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  1. Hyl

    Hyl7 hours ago

    Day 1 of asking for angry announcer moments

  2. Joe mama 457

    Joe mama 4577 hours ago

    These crowds are shit compared to football/soccer fans

  3. K06E

    K06E7 hours ago

    Bro a lot of the lakers swag and confidence comes from the crowd too. It’s like this with a lot of teams but the impact is heavy with lakers. Largest fan base

  4. Lef

    Lef7 hours ago

    Is anybody going to mention the "windmill dunk"?

  5. Ploxxy bb

    Ploxxy bb7 hours ago

    Steve Adams @ 1:24 looking at Zion like he a ghost came out of no where xD lol

  6. Os8 Raven

    Os8 Raven7 hours ago

    Crowds boo players who left their favorite team but half of their pee pee brains dont understand some trades could lead to other player winning a championship or a bigger contract and on top of that half of the time its not their choice

  7. C9 Karma

    C9 Karma7 hours ago

    I think steven adams is in the wrong generation of nba, he should've been in piston with rodman forming the jordan defense

  8. Will Huff

    Will Huff8 hours ago

    I get embiid was crying but leave the man alone he got a go home card slapped to his face

  9. Michael Mamba15

    Michael Mamba158 hours ago

    Golden ads

  10. Jack Spinella

    Jack Spinella8 hours ago

    3:30 “Kyrie Irving, a 6’7” guard” 🤣🤣🤣

  11. Cindy Arauz

    Cindy Arauz8 hours ago

    1:43 jayson Tatum drip is fire 🔥

  12. Lebron James

    Lebron James8 hours ago

    Golden hoops gotta hit 1 million subs by 2022🙏🏼❤️

  13. Stephen Curry

    Stephen Curry8 hours ago

    the NBA just doesn’t feel the same with our fans, the fans bring so much intensity with them. can’t wait till life gets back to normal.

  14. The NeymarFaze

    The NeymarFaze8 hours ago

    I am a fan of golden hoops

  15. Im Craxd

    Im Craxd8 hours ago

    Notice how the clips with fans are so much better than without. I hate COVID

  16. Yong Achuoth

    Yong Achuoth8 hours ago

    did anyone else see when they said Kyrie was 6 foot 7? at 3:30 anyone?

  17. Undefined Sitting Object

    Undefined Sitting Object8 hours ago

    This shows how good of a shooter steph is. Any other player making a shot from deep makes the commentators go crazy, steph makes a logo shot and they're like 'yep'

  18. Robloxia Codes

    Robloxia Codes8 hours ago

    do “nba last second shots” moments

  19. PS Sports

    PS Sports8 hours ago

    i miss the fans :(

  20. Noah Jones

    Noah Jones8 hours ago

    LeBron James Goat

  21. Noah Jones

    Noah Jones8 hours ago


  22. YvngDrxll

    YvngDrxll8 hours ago

    NYK fans booed kristaps because they knew that was their last superstar 🤣

  23. Guian Dungog

    Guian Dungog9 hours ago


  24. King Peyton

    King Peyton9 hours ago

    Nba show off moments

  25. Samuel Crespo

    Samuel Crespo9 hours ago


  26. Rolig Orolig

    Rolig Orolig9 hours ago

    i followed he when he have 2 subscribe

  27. Zavion Bulger

    Zavion Bulger9 hours ago

    It is funny because at 4:00 Ben Simmons hits a three and yesterday 76ers vs Cle he made one without the crowd

  28. Arjun Basumatary

    Arjun Basumatary9 hours ago

    i felt bad when embid crid 🙂


    FADY IBRAHIM9 hours ago


  30. Rose Wood

    Rose Wood9 hours ago

    My quarantine would be soooo boring without ur amazing absolute banger videos

  31. Francis Paul Torres

    Francis Paul Torres9 hours ago

    part 2 please

  32. Bruno Cervantes

    Bruno Cervantes9 hours ago

    make a video of all half court shot

  33. XMunixx 24

    XMunixx 249 hours ago

    Im a fan of golden hoops

  34. Mac Mafia

    Mac Mafia9 hours ago

    Steven! How do you put your own teammate to sleep? 😂😂😂 my man doesn’t know his own strength

  35. Michael Nicholson

    Michael Nicholson9 hours ago

    IMO Jaylen Brown is the Leonard Fournette of the NBA

  36. AitLin Of The Rebellion

    AitLin Of The Rebellion9 hours ago

    The fact that Toronto's crowd is so loud is very funny, because they don't even know such a facts like "this is the first game-winner of game 7 in NBA history" but still so much hyped, just enjoying the game

  37. Rick Sanchez

    Rick Sanchez9 hours ago

    Never could have predicted Dwight then won his chip with Lakers... Hahaha

  38. JSpurz

    JSpurz9 hours ago

    I’m just sayin the moment simmons shoots a 3 point game winner Just sayin

  39. Paul Sholar

    Paul Sholar9 hours ago

    Two things: LBJ getting no respect in this vid. Should not be allowed to touch the ball while hanging from the rim.

  40. AitLin Of The Rebellion

    AitLin Of The Rebellion9 hours ago

    6:08 Device "Curry2" disconnected from device "Curry1"

  41. Vlada

    Vlada9 hours ago

    Why were the Lakers fans booing PG?

  42. JSpurz

    JSpurz9 hours ago

    99% of the comments “I miss the crowds 😭”

  43. BG Made It

    BG Made It9 hours ago


  44. Jayse Spencer

    Jayse Spencer9 hours ago


  45. Andrew Looney

    Andrew Looney9 hours ago

    Golden Hoops needs to get added to the goat debate

  46. La'Quata Murrain

    La'Quata Murrain9 hours ago

    When Jaylen Brown jumped to shoot he literally bounced lol

  47. Tim Hardaway Jr.

    Tim Hardaway Jr.9 hours ago

    Sports are better with fans... without them it feels empty

  48. Ryan Ahrens

    Ryan Ahrens9 hours ago

    All hail Lord Golden Hoops, for he has returned with exquisite content once again! 🙌🙌🙌🙌🙌

  49. Michael Adudonkor

    Michael Adudonkor9 hours ago

    Golden hoops for the win

  50. JCFatBoy26

    JCFatBoy269 hours ago

    🔥🔥 videos 💪🏾🥳

  51. stouwpah jr

    stouwpah jr9 hours ago

    for decades being too tall was the advantage in this sport, now average size NBA players just glide through armpits🔥🔥

  52. AliBama

    AliBama9 hours ago

    Utah has a pretty underrated crowd tbh...

  53. Dhruv Rai

    Dhruv Rai9 hours ago

    6:23 Grizzlies bench in a straight line

  54. Anthony Edwards

    Anthony Edwards9 hours ago

    Sport without fans isn't real sport

  55. Ynm K

    Ynm K9 hours ago

    27 sould get a 97 overall GD🥶🥶

  56. Johnny Giesa

    Johnny Giesa10 hours ago

    this man on his grind.

  57. Just Ares

    Just Ares10 hours ago

    I am a fan of Golden Hoops

  58. AB - 07WJ 758038 Cheyne MS

    AB - 07WJ 758038 Cheyne MS10 hours ago

    Fan of golden hoops 1 millions subs everybody

  59. Becky Scott

    Becky Scott10 hours ago

    Who’s your favorite nba team @goldenhoops

  60. Anthony Edwards

    Anthony Edwards10 hours ago

    The dunk contest with no fans 😞😤

  61. Chevalier2727 Yt / fan de basket

    Chevalier2727 Yt / fan de basket10 hours ago

    0:50 is bad moment :( !

  62. Rachel Rechnitz

    Rachel Rechnitz10 hours ago

    Golden hoops inspires me

  63. Rachel Rechnitz

    Rachel Rechnitz10 hours ago

    Without golden hoops where would any of us be

  64. dxcsiplez

    dxcsiplez10 hours ago

    Golden Hoops Videos : *100,000*

  65. DrewCapalot

    DrewCapalot10 hours ago


  66. Rachel Rechnitz

    Rachel Rechnitz10 hours ago

    Golden hoops let's get real the nba fights are that good this year but your videos make them good

  67. Oh yeah Sib

    Oh yeah Sib10 hours ago

    I miss crowds, the energy, the excitement, they just make the game better

  68. Luke & Will Savage

    Luke & Will Savage10 hours ago

    Jaylen Brown‘s three was just I’m right at the buzzer

  69. Luke & Will Savage

    Luke & Will Savage10 hours ago


  70. Herman Mann

    Herman Mann10 hours ago

    I am a fan of Golden Hoops.

  71. Anthony Edwards

    Anthony Edwards10 hours ago

    Golden Hoops is the gift that keeps on giving 🐐

  72. Kevin Jais

    Kevin Jais10 hours ago

    I am a Goddamn FAN of GOLDEN HOOPS !!!

  73. Goat Comp-

    Goat Comp-10 hours ago

    God bless everyone

  74. Surviving in Creative

    Surviving in Creative10 hours ago

    Wow super early

  75. Isaac Oluwapojuwo

    Isaac Oluwapojuwo10 hours ago

    Please make more parts of this

  76. JONethan Lacharon

    JONethan Lacharon10 hours ago


  77. Anthony Edwards

    Anthony Edwards10 hours ago

    GOATden HOOPS 🔥

  78. Jhap Veloso

    Jhap Veloso10 hours ago

    I really miss the crowd

  79. Joe Larson

    Joe Larson10 hours ago

    Day twenty of asking for “angry announcer” moments

  80. Isaac Oluwapojuwo

    Isaac Oluwapojuwo10 hours ago

    Could you put the songs that you use in the video description