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  1. Gianluke Akins

    Gianluke Akins4 hours ago

    I’ve always wondered what happened if they tied, now I know

  2. Mary Salvi

    Mary Salvi4 hours ago

    Is Ken Jennings just filling in until they find another host? I've been watchin him and not even knowing who he is and that he's filled before, it almost seems that he should be the host. He's doing a wonderful job and it makes me wonder how Alex's first time went until he became the best at this show. And yes, one could really tell he loved the show. : ) 💖

  3. Ben Jason

    Ben Jason4 hours ago

    alright alright I finally clicked on it

  4. toptenguy1

    toptenguy14 hours ago

    -Ken, here are the answer cards -Thank you, I won't be needing those.

  5. B

    B4 hours ago

    He's totally right, no one will ever replace Alex.

  6. Tristan Andrew

    Tristan Andrew4 hours ago

    I think Ken is doing a great job! He may not be the one to permanently take over, but I wouldn't be surprised if he starts hosting different shows in the future.

  7. mike856ms

    mike856ms4 hours ago

    Sincere and poignant.

  8. Emmett Ientilucci

    Emmett Ientilucci5 hours ago

    What a class act.

  9. Hanspal Singh

    Hanspal Singh5 hours ago

    The enormous bowling neatly reject because camera minimally annoy along a pink stranger. abhorrent, absorbed italy

  10. Muhilan

    Muhilan5 hours ago

    Who else remembers reading the physical Onion newspaper back in the day? 🙋

  11. John Rams

    John Rams5 hours ago

    Was this the last new episode of jeopardy?

  12. Dedric Silva

    Dedric Silva5 hours ago

    Thus a legend was born.

  13. Codpiece McDuff

    Codpiece McDuff5 hours ago

    Jennings is a whining nasal weadel

  14. Maverick McKee

    Maverick McKee5 hours ago

    “I came out quickly because I’m eager to get the game going-“ Alex, you had no idea the wheels set in motion at that taping, and that thought brings me to joyous tears. The USlikes subtitles think he says “I needed” instead of “I’m eager”.

  15. Muhilan

    Muhilan5 hours ago

    The Naked and Afraid lmao

  16. Olivia Shanks

    Olivia Shanks6 hours ago

    Ken Jennings should be the permanent host. He is a trivia wizard as it was made famous on the show. He is sophisticated, yet will give a younger spunk to the show. He is kind, caring, and he is always will be rooting for the contestants. There is only one replacement for Alex, and it’s Ken.

  17. Scott Cornelius

    Scott Cornelius6 hours ago

    They should have Steve Harvey has a guest host.

  18. yuitr loing

    yuitr loing6 hours ago

    Ive never had a clebrity death feel so personal. My heart goes out to his family. R.I.P Alex May you rest in peace.

  19. Daniel Dishon

    Daniel Dishon6 hours ago

    If I wrote the questions "This unoffical pokemon that can be caught in Red and Blue versions can be evolved into a Kangaskan if you level it up enough, causing many to believe Kangaskan and Cubone were supposed to have at one time shared an evolution stage." Questions they asked "What Darwinian Theory is the main gimmick of the franchise?"

  20. Bodie Hammack

    Bodie Hammack6 hours ago

    Who better to take over than the best at the game

  21. toptenguy1

    toptenguy16 hours ago

    I went into this thinking they were actual sayings, and not just 3 random words. Needless to say, i went 0 for 5. lol

  22. toptenguy1

    toptenguy16 hours ago

    I can proudly said that I went 0 for TEN! (didn't even get HALF of any of them. LOL)

  23. Albert Wendt

    Albert Wendt6 hours ago

    Did anyone catch the rule violation just before the first commercial break of this episode? Music question, about Top Gun theme song. The contestant answer “Danger zone” which is incorrect? Contestant failed to ask question, “ what was the danger zone” And if you follow closely there are more happening in recent shows?

  24. Lindsay Rorbeck

    Lindsay Rorbeck7 hours ago

    He did an awesome job! Has the same kindness as Alex. ☺️


    SILVER ☘️SHAMROCK8 hours ago

    Nothing sadder than an unapologetic ableist hosting Jeopardy! Ken’s tweets mocking the disabled show who he really is and I along with millions of other disabled in this country didn’t buy the well scripted and rehearsed tip of the hat to Trebek. If Jeopardy makes him permanent host they condone attacks / discrimination against the disabled. Period!

  26. alli alias

    alli alias8 hours ago

    It's a COMMERCIAL!

  27. Valerie Gibbons

    Valerie Gibbons8 hours ago

    Doing a fabulous job, he should be the new host not a guest

  28. Jon Fee

    Jon Fee10 hours ago

    I wish Sean Connery was there

  29. RonVlaars VAR

    RonVlaars VAR10 hours ago

    Did Alex get so excited he inhaled a whole load of helium?

  30. leonard brinkman

    leonard brinkman10 hours ago

    Johnny Olson you do so much for Jeopardy you've been doing it for almost 37 years. However, you do it so well even without Alex trebek around now but it's going to be a little different now. But what I like about you Johnny is very simple. You do it so well basically you've been doing this for practically 50 years or maybe even 60. But however it is I think you're going to have a long lived life until you reach 100 years old. And it won't be long until you do. And besides that? I think you'll just be remembered just like Alex trebek was remembered so keep up the good work patrol I mean Mr Gilbert excuse me. I think you'll do pretty well for the next five years. Since you're getting up there with Bob Barker.


    BIG DADDY11 hours ago

    Alex you will be missed

  32. Nuno Soares

    Nuno Soares11 hours ago

    Rest in peace Alex. Thank you for the 36 years you dedicated to Jeopardy and the many more prior to that in other game shows. You fought a brave battle until the end. Rest in peace, and condolences to the family especially wife Jean.

  33. Chris Delagarza

    Chris Delagarza12 hours ago

    You are now with the greatest creed of all Goodbye Alex Trebek. Thank you for being there since I was a baby.


    MARIE ROCKLEDGE FLA12 hours ago

    He even puts his hands like Mr. Alex god I miss him rip🙏

  35. Paula Niles

    Paula Niles12 hours ago

    It just isn't the same...cant watch it after the first elisode...Ken isn't that good...

  36. Chris Delagarza

    Chris Delagarza12 hours ago

    PUBG FOR LIFE..... Good bye 👋🏼 Alex. Thank you for being there my whole life.

  37. ABC7

    ABC712 hours ago

    I have a tip: Don’t shame people for being in wheelchairs.

  38. Chris Delagarza

    Chris Delagarza12 hours ago


  39. Lex Tan

    Lex Tan12 hours ago

    I really enjoy Ken as host. I wonder if he was in talks to be the regular. I was chuckling from the first guy's answer until Ken said "Thank you, Alex" then I started tearing up. RIP, Trebek.



    Pulmonary embolism

  41. james Lance

    james Lance14 hours ago

    Soooo, no tips. 😒

  42. Pureza Egan

    Pureza Egan14 hours ago

    Love you Alex “♥️” Rest In Peace 🙏

  43. Sky

    Sky14 hours ago

    Holy shit, I got the Tom Sawyer one correct. I haven’t read that book since in maybe 15 years.

  44. Donny HB

    Donny HB14 hours ago

    I can't believe this was over 16 years ago. I watched a good chunk of Ken Jennings's streak with my great-grandma back in the day. She loved watching Wheel of Fortune and Jeopardy. RIP to my gma and Alex T; I hope she finally got to meet him in the afterlife.

  45. xAtomicW0lfx

    xAtomicW0lfx14 hours ago

    I use to watch this show with my grandma and papa Rest in Piece Alex and Rest in Peace papa

  46. Derp Meow

    Derp Meow14 hours ago


  47. Jade Trautman

    Jade Trautman14 hours ago

    Obviously someone who Alex loved and someone who loved Alex.

  48. tichu7

    tichu714 hours ago

    Jim's the first player who has had two different hosts.

  49. Baby Lamb Creations

    Baby Lamb Creations14 hours ago

    Legends supporting legends. R.I.P. Fred Rogers and Alex Trebek

  50. Mario Juan

    Mario Juan14 hours ago

    Should Tom have gotten credit for his question when the actual title is “Insane in the Brain?” If the judges took away that one contestant’s “Gangster’s Paradise” response, methinks no.

  51. John Fahey

    John Fahey14 hours ago

    Ken Jennings now hosting Jeopardy RIP Alex Trebek

  52. we3ggirls

    we3ggirls14 hours ago

    They were not prepared Haha

  53. Jim Marsch

    Jim Marsch14 hours ago

    Maybe the answer Kebert Xlea will bring him back?

  54. Prophetless772

    Prophetless77214 hours ago

    I can see why they'd have Ken as a guest host, but Ken has already said he doesn't want to permanent host the show

  55. AV Collections

    AV Collections15 hours ago

    I teared up as soon as his voice cracked 😭 We will miss you, Alex! Please make Ken the regular host 🙏🏼

  56. Donny HB

    Donny HB15 hours ago

    "Thank you, Alex" 🥺🥺

  57. Spyro the Dragon

    Spyro the Dragon15 hours ago

    personally i'm pulling for Ken to become the full-time host. he's done a great job so far. still doesn't seem real, though. we welcomed Alex into our home for a half hour each evening - still seems like he should come back next week or something. but since that's of course not happening, Ken's doing wonderful so far.

  58. serdy ximi

    serdy ximi15 hours ago

    Ive never had a clebrity death feel so personal. My heart goes out to his family. R.I.P Alex May you rest in peace.

  59. CapnKrunkCereal

    CapnKrunkCereal15 hours ago

    Smell ya later, Trebek.

  60. Cheyenne Cook

    Cheyenne Cook15 hours ago

    My mother lost 2 friends to PanCan so I’m all too familiar with the prognosis. Alex deserves major kudos for that announcement/ making that announcement on HIS terms before the horrible media blew it out of proportion as they tend to do. You will always be missed dear sir

  61. Aaron Peavler/Geomodelrailroader Railroad Photography

    Aaron Peavler/Geomodelrailroader Railroad Photography15 hours ago

    always good to see these we will miss you Alex. #RIPAlexTrebek

  62. Cheyenne Cook

    Cheyenne Cook15 hours ago

    While Alex will be irreplaceable to so many of us...I think Ken will come into his own as a host and carry on Alex’s legacy. That ending got me in the feels for sure

  63. Bruce Allan

    Bruce Allan15 hours ago

    He is the perfect one for the job! Do we need other guest hosts?

  64. J Powell

    J Powell15 hours ago

    Imagine if they were talking about an actual goat 1:32

  65. Nanya

    Nanya15 hours ago

    Damn onion ninjas

  66. 80’s Lover

    80’s Lover15 hours ago

    Love Ken Jennings' podcasts. His intelligence is matched by his wit and humility. Would make an outstanding (permanent) host of Jeopardy. Best wishes to him!

  67. Lost Fan

    Lost Fan15 hours ago

    Ken needs voice lessons. He needs a deeper voice or something.

  68. Michael P

    Michael P15 hours ago

    The comment section made me smile. Everybody so supportive of ken Jennings. Alex would be proud about this transition. This is exactly what he spoke about with making the world a better place. Thank you Alex.

  69. CLYTXO

    CLYTXO15 hours ago

    I personally love him in The Chase but Jeopardy not so much...maybe he needs to grow on me.

  70. Cheryl Houghton

    Cheryl Houghton16 hours ago

    No one can ever replace Alex Trebek! He was and is Jeopardy. I'm having a difficult time watching Jennings. He was an excellent player, is brilliant, but is not a good choice to host Jeopardy. Her doesn't have the same class, charisma, charm, personality, etc., as Alex. I heard that Katie Couric might guest host and she would be an excellent choice as she has a personality that would compliment the show, she's bright, and being a woman, she won't be compared to Alex in the same way that a man would. I don't know who all they have in mind for guest hosts, but please move Ken along or after a lifetime of watching Jeopardy, I may have to watch something else.

  71. mphlohi

    mphlohi16 hours ago

    Ken showing the emotions that all of us are feeling, Alex departing was hard for all of us, Ken knows that all too well, being one of, if not the most, prominent ones to share that stage and studio with Alex, a privilege every crew member, contestant, and audience member (including myself) was honored to have. Ken really empathizes with all of us, honoring and thanking Alex, and at the same time he maintains his composure and hosts very well.

  72. Noah Haas

    Noah Haas16 hours ago

    I feel bad for whomever replaces him, because they will always be compared to Alex and will never be as good as him to some people. Rest in peace Alex Trebek, a true legend

  73. Alex Bartolo & BB Christian's YouTube Station

    Alex Bartolo & BB Christian's YouTube Station16 hours ago

    He did this to himself!

  74. leyenda61

    leyenda6116 hours ago

    Only thing Ken needs to work on is talking with the players after the 1st commericial break. It's a bit too much feigned interest & excitement, almost vaudevillian. But that is super-minor. Everything ele he does is awesome. Keep it up, Mr. J.! We're rooting for you!

  75. Charles Myers

    Charles Myers16 hours ago

    Thought Ken did a really good job as host of Jeopardy on his 1st day. Great tribute to to Alex. Keep up the great work

  76. pika2

    pika216 hours ago

    This may be the easiest base level questions of Pokémon. In game show and popular Pokémon ignorance terms, it’s not surprising. In terms of Jeopardy it is.

  77. Jason Ullerich

    Jason Ullerich16 hours ago

    Jennings had quite the run and is doing an excellent job as guest host today.

  78. Christopher Morales

    Christopher Morales16 hours ago

    Iran so far away...

  79. ValensBellator

    ValensBellator16 hours ago

    Well I guess we know how they managed to get on Jeopardy... weren’t wasting their time with video games in the first place 😂

  80. dick clarke

    dick clarke16 hours ago

    BIG shoes to fill. Ken's timing and sense of humor are bang on. KEEP IT UP KEN!!!!