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Jeff Wittek
Jeff Wittek


Making an instagram ad..


3 years ago

  1. Emilio Trejo

    Emilio Trejo6 hours ago

    Im sorry for Jonah existing

  2. Lando Moya

    Lando Moya6 hours ago

    Badass scooter!i didn't get this far in the video last time!

  3. Lando Moya

    Lando Moya6 hours ago

    Huge fan since you were Captain America!!

  4. Karinka Asatryan

    Karinka Asatryan7 hours ago


  5. Natalia Ramos-Vega

    Natalia Ramos-Vega7 hours ago

    he’s a threat

  6. YoUtUbE bElIeVeR

    YoUtUbE bElIeVeR7 hours ago


  7. Alyssa MacDonald

    Alyssa MacDonald7 hours ago

    Vardon is the best

  8. Yoda I Am

    Yoda I Am7 hours ago

    I wonder how Zane got his start?

  9. The Vlog Bros

    The Vlog Bros8 hours ago

    I low key ship Addison and jeff

  10. Araceli Escobedo

    Araceli Escobedo8 hours ago

    Why does he look like this emoji 😁

  11. user1

    user18 hours ago


  12. Mason Parent

    Mason Parent8 hours ago

    The faded camera man is sooo funny

  13. Hailey Helo

    Hailey Helo8 hours ago


  14. Im not mark

    Im not mark8 hours ago

    His hairline is receding 💀

  15. Emma Hodgson

    Emma Hodgson9 hours ago

    have the funk bros on here next

  16. Kaley H

    Kaley H9 hours ago

    me watching this after he assaulted a server

  17. Kings Of The Fall

    Kings Of The Fall9 hours ago

    So I guess we’ll all just disregard the glory hole comment 🥴

  18. Edamami Baby

    Edamami Baby9 hours ago

    “He’s like stephen hawking” 🤣🤣


    JUDGE GARY10 hours ago

    Lana Rhoades eyes are so beautiful

  20. Funny Souls

    Funny Souls10 hours ago

    The Antonian family really inspired me so that’s why I’m losing weight


    JUDGE GARY10 hours ago

    It’s funny how Jason announces this


    JUDGE GARY10 hours ago

    Well this is the new age boomer 😂😂😂

  23. Jessica Goff

    Jessica Goff10 hours ago

    At least these kids had a sense of humor lol

  24. Jessica Goff

    Jessica Goff11 hours ago

    Give Jeff his own show already

  25. Flicks 6969

    Flicks 696911 hours ago

    I love this show so funny

  26. Jessica Goff

    Jessica Goff11 hours ago

    Give Jeff his own tv show

  27. Seth Pendleton

    Seth Pendleton11 hours ago

    Am I dumb for trying to press skip ad

  28. Jessica Goff

    Jessica Goff11 hours ago

    Damn, Jeff is so funny🤣. I want more content please❤️.

  29. JohnnyMartini

    JohnnyMartini11 hours ago

    Man bouta steal my hoe & he aint even gotta house

  30. Crispy Chicken

    Crispy Chicken12 hours ago

    “Are you happy?”, “hMmmMmm... n o” same Jason, s a m e.

  31. Reuben Pinal

    Reuben Pinal12 hours ago

    Who brought a scrap on this show smh

  32. Nick Hampton's Dad

    Nick Hampton's Dad13 hours ago

    This would look so good on Comedy Central

  33. Shaun Moldan

    Shaun Moldan13 hours ago

    Not gonna lie I thought he was 22. He’s 30.

  34. bouytt guyt

    bouytt guyt13 hours ago

    Why tf is no one talking about vardan he’s so funny.

  35. Kyla Barrow

    Kyla Barrow13 hours ago

    the way he introduced noah and blake has me dead yoooo🤣🤣🤣🤣 Noah: Charli Damelios sister’s boyfriend Blake: Charli Damelios sisters boyfriend friend

  36. Damian

    Damian13 hours ago

    Well here in el paso, we are the top city in the world with the highest cases and yet they open, parks, gym, barbers, restraunts, any thing you can think of😂


    THERAYCALIBER14 hours ago

    David's first blog back, cierra making a surprise appearance


    THE CHAMPION15 hours ago

    Jeff you’re the best ❤️

  39. gia

    gia15 hours ago

    wheres the masks what-

  40. Airborne Nuclear2307

    Airborne Nuclear230715 hours ago

    Vardan was just in the corner making Blake uncomfortable 😂

  41. SnowyFn

    SnowyFn15 hours ago

    ADDISON RAE im a Beluga dm on twitter

  42. Mugan Geertsma

    Mugan Geertsma15 hours ago

    I hate how it said Charli Damelio's sister's boyfriend like NOOO just say DIXIE.DAMELIO'S.BOYFRIEND.

  43. Abby Haith

    Abby Haith15 hours ago

    “He’s been in there one day. I did 5 months.” HAHAHAHA

  44. Mahi Tapakire

    Mahi Tapakire15 hours ago

    At 4:50 he said he's officially dating dixie ahh

  45. Spider - Shrek

    Spider - Shrek16 hours ago

    Jonah sounds like a angry russian teacher.... specifically referring to

  46. bronwynalexandria

    bronwynalexandria16 hours ago

    Matt is honestly annoying in this vid 😂

  47. bronwynalexandria

    bronwynalexandria16 hours ago

    Charli D’amelio’s sister’s boyfriend.

  48. Yike Streams

    Yike Streams17 hours ago

    black hoodie guy is fucking gone (dead emoji)

  49. RA8YAN47

    RA8YAN4717 hours ago

    The glass legitimately shattered when I’m he looked in the mirror LMFAOOOO😭😭😭

  50. Sian Jones

    Sian Jones18 hours ago

    Yo I’m so proud of Vardan, he looks really good honestly

  51. Sian Jones

    Sian Jones18 hours ago

    I can never tell is Jeff is serious or joking 24/7 😭

  52. Tyler Arens

    Tyler Arens18 hours ago

    You haven’t kidnapped David yet...

  53. ASAP Jxving

    ASAP Jxving18 hours ago

    5:22 lana - “it’s like a glory hole” lmao

  54. Sian Jones

    Sian Jones18 hours ago

    I feel like because Vardans so young he can loose weight and be in really good shape by the time he’s like 15

  55. Aziza Khusanova

    Aziza Khusanova18 hours ago

    I love how Jeff is so calm but funny

  56. Sian Jones

    Sian Jones18 hours ago

    Vardan is literally more mature than Jonah. Jonah is so ignorant and disrespectful and he does not give a fuck about loosing weight and changing his lifestyle

  57. Bruh Obama

    Bruh Obama19 hours ago

    Jeff when is you’re eye going back to normal or is it like that permanently and we have too look at that nightmare forever

  58. DBOB

    DBOB19 hours ago

    When can I get 1k subs

  59. Zariya Gibson

    Zariya Gibson20 hours ago

    Nobody talking about the roaches in the draw im dead asf bro

  60. Zach Orvik

    Zach Orvik20 hours ago

    So the Joker just needs to become a Barber and give Batman a haircut and they'll be friends?

  61. juan mendez 1221

    juan mendez 122120 hours ago

    Idk about y'all but I want a part 2 😂

  62. Jr.

    Jr.21 hour ago

    It says washing at the end

  63. Jr.

    Jr.21 hour ago

    I could see this show blowing up one day

  64. JohnnyKono

    JohnnyKono22 hours ago

    Imo Bryce should be cancelled, I hope he loses all his money and fame cuz he’s a loser period. He abuses and uses the minds of minors to make his money and he influences them to do terrible things. This dude is a gigantic role model that poisons younger generations. What an utter piece of shit that definitely thinks he’s the main character of “his” story....

  65. Andy G

    Andy G22 hours ago

    this is why i like kyle and steve the most

  66. Karrii Bad

    Karrii Bad22 hours ago

    these guys are jokes. pls don’t make them famous 🤮🤢

  67. Who’s Sayin

    Who’s SayinDay ago

    “ex mafia hitman” EYE-

  68. Tank

    TankDay ago

    Continue this series ffs

  69. Sky Reflex

    Sky ReflexDay ago

    The spider at 6:23 scared me so bad

  70. ALLDocks Kitten

    ALLDocks KittenDay ago

    get noel on

  71. Storm Taurere

    Storm TaurereDay ago

    my favourite video of yours purely cause u played slipknot physiological

  72. Sav Skizzy

    Sav SkizzyDay ago

    What shoes are those

  73. miguel angel

    miguel angelDay ago

    Kick Jonah and keep vardan but make Jonah stay i in the side so vardan can keep roasting him

  74. you know who

    you know whoDay ago

    I love how jeff just makes them mad and doesn't even care

  75. Ryan Dong

    Ryan DongDay ago

    I thought you career was made by David

  76. lol

    lolDay ago

    How did he get his start

  77. Alex c

    Alex cDay ago

    why did you delete the quarantine skotcast

  78. c'est la vie

    c'est la vieDay ago

    why is the mom blaming anyone for Jonah leaving? He's 26. I know a lot of young people stay home nowadays but he's financially able to leave, so what's the problem?!

  79. Miranda Casgar

    Miranda CasgarDay ago

    Jeff asking him about climate change literally restored my faith in humanity

  80. Vanessa Ordaz

    Vanessa OrdazDay ago

    My favortie 4:02 part