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  1. deepali b

    deepali b23 hours ago

    I had heard about racism... ...! It's so scary....!

  2. Rossie Bratten

    Rossie Bratten23 hours ago

    Definitely did more than Cruz

  3. Retta L

    Retta L23 hours ago

    Ok so they can't have a real conversation? Lol why are people upset about this?

  4. Ellery Rajagopal

    Ellery Rajagopal23 hours ago

    Jim Thorpe is an inspiration. He deserves his medals and titles back, this is outrageous.

  5. Bread Basket

    Bread Basket23 hours ago

    The teachers when they found out it was on public: 😳

  6. Whoknowsuknow

    Whoknowsuknow23 hours ago

    Probably just portraying things that have happened before. Even our Prime Minister went to Hawaii during the bushfires here last year. Having said that, it's the same episode which has already 'predicted' a few things about 2020/21.

  7. gmanon

    gmanon23 hours ago

    The thing is that racists love to mix the terms. Racists are sensored, not necessarily conservatives. Then, Conservatives in general start protesting sensorship and fighting the media in general. What happens then? The media forgets to fight bigotry and racism and instead, fights Conservatives. Open your eyes and see what's truly going on. We are bound to fight when we should be in the same side fighting those who want our destruction as country.

  8. Cedric Quilal-lan

    Cedric Quilal-lan23 hours ago

    I see truck simulator has a new update.

  9. simon kenton

    simon kenton23 hours ago

    PEOPLE CARED, a lot! You may have seen reports of the outpour of caring all across the world. Americans and all decent people are fed up and outraged that Black Americans are being murdered for trifling offenses!

  10. Mark K.

    Mark K.23 hours ago

    please have someone speak the text on the screen out loud because not all of us watch videos we listen to them. You are excluding your content from a large population of listeners

  11. REAPER

    REAPER23 hours ago

    I don't know the story, but I'm bored at work so what's up, y'all?

  12. Andrea Benton

    Andrea Benton23 hours ago

    Cancel culture strikes again huh?

  13. Veaceslav Baciu

    Veaceslav Baciu23 hours ago

    "Miraculous " is term very often in modern science , "wonder drug" as well . Even Trump gave up on his Hydroxychloroquine claim .

  14. Nate Baldwin

    Nate Baldwin23 hours ago

    Her fault, should have moved out of the way

  15. Michael Beckford

    Michael Beckford23 hours ago

    You couldn't get a more idiotic person to be the president of the United States, its impossible, the guy is just a big baby!!

  16. Alix Vanlerberg

    Alix Vanlerberg23 hours ago


  17. Hash Tagger

    Hash Tagger23 hours ago

    Quick tip: Don't mistake Honeysuckle for Datura

  18. houchi69

    houchi6923 hours ago

    I worked at a grocery store in MA, and our store was equipped with backup generators for emergencies. We also donate majority of our food that we cannot sell. So, Fred Meyer is still wrong for throwing these food away, based on how poorly the store was operated.

  19. Steven Keller

    Steven Keller23 hours ago

    I love trumps covid jokes

  20. Markus Arike

    Markus Arike23 hours ago

    Sorry no, “division” implies two sides, meaning Fauci is trying to “both sides” the blame when what actually caused unnecessary deaths was the previous Administration’s anti-mask propaganda.

  21. 5th New Account Because YouTube is Awful

    5th New Account Because YouTube is Awful23 hours ago

    How sad is it that my abive 5 comments are all 100% accurate and you support a man who really did say all these things, and I'm not even done.

  22. Ice Time

    Ice Time23 hours ago

    this is sick. get your heads straight!!!

  23. John Doe

    John Doe23 hours ago

    Good stuff lets undo what donald trump did everyone deserves a chance or two

  24. Asad1969

    Asad196923 hours ago

    Shame on the parents then. The School Board was right about them anyway.

  25. AA

    AA23 hours ago

    I'm from Oregon and it breaks my heart to see this happening so close to home. Our family always donates and do what we can for other countries but now all the focus is on our own crumbling state and the Citizens in our cities that are homeless & starving!... 😔

  26. 5th New Account Because YouTube is Awful

    5th New Account Because YouTube is Awful23 hours ago

    Ooor did he go with his classic that he doesn't want his family to grow up in a "racial jungle"?

  27. Isabelle Syme

    Isabelle Syme23 hours ago

    If theyre not children, why is she talking to them and treating them like they are?

  28. 5th New Account Because YouTube is Awful

    5th New Account Because YouTube is Awful23 hours ago

    Or did he say they're all the same again, like a he did a few months ago? "Unlike the African American community, with notable exceptions, the Latino community is an incredibly diverse community with incredibly diverse attitudes about different things."

  29. Dezzy OC

    Dezzy OC23 hours ago

    Imma need her during the apocalypse

  30. julianyc422

    julianyc42223 hours ago

    I'm clueless white entitled blond, and I'll listen, I don't see racism because I don't experience it and I don't care or look for it because it doesn't effect me . That would have been better than whining and touching his leg, invading his space. Also honest. Do better, and don't ask black people to teach you, just listen and read and open your eyes.

  31. hvymettle

    hvymettle23 hours ago

    Fraud requires a perpetrator hence Powell picked Hugo Chavez since it would be impossible to prove that any Democrats were involved. Scary thing is that Trump is listening to these morons. Funny that a dirtbag like Herschmann is the voice of reason. Stupidity is not a crime so they are all still free.

  32. ThePartarar

    ThePartarar23 hours ago

    Bunch of that food will probably give you food poisoning...

  33. 5th New Account Because YouTube is Awful

    5th New Account Because YouTube is Awful23 hours ago

    Or that they don't count as blk if they don't support him?

  34. 5th New Account Because YouTube is Awful

    5th New Account Because YouTube is Awful23 hours ago

    Did he tell them they're poor but just as bright as white kids?

  35. Marcelo83

    Marcelo8323 hours ago

    I get these all the time and working from home I put them on loud speaker, put on voices and give them names j know... Last week I did Charlie "lucky" Luciano... week before I was hidetoshi nakata (who played football for Japan) and my best one was I said my name was Kevin Mccallister.. F*****g idiots fell for all of them and had my mates conferenced in dying of laughter amazed how I kept them all going (even got one of thr guys to Google hidetoshi) to say hey that's me (while trying to sell me 6 iPhone upgrades in a one off £500 payment) Saved some old lady getting scammed and gave us all a laugh each time :)

  36. beth31024

    beth3102423 hours ago

    AOC is the light in the darkness. Light the way Madame President.

  37. TheLicktySplitz

    TheLicktySplitz23 hours ago

    She's hilarious and informative. The hold the devil works hard but fruit flies work harder is way too funny.

  38. dogbone277

    dogbone27723 hours ago

    Craig Ferguson was a late night host who was funny and entertaining. Colbert and Kimmel are no where near the entertainer that he was. And I hope Brittany finds peace and happiness.

  39. Qawi Ghani

    Qawi Ghani23 hours ago

    Its like the girl version of that foraging guy except shes not a minimalist🤓

  40. Jenny klarke

    Jenny klarke23 hours ago

    Trump was too judgmental about addiction to make any change.

  41. danielle bradley

    danielle bradley23 hours ago

    Candace crushed him. He exposed himself. She is right. She did not distance herself from the comments.

  42. Domingo M

    Domingo M23 hours ago

    Doubt is an uncomfortable condition, but certainty is a ridiculous one.- Voltaire Duhhh !!!! People dont be stupid . The revolution will not be televised .

  43. Joshua Washington

    Joshua Washington23 hours ago

    I don't see anything they did wrong

  44. Denise Komoda

    Denise Komoda23 hours ago

    I would get the Lysol so fast....

  45. Evelyn Lehnard

    Evelyn Lehnard23 hours ago

    Poor dog ! It was soo inhumanly handled, worse than my brother who was recording a movie🤣🤣🤣

  46. Sam The Mountain Bike Beast

    Sam The Mountain Bike Beast23 hours ago

    And here we go with them deleting comments...

  47. Dex Peck

    Dex Peck23 hours ago

    I mean....... But a ton of parents DO treat them like babysitters

  48. Kev tamaleas

    Kev tamaleas23 hours ago

    and where was ted cruz at again?? oh yeah mexico🤭

  49. Danar Galuh

    Danar Galuh23 hours ago

    I love when Karen gets a karma

  50. Uncle Jimbo

    Uncle Jimbo23 hours ago

    I’m actually surprised they will allow comments, usually they block free speech.

  51. Bourbon Young

    Bourbon Young23 hours ago

    Give that team another 4 years!!!! Morons.

  52. f0t0b0y

    f0t0b0y23 hours ago

    That’s awesome. Sad people stoop this low. Positive vibes people!

  53. 5th New Account Because YouTube is Awful

    5th New Account Because YouTube is Awful23 hours ago

    You mean when he attempted to burglarize a home, got caught, ran away, and then tried to beat up and take a weapon from someone trying to stop him?..Oh and then you lied about all that even though the majority is literally on camera. THIS is why so many don't respect your mentality/"movement". Because you champion people who do NOT at all deserve it.

  54. John

    John23 hours ago

    GO BACK!!!