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  1. Ivaz Zyukstein

    Ivaz Zyukstein8 hours ago

    Talking on their natove language:, Marquez son: Dad pacquiao and most of boxers know how to speak english ,you should learn too Marquez: its hard for me ,do u have idea? Marquez son: yea, just memorize this ,so you could answer in english I feel great, i feel happy ,im good

  2. marie bowdell

    marie bowdell8 hours ago

    This fool is why not everyone should be rich! Think about it!

  3. cabmex

    cabmex8 hours ago

    Call out ggg 😂

  4. Carlos Astacio Astacio

    Carlos Astacio Astacio8 hours ago

    Listen boxing expert ..look canelo ain't stupid he's not fighting guys that can give him anything. He's fighting BUMS.IN 168 AND 175 POUNDS LOTS OF GAME FIGHTERS BUT HE AIN'T FUCKING WITH ANY OF THEM . HE'S HAND PICKING THEM.IT'S ALL BULLSHIT..

  5. Jovan H

    Jovan H8 hours ago

    Im a huge Canelo fan ,but this looked like a warming up session @ best....

  6. True One

    True One8 hours ago

    Floyd would have still took prime canelo to school

  7. Zeus Mann

    Zeus Mann8 hours ago

    Who here couldn't give a better fight than Yildirim? Fucking pathetic.

  8. Emma H

    Emma H8 hours ago

    NOBODY CARES!!!! People will watch it sure ... BUT not many will buy it *wink wink* *nudge nudge*

  9. castr022

    castr0228 hours ago

    Good thing I didn’t pay for this trash fight!

  10. Envy

    Envy8 hours ago

    Canelo sucks he ducks everyone. He robbed ggg in that 1st fight canelo just sucks.

  11. Steve Adam

    Steve Adam8 hours ago

    Greatest Mexican fighter ever but he doesn't fight Mexicans. #FakeNews

  12. Anchorbaby Dude

    Anchorbaby Dude8 hours ago

    Teo should get everything he can, it could all end in one punch

  13. Joshua Dixon

    Joshua Dixon8 hours ago

    This is some clown ass shid. Can't believe people are even celebrating this bs. Can he fight someone of his caliber please?

  14. Calikid 91

    Calikid 918 hours ago

    Bumlanga been fighting nothing but punching bags his whole career why not fight Benavides same age as you but we know he getting his ass knocked out plain n simple

  15. Alvin Sim

    Alvin Sim8 hours ago

    If Cabnelo 🚕 didn't KO Yildirim than is big news.

  16. Luis Guzman

    Luis Guzman8 hours ago

    Al jr nadie lo pela pobrecito 😂

  17. Eric Diaz

    Eric Diaz8 hours ago

    Canelo fought a punching bag who have u fought Berlanga?... the nerve of uuu😭

  18. Paul Jason Dimasaca

    Paul Jason Dimasaca8 hours ago

    ur minimum? oh pls!

  19. Jason Riley

    Jason Riley8 hours ago

    Canelo is a special fighter. Happy to be witnessing his skills and success. Seems like a solid dude as well.

  20. Ram

    Ram8 hours ago

    No doubts this way, he is way better than Busche league billy. Look no further than past resume?! He has never fought anyone of Canelo’s caliber.

  21. Jake Brown

    Jake Brown8 hours ago

    Floyd fight Tyson biggest $$$$$ ever

  22. RyzenKurt Ritchie

    RyzenKurt Ritchie9 hours ago

    Pacquiao is 👋

  23. vdubfrk

    vdubfrk9 hours ago

    The irony of all this is that they said canelo is not the best p4p at the moment but they all want to fight him even when they don't deserved it! They think that because they can talk sh*t they will get money on their pockets! Berlanga should fight benavidez or the high heels lady chavez jr. should fight charlo but instead they go after big dog!

  24. Emma H

    Emma H9 hours ago

    I wish DAZN could do better to speed up the main event fight . Having those momos talk for about an hour was torture.

  25. Danny the great

    Danny the great9 hours ago


  26. Emma H

    Emma H9 hours ago

    If there was ever a fight that warranted no fans , this was it. I get it was a mandatory fight but Jesus Christ the skill level was that embarrassing, a Premier A level fight vs a C level at best fighter. That’s boxing I guess and Canelo is doing what these clowns aren’t .. FIGHTING in the ring not on Twitter

  27. Jason

    Jason9 hours ago

    Mexicans the only ones who like canelo. Yall let him fight bums. Canelo trash

  28. codgirl 413

    codgirl 4139 hours ago

    Berlanga is a bum. He has some nerve to talk about Yildirim like his own resume is special. Just cuz you knocked out 16 high-schoolers don't make u special. He gonna get in the ring with a real boxer and get smashed


    EYE TROLL9 hours ago

    All that lip licking seem suspect

  30. 11BarriosJL

    11BarriosJL9 hours ago

    But you here watching it thou 😂

  31. Gustavo Perez

    Gustavo Perez9 hours ago

    Nice way to say this fight it’s a jock

  32. Emma H

    Emma H9 hours ago

    Berlanga hasn’t even fought a Yildirim in his career Puerto Rican cockiness is back , but he’s just drinking his own hype kool aid that he’s an KO UNSTOPPABLE FORCE

  33. Corey Holmes

    Corey Holmes9 hours ago

    Canelo not shit why he won't fight better fights I wish Mayweather would come back or canelo fight David or Errol


    HEYY YOUTUBE9 hours ago

    This man literally fighting people who wnt throw punches with him ggg is the only opponent that whoop him 2 times Floyd beat his ahh too

  35. Anthony Vasquez

    Anthony Vasquez9 hours ago

    No one understands that he wants to unify the 168 division. The Charlos are not in that division and neither is Andrade. He wants to fight the guys with the belts first to takeover. Next year Benavidez will get his chance; and that will be a great fight. Everyone hating on Canelo just like they did Mayweather when he was fighting but at the end of the day they still gonna watch.

  36. Emma H

    Emma H9 hours ago

    I understand the hate Mexican fans give Canelo . The opposition he faces is subpar and it’s expected of him to KO these C level guys. Difference is he’s actually fighting and earning his money and now not just barking like Charlos sisters 👯‍♀️ and Jr ... he needs to be evaluated. BJS is going to sell this fight and it’ll be very good

  37. KontryBoy706

    KontryBoy7069 hours ago

    Ortiz? Really lol.. "take care of Floyd" Like you did? LOOOOOL

  38. mr Hernandez

    mr Hernandez9 hours ago

    these guys are gonna get fat like the metal slug characters

  39. rusdayati idrus

    rusdayati idrus9 hours ago

    This is all illusion n delusion n hallucination in total combination. A joke that is not funny.

  40. Emma H

    Emma H9 hours ago

    Lmao Fight and Julio Cesar Chavez “JR“ should never be in the same sentence

  41. Rowan Perry

    Rowan Perry9 hours ago

    Supporting Kambosos in this fight, really great guy

  42. Jac K

    Jac K9 hours ago

    Andy is a real middleweight He just doesn’t know it yet 😂😂😂😂

  43. Mestizos Mulatos

    Mestizos Mulatos9 hours ago

    Canelo cherry picking Alvarez needs to go into acting. This cherry picking boxing has to stop. How people pay to watch him is unbelievable.

  44. H 2O

    H 2O9 hours ago


  45. Jay Dee

    Jay Dee9 hours ago

    Teddy the guy who thought loma was unbeatable , a machine , lmao teddy racist on the low ,loma made his career off punching bags 😂

  46. Lieska78

    Lieska789 hours ago

    Hope he founds the 6th gear in the fight and KO's Teofimo and shocks the world.

  47. oddiepowellable

    oddiepowellable9 hours ago

    Man only way to win fights is throwing your hands

  48. D1

    D19 hours ago

    This man is so delusional. If fury was so gone and concussed how did he get back up and beat him up for the rest of the round. Another yes-man interviewer

  49. Sammy Morales

    Sammy Morales9 hours ago

    I a mouthful of shit

  50. Holy Crap Thats A Lot of Ketchup

    Holy Crap Thats A Lot of Ketchup9 hours ago

    hell fucking yea, discard of wilder real quick and focus on that trilogy, lets see the work 💪💪

  51. Mr McKraken

    Mr McKraken9 hours ago

    excellent knowledge

  52. Geezee 5six2

    Geezee 5six29 hours ago

    Ryan Garcia will get his ass kick this kid ain’t ready for the great ones

  53. sean herring

    sean herring9 hours ago

    Yeah Floyd taught him alot in their fight

  54. Truth 81

    Truth 819 hours ago

    I rather canelo vs charlo

  55. CraetonDaDonBeats

    CraetonDaDonBeats9 hours ago

    This was a stay busy fight we all know ain't nobody beating canelo right now it's his time

  56. Ghost

    Ghost9 hours ago

    You cant expect a championship fight after a draw with a rookie and getting torn up by benevidez. Back to the drawing board.


    ILORDE DICANG9 hours ago

    Boxing for floyd is 100meter run competition.

  58. noel huerta

    noel huerta9 hours ago

    El Chávez jr ta enamorado del canelo. Ya basta pinché Chávez vete a descansar. It’s over nos deceptcionastes a todos

  59. Angelo Drullard

    Angelo Drullard9 hours ago

    He had a great career we miss this guy

  60. Brutha Bubba

    Brutha Bubba9 hours ago

    God Bless You ❤️💙‼️

  61. Eddie Ochoa

    Eddie Ochoa9 hours ago

    Si por dinero no gano. Menos se va llevar una verguiza de a gratis

  62. Loco323 Fool

    Loco323 Fool9 hours ago

    That’s right homie teach your son all the techniques

  63. Sebastian Bravo

    Sebastian Bravo9 hours ago

    Ese jr se ataca mucha cocaina ya da lastima

  64. Akeem TheGreat

    Akeem TheGreat9 hours ago

    They got their great white hope fightin Bums 😂😂

  65. Shazar Shamery

    Shazar Shamery9 hours ago

    For SPARTA 🇬🇷🇬🇷

  66. martin randles

    martin randles9 hours ago

    Canelo defo got the best untraceable steroids and steroid meat excuses around pmsl 😂

  67. R C

    R C9 hours ago

    Fight “Someone” worthy first

  68. NPA

    NPA9 hours ago

    Truth is Laila even at her age could beat her if clarrisa has a off night she is that talented. We will never know. Laila is a multi millionaire and blessed and doesn't need the pay day. I see why she keeps being disrespectful and bringing her name up even though Ali is retired and over 40yrs old. I also see why she is practicing mma hoping for a payday. Supply and demand is no joke.

  69. R C

    R C9 hours ago

    Like Canelo says, “It is easy to call a Lion than seen him coming at you”

  70. Daren Lopez

    Daren Lopez9 hours ago

    First of all I've seen saunders fights not live but on USlikes and here's my opinion saunders has low speed and doesn't hit hard enough to go up against canelo.he is in over his head on this one you can just look at his style and tell he can not take a hit from canelo. Being thirsty will get you hurt or to sleep early .

  71. Slow Bucks

    Slow Bucks9 hours ago

    Canelo foght this dude who hasnt fought in 2 two years and his last fight was a fucking LOSS, oh but he is his mandatory, Mall Charlo was hus mandatory and his scarry ass DUCKED HIM and gave up his belt SMFH

  72. RZARECK36 777

    RZARECK36 7779 hours ago

    Calmate loca lol


    CHUCKK 2 FUEGO9 hours ago

    The Charlo brothers don’t be selling out shit nor even close to packed lmao this is before the pandemic hit too

  74. Mc.BaconStrips

    Mc.BaconStrips9 hours ago

    Is anyone suprised this happened?

  75. RyzenKurt Ritchie

    RyzenKurt Ritchie9 hours ago

    He is not clout chasing.. HE IS BIPOLAR

  76. Texas texas

    Texas texas9 hours ago

    Charlo bro ur a. Rookie why all black always with chains. Wth with that canelo has millions u will never see him like that

  77. Anthony Holden

    Anthony Holden9 hours ago

    Devin go home with a whole 5 mil stop 🧢

  78. Roberto Diaz

    Roberto Diaz9 hours ago

    Bro dodge that question about David 🤣🤣🤣 I still think Canelo wins but that fight would be 🔥

  79. Julia Boromeo

    Julia Boromeo9 hours ago

    Jermall wants Canelo, but not Benavidez, wtf!

  80. G-man

    G-man9 hours ago

    Great attitude i like his confidence, and i think he can give Teo some good rounds, seen a couple of his fights he got some speed and skills and yes boxing throws up some shocks from time to time, but not this time.