Rachel Ballinger
  1. lunar Youdontneedtoknow

    lunar YoudontneedtoknowHour ago

    I knew from the MOMENT i started watching your videos that you were NOT straight. I've been watching you for years, and i have not been let down. All of your videos make me so happy. Thank you for being so funny, keep doing what you are doing. ❤️

  2. Casey Moore

    Casey MooreHour ago

    Is joy her gf she said babe what to smell it

  3. Five nights at Freddy’s Is cool

    Five nights at Freddy’s Is coolHour ago

    my mom every time I leave my phone unlocked to go pee she ALWAYS go through it and when I get back she ask "Who is baby?" and then I have to say "It is you mom

  4. Crazy Human

    Crazy HumanHour ago

    Yo y does Rachel look like that?👁👄👁

  5. Luna Lovegood

    Luna LovegoodHour ago

    Shut up and dance is the one that goes “shut up and dance with me this women’s my destiny she said oohoohooh shut up and dance”

  6. shanice

    shaniceHour ago

    ‘i’m not a frat boy’😂😭

  7. LupeO

    LupeOHour ago

    Rachel, online websites do not say if you are gay!!!

  8. HaydenCooper

    HaydenCooperHour ago

    Why is JoJo so loud and hyper

  9. Tracy Hartranft

    Tracy Hartranft2 hours ago


  10. Peter G

    Peter G2 hours ago


  11. Claudia Angelo

    Claudia Angelo2 hours ago

    Rachel: I thought it was cold enough to wear a sweater and have the heat blaring. It is 88 not 90. Me: It is 43 degrees outside! I should be wearing shorts and a t-shirt! Time to go outside!

  12. Mindy Chiappetta

    Mindy Chiappetta2 hours ago

    Mary had a little lamb is really good

  13. Mia Sannes

    Mia Sannes2 hours ago

    the gay quiz isnt the quiz itself, its if you searched for the quiz in the first place so..

  14. katedority

    katedority2 hours ago

    When she was using the fishing toy I was laughing so hard. 😂🤣😂

  15. Izzy Osborne

    Izzy Osborne2 hours ago

    ## not funny

  16. bently Michelle

    bently Michelle2 hours ago

    This is really weird my friend is called cheese 🤣🤣🤣🤣🤣

  17. Kat Lindberg

    Kat Lindberg3 hours ago

    Loved the live

  18. Haileys World

    Haileys World3 hours ago

    The popcorn had a cuss word

  19. Aliveia Winebrenner

    Aliveia Winebrenner3 hours ago

    I’m 12 and I wear high heels 24 seven lol

  20. Zoe Pounders

    Zoe Pounders3 hours ago

    Is she gay?

  21. lady the dogoe

    lady the dogoe3 hours ago

    Is she straight?

  22. Ashley

    Ashley3 hours ago

    There is an easier way to solve rather than the diamond method (6:56). If the equation is 0=x2+6x+9, it would be (x+3)(x+3). The simple way to solve it is that the two numbers (x+_)(x+_) multiply to the last number in the equation (9) and add to the middle number (6x). For 0=y2-10y+25, it would be (x-5)(x-5). Both negative 5s multiply to 25 and add to negative 10. This is at least how I learned it.

  23. Maizey’s Story

    Maizey’s Story4 hours ago

    Rachel’s friend didn’t even look like her mouth was that full lmaoo Rachel’s looks huge 😂😂 as if they fit 20 warheads in their head 😮😮

  24. Meg C.

    Meg C.4 hours ago

    I got my first period in the middle of watching this video...

  25. karrie jean

    karrie jean4 hours ago

    i love the way u edit ur videos !!! hilarious lol

  26. Bbrooke

    Bbrooke4 hours ago

    4:34 just a little baby bit

  27. Donna Wolf

    Donna Wolf4 hours ago


  28. Hope Sidiropoulos

    Hope Sidiropoulos4 hours ago

    Anyone remember "Stay Awsome Posomes"? (Ik I cant spell)

  29. Trish Elliott

    Trish Elliott4 hours ago

    Ur were jus n the closet last test u did so ur claiming it’s not accurate

  30. yellow blob

    yellow blob4 hours ago

    "screw you boxes" literally all you had to say hun

  31. Zain Adam

    Zain Adam4 hours ago

    “Have you ever lied to someone?” Me: 5:51

  32. Robert Sahakyan

    Robert Sahakyan4 hours ago

    Wait so is she...gay

  33. Tyler Smith

    Tyler Smith4 hours ago

    Sometimes I forget that not everyone had to pump gas for their parents... I guess we got mistreated... or y’all weren’t taught anything.

  34. Jaci Kunde

    Jaci Kunde5 hours ago

    You need to put it in the metal loops

  35. Lily Drayton

    Lily Drayton5 hours ago

    Wait is she gay I'm confused?

  36. miss girl

    miss girl5 hours ago


  37. Jocelyn Prevost

    Jocelyn Prevost5 hours ago


  38. Summer Geiss

    Summer Geiss5 hours ago


  39. Maddy and tay gaming

    Maddy and tay gaming5 hours ago


  40. Paislee Campbell

    Paislee Campbell5 hours ago

    Put soap in the washing machine

  41. lizzy duhh

    lizzy duhh5 hours ago

    rachel once said Jojo go there keep it going in the comments down bellow

  42. Chloe Skiles

    Chloe Skiles5 hours ago

    Who is here in 2021

  43. Melissa ,

    Melissa ,5 hours ago

    For anyone wondering yes she is actually gay And her and matt broke up in September for anyone confused :)

  44. Wanupgurl

    Wanupgurl5 hours ago

    I got a smaller version of that heating pad today. it's so good.

  45. Aurora Granger

    Aurora Granger5 hours ago

    I just realized rach is dressed like Dora lol 😂😂

  46. jenna mary

    jenna mary5 hours ago

    I love you Rachel 😭

  47. Ava Moore

    Ava Moore6 hours ago

    Rachel so do you remember your sweet 16 video I just caught up on your sisters videos and I just watched it your dance though girl

  48. Summa Pleasants

    Summa Pleasants6 hours ago

    are you actually gay like being serious

  49. Alfredo Osorio

    Alfredo Osorio6 hours ago

    VERY , VERY GAY lmfao

  50. Isabelle Paal

    Isabelle Paal6 hours ago

    I love Rachel so much.

  51. Zsa’s World

    Zsa’s World6 hours ago

    I love your hair curly so cute 👍💇🏻‍♀️

  52. Chloe Hearn

    Chloe Hearn6 hours ago

    You should call him jojo the floppy man

  53. Qwaats flackity

    Qwaats flackity6 hours ago

    *lesbian* not gay srry

  54. J Dog

    J Dog7 hours ago

    hot water on eczema

  55. J Dog

    J Dog7 hours ago

    Biting down on tooth ache

  56. ducky king

    ducky king7 hours ago

    Why is this sooooo true

  57. Cee Kay

    Cee Kay7 hours ago

    I can guess why USlikes is now recommending this video 2 years later :D When Rachel and Joy are a bit further into their relationship where they can do a video like this one, I'd love to get their reaction to the end of this video. Maybe get some context and hear more about Rachel's personal journey. I mean, I'm still figuring out which letter of the alphabet mafia I belong to, and vaginas and vulvas aren't exactly embraced as beautiful and lovely in mainstream media, more like a mysterious alien dirty secret in your pants. But I have anxiety, depression and cripplingly low self esteem and "game", so I also think people in general can be gross, that I am gross, how weird is it that people want to smash their lips together and simulate a snake orgy with their tongues? But also, please kiss me I want to feel something.

  58. ducky king

    ducky king7 hours ago

    The make up tho

  59. Lindsay West

    Lindsay West7 hours ago

    I’m so happy for Rachel but I swear I thought she had a live in boyfriend, Matt maybe?? Idk am I dreaming this? I have wondered forever about her but I’m just questioning if I imagined her having a boyfriend

  60. Ava and Ava Gaming

    Ava and Ava Gaming7 hours ago

    me knowing they made a mini pop it

  61. Riley King

    Riley King7 hours ago

    Colleen: no dont touch it too much Rachel: ok i wont Colleen: contines to touch bath bomb

  62. ducky king

    ducky king7 hours ago


  63. Random human

    Random human7 hours ago

    If Colleen was in a tub how would you know if her water broke in a batub

  64. irelyn

    irelyn7 hours ago


  65. Kristin Atchley

    Kristin Atchley7 hours ago

    Rachel’s hair sitting on the shelf🤣

  66. Laura Walker

    Laura Walker7 hours ago

    Is your sister going to do a brithing vid Because i want to sea

  67. Mia Troskie

    Mia Troskie7 hours ago

    2021 anybody??

  68. Jaidalyn Kotula

    Jaidalyn Kotula7 hours ago


  69. reesie lover

    reesie lover7 hours ago

    SOOOOO glad you're gay. I just can't believe any man is good enough for you. Now, I'm off to find some "are you gay?" quizzes to make sure the guy I'm meeting at my favorite gay bar won't be disappointed tonight.

  70. It’s MADI

    It’s MADI8 hours ago

    You should try a simple simple it is some thing you can use with one hand

  71. Iliana Espinoza

    Iliana Espinoza8 hours ago

    There’s is a smaller pop it, it’s call ‘simple dimples’ they are very Clicky and have only two

  72. ron legg

    ron legg8 hours ago

    I can

  73. Sierra Cindrell

    Sierra Cindrell8 hours ago

    I like your teal and grey Vans

  74. Makenna Rose

    Makenna Rose8 hours ago

    When she said she knew who little mix was I lost it

  75. Just Meadow

    Just Meadow8 hours ago

    Yall omg when they were at target I was like "where's their mask" COVID WASNT A THING YET OMG

  76. Mikael Roldan

    Mikael Roldan8 hours ago

    the originla video was a wake up call for my 9 year old self. as a 16 year old this is a reminder, yes... 😭

  77. alupis76

    alupis768 hours ago

    I thought you owned a sweater vest ;)

  78. lost1nanger

    lost1nanger8 hours ago

    I honestly think all of the ballingers have run out of relevant and entertaining topics. Its all about click-baiting people into viewing. Was a huge fan of everyone but upload by upload they're just becoming more and more irritating.

  79. Vanessa Mc Knight

    Vanessa Mc Knight8 hours ago

    ummm she said babe are they toegether now?

  80. Fze unkown

    Fze unkown9 hours ago

    Are we going to pass the fact that she called Snoop and object on 7:10