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Daily Dose of Gaming
Daily Dose of Gaming

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  1. TheEpicToast 1

    TheEpicToast 115 minutes ago

    Dude on DD of Internet his voice is way more monatone

  2. Omni Slash

    Omni Slash30 minutes ago

    2:41 what you came here for

  3. Bobby Lee

    Bobby Lee44 minutes ago

    Ain't you got a birthday coming up?

  4. Alex line

    Alex line46 minutes ago

    Can you play more of BeamMG drive pls ;-;?

  5. Josh Chen

    Josh Chen49 minutes ago

    The graphics look realistic!πŸ‘ 😎

  6. SILENT775

    SILENT77553 minutes ago


  7. The channel that likes Cheerios

    The channel that likes CheeriosHour ago


  8. Elliot Rolison

    Elliot RolisonHour ago

    Can you do a third Q and A lol

  9. Ensign MJS

    Ensign MJSHour ago

    In your previous Q&A you mentioned you're going to the gym. You're looking great!

  10. innoxima 12

    innoxima 12Hour ago

    D: i cant watch you because my parents confiscated my phone :(

  11. Camo Y

    Camo YHour ago

    One day this man is going to beat Dream

  12. TundradoesYT

    TundradoesYTHour ago

    Meme channel

  13. Jonny 6631

    Jonny 6631Hour ago

    Your voice dude is amazing

  14. thats cool

    thats coolHour ago

    Wait so your telling me that his real name isn’t Daily?

  15. Julian Gabriel Rendon

    Julian Gabriel RendonHour ago

    Is it me or is his screen is compressed?

  16. Angela Zamora

    Angela Zamora2 hours ago


  17. noslin caballero

    noslin caballero2 hours ago

    one tip for you is to takes notes to remeber the controls of the game so u can get better hope this helps

  18. Connor Jacobsen

    Connor Jacobsen2 hours ago

    You are so wholesome!!! :)

  19. Lavity r6

    Lavity r62 hours ago

    You should do ASMR anyone else agree

  20. SharkBite

    SharkBite2 hours ago

    You should play a Zelda game

  21. Nathanael Polk

    Nathanael Polk2 hours ago

    u should play overwatch

  22. RecruitWav3

    RecruitWav33 hours ago

    Btw the dragon is a female

  23. Steve Leahy

    Steve Leahy3 hours ago

    What thumbnail is he talking about The one for this video is of him driving

  24. Draxz

    Draxz3 hours ago

    play roblox :)

  25. Terra blo

    Terra blo4 hours ago

    Hello everyone this is your daily dose of missing streams

  26. Kalwin420 Vang

    Kalwin420 Vang4 hours ago

    17:32 Water sheep, ah yes, the days

  27. andie gaming

    andie gaming4 hours ago

    Play roblox

  28. Robbie Lee

    Robbie Lee4 hours ago

    DD voice is so chil


    ZAINILEX4 hours ago

    Finally BeamNG is getting some love. Still don't think enough people are playing this game, literally been in development since like 2011, and still in beta.

  30. Dylan Mahoney

    Dylan Mahoney4 hours ago

    14:19 she*

  31. Drayden Hein

    Drayden Hein5 hours ago

    Out of all the USlikesrs this is the last person I’d expect to start a gaming channel

  32. Christmas Time!

    Christmas Time!5 hours ago

    Him: **plays BeamNG drive** Me: **happy car lover noises**

  33. Massive Cow Breakout 755

    Massive Cow Breakout 7556 hours ago

    β€˜Is shifting allowed in speed runs?’ -DDOG

  34. Skrt

    Skrt6 hours ago

    Petition for DD to make a special episode every month like daily dose of nature and daily dose of minecraft

  35. R1ot Legend

    R1ot Legend6 hours ago

    Father and son teach new player

  36. Yan Campos

    Yan Campos6 hours ago

    Your friend voice is ruining the all video...

  37. The NightWalker

    The NightWalker6 hours ago

    Well DD you are gonna be a good gamer but you need practice

  38. TaidaDave

    TaidaDave6 hours ago

    You could try vr, you would have a lot of fun with it.

  39. Graham Allen

    Graham Allen7 hours ago

    For everyone asking for a face reveal, on the video with the influencer zoom meeting with all the big youtubers. He joined and he showed his face he was wearing a bucket hat, and he said he was Daily Dose of Internet.

  40. zabojca09

    zabojca097 hours ago

    You should play with dream so he teaches you :)

  41. Gigi L

    Gigi L7 hours ago

    Watch dreams manhunts

  42. Ukko mehto

    Ukko mehto7 hours ago

    Im sure thei will invite u to dream smp cuz ur such a nice guy

  43. Osama 448

    Osama 4487 hours ago

    4:22 no we want to see you playing :)

  44. Adrian Monsivais

    Adrian Monsivais7 hours ago

    Can you show your face win you hit one million subscribers

  45. NotSoEpicVids

    NotSoEpicVids7 hours ago

    im not lieing im actually here from 300k subs

  46. Olenn Wall

    Olenn Wall7 hours ago

    he should have said "time to put this dragon to sleep"

  47. Owen Browne

    Owen Browne8 hours ago

    *get em, geeeeeet em*

  48. Quadded

    Quadded8 hours ago

    hi daily does of nternet

  49. Hola potatoes

    Hola potatoes8 hours ago

    Pokiman is a twitch streamer

  50. Kitchen stuff

    Kitchen stuff8 hours ago

    Eret and fundy: DIAMONDS DD: oh ok

  51. German Chavez

    German Chavez8 hours ago


  52. raunak

    raunak8 hours ago

    isnt dee dee a charecter from oggy and the cockroaches

  53. Le Patrick

    Le Patrick8 hours ago

    Hallo pls have a face reveal we earned it with the 10 million subs on the main channel

  54. Lokiles Anar

    Lokiles Anar8 hours ago

    Your name is Jason? Anyways, good stream

  55. Jamey

    Jamey8 hours ago

    Great vid

  56. Daniel Casey

    Daniel Casey9 hours ago


  57. Mitttiir

    Mitttiir9 hours ago

    It's so interesting to hear how you understand everything. It sounds very educational and gives better understanding about everything. You can start guiding the community :)