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  1. Ayden Zucco

    Ayden Zucco6 hours ago

    It wasn’t me has always been relevant. More so about 14 years ago, Ben. Not 3.

  2. Nova Tala

    Nova Tala6 hours ago

    You are racist

  3. Adam Marr

    Adam Marr6 hours ago

    This woman is magnificent.

  4. cedric lavoie

    cedric lavoie6 hours ago

    ''That was more fun than usual'' shows how intelligent he is

  5. Andrew Grossman

    Andrew Grossman6 hours ago

    Ben Shapiro is an idiot who can't please his wife.

  6. Ashley Hockenberry

    Ashley Hockenberry6 hours ago

    There's Trouble in Cuomo land

  7. Tim Bauer

    Tim Bauer6 hours ago

    If I keep being less white I could eventually say the n-word right?

  8. lessevdoolbretsim

    lessevdoolbretsim6 hours ago

    The sad fact is, she wanted her career way worse than she want Cuomo punished for his evil deeds........apparently.

  9. Iam4UK

    Iam4UK6 hours ago

    I think Ben watching that crazy video is similar to nails on a chalkboard!! SMH. Didn’t they even attempt to do research before opening their mouth?? How did she become a judge??

  10. Dallas Taylor

    Dallas Taylor6 hours ago

    If 74 Million Voted for Trump, WHY did Biden win? Did he get more than 74 Million Votes?

  11. Ana Kelly

    Ana Kelly6 hours ago

    Fentanyl suppresses breathing. If he was high on it and acting like that, no wonder he died.

  12. Not Available

    Not Available6 hours ago

    Is his video higher quality now or is it just me?

  13. Crazy Horse

    Crazy Horse6 hours ago

    How would people react if someone came up with a chart describing 8 levels of blackness. How is it any different. Its not,its just plain ole racism!

  14. _Sensei_

    _Sensei_6 hours ago

    "BE LESS WHITE" guys!

  15. Aren Sereathy

    Aren Sereathy6 hours ago

    Have none of the idiots writing the negative reviews ever heard the rule, if you insult a persons intelligence your grammar better be flawless otherwise it just looks like projecting.

  16. bob lep0nge

    bob lep0nge6 hours ago

    9:52 lmao!

  17. Modern Legacy

    Modern Legacy6 hours ago

    We need another Establishment Clause added to the consituion. We need separation between social media and politics, just like we have a separation between church and state.

  18. Over Watch

    Over Watch6 hours ago

    Oh well she'll be cancelled then.

  19. Mr. Mann

    Mr. Mann6 hours ago

    Isn't forcefully kissing someone on their lips without their consent a sexual assault or is it just a physical assault?

  20. Cheryl A

    Cheryl A6 hours ago

    Omg the "Let's say, hypothetically" comments are a tad irritating 😨

  21. HPL* Arkham

    HPL* Arkham6 hours ago

    Good.....they should be afraid of us.

  22. David Stephens

    David Stephens6 hours ago

    Anyone notice how much they blink while telling these lies? They don't even believe what they're saying.

  23. Michael Pace

    Michael Pace6 hours ago

    This guy needs to run for president in 2024. The cartoon part had me dying 🤣

  24. Rivka P.

    Rivka P.6 hours ago

    Before this interview, I knew Cara Dune; but now I know Gina Carano. You are a beautiful soul and I am so sorry that you have been bullied.

  25. yodajudd

    yodajudd6 hours ago

    Trump in my opinion is SS category!

  26. Star

    Star6 hours ago

    Maybe to stop this we should give worker's rights, right? Join a union, make firing someone needed to be justified, right? But of course Ben Shapiro doesn't give a rat's ass about this janitor he only cares about the spectacle

  27. Ray Phelan

    Ray Phelan6 hours ago

    Reminder. Amen: may it be so Awomen: I am moron

  28. PixelPeopleWarrior

    PixelPeopleWarrior6 hours ago

    I only have one question. When tf are you gonna run for president LOL. I would love for you to run. I would totally vote for you all the way to my death


    ACHVACTAB16 hours ago

    I'm certain no proof or further investigation is required ( according to the Left ) Just tar an feather him , we ask social distancing be maintained during this process !!!!!!!!!!!! Oh ya - Have a Nice Day

  30. Patrick Castaneda

    Patrick Castaneda6 hours ago

    The polls that he shows has no link to verify the information he presents. They are believable only because those are main talking points on either Liberal or Conservative media, and they are both skewed with hate. The top one for Republicans is clearly fear mongering, since undocumented immigrants are 2.5 times less likely to be arrested of a violent crime. As far as the "hate" aspect, every single issue the Conservatives care about they blame on the left, with no accountability of their own actions.

  31. Pierre Blin

    Pierre Blin6 hours ago

    Checkout Doomcock's latest video. Kathleen Kennedy is vile and has had it out for Gina since the beginning.

  32. Noctis Caelum

    Noctis Caelum6 hours ago

    These false claims ruining people's lives are exactly how racists are made

  33. Anthony Dean

    Anthony Dean6 hours ago

    If the likes of Trump get banned from media for inciting violence (which is pretty garbage claim to start with), then news outlets need to face the same fate if they print false claims. News need to get back to integrity with verifyable sources. E.g. News of the World no longer exists as they were sued into oblivion for slandering people, CNN and all other news sources need to face the same fate if they do the same.

  34. Ray Phelan

    Ray Phelan6 hours ago

    ✨love dont respect✨

  35. Fc Euro

    Fc Euro6 hours ago

    Dumb Dumb want Gum Gum

  36. Squingille

    Squingille6 hours ago

    I wish they could reach out to Johnny Depp to help fight cancel culture

  37. tmcleanful

    tmcleanful6 hours ago

    December 2016? Looks like Ben is rockin' some restless leg syndrome in this clip. Why don't people immediately call this stuff out?

  38. NCR Ranger

    NCR Ranger6 hours ago

    And it begins. They're dumping the dead weight that has a huge amount of extra negative press weight on top of them. See ya round Cuomo. You have outlived your usefullness.

  39. James Tarbet

    James Tarbet6 hours ago

    Dislike: Ben didn't say "My wife's a doctor, ok folks" when talking about health. Like: Ben is joining... "The Debunkers". So conflicted.

  40. Tanner Gates

    Tanner Gates6 hours ago

    Owens 24?!?!?!?

  41. kigman1980

    kigman19806 hours ago

    I’m glad to say that people have caught on to the inside-out approach better than I imagined they would a year ago. We still have a long way to go though. Trying to stay optimistic.

  42. Kizgoe

    Kizgoe6 hours ago

    i agree

  43. Bofa Deez

    Bofa Deez6 hours ago

    You know you’re done when the women from ten years ago start coming out 💀

  44. Jill Valentino

    Jill Valentino6 hours ago

    I’m so sick of this black card race card we are equal , damn blacks are no over using the race card it’s old n I believe we all are created equal, it’s not ok for blacks to call whites name’s and same for whites but this women obviously isn’t a good listener 🤣🤣 everyone stop playing the good old race card it’s unnecessary n being used now just to get their way

  45. E Kennedy

    E Kennedy6 hours ago


  46. Mary Ann Lay Lanzon

    Mary Ann Lay Lanzon6 hours ago

    Obama was a Jewish hater

  47. Rob Slane

    Rob Slane6 hours ago

    you're racist

  48. Mary Ann Lay Lanzon

    Mary Ann Lay Lanzon6 hours ago

    Isreal constantly helps sick kids and babies that need surgeries. For free.

  49. Nostalgia Addict

    Nostalgia Addict6 hours ago

    Where is "Believe all women" now?

  50. Dr. Merle

    Dr. Merle6 hours ago

    Remember that famous line from Gone with the Wind, where Butterfly McQueen's character says, "I don't know nuthing 'bout brthin' no Gorilla Glue"?

  51. DOG MAN

    DOG MAN6 hours ago

    You mean Being 2 Face,,??

  52. Mary Ann Lay Lanzon

    Mary Ann Lay Lanzon6 hours ago

    Wasn't the Palestinians original Jewish? I do believe they were.

  53. Gabriela Nicacio

    Gabriela Nicacio6 hours ago

    There's no way someone would believe this women who knows nothing, unless they're also dumb & ignorant.

  54. Stephen miller

    Stephen miller6 hours ago

    I hope Kathleen Kennedy loses sleep at night knowing that she turned Gina Carano into a martyr #LoveGC 🤗🥰

  55. El Conquistador

    El Conquistador6 hours ago

    " why that's mighty white of you, Abe. " Harry callihan. ..... Lol

  56. Erich Schiller

    Erich Schiller6 hours ago

    This is always the case. The more people claim to be righteous in public, the more scummy the are in private. Always.

  57. DOG MAN

    DOG MAN6 hours ago

    Sounds more like Hypocrisy,!!

  58. Goober Fam

    Goober Fam6 hours ago

    Members only movie 😂 that's an AWFUL idea, you guys desperately NEED exposure to show you can hang with Hollywood. This is why libs beat us at dumb crap like this. Basically 30 ppl will see that movie when it drops 👀

  59. sony griffin

    sony griffin6 hours ago

    am diabetic, love Coke Zero, NEVER buying it again! sorry suckups.

  60. John Molvanian

    John Molvanian6 hours ago

    Ben: Thanks for your show. There’s another issue brewing in the NBA. The hottest team is the Utah Jazz. Recently a former player who is the brother of a well respected player in Jazz Nation is making an accusation about racial bigotry comment from a successful GM for the team organization. There are clearly differences regarding the Cuomo sexual harassment allegations but you might find similarities about the timing and reporting of this incident. I’m curious what you think and how you think all parties should address it both publicly and as an attorney.

  61. Brandon Klatt

    Brandon Klatt6 hours ago

    What a badass

  62. Kody Ross

    Kody Ross6 hours ago

    Andrew Cuomo? The darling of the mainstream progressive movement? A terrible PoS? Who would have figure that?? Seriously now that the tables are turned it won’t be guilty until proven innocent. If this turns out to be true, I’d be surprised if he faced half the backlash as those who didn’t actually do anything did. Honestly I’m just so numb to it now. Another hypocritical situation, another lie from the mainstream progressive movement, another “fact” with no evidence.... it’s just so old.

  63. Aj Sky

    Aj Sky6 hours ago

    Love Shapiro but he's got the nervous system of a chipmunk. He needs less caffeine and more yoga!

  64. Titus Telesco

    Titus Telesco6 hours ago

    The only good thing from this, is if they're coming around...its because we're being way louder than they thought. Also post trump, the amount of people I see in real life separating themselves with the left ideas is huge. The back peddling is awesome

  65. Straight to the point

    Straight to the point6 hours ago

    innocent until proven guilty

  66. Caroline Salopek

    Caroline Salopek6 hours ago

    Man...there are sooo many issues that I wouldn't even know how to rack and stack them.

  67. Don Quijote

    Don Quijote6 hours ago

    It would appear that almost every claim of discrimination against blacks and other minorities are lies...whodathunk?

  68. Pasha Pasha

    Pasha Pasha6 hours ago


  69. limitlessenergy369

    limitlessenergy3696 hours ago

    I am White and I am none of these. You can't put everyone into classes and categories. Maybe the main streamers you can sure try to but even some of them you will have a hard time categorizing.

  70. Tiger Wars

    Tiger Wars6 hours ago

    Gina Carano is a beautiful person inside and outside. She is a role model for many young girls, and boys, and even adults.

  71. Luke Z

    Luke Z6 hours ago

    As Britney Spears says "Go call the police, go call the governor"

  72. woolgatherer

    woolgatherer6 hours ago

    82% of Democrats glue themselves to media propaganda with unwavering devotion????? Utterly fucking shocking.

  73. Pasha Pasha

    Pasha Pasha6 hours ago


  74. Ed Locks

    Ed Locks6 hours ago

    CNN hasn't covered it on TV only online. When it was Kavanagh it was a no holds bar attack without any facts. Now they tip toe waiting for the facts lmfaooo the hypocrisy is real

  75. Pasha Pasha

    Pasha Pasha6 hours ago


  76. Pasha Pasha

    Pasha Pasha6 hours ago


  77. Don Quijote

    Don Quijote6 hours ago

    What is most disgusting about these leftists hypocrites is that they sexual harass, rape, and molest with virtual impunity for decades. Joe Biden, Bill Clinton, Harvey Weinstein, Jeffrey Epstein (who didn't kill himself), John Edwards, Elijah Cummins, Jeff Rosado, Anthony Weiner, Asia Argento, Gary Becker, Roman Polanski (who fled the country to escape prison), Daniel Rosen, and so many more.

  78. Robert Doell

    Robert Doell6 hours ago

    We need to stand up to these insane Leftists and demand they be removed by their advertisers

  79. Kathleen Hensley

    Kathleen Hensley6 hours ago

    I can't believe that the Democrats voted for an obviously senile old man who needed to retire and relax. He's not all there. It isn't a speech defect, it isn't a stutter... its senility. Are they trying to troll the entire world?

  80. Wayne Steele

    Wayne Steele6 hours ago

    Seems odd that the media was full of concerns about the democrats being worried that Trumps White supremist supporters!! would cause a riot on Jan 6. That expectation and lack of any extra security precautions I find odd. A half a million people all Republicans in attendance and only about 200 entered the premises?? of those 200 only a few were involved in violent actions and those were accompanied by individuals recording the events and some of those have been identified as Antifa members?? That doesn't seem to indicate a large preplanned violent insurrection but it does appear to resemble more of a small preplanned and staged media event.