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  1. Jason Mitchell

    Jason Mitchell13 hours ago

    Why was this video uploaded?

  2. ohwhye

    ohwhye13 hours ago

    What’s gonna happen in a thousand years? Are players going to have start wearing four digit numbers?

  3. Steve Horn

    Steve Horn13 hours ago

    She won $23,800 but he said they were matching $26,800 wtfff

  4. Joe Heid

    Joe Heid14 hours ago

    I guessed Kiev too. 😟

  5. TinkBellQ

    TinkBellQ14 hours ago

    The Doctor Strange one makes it seem like he only performed one surgery

  6. Clinton Wolford

    Clinton Wolford14 hours ago

    Here's what I think the new host should say on the season 38 premiere of Jeopardy!: "Thank you, Johnny Gilbert!" (or whoever serving as announcer). If Johnny Gilbert is still alive and announcer: "At least we still have one familiar voice back with us this season." The rest are: "Thank you very much, ladies and gentleman. And on behalf of all of us, welcome to season 38 and my first episode as your humble host of America's favorite quiz show, Jeopardy! Many of you already know how we play it. We provide the categories and the answers and it's then up to our contestants to gIve us the right questions. Players, as you already know, anytime you recognize an answer after it's been entirely read, you're free to ring in. However, I do want to caution you about the 'Jeopardy!'. If you are wrong, the value of the answer will be deducted from your score. But to help you add to your winnings, we have hidden somewhere on the board; a Daily Double. One in this round. Two in our Double Jeopardy! round. And if you're lucky enough to uncover any of those, then you'll have a chance to double any or all of your winnings up to that point in the round. And it's very important that you try to win as much money as possible. Because only the player with the most cash at the end of the program will come back as a returning champion as long as they keep winning. If you're all set to begin, pick up your signaling buttons, but do not ring in until after I've read the clue in it's entirety. If you're ready, then let us play Jeopardy!" Dollar figures pop in and then the new host says, "And starting this season for the first time in 20 years, our clues amounts for the answers in the Jeopardy! round have doubled by ranging in value from $200 to $1000 - to - $400 to $2000. And the amounts will be doubled from $800 to $4000 in Double Jeopardy! later on in the show, as well. And so with that, here are the six categories you're going to be dealing with in this first round." The original opening words were said by Alex Trebek in this clip on September 10, 1984. What I typed here, I made a few tweaks with Alex Trebek's opening words with the hope that the new host next season will use the tweaked version I typed here as his or her own version of Alex's pilot opening without plagiarizing too much. Tell me what you think about my tweaks and refer this information to the show, Jeopardy!

  7. Arkeyu

    Arkeyu14 hours ago

    Whyd i know the ostrich one wtf

  8. abermen

    abermen15 hours ago

    DAFUQ? This was such an easy question too!

  9. Steve H.

    Steve H.16 hours ago

    I've been checking Bill out and I think he has done an outstanding job on Jeopardy! His timing, grace and general presence qualify him to be considered one of the frontrunners for the job! Has a good feel like it is natural and not contrived.

  10. Kevin Chau

    Kevin Chau16 hours ago

    Aaron Rodgers did pretty good as Guest Host! He should be Permanent Host

  11. Luiz Pontes

    Luiz Pontes16 hours ago

    Ok, why was I recommended this?

  12. Steve Yochim

    Steve Yochim16 hours ago

    wasnt he on Carmen Sandiego?

  13. Jerri Tanner

    Jerri Tanner17 hours ago

    So heartfelt & sweet! Go Buzzy!

  14. Venitra DeGraffenreid

    Venitra DeGraffenreid17 hours ago

    I once lived in Ankara and couldn't get it right! Embarrassing!

  15. Marc Lucas

    Marc Lucas17 hours ago

    Good Luck Buzzy!!! You will do great throughout the TOC.

  16. MrRendeer

    MrRendeer17 hours ago

    Jeopardy was actually wrong! It was Destiny 2, not Destiny.

  17. istvanfekete1732

    istvanfekete173217 hours ago

    Kiev? This three-time champion actually thinks that Ukraine is in Asia?

  18. Benjamin Ryan

    Benjamin Ryan18 hours ago

    They destroyed that segment so quick

  19. Bridget Garrett

    Bridget Garrett18 hours ago

    Alex Trebek may no longer be around but I don’t see any signs of Jeopardy losing popularity on TV. People”still”love the classic quiz show year after year. & Alex would be happy to know that the game show is still going strong without him. We love you Alex Trebek. Bryce Garrett.

  20. SCJ

    SCJ18 hours ago

    Buzzy Cohen isn't a tool, he's the entire goddamn toolshed. It's painful to watch anything including him as a contestant, let alone as a host.

  21. PC_Load_Letter

    PC_Load_Letter18 hours ago

    Just lose the glasses...please.

  22. untexan

    untexan18 hours ago

    That’s a hard one, trying to decide if Turkey counts as Europe or Asia or both or where the dividing line is

  23. sandra williams

    sandra williams19 hours ago

    I hope it fails Alex was just being kind and gracious he also told his wife to re marry and he Didn't mean a word of it It should End without him and brought back later

  24. Rift Vallance

    Rift Vallance19 hours ago

    Of course the girl got the one about thor

  25. Stacia Jaeger

    Stacia Jaeger19 hours ago

    Alex was kind of an asshole.

  26. wee woao

    wee woao19 hours ago

    Jason Z. won this tournament just so you all know.

  27. SIR HOPP3R

    SIR HOPP3R20 hours ago

    Such a lovely man. God needed angels.

  28. windowclean100

    windowclean10020 hours ago


  29. Cycle Lewis County

    Cycle Lewis County21 hour ago

    Bill was an absolutely fantastic host.

  30. SIR HOPP3R

    SIR HOPP3R21 hour ago

    Rest in peace Alex. We all love you ❤️❤️❤️❤️❤️.

  31. Tucker Tooley

    Tucker Tooley21 hour ago

    only one could be considered hard

  32. RagingAcid

    RagingAcid21 hour ago

    dude could drunk drive perfectly fine tbh

  33. Riley Hun

    Riley Hun21 hour ago

    I honestly didn't really like Buzzy from the beginning, but starting to warm up to him. He was also a good captain in the All Stars Games. Still would have preferred Ken to be the host of the ToC and eventually permanent host.

  34. Jerri Tanner

    Jerri Tanner21 hour ago

    This video has me smiling! Something tells me that he’ll easily become one of my top 3 choices for the permanent host. Knock it out of the park, Buzzy!

  35. Matthew Selman

    Matthew Selman22 hours ago

    I already can’t wait for toc lol

  36. Psychotic Bob

    Psychotic Bob22 hours ago

    I take it that "Mr. Dwayne Johnson" (whoever that is) is someone that's big with children? And since when did Jeopardy ever do a show with elementary aged kids? I remember them having kids weeks but not elementary aged kids like these.

  37. Matthew Selman

    Matthew Selman22 hours ago

    I already can’t wait for toc lol

  38. Faith Worldleader

    Faith Worldleader22 hours ago

    Didn't really think of this because it was fairly well recognized that they were waiting for the whole trilogy to reward them. I think of the films as a whole generally and if I had to pick one for an Oscar, it would be the Two Towers. Helm"s Deep is my favorite part - I am a sucker for a siege movie.

  39. gokaury

    gokaury22 hours ago

    So cool that SpaceX was able to successfully land one of their rockets back to an Earth landing pad.

  40. thelastpatriot

    thelastpatriot22 hours ago

    This Host is very Boring

  41. theR0nin

    theR0nin22 hours ago

    Looking forward to watching! The other guest hosts have been too reserved, too controlled, too hesitant to be themselves. I bet Buzzy won't have that problem!

  42. Jay Kay

    Jay Kay23 hours ago

    Last one was easy, it’s ash. Heck all these questions r easy

  43. Robert Wadlow

    Robert Wadlow23 hours ago

    Who names their kid or themselves "Buzzy". Lol

  44. Jeff H

    Jeff H23 hours ago

    Haha. I remember joust and the ostriches. Didn't have a clue about the others.

  45. AuraLuna

    AuraLunaDay ago

    Matt Montana is actually a digital journal. "Yes, I-" You look like it, from the way you're dressed. I'll see you in court Matt

  46. Ruben Roque

    Ruben RoqueDay ago

    I thought it was Pink Floyd but at the last second I said to myself they are not an American band.

  47. Carolus Rex

    Carolus RexDay ago

    Ok ok I never watched "Footloose"

  48. Devreckas

    DevreckasDay ago

    Looks like the Janitor really put the Brain Trust to work!

  49. Eclipsical Bluestocking

    Eclipsical BluestockingDay ago

    I miss Alex

  50. chuck vader

    chuck vaderDay ago

    Aaron Rogers should be the next host

  51. Frenite

    FreniteDay ago

    I was wrong

  52. Samuel B.

    Samuel B.Day ago

    I'll have to wait until after the first week of the TOC to form my opinion, but based on this interview alone i think that Buzzy could potentially make a great permanent host! Monday night can't come soon enough!

  53. Willy Limy

    Willy LimyDay ago

    Love for Buzzy😍😍😍😍

  54. Adam Shariff

    Adam ShariffDay ago

    He got this

  55. hi i'm emily

    hi i'm emilyDay ago

    Mister Rodgers talking about Mister Rogers. How fitting.

  56. Tristan Gardner

    Tristan GardnerDay ago

    I still haven't forgotten the 2017 Tournament of Champions when Austin, Alan, and Buzzy made Johnny Gilbert laugh at the end of his introduction, especially when Alex joined in on the fun. And Alex was right: it's contagious! I loved that intro.

  57. graciesmom

    graciesmomDay ago

    Can't wait to see this.

  58. Pete Martin

    Pete MartinDay ago

    bro Buzzy is a real one who actually wants this. i'm stoked for him.

  59. ggson

    ggsonDay ago

    They made some of the clues too easy especially the guardians of the galaxy listing the real names

  60. SchwarzeWitwe2

    SchwarzeWitwe2Day ago

    Damn. I guessed Tel Aviv.

  61. Pete Martin

    Pete MartinDay ago

    dude Buzzy actually wants this. he gets my vote.



    You're not old Jim. The 80s were just last week, or so it seems.

  63. Alex T

    Alex TDay ago

    The ToC Buzzy won was definitely the best one.

  64. Bob F.

    Bob F.Day ago

    American Rock band....facepalm..of course it's Journey...

  65. Alex T

    Alex TDay ago

    The ToC Buzzy won was definitely the best one.

  66. Darth Blader/Jonas Fababeir

    Darth Blader/Jonas FababeirDay ago

    Wheel of Fortune used one of these two Ernest Hemingway Answers as Title/Author For Whom the Bell Tolls By Ernest Hemingway The Old Man and the Sea By Ernest Hemingway

  67. Clot-in-Eye Joe

    Clot-in-Eye JoeDay ago

    I got top gun!

  68. Controlledburst

    ControlledburstDay ago

    This guy kinda has an Alex Trebek presence about him. I like him

  69. ted kaczynski

    ted kaczynskiDay ago

    Remove this clown. Stop ruining Trebek's Jeopardy.

  70. Psychotic Bob

    Psychotic BobDay ago

    I'm honored and proud to admit that I didn't get any of them. I was and still am completely clueless.

  71. Nancy Austin

    Nancy AustinDay ago

    Good luck you deserve this shot. Alex would be proud. 👍😊

  72. The Weyser Man is Back

    The Weyser Man is BackDay ago

    Buzzy, that "Coordinated Intro" called "Robots Take Over JEOPARDY!" is the still the best intro ever, in my opinion. Best of luck to you in guest hosting the Tournament of Champions.

  73. chad ho

    chad hoDay ago

    Buzzy Cohen pressure meet you.

  74. Charles Lumia

    Charles LumiaDay ago

    Good luck buddy! I'm sure it's gonna be awesome

  75. Matt Hartley Jr.

    Matt Hartley Jr.Day ago

    No matter the host the ToC is ALWAYS a great time on Jeopardy each time they have it😀🎉🙌💜

  76. Alexander Wells

    Alexander WellsDay ago

    Since i stopped using jokes on contestants i'm not Alex Trebek

  77. Dead Ryan

    Dead RyanDay ago

    Let Tucker Carlson host for 2 weeks LOL

  78. Alexander Wells

    Alexander WellsDay ago

    Buzzy Cohen got his wish as a guest host starting on Monday

  79. Christopher Kraft

    Christopher KraftDay ago

    Buzzy is great, you will do a fantastic job hosting the Tournament Of Champions!!! 👍👍

  80. Kyle Baxter

    Kyle BaxterDay ago

    Seeing Buzzy as a contestant was awesome. Seeing him as the guest host will be even more awesome.