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100 Thieves ("Hundred Thieves") is a premium lifestyle brand and gaming organization. Built at the intersection of competitive gaming, entertainment, and apparel, 100 Thieves was founded in 2017 by Matthew "Nadeshot" Haag, the former OpTic Gaming Call of Duty captain, X Games gold medalist, and 2014 Esports Athlete of the Year. After retiring from competitive play, Matt founded 100 Thieves as a creative outlet for his entrepreneurial passions. In its first two years, 100 Thieves has won multiple esports major championships in Call of Duty, made the League of Legends and Fortnite World Championships, launched the top gaming podcasts on iTunes, sold out over a dozen apparel drops, and is supported by major partners such as Cash App, General Mills, & Rocket Mortgage. The company has raised $60M from investors including Drake, Scooter Braun, Cleveland Cavaliers Owner & Quicken Loans Chairman Dan Gilbert, Artist Capital Management, Ludlow Ventures, Green Bay Ventures, and Sequoia.

  1. Baltakoss

    Baltakoss7 hours ago

    14:00 steel is kinds thicc

  2. Melanie Hochuli

    Melanie Hochuli7 hours ago

    As someone who knew Jordan primarily from his theatre work/got to know him through Hamilton, this is so trippy to see him talk about one of my other passions! Such a charismatic and talented guy!!

  3. A name that you can’t say

    A name that you can’t say8 hours ago

    why that good of a pc tho

  4. Vorte2x

    Vorte2x8 hours ago


  5. Vorte2x

    Vorte2x8 hours ago


  6. Nova Quality

    Nova Quality8 hours ago

    Courage attack by food ?!?!?!?

  7. Pikxotics Aqua Pets

    Pikxotics Aqua Pets8 hours ago

    everytime they zoom in on Mo I get distracted by his neck hairs.

  8. Webby

    Webby9 hours ago

    Let’s be honest 2Hype died when Los left

  9. w0wzerz

    w0wzerz9 hours ago

    yo someone send me asunas shoes pls

  10. Delago HD1

    Delago HD19 hours ago

    Holy shit zack is a year older than my dad

  11. Jahiem Dunn

    Jahiem Dunn9 hours ago

    They cheated

  12. Marbien Rivera

    Marbien Rivera9 hours ago

    Asking dors 100T choose what they want to use mice and keyboard and more.?

  13. veurul

    veurul9 hours ago

    oh hiko you’re so skinny

  14. Koush Potato

    Koush Potato9 hours ago

    💯 thieves

  15. Dylan Ritchie

    Dylan Ritchie9 hours ago

    Literally have never heard of them before🤷‍♂️😂


    KING SWERVE9 hours ago

    What about kenny

  17. Limmy Lunsa

    Limmy Lunsa10 hours ago

    I rest my case

  18. Arkodeep Ghosh

    Arkodeep Ghosh10 hours ago

    not liking since i am team nadeshot 😂

  19. Vlad Alexandru

    Vlad Alexandru10 hours ago

    This is such a meme xD

  20. Tomáš Benda

    Tomáš Benda10 hours ago

    15:33 song somebody please

  21. Jozef Maksuti

    Jozef Maksuti11 hours ago

    Fucking wow

  22. brady matthews

    brady matthews11 hours ago

    Avalanche literally smells like a simp

  23. Aggro Valorant

    Aggro Valorant11 hours ago

    Im so sorry. I Love You. uslikes.info/house/nntqlNqktYyQhJ0/video.html

  24. DTGxZEUS

    DTGxZEUS11 hours ago

    Idont even knoe what 2hype is but hey fuck it man if nadeshot down with it ill give it a shot 👌🏼

  25. rylan davis

    rylan davis11 hours ago

    They moved to corona ca and I went to highschool there and NEVER seen them at all thats kinda crazy

  26. Nakari cz

    Nakari cz11 hours ago

    What song is that in 15:23 ?

  27. KajoMoore

    KajoMoore11 hours ago

    I would let Valkyrea walk on me

  28. Jomar Colon

    Jomar Colon11 hours ago

    Courage got snubbed

  29. mclvlogsgaming

    mclvlogsgaming11 hours ago

    Damn so zackttg is 31

  30. Jacob Bruch

    Jacob Bruch12 hours ago


  31. Luis Carrillo

    Luis Carrillo12 hours ago

    Just went through all the tournaments can’t wait for this season !!!! Run it up💯

  32. Laura Kim

    Laura Kim12 hours ago

    Awh~ I love what Rae does @9:15 <3

  33. Danny Halliwell

    Danny Halliwell12 hours ago

    You gotta do James and Zach and then Cash and Mitchell

  34. Matthew Burdick

    Matthew Burdick12 hours ago

    I’d love to see a replica 100 Thieves chain!

  35. drawking nikhil

    drawking nikhil12 hours ago

    Mitro :((

  36. jrborgify

    jrborgify12 hours ago

    jesser goofy af. you can tell because he idolizes Dude Perfect

  37. Antonee

    Antonee12 hours ago

    Bro did Cash say he’s Cassius Clay? Muhammad Ali’s Slave name!?

  38. Pratyush Neupane

    Pratyush Neupane12 hours ago

    Phoenix higher than legends never die Really ? This man crazy

  39. Euan Campbell

    Euan Campbell12 hours ago

    Get the likes up on this and get this guy a promotion cmon its a crazy world people losing jobs etc let’s get him one and we can be a MVP for him

  40. Conner Cooper

    Conner Cooper12 hours ago

    i love 2hype

  41. Ali Carter

    Ali Carter13 hours ago

    One day I’ll be in 100 thieves with 1 million subs on YT at the age of 27

  42. Ethan Phan

    Ethan Phan13 hours ago

    Sidemen and 2hype needs to happen ASAP man that collab would be flames!!!!

  43. FN_Goose

    FN_Goose13 hours ago

    10:14 when Mitchell was left hanging😂😭

  44. Matty Monster

    Matty Monster13 hours ago

    What 2k was like when watching the part on why Jesse and Kris stopped playing there game: 👁💧👄💧👁

  45. Greg

    Greg14 hours ago


  46. Cutie

    Cutie14 hours ago

    How do I join 100 thieves? only A Dream😩

  47. Kayson Gambill

    Kayson Gambill14 hours ago

    Imagine this wit 2hype

  48. Its Akingtana

    Its Akingtana14 hours ago

    Amazing video

  49. Lmaoanator Hilarious

    Lmaoanator Hilarious14 hours ago

    His accent is fading away!!!

  50. Barzztherapper

    Barzztherapper14 hours ago


  51. Yzzy

    Yzzy14 hours ago

    You guys just have better gaming chairs

  52. Jason Gates

    Jason Gates15 hours ago

    She is super pretty.

  53. z Mxtt

    z Mxtt15 hours ago

    Bro.... I don’t think people realize what 2hype and 100 Thieves just did. They just made a USlikes revolution. The money bout to get big for these people! 👀

  54. Isaac Owusu

    Isaac Owusu15 hours ago

    Why the hell did zack cuff his Jean's to his calves

  55. Lathan Burchfield

    Lathan Burchfield16 hours ago


  56. Chad Mak

    Chad Mak16 hours ago

    Yo dicey got a personality eh? All the guys seem fun to be around, excited to see this team win!

  57. dead dead2

    dead dead216 hours ago

    0:33 is sus jesse and valkyrae lookin at each other.

  58. Lorenz Cuizon

    Lorenz Cuizon16 hours ago

    Im so stupid i thought the title said the biggest singing ever 😂

  59. Cameron Beatty

    Cameron Beatty16 hours ago

    This has to be my fav house I’ve ever seen location and style/ design and size it’s actually the perfect house only thing better would be more land but wow

  60. Ran Loading

    Ran Loading16 hours ago

    Who else here happy for them❤️

  61. SaCred

    SaCred16 hours ago

    2hype is like a guardian angel that come down from heaven to bring positivity in my gloomy face.

  62. SaCred

    SaCred16 hours ago

    I am like kris and jesse I'm like kris because I'm always havin injuries and I always play 2k like kris and I'm like jesse because I'm almost a deadly shooter from deep but I like to scream and hype up everyone.

  63. VisionFn Dittle

    VisionFn Dittle16 hours ago

    When they said cloud 9 I thought they ment c9 from rocket league

  64. Wemerson Costa

    Wemerson Costa16 hours ago

    I’m kinda starting to like 100t a lil more than faze idk

  65. Ran Loading

    Ran Loading16 hours ago

    Ok ok go crazy 🔥

  66. Mohamed Hakim

    Mohamed Hakim17 hours ago

    Wait is that actually cash’s real name

  67. sao gang

    sao gang17 hours ago

    jesser is barely 21

  68. Jack M

    Jack M17 hours ago

    why does mr. Savage seem like he's 18

  69. P Blount

    P Blount17 hours ago

    Respect to los TD and mal

  70. Roman Pereira

    Roman Pereira17 hours ago

    Los que le dieron "no me gusta" todo bien por casa? Those who gave "dislike" everything well at home?

  71. TzuYoda

    TzuYoda17 hours ago

    100T NBA2K

  72. TRIZZY DaDon

    TRIZZY DaDon17 hours ago

    I would love to be apart of this family they have an amazing vibe

  73. Veniza

    Veniza17 hours ago

    I dont think Courage was talking about fortnite

  74. dr.noname

    dr.noname17 hours ago

    who else realized that courage finnaly met one of the guys who gave him $70,000

  75. Veniza

    Veniza17 hours ago

    Valkyrae will always be a serial killer

  76. Brendan Shaw

    Brendan Shaw17 hours ago

    Was this a sign?

  77. TheSimpleThings

    TheSimpleThings18 hours ago

    Valk is my favorite. BYE

  78. Rem Perez

    Rem Perez18 hours ago

    Is zach TTG realy 31

  79. Daryl Doria

    Daryl Doria18 hours ago

    #jesserae #valkysse

  80. Kharter Transou

    Kharter Transou18 hours ago