Dude Perfect Plus
  1. Luci Kluck

    Luci Kluck22 hours ago

    I love you guys

  2. Kristen Ellis

    Kristen Ellis22 hours ago

    They should do a country song!!

  3. Cutie tasha and friends

    Cutie tasha and friends22 hours ago

    Country music video please!!!!!!

  4. Jeremy Robbins

    Jeremy RobbinsDay ago

    Just keep the genre

  5. Árvájít Bìswàs

    Árvájít BìswàsDay ago

    Love from India🇮🇳🇮🇳

  6. AK Rodriguez

    AK RodriguezDay ago

    You should sing a hymn

  7. Familien Reinertsen

    Familien ReinertsenDay ago

    The girls here wants Opera!

  8. willythemailboy2

    willythemailboy2Day ago

    This showed up in my feed five days late, and the original DP video didn't show up at all.

  9. Juan Se Gómez Picón

    Juan Se Gómez PicónDay ago

    Hhahahahha, I love all the work behind the videos

  10. Jack Wade

    Jack WadeDay ago

    6:47 POV mom finds the pee drawer

  11. סהר שטרן

    סהר שטרןDay ago

    You should do country music

  12. Splook

    SplookDay ago


  13. Frieda Patton

    Frieda PattonDay ago

    do something like 21 pilots.

  14. Luke Mathias Abbott

    Luke Mathias AbbottDay ago

    Next genre: Flamenco

  15. Anna Griffin

    Anna GriffinDay ago

    please make a classical music video, that would be amazing!

  16. EuTudorix

    EuTudorixDay ago


  17. nick lovell

    nick lovellDay ago

    get your slim shady oñnnnnnn

  18. Legend Gamer

    Legend GamerDay ago

    0:41 🤣🤣🤣🤣🤣🤣🤣🤣🤣🤣🤣🤣🤣🤣🤣🤣

  19. Imandiv ponnamperuma

    Imandiv ponnamperumaDay ago

    hi dude p imade in school dp jr iam 12 years pld love you support you stay safe thank you

  20. Aryan Dandale

    Aryan DandaleDay ago

    Cereal bags were violated while making this video

  21. Alexander Handford

    Alexander HandfordDay ago

    No it’s D I TY

  22. J Bros2

    J Bros2Day ago

    Go country music

  23. annag cocl

    annag coclDay ago

    I love how they cant get through one scene without bursting out in laughter

  24. Memphis Bullock

    Memphis BullockDay ago

    The rage monster is not just in stereotype videos

  25. Micki

    MickiDay ago

    Country line dancing or 80's music video, please.....

  26. Schecter40 Gaming

    Schecter40 GamingDay ago

    I would love to hear some metal. Thanks 🤘🏻

  27. Bien Paulo sayson

    Bien Paulo saysonDay ago

    pls make badminton trickshots with an athlete

  28. Rahul

    RahulDay ago

    Try to make some trick shots with stationary items like pencils, erasers, rulers and geometry items

  29. Jayani A

    Jayani ADay ago

    7:40 "What're you nerds doing?" "We're doing sound design leave us alone!!" 😂😂😂

  30. David Johnston

    David JohnstonDay ago

    Dudes, METAL. This is objectively the correct answer for the next genre.

  31. Leafsfan-starwarsfan

    Leafsfan-starwarsfanDay ago

    Metal Dude perfect Pop-Punk dude perfect

  32. Pure Randomosity

    Pure RandomosityDay ago

    What the heck to techno music

  33. Mia Kallenbach

    Mia KallenbachDay ago


  34. stephaniebrowndesign

    stephaniebrowndesignDay ago

    Go Motown!!!

  35. Gabba Hood

    Gabba HoodDay ago

    Where can I get one of those duck hoodies?

  36. Michael Zoller

    Michael ZollerDay ago


  37. Anne Smith

    Anne SmithDay ago

    Any one else want to know how any cereal boxes they went through? Hahaha incredible work guys!!!

  38. echo walker

    echo walkerDay ago


  39. William Curran

    William CurranDay ago

    D.I.T. = Do it tyler

  40. Cherlyn Hernandez

    Cherlyn HernandezDay ago

    I don’t think chansey eats people

  41. cooperthegamer

    cooperthegamerDay ago

    I am a cristian too

  42. Kyle Polley

    Kyle PolleyDay ago

    When the bloopers r longer then the video

  43. thunder blue

    thunder blueDay ago

    Whoooo! That was amazing make more songs please and make it rap next time.

  44. madmommy

    madmommyDay ago

    Definitely country next.

  45. Kevin D Kutsyuruba

    Kevin D KutsyurubaDay ago


  46. ImHoltzzy

    ImHoltzzyDay ago

    Who else watched the one they accidentally published before it got deleted?

  47. Logan Bradd

    Logan BraddDay ago


  48. Joshua Moore

    Joshua MooreDay ago

    Ha Ha that was great



    Make Sleeping Stereotypes

  50. Tigerdude Gaming

    Tigerdude GamingDay ago

    country music next

  51. Carolyn Cantrell

    Carolyn Cantrell2 days ago

    maybe country

  52. Teresa Bauer

    Teresa Bauer2 days ago

    i like how everyone is making there shots but ty is stuck on the mini boom stick LOL

  53. Flash_Boiii899

    Flash_Boiii8992 days ago

    next music video bassy hip hop LIL ty

  54. Jassmin Aktar

    Jassmin Aktar2 days ago

    Anyone else here TT say fuck

  55. Arcolarr ZR

    Arcolarr ZR2 days ago


  56. Joel Botkin

    Joel Botkin2 days ago

    Best part of this video: 7:31 - 8:35 TEAM COBY ALL THE WAY!!!!!!!!!!!!!

  57. Samantha Scott

    Samantha Scott2 days ago

    You absolutely have to do alternative rock like a whiney slowish song it would be hilarious!

  58. senni bgon

    senni bgon2 days ago

    They should put that song on Spotify.

  59. Kureiji

    Kureiji2 days ago

    please do heavy metal, itd be hilarious from u guys

  60. Maaz Islam

    Maaz Islam2 days ago

    R.I.P to people who STILL don't know this channel

  61. Jareem Ozzy Mondezie

    Jareem Ozzy Mondezie2 days ago

    i love dp and ty is my fav

  62. Christian Megaton

    Christian Megaton2 days ago

    Wrestleing edition plsssssssssss

  63. Shai The Guy

    Shai The Guy2 days ago

    A pet peeve I have is when my mom is watching a movie but shes LOOKING AT HER PHONE


    TSF Total SPORTS FANS2 days ago

    Rock band

  65. Nigel Stratton

    Nigel Stratton2 days ago

    Chad vs wives!

  66. X2 Lions

    X2 Lions2 days ago

    Press f in chat to pay respects for tripod

  67. WeirdOtter123

    WeirdOtter1232 days ago

    k-pop,do it all in korean

  68. Svetlana Tychina

    Svetlana Tychina2 days ago

    You should try rock

  69. Darlight Dorothy Delos Reyes

    Darlight Dorothy Delos Reyes2 days ago

    3:45 my life everyday

  70. Coot Donkers

    Coot Donkers2 days ago

    Next song should be a rock song

  71. Kei Jiro Sutanto

    Kei Jiro Sutanto2 days ago

    At least ty is not a rage monster here🤗

  72. Arghya Saha

    Arghya Saha2 days ago

    That's good bro...😅

  73. Haddie Hawthorn

    Haddie Hawthorn2 days ago

    Backstreet Boys who?

  74. TricketShots Cricket Trick Shots

    TricketShots Cricket Trick Shots2 days ago

    I would love to see a heavy metal song

  75. Ryan Osborne

    Ryan Osborne2 days ago

    May favorite part was Cody’s impression of Mark Summers in the outro 😆. Sounds just like him. Followed by his signature eating the cam, of course.

  76. Steven Watkins

    Steven Watkins2 days ago

    Rock and roll.

  77. Jman 18

    Jman 182 days ago

    Dude perfect should make a video game stereo type vid

  78. Jordyn Gary

    Jordyn Gary2 days ago

    u guys need 2 do country and then heavy metal

  79. Matthew Moellering

    Matthew Moellering2 days ago


  80. UnloadedMaRk

    UnloadedMaRk2 days ago

    Always classic rock Cody. There’s not a better genre than that