin Varghese

    Kevin Varghese7 hours ago

    Anyone else notice right after 1599 the game could not count the combo? Rainbow pixels from there on

  31. CryoChemist

    CryoChemist7 hours ago

    Ballistic Remix: I am the level that is impossible to perfect Flippy: Hold my arrows

  32. Zer0L3gend Gaming

    Zer0L3gend Gaming7 hours ago

    I actually perfect it by coding my controller because I have weak fingers

  33. el Hundkopf

    el Hundkopf7 hours ago

    What The hell is that?!

  34. Project KingPin

    Project KingPin7 hours ago

    Alt title: an FNF players worst nightmare *CARPAL TUNNEL SONG,*

  35. ShadowPuppet2013

    ShadowPuppet20138 hours ago

    My mans Whitty just wanted some damn peace lmao

  36. Deff

    Deff8 hours ago

    Because the original wasn't hard enough

  37. laprd

    laprd8 hours ago

    this is too cool

  38. That one scrambled egg OvO

    That one scrambled egg OvO8 hours ago

    Ten year olds when they die on a game 5:03

  39. Khalifa Zarooni

    Khalifa Zarooni8 hours ago

    plot twist: all the beep boops r just censors for all the swear words whitty is saying

  40. super OMG

    super OMG8 hours ago

    great job, now is harder than miku bot, now lets see if someone fake this with a bot or do this really

  41. Keeppositive Gamer

    Keeppositive Gamer8 hours ago

    Can you make witty into a playable character? So we can have him face off against other people to their original songs but we play as witty with his voice

  42. Unicon

    Unicon8 hours ago

    Ngl he has a nice voice

  43. Tuna

    Tuna8 hours ago


  44. Gappy Mario

    Gappy Mario8 hours ago

    Act 1:Lo-Fight Act 2:Overhead Act 3:Ballistic (Normal) Act 4:Ballistic (Hard) Act 4 Requiem:Ballistic Remix

  45. OneBoredCatbug

    OneBoredCatbug8 hours ago

    I saw Kawaiisprite's tweet about whatever's coming to the game next, if someone can actually beat this is there really a rhythm game song that you can't beat?

  46. Airconix

    Airconix8 hours ago

    "B-Side Whitty doesn't Exist, he can't oppose you." B-Side Whitty:

  47. Lemon Demon

    Lemon Demon8 hours ago

    2:27 wtf his voice hit puberty

  48. DorunoZoeiro.mp3

    DorunoZoeiro.mp39 hours ago

    Tuts tuts

  49. rhea Mangue

    rhea Mangue9 hours ago

    Its a video! :O

  50. rhea Mangue

    rhea Mangue9 hours ago

    Did anyone see a pause botton

  51. Charles Gordon

    Charles Gordon9 hours ago

    Whitty: About to explode Gf: Scared for her life Bf: Huh this kinda slaps


    GANZ RUFO9 hours ago

    The boyfriend be like 😏

  53. FadrikqPlays

    FadrikqPlays9 hours ago

    seems easy ima try it after playing: *dead hands*

  54. Mad Bis

    Mad Bis9 hours ago

    It goes so high, it goes into two digits!

  55. Aida Mirza

    Aida Mirza9 hours ago

    When you cant download the bot but you try it your self but you get full combo:

  56. Marcfiel YT

    Marcfiel YT9 hours ago

    The B-Side Philly Got Me Good 2:29 Also my favorite part

  57. K - A - I

    K - A - I9 hours ago

    I didn’t know Whitty was the guitar hero boy

  58. noob lord

    noob lord9 hours ago

    Its funny how the score is just dead at 1600

  59. Ikaika Martin

    Ikaika Martin9 hours ago

    NOT EVEN A BOT CAN GET 99% ACCURACY ps. Sorry caps lock

  60. Samurie Cooper100

    Samurie Cooper1009 hours ago

    Hands down I thought I’m about to watch something ballistic boss battle but all I see an hear is a *”BOMBARDIER OVERDOSE OF FUNKIN MASSACRE RAPPING NUKE”* I’m surprised the bot did not hiccup on the unholy god of Whitty’s funkin rage... it’s beautiful ~❤️

  61. galaxo chan

    galaxo chan9 hours ago

    this is wierd, why am i simping for a bomb

  62. V I N N Y

    V I N N Y9 hours ago


  63. Karen Ortiz

    Karen Ortiz9 hours ago

    ho_ how you cant no- wait wait wait is it i- ve in real? hmmm how did he not miss

  64. no no

    no no10 hours ago

    The mod looks too real

  65. GoldPlays

    GoldPlays10 hours ago

    Week 6 boyfriend: Sounds like an annoying fly Week Whitty boyfriend: Sounds like an actual angel

  66. Nadia Fernandez-Castillo

    Nadia Fernandez-Castillo10 hours ago

    Is he a robot ? 2:19

  67. Farris Adam Fadzlee

    Farris Adam Fadzlee10 hours ago

    At least i'm ready to broke my fingers.

  68. D.B.

    D.B.10 hours ago

    You're not a bot, your accuracy is literally at 95%.

  69. Sans The Youtuber

    Sans The Youtuber10 hours ago

    Whitty: Playstation eyes GF: visible trauma BF: beep boop

  70. Ren Leon

    Ren Leon10 hours ago

    Bf: Beep bop be sirree *(Time to save the day)* Gf: I'm scared Bf: beep bop skreee his face *(I will rip his face off)*

  71. minecraft shitposter

    minecraft shitposter10 hours ago

    Boyfriend: *gets perfect score* Game: hmm 95% *sad beep boop noises*

  72. Funtime Nero

    Funtime Nero10 hours ago

    Seriously, just look at the SCORE.

  73. Maia_Giorgi Roblox

    Maia_Giorgi Roblox10 hours ago

    This the 'HELL'? IS this so hard max need for get best

  74. andara deluna

    andara deluna10 hours ago

    Oof this oof im out.

  75. Alex anuntak

    Alex anuntak11 hours ago

    5:04 that face says GOIN SICKO MODE *travis scott music plays*

  76. Abby de Bies

    Abby de Bies11 hours ago


  77. Deh Grape

    Deh Grape11 hours ago

    pretty much if Whitty had B-side