My PC:
Case: Define S2 Vision Blackout
Processor: AMD Ryzen 9 3900X
CPU Cooling: Iron Tundra Hardline [CPU Only]
Motherboard: ASUS Prime x570-PRO
Memory: Corsair Vengeance RGB 32GB
M.2 Storage: Gigabyte M.2 PCIe SSD 1TB
Hard Drive: Seagate 2TB HDD
Graphics Card: RTX 2080 Super
Power Supply: Corsair RM850x 850 Watt 80 Plus GOld
Networking: Standard Onboard Ethernet
System: Windows 10 64-Bit

  1. Sunil Joshi

    Sunil Joshi8 hours ago

    I suggest to make it your safe, extra and 2nd house

  2. Rajdeep extra

    Rajdeep extra8 hours ago

    so its inspired by wadzee

  3. Sid

    Sid8 hours ago


  4. Dylan Richardson

    Dylan Richardson8 hours ago

    Hi Paul firstly so so cool you should make the sand rainbow glass blocks cause it will look sick

  5. Curly Marley

    Curly Marley8 hours ago

    pls make a axolotl tank it would be epic

  6. buster lazerisking

    buster lazerisking8 hours ago

    No channeling summons lining

  7. Athallah ghaisan putra

    Athallah ghaisan putra8 hours ago

    Omg i thought you were gonna make the beacon in a legit way your not like wadzee

  8. Osman Ozmatyatli

    Osman Ozmatyatli8 hours ago

    He is backkkkkkk

  9. Ellen Edens

    Ellen Edens8 hours ago

    I think there was debris next to the ender portal-

  10. María José Bermúdez Santiago

    María José Bermúdez Santiago8 hours ago

    Do it end theame! And too thank you btw

  11. Theo Naustdal

    Theo Naustdal8 hours ago


  12. Meg Smith

    Meg Smith8 hours ago

    The monument was quite buried, you can’t see the “legs” holding it up.


    KELLAN BOYSIE O'KEEFFE Moe9 hours ago

    Dude you can get diff for the farm and cow farm

  14. Meg Smith

    Meg Smith9 hours ago

    I missed the hardcore series

  15. Ava Scott Miller

    Ava Scott Miller9 hours ago

    Hi there Paul! I would like to thank you for everything you put in to this vid!

  16. jessel garcia

    jessel garcia9 hours ago

    Why is there a recipe fir diamonds in pauls inventory check 15:55

  17. Amitesh Mohanty

    Amitesh Mohanty9 hours ago

    I missed it

  18. Tanmay Dhingra

    Tanmay Dhingra9 hours ago

    So long but still the best quality vids only Paul can do that

  19. edfvad

    edfvad9 hours ago

    Can you make a glass theme pls

  20. Lightwing Bb

    Lightwing Bb9 hours ago

    and make the Statue Of Liberty And make ito out of copper

  21. Seanking King

    Seanking King9 hours ago

    Yesssss. Hardcore series is back. You made my day❤

  22. James Conlon

    James Conlon9 hours ago

    Make it wondering trader theme

  23. Collins Moss

    Collins Moss9 hours ago

    Just make a chest

  24. Boipepino

    Boipepino9 hours ago

    Get this man to 1 million subs

  25. Tia Ali

    Tia Ali9 hours ago

    Make it themes on a biome like Savannah and add small villager houses

  26. muhammad jamil

    muhammad jamil9 hours ago

    you are da best!!!!!!!

  27. Marcel Lindeque

    Marcel Lindeque9 hours ago

    Do a 100 days hardcore ocean world please

  28. wolfwonder

    wolfwonder9 hours ago

    Just wait till he realises that sheep don't drop food in 1.14.4 lol

  29. ẞinit Prazs

    ẞinit Prazs9 hours ago

    Paul in creative mode: Why are these structures so far away? Me: Bro you can just /locate and /tp

  30. Edward Archer

    Edward Archer9 hours ago

    Put the monument in a glass dome and fill over it with water to match the rest of the underwater world

  31. Ritesh G

    Ritesh G9 hours ago

    Satisfaction u get is epoc

  32. ryan guan

    ryan guan9 hours ago

    Wadzee did this!

  33. kryštof Bozovsky

    kryštof Bozovsky9 hours ago

    Please do the glass

  34. Aditya Kacker

    Aditya Kacker9 hours ago

    I DARE YOU... Rainbow coloured glass walls with beacons coming out of each pillar of glass.

  35. Robert Wallis

    Robert Wallis9 hours ago

    That's not Paulseiden, it's his son and heir, Paulseiden Jr. His father died trying to evict the previous tenants without sponge power.

  36. Skylar Mcdaniel

    Skylar Mcdaniel9 hours ago

    Anyone else watching this a year later and keeps hearing him call himself NOT pualgg

  37. Being Oneisha

    Being Oneisha9 hours ago

    Reminds me of Philza draining the ocean. I like it.

  38. Emily Ka

    Emily Ka9 hours ago

    replace the sand with black stained glass..

  39. toxicrocky _yt

    toxicrocky _yt9 hours ago

    Hey bro this hardcore world is amazing bro keep up the good work

  40. Kayleigh Salmon

    Kayleigh Salmon9 hours ago


  41. Erase Smoke

    Erase Smoke9 hours ago

    You should make it look like the ice spike biome

  42. Elia Talamini

    Elia Talamini9 hours ago

    How does he have a spyglass!?

  43. Plaguebringer Goliath

    Plaguebringer Goliath9 hours ago

    Almost one million subscribers

  44. 盧嘉藍

    盧嘉藍9 hours ago

    Wait what?

  45. king kong kid

    king kong kid9 hours ago

    Sky base 👀

  46. Bodi Merkus

    Bodi Merkus9 hours ago

    Make it your second dog room

  47. Alia Amira

    Alia Amira9 hours ago

    the outside should be glass

  48. Kaelan King

    Kaelan King9 hours ago

    You could make your own base out of it maybe get some inspiration at @loony

  49. jessel garcia

    jessel garcia9 hours ago

    I like that he has a xp farm and he wont use it

  50. NingaBolt

    NingaBolt9 hours ago

    Paul we lost the war with ACookieGod 😢

  51. My momo WAH JANAB

    My momo WAH JANAB9 hours ago

    Bro install optifine

  52. Broaden your mind

    Broaden your mind9 hours ago

    anyone has the mod databack?

  53. Petru Nitescu

    Petru Nitescu9 hours ago

    You should make it blackstone and basalt theme like in youre ocean world


    DRACX GAMING9 hours ago

    Omg you are da best

  55. Smokintomato

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  56. H OC

    H OC9 hours ago

    Birch is cool

  57. Darshan Baviskar

    Darshan Baviskar9 hours ago

    You should use glass and grass

  58. Clash Lord

    Clash Lord10 hours ago

    Let me get some more milk from this "Boy" right here ~paul~

  59. Oliver Emmanuel

    Oliver Emmanuel10 hours ago

    Who thought this was a ocean only world video, also mad defecation it's really hard so well done

  60. mario yu

    mario yu10 hours ago

    The left pelican morphologically moan because step-brother dewailly waste but a crooked blanket. pale, truculent self

  61. The Masked Man

    The Masked Man10 hours ago

    Paulgg: MrBeast isn’t rich in minecraft tho 😳


    RHESHWAN RAJ10 hours ago

    Should watch WadZee

  63. Scarlett moon

    Scarlett moon10 hours ago

    Fun fact: You can use flint and steel on sponges to dry them

  64. Philip Kane

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  65. gaming with cute

    gaming with cute10 hours ago

    I am waiting

  66. Fortnite Player

    Fortnite Player10 hours ago

    Ur realy cool

  67. Scatman

    Scatman10 hours ago

    This video was so good!

  68. Edwin Sedin

    Edwin Sedin10 hours ago

    You can make a Guardian farm, unlimited prismari blocks

  69. Helen Browne

    Helen Browne10 hours ago

    3 likes on this comment (that includes you Paul) and I will empty it out Ps in creative or I’ll be dead

  70. Quinn Eskdale

    Quinn Eskdale10 hours ago

    the End

  71. Roman BHOGAL-WELSH

    Roman BHOGAL-WELSH10 hours ago

    Can’t have a good day without another SPICY VIDEO from Paul!

  72. Mst Zen GAMING

    Mst Zen GAMING10 hours ago

    Hes back

  73. Mr.G

    Mr.G10 hours ago

    Do tinded glass (sorry if i spelt that wrong)

  74. Quinn Eskdale

    Quinn Eskdale10 hours ago


  75. This Is Not Me

    This Is Not Me10 hours ago

    I can just imagine a entire black stone monument

  76. GRS SHOW

    GRS SHOW10 hours ago

    Make it your Home

  77. Adrian

    Adrian10 hours ago

    U can make gnemons gurdion xp far,