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City Prepping

This channel's goal is to help everyday people learning the basics of survival in times of crisis. With over 80% of Americans living in a Urban/Suburban environment, many lack the basics to ensure they have the necessary food, water, medical skills and security in the event of a catastrophe. City Prepping's chief aim is to help provide survival basics for every day people that is practical and easy to implement to be prepared should calamity strike.

The author of the channel has a degree in MicroBiology and a background in mountain climbing, outdoorsmanship, and NGO work in 3rd world countries like Afghanistan and Mexico and currently works in the tech industry. Living in Southern California under the threat of "the big one" (earthquake), the need to learn how to prepare for a very catastrophic event has led City Prepping to spend many hours studying and preparing his own household.

  1. Ofty

    Ofty5 minutes ago

    Where can i go and buy anything with my Gold, Silver or Crypto. We are all going to die.

  2. Col

    Col7 minutes ago

    Maybe the Chinese can fix it

  3. Leonid Tomnov

    Leonid Tomnov8 minutes ago

    Pain is coming in Texas, thirsty donkeys will cross the river, you fools

  4. swhy kto

    swhy kto10 minutes ago

    Hi. I really like your videos. The knowledge you share.

  5. becca m

    becca m12 minutes ago

    Don't come to Oregon. terrible yearly wild fires. Big earthquake potential. Summer droughts.

  6. cindy black

    cindy black14 minutes ago

    Thank you for this info!!! Great job!!😉

  7. ShortbusMooner

    ShortbusMooner22 minutes ago

    Buy mining stocks..

  8. Greg Warner

    Greg Warner24 minutes ago

    Human civilizations may have difficulties but humans have faced worse than this. Fighting off dinosaurs, Velociraptors are clever bastards, and Donald Trump is not for wimps.

  9. Dwight Turner

    Dwight Turner30 minutes ago

    The technology is now in place so that those who do not receive the mark of the beast will be cut off by the government shutting down their ability to buy or sell.

  10. matt smith

    matt smith43 minutes ago

    one thing alot of people do not know it isnt just the people out of power also agriculture is out of power the food source is at risk

  11. Seacret Agent45 Sam

    Seacret Agent45 Sam50 minutes ago

    Kool When the Power grid Collapse's it Proves Me Right Again.

  12. Great American Culture

    Great American Culture55 minutes ago

    You also act as if the collapse of the grid will be because of antiquated equipment. The real reason will be because it was planned by those inside of our government and those outside who pull the strings. Know what is truly coming if you're going to cry wolf!

  13. Tony Berkopes

    Tony BerkopesHour ago

    Take control of our grid away from CCP, this will fix most of the problems.

  14. Pey Pey

    Pey PeyHour ago

    Bill Gates n friends are buying up all the water rights for the great reset so, maybe we should get on buying some of those as well..

  15. Great American Culture

    Great American CultureHour ago

    Watch your language...the people who occupy our government are NOT our leaders!

  16. Viktória Tóth

    Viktória TóthHour ago

    In a permanent or long-lasting "no power" situation most of the population will die in a short time. All the nuclear power plants and spent fuel buildings, the "nuclear cemeteries" will overheat and blow up sooner or later without the water pumps to cool the reactors and cooling pools. The world is full of them, just the US has 75. No amount of prepping can help you with a worldwide "Chernobyl". 🙂

  17. Ruger 09

    Ruger 09Hour ago

    Nancy sold us out to China

  18. Chicken Impersonator

    Chicken ImpersonatorHour ago

    Step no 1 hit the gun store. The rest is easy :)

  19. v l

    v lHour ago


  20. Itchy1958

    Itchy1958Hour ago

    This crisis is brought to us by the Democrap Party. See what Biden did in the first 10 seconds on the job. He cut off the pipeline and killed thousands of jobs, how's that Texas, make you feel any better? Why do we allow our politicians to run against the people and get away with it.

  21. Pey Pey

    Pey PeyHour ago

    Put your candles in front of mirror. If you have enough mirrors you can light your whole house with one candle..

  22. Lord logbert

    Lord logbertHour ago

    A trip to Mars doesn't sound so bad all of the sudden

  23. Jane Dellos

    Jane DellosHour ago

    Could you give info on filtering water and how to get water out of air

  24. Rafael De'La'Ghetto

    Rafael De'La'GhettoHour ago

    Be ready for this summer's fury. 2021 is definitely a crazier year than last year. I hope Dallas is ready for 120+ degree heat this summer. Also, it won't be just TX having this very potential upcoming historic summer heat wave. Plus, don't forget about the Spring and the potential of historic severe weather. Don't forget about the potential 40 named storms in this year's hurricane season, be prepared for multiple Cat 4 and 5's. Take care all and be blessed and prepare just in case!

  25. Anon

    AnonHour ago

    Gold, silver and bullets

  26. Mikhail ••

    Mikhail ••Hour ago

    City prepping you’re already toast

  27. Shawn Green

    Shawn GreenHour ago

    Even a broken clock is right twice a day. The economy is what we say it is.

  28. Barbara Johnson

    Barbara JohnsonHour ago

    Thank u so much for sharing. I was able to prep, soup, beef jerky, smoked fish, rice beans water etc. We had a ice storm and I was hospitalized. Me stocking up on the soup helped. I order in bulk from Sam's club. Just a week long ice storm messes u up, never mind a month or longer problem.

  29. Cindy Castelazo

    Cindy CastelazoHour ago

    The wealthy elite are buying up everything not just to make a profit, it is to control the population.

  30. Zoom Zoom

    Zoom Zoom2 hours ago

    I'm in a good location, far enough driving distance from the nearest city, with a few layers of suburbs between my location and the city. As you get further from the city, a few of these suburbs are on islands with two roads in/out, I'm on the furthest, last, island, and there's one long road to get out here; we're surrounded by the ocean, with wetlands, salt marshes and tidal pools all over the place. One road to my house, and it deadends in salt marsh with ocean beyond it. I have nearly 360 visibility, and one of my favorite hobbies is long range shooting. Many of us know each other; most of us have boats, and spend much of the year doing ocean activities; plenty of local fish, shellfish, gamebirds; snakes and gators. If things get bad out there, if we don't know you and you don't know us, you won't be very welcome. I suspect most people in the nearest city won't be coming to our island, but they may go to the intervening suburbs driving those living in the suburbs toward us. We live in interesting times.

  31. Buddy Block

    Buddy Block2 hours ago

    WIMPS. dont mess with Texas LOL. U cant deal without power for hours. in north east we have lost power for 4 days in the winter. U run out of food in 1 day! Take the jab and thin the herd. For people with a brain; replace water pipes with PEX mostly freeze proof, an off grid heater + fuel, gas + gas generator to run furnace and or lights and food/water. Insurance company's make u pay if there was a flood in the last 100 years , so do a little research on your weather. THE GOV owns the weather, last time u talked about leaving the union they rained u out for 40 days and 40 nights. yea just a coincidence. Even prep per Mike Adams could not start his diesel generator.( hint u need to warm it up or at your own risk blow oxygen in intake while cranking it. works on flooded gasoline engines too.)

  32. Alex Landry

    Alex Landry2 hours ago

    The issue I have with crypto is governments can use it to track us plus you’re reliant on all these mysterious crypto people that you really don’t know who they are and it seems like the price is supposed to go up and up and up that’s really great for the people that buy crypto at the beginning if you ask me land that produces crops that can be traded or sold maybe a better place to park your money.

  33. TisiphonesShadow

    TisiphonesShadow2 hours ago

    Problem is the Left refuses to accept that there are ANY natural causes of global warming, no matter how obvious it is. Yes, we have to address climate change, but we have to realize that it isn't "man-made". Yes, some of what we do is a contributing factor, but we have to stop pretending that it is all cow farts and gasoline. We're coming out of an ice age, the Sun contributes greatly to the issue, and then there's volcanos and other natural contributers. We can't focus on one of the least parts of the equation and pretend that we can "fix" it by cutting our own throats. Rather, we should be learning how to adapt to the natural causes and work to address pollution as a whole for other more obvious reasons.

  34. Alex Landry

    Alex Landry2 hours ago

    If you want to hear a different perspective on crypto listen to the recent episode from Peter Schiff. now yes, he is a gold guy but we’re all preparing for a shit hits the fan grid down situation how do you get your crypto then?

  35. talltanndn

    talltanndn2 hours ago

    If shit happens again....we humans should rise up and exterminate the rich.....they orchestrate this shit....always have...and if you let them....they always will

  36. Alex Landry

    Alex Landry2 hours ago

    City prepping are you on a different platform that won’t be censored I thought you knew mention WhatsApp but I was thinking more like telegram

  37. PrimoAMISH

    PrimoAMISH2 hours ago

    Time out bud ...texas is on its own grid has nothing to do with all states

  38. Henry C.

    Henry C.2 hours ago

    when you sspend like you have unlimited funds like our Gov you have to expect collapse.Wake up America !

  39. keisha murray

    keisha murray2 hours ago

    Another problem in Texas has been the states desire to keep federal regulation out of our power grid. Decades ago, the state made sure to keep the grid separate from the rest of the country and not to export any of that power. Since it was not involved in interstate sale of electricity, the federal regulations don't apply.

  40. Matt Olson

    Matt Olson2 hours ago

    Would a base ball cap that has small LED lights throw off the facial recognition system off?

  41. t.trekker oo

    t.trekker oo3 hours ago

    Get/Stay out of debt. And make your escape.

  42. Frank Pohl

    Frank Pohl3 hours ago

    Orwell was some month in the circle of Ron Hubbard. And Ron was one of the 1 decipl. of Allester Crowley the neo satanist that time. Ron had an affair with A.wife and had to flee from england to USA. There he changed the name of the stolen book "Neosatanism" into Dianetik. Satan loves to controle menkind. Its the last fight for the power over the souls. The bible is full with information aboiut this times and days that one day no one woll sell or buy enysthing without "the sign" on the hand or the head. Pesecution will come also in the west. The west had made deals and big money with satanic cults like china- china from today is a product of the wall street. Many cults like in the arabic world kill thouse how thing diverend or are diverend. In the endtimes- many will be killed by the neighbors. Like in the third rich.

  43. M D Adams

    M D Adams3 hours ago

    AMMO everything else will be available as long as you have that

  44. Patrick heiden

    Patrick heiden3 hours ago

    What you were saying maybe true, nobody can tell the future, I’ve been on this earth for 60 years and I see reoccurring fear mongering! a scared population is a easy population to control!

  45. czarface

    czarface3 hours ago

    A scanner darkly

  46. King Storm718

    King Storm7183 hours ago

    This world is over in half a century we will be extinct from the planet

  47. Surecut Sam

    Surecut Sam3 hours ago

    Why.... Obviously because they don't wanna get thirsty.... You're a prettty daft individual, ain't ya!

  48. Surecut Sam

    Surecut Sam3 hours ago

    Bat barf crazy.... Are you also chanting outside airport terminals and such, wearing a funny hat?

  49. rubbercable

    rubbercable3 hours ago

    We keep voting in people who legalize this.

  50. Surecut Sam

    Surecut Sam3 hours ago

    Bat poo bonkers...... Try reading Caesar's Gallic wars and drink some common sense!

  51. Turbo World

    Turbo World3 hours ago

    Thanks for this video. 39 dead on Houston channel 2 news last night. Really sad. We had power the whole time, our neighbors did not, so we ran 4 extension cords to 4 of our neighbors. We saw 16 degrees , but we prepped months ahead too. As cold weather is nothing new to me. No pipes froze, and the pool is still fine. Check my channel to see how we did it in my latest two videos. God Bless Texas.

  52. Rusty Beatty

    Rusty Beatty3 hours ago

    Underground power lines will have far fewer problems because underground lines can be large overall size which has lower resistance which helps reduce brownouts because they usually don't overheat and fail for example if overground lines are 2.5 inches in diameter underground lines could be closer to 4 to 5 inches in diameter larger wires don't have overheating problems like smaller ones do.

  53. Hanne Catton

    Hanne Catton3 hours ago

    You try to avoid politics ! What ? Get your head out of your ass . Do you think this is not the result of politics ?

  54. Kathy Saladin

    Kathy Saladin4 hours ago

    As the temperature rises we will see colder winters? What the hell kind of clown logic is that? What we are seeing is the beginning of the next Grand Solar Minimum, there will be no rising temperatures, there WILL be lots of falling temperatures however.

  55. ei513563854

    ei5135638544 hours ago

    This has been happening for years...Where is Buffett putting his money?

  56. JMJ Pray for us

    JMJ Pray for us4 hours ago

    Covid not going away! The vaccine doesn’t allow anyone to even not wear a mask.

  57. Outdoor Idaho

    Outdoor Idaho4 hours ago

    Are you from the church of J.C of LDS?

  58. scot terr

    scot terr4 hours ago

    spending trillions we don't have on everything else, why not spend trillions more that we don't have on infrastructure.

  59. SAUCE tv

    SAUCE tv4 hours ago

    Every body start preparing for the great tribulation now stock up on food and supplies and most important of all trust in the LORD OF LORDS KING JESUS ALWAYS.

  60. Eric Kosky

    Eric Kosky4 hours ago

    Dump Disney stock buy PepsiCo

  61. Paddy Barry

    Paddy Barry4 hours ago

    Ty for an interesting brief on climate change and Mankind's very possible future and that of our Planet, the only Home we have!, Yet you also make it clear, how poor we are in understanding future risk in this area, indeed this is true for many other situations, One reason for our poor risk management could be, that it's going to happen tomorrow or sometime in the future, and of course The Future has not happened yet!, So it's inate, in People to ignore that possibility, as tomorrow has not happened yet and we more or less live in the present and send less time on long thinking!, So, without decent Education and clear Science principles, being taught, in All Schools, Worldwide, then our poor risk management will continue, History teaches us this, in So Many Ways!

  62. CSXRockford

    CSXRockford4 hours ago

    also you failed to mention that in TECAS wind power have overtaken power from coal plants. so that is where the majority of texas gets its power. Wind mills dont make power when the wind doesnt blow.

  63. don don

    don don4 hours ago

    The opposite of today's society...where almost everybody craves attention

  64. marcus pete

    marcus pete4 hours ago

    make you piece with God/ Jesus as Biden will pair up with the anti-Christ

  65. CSXRockford

    CSXRockford4 hours ago

    Can you imagine the load on the grid if just every 5th person had an electric car ..LOL

  66. Mike

    Mike4 hours ago

    Don't fight the Fed, you will lose. The End.

  67. The Truth Is Out 777

    The Truth Is Out 7774 hours ago

    People will kill people and cook them just to feed their dogs.

  68. Anita Luevano

    Anita Luevano4 hours ago

    Are you in Texas

  69. Konrad Comrade

    Konrad Comrade4 hours ago

    for an emergency, I stored beer, wine, and vodka (won't freeze at sub-zero!) and I keep a spade for digging a hole in the garden if the sewer gets frozen. What to do, if a major solar-EMP-flare, magnetically fries the grid of an earth-hemisphere? Ups, a Carrington-event! overshadowing the CO2-Greenhouse-discussion. On the left hand, a fleet of modern, nuclear Molten-Salt-Reactors (ORNL-experiment) could solve both problems at once; on the right hand: what if a sizable stone-iron meteorite hits a nuclear reactor? Last, but not least a man-made, military EMP in the summer could disable all modern computerized, heavy farming- and harvesting equipment, causing a famine.

  70. novarossi7

    novarossi74 hours ago

    I have jingle bells on the inside of my door.

  71. The Truth Is Out 777

    The Truth Is Out 7774 hours ago

    Once the food runs out, cannibalism sets in.

  72. Andrea Marcos

    Andrea Marcos5 hours ago

    Investing in Cryptocurrency is lucrative and a big chance to make money nowadays 💯

  73. Chris Mazlo

    Chris Mazlo5 hours ago

    Wind mils froze then biden sent fossil fuel to help

  74. Chris Mazlo

    Chris Mazlo5 hours ago

    How to ignore that one party borrowed trillions from China to upgrade the system. Then rejected the next administration. Then they are doing it again it on purpose

  75. Tuve Hallams

    Tuve Hallams5 hours ago

    12:15 Your prediction was absolutely right

  76. Max Headspace9mm

    Max Headspace9mm5 hours ago

    Climate change is mass hysteria. Apparently we humans don’t have enough problems so we have to create them.

  77. Brian Harris

    Brian Harris5 hours ago

    first thing you do change the CHANNEL 2 take the time to learn the skills you eill need to servive on your own.. 3 good luck your going to need it sheeppeople

  78. Ronnda Pagan

    Ronnda Pagan5 hours ago

    Great video and good tips on keeping from being recognizable by the cameras. Thank you for the valuable information.

  79. Allyn Flinchbaugh

    Allyn Flinchbaugh5 hours ago

    A market crash will happen if the billionaire globalist class will gain from such a crash happening.

  80. Wendy Patterson

    Wendy Patterson5 hours ago