Joel G
  1. Starry Streams

    Starry Streams8 hours ago

    The most wholesome ending

  2. Stish Stash

    Stish Stash8 hours ago

    This is like some unreleased CDI game with no information tied to it

  3. Nara

    Nara8 hours ago

    You know how in Joel's videos, Ena is usually spelt as ENA, well, I have a little theory that her name could possibly be some form of an acronym. Like this: Enigmatic (Given her nature and the current situation at times, she can come off as a little cryptic and be hard to understand.) Neonatal (Referring to a newborn or child here, as notably in this episode, she displays dialogue and actions more akin to a child, whether it be when she talks about not enjoying to be in more crowded places, how she talks at times, when she says that she keeps on hearing voices in her head which tell her to eat her veggies like a parent would, or even when she absolutely rejoices over the sight and maybe even the word of turron itself. Turron itself is a sweet, and we all enjoyed sweets and desserts when we were kids.) Amalgamation (Quite self-explanatory due to the fact that she has a clear multitude of sides to her as there seems to be at least one new one to be seen per video.) You understand my angle here?

  4. pamela Garrett

    pamela Garrett8 hours ago

    *hark scares me.*

  5. claudette motel

    claudette motel8 hours ago

    ena really said “pwease end my suffewing uwu”

  6. Noris Gello

    Noris Gello8 hours ago

    Mmm I am a chicken sucker for living computer plots

  7. Cleo o

    Cleo o8 hours ago

    Wtf I just watched

  8. Ena

    Ena8 hours ago



    GURA VIRUS8 hours ago

    Once in a lifetime, water flowing underground.

  10. boombelecaca

    boombelecaca8 hours ago

    can i have some lyrics

  11. ???????

    ???????8 hours ago

    I just realised ena remids me off baldi's basic

  12. Kittygirl Shift Kit

    Kittygirl Shift Kit8 hours ago

    Omg I'm so happy this amazing animator knows this amazing song- Also wtf captions, you gon kill me?

  13. Dulish Glue

    Dulish Glue8 hours ago

    Ngl the music slaps

  14. Mixer 280

    Mixer 2809 hours ago

    This is the modern equivalent to Charlie the Unicorn I swear

  15. Zelrous

    Zelrous9 hours ago

    This plays out like one of those OLD OLD pc games where the 2D Cut scenes would load on top of the 3D backgrounds

  16. Such a Sauce

    Such a Sauce9 hours ago

    XD pq no estaba esto antes?

  17. Renata L.

    Renata L.9 hours ago


  18. emojipowerup Noob

    emojipowerup Noob9 hours ago


  19. Froji

    Froji9 hours ago

    i dont understand anything thats going on throughout this series but im invested

  20. mcneeson

    mcneeson9 hours ago

    I've been to extinction parties that were way different than this, I think ENA just has some weird friends.

  21. Dean Marquez

    Dean Marquez9 hours ago

    La verdad no me gusta el turron

  22. Hollis Johnson

    Hollis Johnson9 hours ago

    Talking heads once in a lifetime refrences

  23. BanjoFX

    BanjoFX9 hours ago

    i am confused but i liked this

  24. im Dummy

    im Dummy9 hours ago


  25. Redisda Imposter

    Redisda Imposter9 hours ago

    Before she started on those other w e i r d things

  26. Meggy Meggy

    Meggy Meggy9 hours ago

    Why is sans vibe checking me?

  27. Unicat 09

    Unicat 099 hours ago

    I don't know what this is but i feel fear

  28. evil wolf

    evil wolf9 hours ago

    I knew thats how it was going to end but it was still hilarious

  29. It's Carlita time !!!

    It's Carlita time !!!9 hours ago


  30. David G.

    David G.9 hours ago

    This is just a modern Xavier: Renagade Angel

  31. Davidmavid

    Davidmavid9 hours ago

    The charts read fucking beautiful

  32. Maracos Marcos

    Maracos Marcos9 hours ago

    7:50 ''another Ena'' Troublemaker??

  33. Stephen Lindberg

    Stephen Lindberg9 hours ago

    Was that a Runescape human damage sample at around 1:38?

  34. NJT

    NJT9 hours ago


  35. Bailey Norman

    Bailey Norman10 hours ago

    I remember when everyone was theorizing about this one the first day. And now I feel like we’ve just decided: there is no meaning only animation

  36. kona moment

    kona moment10 hours ago


  37. Pescadin Doradin

    Pescadin Doradin10 hours ago


  38. Nuke722

    Nuke72210 hours ago

    The guy at 5:30 speaks like that guy from fallout 1, the one who wants to make everyone supermitants

  39. Ghoost

    Ghoost10 hours ago

    i dont understand

  40. Doxx Box Returns

    Doxx Box Returns10 hours ago

    I feel like I’m doing crack coke weed acid by watching this

  41. Dubious Sheep

    Dubious Sheep10 hours ago

    Ok haven't finished video yet but 11:54 best joke

  42. weemissile

    weemissile10 hours ago

    I like to think this what the future will be like. Most "people" will in fact be AI's living in an immense and surreal virtual landscape.


    MANSON LIONG YIU REN Moe10 hours ago

    if you stare at the mouth until the end of the vid you will see her just fading away

  44. Dubious Sheep

    Dubious Sheep10 hours ago

    Umm do I need like previous context to know what's happening here?

  45. Jadrian Gutierrez Gonzalez

    Jadrian Gutierrez Gonzalez10 hours ago

    *3:35** “Um I think something is wrong with Ena...”*

  46. Ken Quinn

    Ken Quinn10 hours ago

    Joel made the video loop (having a wound in the night, and stitching the wound up in the morning) but every 10 hours the world goes to crap and not 12

  47. Voxenfree

    Voxenfree10 hours ago

    If you were wondering, if you go to 6:09, the guy glitches out a bit, but if you go into subtitles, it says 00110000 five times, and 00110000 translates to 1 in binary, so basically he said 5 years.

  48. AlanaaaZ

    AlanaaaZ10 hours ago

    10:23 the part yall wanted

  49. Feet Man

    Feet Man10 hours ago

    Yeah she’s just dancing but some of us are looking at her legs and finding something *odd....*

  50. Francisca RC

    Francisca RC10 hours ago

    puta la wea yo queria ver al señor runas :(

  51. Frederick Shen

    Frederick Shen11 hours ago

    6:10 In binary, Ulysses said 10000 years. Holy moly, that’s gonna took 100 centuries! I mean... If I had a bunch of generations on myself, what do I look after 10000 years without dying?


    JULIANA JOHNSON11 hours ago

    Extinction Party had a few lines in other languages that were actually different than what was being said in the captions. Does this happen with the guy with the 3 red masks or the shepard or that weird blue thing?

  53. shylod gamer

    shylod gamer11 hours ago


  54. Upshur

    Upshur11 hours ago

    love the musics

  55. Namen Roodles

    Namen Roodles11 hours ago

    when I'm trying to sleep but my brain keeps bringing up death

  56. シChopsticksシ

    シChopsticksシ11 hours ago

    None of this makes sense and I love it

  57. シChopsticksシ

    シChopsticksシ11 hours ago

    She is the gift.

  58. x_Neobot _x

    x_Neobot _x11 hours ago

    Ula spitting alot of bars. Ula is great

  59. Omari Lozada

    Omari Lozada11 hours ago

    Ulysses is scary 😥😥

  60. KiT

    KiT11 hours ago

    5:37 this part absolutely horrified me but hypnotize me at the same time it's so beautiful the way that it's neurotic. I could watch this dialogue scene over and over

  61. Isiah AandP

    Isiah AandP11 hours ago

    This feels like a fever dream

  62. Zane Goodeker

    Zane Goodeker11 hours ago

    Are there any more cartoons like this on USlikes?

  63. T3zlaGM

    T3zlaGM12 hours ago

    the fact it was low quality is so comfortable as i am very used to 240p :)

  64. Sultan Elfran Christian Lalu

    Sultan Elfran Christian Lalu12 hours ago


  65. T3zlaGM

    T3zlaGM12 hours ago

    can't believe i am so late on watching these.. this is so good i feel a bit sad it had to end but like it was amazing while it existed

  66. clorox

    clorox12 hours ago

    I think these should be games

  67. Massiel Tejeda

    Massiel Tejeda12 hours ago

    Are you for

  68. lel lol

    lel lol12 hours ago

    Love it 💜

  69. Krystian Wysmolek

    Krystian Wysmolek12 hours ago


  70. Grim Hedgehog

    Grim Hedgehog12 hours ago

    we need an ena plushie

  71. Hardly any diggity

    Hardly any diggity12 hours ago

    bring this back!!

  72. DESPACITO452

    DESPACITO45212 hours ago


  73. 0nyx177

    0nyx17712 hours ago

    “Whoever gets to the top of the Great runas first, has to pay the debts of the loser,” Congratulations, you played yourself.......

  74. x_Neobot _x

    x_Neobot _x12 hours ago

    Unpopular opinion: Ula is cuter then Margo

  75. Jeremy Gonzalez

    Jeremy Gonzalez12 hours ago

    This feels like a 90s computer game and I love it

  76. Levy

    Levy12 hours ago

    It has been quite some time since I last saw this, as good as ever tough

  77. Expand your mind, OMORI!

    Expand your mind, OMORI!12 hours ago

    what is ena and who is ena.

  78. lil souls

    lil souls12 hours ago

    Hark be sounding like an oblivion npc

  79. Tornadodex

    Tornadodex12 hours ago

    e x p l a i n

  80. Jennifer Mireles

    Jennifer Mireles12 hours ago

    Nod of shame