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how 2020 has me feeling
oops! i moved to NYC!
how i do my hair


2 years ago

  1. ploma kohli

    ploma kohli6 hours ago

    I hatee waiting for her the entire month .. can we have atleast two vedios per month

  2. Gregorianka

    Gregorianka6 hours ago

    Hej I am pretty impressed with you and that fabric you choose! It looks awesome! Seriously you are fearless for starting something like this, also you must be proud, the dress looks gorgeous! :) BTW I was studying Pattern Design and we all been there with the "funny episodes with my sewing machine"... So I can say you will get better at sewing during time :) Also you choose really nice pattern :)

  3. Naomi ter Borg

    Naomi ter Borg7 hours ago

    As for the scrappy fabric thing, I think it's called a pashmina and you can also drape them around your neck

  4. K MV

    K MV7 hours ago

    You are something special, Ashley. <3 <3

  5. Gregorianka

    Gregorianka7 hours ago

    Thank you again fro great video! :) Also I had a good laugh when you tucked the vest in :D :D You have great sense of humor!

  6. malu tourinho

    malu tourinho7 hours ago

    I love your style so much!!!✨

  7. Zoe Evangeline Idea

    Zoe Evangeline Idea7 hours ago

    5:46 QUEEN SHIT

  8. Basha Fredman

    Basha Fredman7 hours ago

    @bestdressed have you been to My Unique in the Bronx? It’s literally the thrift store of any thrifters wet dreams lol

  9. Sophie Downer

    Sophie Downer7 hours ago

    “If you don’t accidentally flash someone a little bit of your ass during a New Years party. What did Jesus die for?” I’m speechless Ashley. Put this on my gravestone wtf

  10. Inés Carpio

    Inés Carpio8 hours ago

    9:41 being thankful that we have universal public health system in my country, 264$ for an ear desinfectant wtf?!

  11. Grace Liddiatt

    Grace Liddiatt8 hours ago

    I literally laughed out loud multiple times watching, we’ve missed you!!♥️

  12. Indigo Blau

    Indigo Blau8 hours ago

    Oh Ashley, how dare you making me question my heterosexuality by being this overwhelmingly wonderful, pretty, hilarious person?

  13. Caerulus Mavi

    Caerulus Mavi8 hours ago

    I haven’t watched your videos in so long , n i missed you !

  14. annbubble

    annbubble8 hours ago

    Sees 10:36 Nobody: Me: “Oh, it’s the chotto matte meme”

  15. utopictown

    utopictown8 hours ago

    press the button

  16. Martha

    Martha8 hours ago

    you’re amazing ashley

  17. Linda Smal

    Linda Smal8 hours ago

    Really loving the brown leather jacket!!!!

  18. mariel amansec

    mariel amansec9 hours ago


  19. Loli Panda

    Loli Panda9 hours ago

    I love all the outfits. Do more of this😍

  20. Zahida Hitawala

    Zahida Hitawala9 hours ago

    I want to watch this a billion times!

  21. isra abdulahi

    isra abdulahi9 hours ago

    so why do people not like this? i’m confused

  22. Serena T

    Serena T9 hours ago

    I just randomly found this video and I just fell in love with your style and your personality!!

  23. Alice Linden

    Alice Linden9 hours ago

    Hey girl! I missed you! <3

  24. Marta Salmaso

    Marta Salmaso9 hours ago

    9:53 "this, but for my feEt" killed me HAHAHAH

  25. Mary_O_Malley

    Mary_O_Malley9 hours ago

    Really enjoyed this!

  26. Sad China

    Sad China10 hours ago

    thought this wuld make me feel better but just got more depressed thinking abt how classist thrift stores aka consignment is.. this is coming from a me, who started thrifting when i was 16 to be able to afford unique pieces of clothing & as an adult, go thrifting for homeware, dishes, decor, lamps & plants too. well prepandemic. i havent been inside a thrift store since march but my friend hosts a swap fb group sigh anyway im ranting with sunchip fingers

  27. a one

    a one10 hours ago

    😍😍 *ASHLEY {screeches loudly}. . . That-Piece-of-Art-Leather-Jacket is evvverything* !! Fer reals it is the *bestest ever* article of clothing that have see you buy.

  28. I couldn't make up a name so here I am.

    I couldn't make up a name so here I am.10 hours ago

    The pink and black jacket with corset detail was so cute 😭😭😭😭

  29. Paige K

    Paige K10 hours ago

    She was such an adorable baby 💕💕

  30. Gregorianka

    Gregorianka10 hours ago

    I really liked this one! :) Althought nobody can travel now, I feel that I visited at least part of Paris in less then 20 minutes! Also I love your cheery and nice interactions. Thank you!

  31. Claire Beeli

    Claire Beeli10 hours ago

    i love u thank u for posting

  32. x

    x10 hours ago

    I can't believe she didn't mention Peaky Blinders. Outrageous.

  33. Roza

    Roza11 hours ago

    Me vibing to the add so ash keeps growing ヘ(◕。◕ヘ)

  34. Diane Bassett

    Diane Bassett11 hours ago

    You're hilarious. Is it depressing to have new clothes to dress up and not be able to go out into toxic covid-world?

  35. anandamc

    anandamc11 hours ago

    Existential crisis: I think I'm asexual. For real. Don't know what to do, or how to be sure. Yeah...

  36. Captain Millie

    Captain Millie11 hours ago

    one of my fav vids of yours in a while! it felt so natural, like we're friends (are we friends Ashley pls say yes 😰)

  37. Emily C.

    Emily C.11 hours ago

    ok but drop that arm workout !

  38. avery dixon

    avery dixon12 hours ago

    Where is the $15 belt (at 6min) from?

  39. Megan Sarah

    Megan Sarah12 hours ago

    love the video! but bananas in pyjamas is australian, not british 😅

  40. Muskan Agarwal

    Muskan Agarwal12 hours ago

    House tour please

  41. Jenn DeBoer

    Jenn DeBoer12 hours ago

    Are we ever gonna get an apartment tour! 🥺

  42. Bea Klautricita

    Bea Klautricita12 hours ago

    I have a uniform why am I watching??? Because I love your videos! 🤪🤩😍

  43. Filipina Canadian Family

    Filipina Canadian Family12 hours ago

    Pls subscribe my channel and i will subcribe u back.thank u

  44. Patricia Largo

    Patricia Largo12 hours ago

    Love the discussion about being confident

  45. drew

    drew12 hours ago

    Watching this in quarantine 2020 and all I can feel is panic that they’re not wearing masks. And I adore this video. I can’t wait to go out again

  46. Piper Ang

    Piper Ang12 hours ago

    room tour?

  47. jasmine patadon

    jasmine patadon12 hours ago

    Nice apartment

  48. Piper Ang

    Piper Ang12 hours ago

    I want the link for sticker for corner and wallpaper please

  49. Emma Peneguy

    Emma Peneguy13 hours ago

    Girl!! I think if ur more comfortable wearing diff things in ur vids, do that, and if ur more comfy wearing the same thing sometimes, do that!! Its ur channel 🥰

  50. foodfvl

    foodfvl13 hours ago

    women in leather pants are so underrated

  51. Johanna Dam

    Johanna Dam13 hours ago

    bruh is that a negative a cup

  52. kt

    kt13 hours ago

    Just gna pretend you didn’t defend hillary clinton

  53. Mithra Ayati

    Mithra Ayati13 hours ago

    Where do you get your macha from ...

  54. Erika Croft

    Erika Croft13 hours ago

    I have so many comments for this video. But all the outfits are so cute!

  55. Erika Croft

    Erika Croft13 hours ago

    Wow young Hilary Clinton is so pretty 😄

  56. Sarah Bauer

    Sarah Bauer13 hours ago

    Yesssss this was the highlight of my week! Your videos are hilarious and uplifting <3

  57. Gianna Bruce

    Gianna Bruce13 hours ago

    14:12 where is the video series with interviews from her exes????

  58. Joanna. mb

    Joanna. mb13 hours ago

    i'm always amazed how faster you talk that i even have to check the speed of the video, you are the best Ashley 🙌🏼

  59. Stephanie Vallejo

    Stephanie Vallejo13 hours ago

    Your STUNNING 🙌🏼😍

  60. Melinda Wang

    Melinda Wang14 hours ago

    Ok honestly whenever I where something I like, I feel like people will judge me for being too extra so I just wear a sweatshirt and leggings lol. 😂 Heh. heh. hEH. 😭

  61. Jessi Eckberg

    Jessi Eckberg14 hours ago

    Okay but I’m genuinely curious how you fit all your clothes in your apartment

  62. Eva Littman

    Eva Littman14 hours ago


  63. Lorena Balbão

    Lorena Balbão14 hours ago

    this video is SO good hahhahahhahaha loved it a lot, you are so funny

  64. Samantha Bell

    Samantha Bell14 hours ago

    bruh L train is my shiiiiiitttttttt

  65. GamerGrandma

    GamerGrandma14 hours ago


  66. Eman Adil

    Eman Adil14 hours ago

    I know my style but I'm broke af to buy anything that represents it

  67. sarah g!

    sarah g!14 hours ago

    i’m glad u picked this thumbnail

  68. Gloria Xu

    Gloria Xu14 hours ago

    Ashley is so cute!!

  69. Maria A.

    Maria A.14 hours ago

    This is one of my new comfort videos

  70. Abby Bonds

    Abby Bonds15 hours ago

    Your button-up top is so cute!

  71. Paola Soria

    Paola Soria15 hours ago

    You are naturally hilarious! I love it 😂❤️❤️❤️

  72. Hideously Adorable

    Hideously Adorable15 hours ago

    SHE WAS LITERALLY A FEW BLOCKS AWAY FROM MY HOUSE 😫 one day one day I’m going to meet you

  73. Sasha Le Desma

    Sasha Le Desma15 hours ago

    12:11 lmao I thought I was the only one who did that

  74. thefeud

    thefeud15 hours ago

    Those cosplays>>>>

  75. tess

    tess15 hours ago

    this is a capsule wardrobe vid- keep that extenetial crisis capsuled ! 🙂🙃

  76. Pamela Clugston

    Pamela Clugston15 hours ago

    It’s that time again. 🎄

  77. tess

    tess15 hours ago

    ah yes, the floor here is made of thrifted

  78. Lydia Brama

    Lydia Brama15 hours ago

    the energy in this video is IMACUATE

  79. Kloe Gaye

    Kloe Gaye15 hours ago

    ashley: it was so huge (that's what she said) me: hehe ashley: sorry i'm 12 me: *calls the police*

  80. LittleMissHailey

    LittleMissHailey15 hours ago

    Ashley is such a queen omg