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NFTs, Explained

NFTs, Explained

7 days ago

Skid Row, Explained
How The US Stole Iraq
How I Make My Maps

How I Make My Maps

4 months ago



6 months ago

Junk Mail, Explained
  1. Aelsenaer

    AelsenaerHour ago

    First rule of progress: no progress without competition. first rule of sale: make your customers dependent on you

  2. Politically Correct

    Politically CorrectHour ago

    As a liberal, I firmly believe that the US should shut down all its foreign military bases so that China and Russia can take over those regions.

  3. CT-2938

    CT-2938Hour ago

    Good soldiers fo follow orders . Kill that Jedi !

  4. Rieker Ruiz

    Rieker RuizHour ago

    I went to LA for the first time this weekend to hang out with my cousin and he drove me through skid row to show me how bad it was. It was the most depressing thing I have seen and it clearly shows a complete lack of care from the leaders of the city. You look at the people living on skid row and these humans aren't ok alot of them have mental illness.

  5. KAWSAR Ahmed

    KAWSAR AhmedHour ago

    আপনি যদি সংবাদটি না পড়েন তবে আপনি অজানা আপনি যদি সংবাদটি পড়ে থাকেন তবে আপনি ভুল তথ্য দিয়েছেন - কারো দ্বারা 😂

  6. ??????

    ??????Hour ago

    Wow this is what I call anticompetitive behavior

  7. da22do

    da22doHour ago

    I have no clue how you comprehend how profit-driven, psychologically manipulative and exploitative big companies are and then go ahead and put out a take “actually the world economic forum really cares about people and is striving to create a ‘stakeholder’ capitalism where massive corporations pinky-promise they will stop caring about their bottom line - profits” Like you are at the same time incredibly lucid but amazingly gullible. I hope you put two and two together one day.


    A_V_A_T_A_R_I_A ANGELINOYHour ago

    Ребята, давайте на кидаем лайков чтобы американцы подумали что здесь что то крутое

  9. Randall Vickers

    Randall VickersHour ago

    Yeah it gives you the ability to do s*** like this

  10. Harpreet Singh

    Harpreet SinghHour ago

    Wow, really enjoyed the video 💛

  11. Christopher Dorrin

    Christopher DorrinHour ago

    Can we say CLASS ACTION LAW SUIT, boys and girls....this is an obvious case of fraud, conspiracy to commit fraud and monopolizing.

  12. Martin Johnson

    Martin JohnsonHour ago

    Anti-Trust practices are super common these days. It's sad that we can't have independent repair companies in cities and towns across the country fixing machines. We could have so many more successful small businesses.

  13. No Name

    No NameHour ago

    Long time viewer of your channel and only just saw this video, F*** this!

  14. misty tyner

    misty tynerHour ago

    so, my family, we do get ice cream from McDonald's. if want ice while out, we go somewhere else

  15. Courtney Lol

    Courtney LolHour ago

    I literally get so many spam calls... like at least 20 a day. It makes me so upset. I don’t know what to do. I’ve blocked at least 50 numbers and I always get spam texts for random people. If anyone knows how to stop this please tell me

  16. C R

    C RHour ago

    Well if you use these western toxic chemicals shampoos, it will not help you.

  17. Melech Ha'olam

    Melech Ha'olam2 hours ago

    Question for you. Why believe the world is a globe but also believe in the big bang theory? I believe it's round, but there's evidence. Scientific evidence. The big bang theory has zero evidence and no science or logic to it. Simply a theory. Just weird to believe the world is a million years old when there isn't any real data to support that but believe the Earth is round...

  18. Allen Sandven

    Allen Sandven2 hours ago

    Hey can somebody help me out of the rabbit hole ..... :)

  19. Allen Sandven

    Allen Sandven2 hours ago

    The best way to experience Nostalgia is to enjoy that memory at the moment , share it with old friend and even new friends if it is relevant and always in a positive light . It is easy for us to lose our way going down memory lane and will eventually narrow to the preverbal “Rabbit Hole” that gets your mind second guessing your entire existence. I like to think of the rabbit hole or should’a would’a could’a like your favorite shirt of jeans “back in the day” you’re most likely not going to fit them, be in style or relevant , better off not trying too squeeze into either one (especially the rabbit hole )! So if you like the good memories of your past do something fun today and it will be nostalgic tomorrow .

  20. HedgerHodg

    HedgerHodg2 hours ago

    Why are you cold, Johnny?

  21. CarcPazu

    CarcPazu2 hours ago

    Norwegian Breakfast: 2 Darkthrone songs, 1 Mayhem songs, ¼ of a Burzum song, PUKE, REPEAT. Swedish Breakfast: 3 Opeth songs, 2 At the Gates songs, a pinch of ABBA, puke, FIKA TIME! German Breakfast: Set your own kitchen in fire and invite your neighbours to watch the show, DU HAST!

  22. Fortnut Dudes

    Fortnut Dudes2 hours ago

    I speak arabic and urdu but live in turkey and the turkish languge has similar words to arabic and urdu so it helped alot. also watch turkish tv shows with subtitles so that helps too

  23. Skippy 4077

    Skippy 40772 hours ago

    Next story.....the hydro industrial complex is a lie , I haven't showered in 5 years

  24. o _ o

    o _ o2 hours ago

    If I go like 4 days without washing and shampooing my hair it looks like it was dipped in cooking oil

  25. VipadPunkBand 89

    VipadPunkBand 892 hours ago

    we prolly just said sorry to the border control. then proceeded to not give a damn, like all Canadians go about problems with Americans

  26. than217

    than2172 hours ago

    *Gotham: A History of New York City to 1898* is a fascinating (but very long) book about the history. I wish I had been taught about half the stuff in that book in K-12 school.

  27. Dennis Bermal

    Dennis Bermal2 hours ago

    So when will <insert country> invade it?

  28. Must Be

    Must Be2 hours ago

    Very cool video, but I would like to touch upon the problem in my country. At the same time as this diversity of cultures, there is one terrible contradiction. In Moscow, visitors from the republics are not accepted as citizens of the country. Many very many people in the capital do not know that Tuvans, Buryats, Kalmyks, Yakuts, etc. part of the country. I'm serious. People do not know how big their country is, what nationalities it consists of, there are a lot of nationalities in fact, you can't even imagine. In Moscow, if you are not a Slav, they don’t rent an apartment for you, they call it “churka”, this is a very offensive word ethnofolism. People who will tell me that I am exaggerating have never been in my place and most likely Slavs and do not see the picture as it is. Oh, like that.

  29. Sunny Lee

    Sunny Lee2 hours ago

    new subscriber here...!!!

  30. Top Ten Basis

    Top Ten Basis2 hours ago

    God bless America 🇺🇸

  31. XsEtUp Loading

    XsEtUp Loading2 hours ago

    And the 9/11 attack was behind the US Government

  32. Dezha Quinn

    Dezha Quinn2 hours ago

    American breakfast is usually my go to when I go out to eat. It's what I look forward to. Something about carbs sugar and eggs just do it for me.

  33. Ahmed mostafa

    Ahmed mostafa3 hours ago

    Didnt know men do conditioners.

  34. Derpy Jelly

    Derpy Jelly3 hours ago

    3:33 gorilla glu 4 - fat lee. From my hometown he’ll yea!

  35. Bethan Chen

    Bethan Chen3 hours ago

    The US is just like a greedy octopus 🐙 that wants to put its hands on everything from everywhere, better not let an American visit your country, as long as they know you’re doing well, they’ll always try to find an excuse to destroy it. That’s why US’s infrastructure’s lagging behind, because instead of building their own, they spent too much time and money plotting and trying to get others’s resources and lives by force, a group of pathetic mob😡😡

  36. Silva Vulpe

    Silva Vulpe3 hours ago

    You might want to do a lot of research into the east India company

  37. Vee'Ot_Dragon

    Vee'Ot_Dragon3 hours ago

    honestly i think this should fall under the "Right to Repair" laws. its been a big thing in the last couple years in everything from Tractors to these ice cream machines. they don't want people repairing their products when they can charge them out the as to do simple stuff that anyone with half a brain could do themselves.

  38. J T

    J T3 hours ago

    It would be neat though if it was flat. Imagine the views on the edge, like Asgard from the MCU.

  39. david vargas

    david vargas3 hours ago

    Do they not understand how small we are and a plane is to this world and what a atmosphere does

  40. than217

    than2173 hours ago

    I'm gonna tell my kids the movie The Lighthouse was about this border dispute.

  41. agilan agilan

    agilan agilan3 hours ago

    China lie statement about covid19 it's ok...we togather faced it!!! another new challenges.. god bless China..

  42. paul walther

    paul walther3 hours ago

    Your videos are amazing. They’re so good I want to show them to friends, family, random language exchange people etc. I lived in Japan for two years and I feel so bad about not bringing their food eating habits back home. Totally going to fix that.

  43. DJkayoo

    DJkayoo3 hours ago

    I wash my head with shampoo once a week even that is small application of it and every morning I just rinse my head with water to get birds nest out of it after sleep.

  44. Rich Heaney

    Rich Heaney3 hours ago

    wait.. is the orange jacket an NFT?

  45. Eric Farina

    Eric Farina3 hours ago

    It's sad that McDonald's gets a reputation for lazy employees. There are some, don't get me wrong, but honestly the majority of workers are hardworking decent people. The managers are decent people too, but almost every employee is trained incorrectly, and this has been going on for a long time. Because McDonald's has a high turnover rate and because employees often leave on bad terms, the remainders often left stretched thin and overwhelmed, new staff including managers are thrown into the fire without much honest support. This can largely be boiled down to McDonald's business model. McDonald's makes money by saturating the market with franchise-owned businesses. By ensuring 95% of locations are franchise owned, McDonald's shields itself from operating costs including liability concerns. Franchise owners are responsible for maintenance and upkeep, and since they are paying rent and fees to McDonalds Corporate, they have every incentive to cut corners, especially on labor and upkeep (which go hand-in-hand). Which brings me back to my original point. McDonald's employees aren't lazy, they are intentionally being set up to fail with no regards for the impact on customers or staff, not to mention the impact on the brand itself. McDonalds Corporate collects rent and fees no matter what, and shields themselves from liability no matter what. McDonalds is going to have a bigger problem than any other fast food chain in America this summer in terms of labor shortage. Why would anyone want to feel bullied around in a toxic environment when they can sit on their ass at home and collect free money? #IworkatMcDonalds #IdontworkforMcDonalds #fireme #sueme

  46. Lucy Gaming

    Lucy Gaming3 hours ago

    Was about to buy an expensive tea tree oil based shampoo. Watched this video, gonna try not shampooing.

  47. than217

    than2173 hours ago

    Russia 'returned the favor' to the Mongolians by destroying Genghis Khan's original horsehair banner in the 1940s. Because the Mongolians said they would rise up with the force of the original empire when they got it back. Then the Soviet Union made the entire area around Genghis Khan's birthplace into a weapons testing range in the 20th century. Originally intended for nuclear devices they decided not to go that far there. True Game of Thrones shit like Johnny said.

  48. Corn Pop

    Corn Pop3 hours ago

    A volcano chain 20 million years ago erupted for 2 million years throwing the earth into an ice age we have rebound.

  49. Stan Lin

    Stan Lin3 hours ago

    Your channel is beautiful and telling insights in an elegant way, i like how you handle the tempo of story telling, purposely interrupt the momentum of audiences watching experience for adding some new detail/explanations, Right now I am so happy to see you had grown massive fan base in a period of very short time, you had achieved another pure youtube miracle, very inspiring. So this is the reason i came to the very first video of your channel and tried to grab the idea how and why you establish this channel. Thank you for your works

  50. Sean Wieland

    Sean Wieland3 hours ago

    The corporate press is the enemy of the people.

  51. Andrew Dunbar

    Andrew Dunbar3 hours ago

    Depends on your hair type and maybe hair length and scalp type. I've tried ditching shampoo for weeks or months at a time several times over twenty years or more. Also tried just shampoo but not conditioner. I've had long hair most of that time. Shaved or really short was fine with just soap/shower gel/nothing, but once it got longer it would just get oily and skanky after one or two weeks. With shampoo and no conditioner it would turn to straw first and then get oily and skanky. Anti-dandruff shampoo definitely gave me worse dandruff. Now I shampoo once every week or two when it starts to feel yuck, but if I don't condition I'll have to shampoo again sooner. But hey haven't got that much hair these days even though it's still long (-:

  52. ForsakenSavior

    ForsakenSavior3 hours ago

    Please do make that video! 😊

  53. Daed Dawdf

    Daed Dawdf3 hours ago

    My only question is what about all the non franchise owners like the actual McDonald's they're having the same issues which means they're also paying money so why wouldn't they want it fixed because that's still draining McDonald's pocket

  54. kenny2006sp

    kenny2006sp3 hours ago

    You’re the final evolution of Jeremy from “Broad City”

  55. JohnGrit JohnGrit

    JohnGrit JohnGrit3 hours ago

    News is now just entertainment. Entertainment gets more views. Entertainment includes sensationalism, nonsense and anything else you can think of that draws great numbers of people. People watching is what sells advertising.

  56. Flying Star

    Flying Star3 hours ago

    For a long time I was washing my hair with bicarbonate of soda. Once a week. And my dry hair needed just once a week to be washed. But then I understood that it's drying my hair to much and I got to back to the shampoo. And I need to use it now several times a week. Also I had the experience with rye flour. It's washes very good my hair. Think now I need to go back to it. Thank you for your video!!! BTW, with rye flour you don't need the conditioner at all.

  57. Jimmy Mahfety

    Jimmy Mahfety3 hours ago

    Btw the map of the golden horde at 4:25 isn’t actually an accurate map, it’s an alternate history map of a larger golden horde :)

  58. Deniz Liberal

    Deniz Liberal3 hours ago

    Turkey should close Kurecik base to retaliate against insult to our history by creeps.

  59. Zach C.

    Zach C.3 hours ago


  60. scintillant v.

    scintillant v.3 hours ago

    This is the guy who did not shampoo his hair for 5 years and took a head shot at 100 billion dollar shampoo giants. And he was completely honest about his no-poo revolutionary step. So I trust everything he says and pringles.

  61. Metal Videos

    Metal Videos3 hours ago

    Because americans love to be fat and eat disgusting quality food. its an american thing the rest of the world wouldnt understand this

  62. Tommy Jackson

    Tommy Jackson3 hours ago

    Everyone is fascinated with this not realizing it happens here in the US too..

  63. joe peanut

    joe peanut3 hours ago

    Can I just say, I respect that the ad talking points is at the end of the video

  64. Lost on Earth

    Lost on Earth3 hours ago

    0:10 "Jesus was a white man too." Last time I checked, Bethlehem is located in the Middle East and correct me if I am wrong but I am 110% sure and the average Arab person from that region do not have a very fair skin tone but a darker skin tone than white Europeans due to evolution and exposer to the sun.

  65. Markus Thirteen

    Markus Thirteen3 hours ago

    As Russian i think Russia needs a lot more Navalniys, but in US/UK and Europe lul

  66. antitesisthrash

    antitesisthrash3 hours ago

    US military base are circling indonesia. You can see the base on philipines, aussie, solomon island, maldives and more. US dictates Indonesia for mineral resources or ???

  67. Bill Vojtech

    Bill Vojtech3 hours ago

    So you explained why McDonald's icecream machines are "always broken", but you did not explain why the same machines made by the same company seem to function properly at other franchises.

  68. Joseph William Marek

    Joseph William Marek3 hours ago

    How about a map where the Pacific is the middle, and not the Atlantic ... also a map where the continents are accurate but the oceans are all warped out of shape?

  69. Macoy Collo

    Macoy Collo3 hours ago

    Asian breakfast = dinner leftover

  70. Fatos Barileva

    Fatos Barileva3 hours ago

    Thanks for the research, the making of this video and sharing it. Appreciate all your videos overall.

  71. RoyalAramis

    RoyalAramis4 hours ago

    damn i never knew that and i live in switzerland o.0

  72. Jocke

    Jocke4 hours ago

    As a former McD manager and employee, this shit is hilarious - you really got me with "the guy"

  73. SubZero Raider

    SubZero Raider4 hours ago

    Git to da gotdam fuqn point!

  74. Yoh

    Yoh4 hours ago

    i was here

  75. Dezha Quinn

    Dezha Quinn4 hours ago

    Christopher Columbus was trying to prove he can find gold in the east faster by travelling west.. hence he knew the earth was round.. then he ended up finding the Caribbean and America's and messed up the indigenous ppls

  76. Ayanda Mpolweni

    Ayanda Mpolweni4 hours ago

    Ahhh this is touching I joined the community through borders,Living in Hong Kong it was eye opening,Haiti and DR Also💓💓💓I'll follow Johnny wherever he goes

  77. Volodymyr Yarmolyuk

    Volodymyr Yarmolyuk4 hours ago

    Russia is enormously big but 99% of it’s land - inaccessible , wild taiga and tundra. The rest 1% inhabited by russians is accessible by foot therefore called педо-Рассія!

  78. Symbol

    Symbol4 hours ago

    Amazing video, commenting for the algorithm

  79. XsEtUp Loading

    XsEtUp Loading4 hours ago

    Lmao u wish that the US will have a military base at Yemen hahah nice try

  80. Kiddobyte

    Kiddobyte4 hours ago

    Fluency is about naturalized ability. Like when you're playing a video game and you don't even think about how you move your hand to click on heads. The best way to get that isn't from grinding the tutorial for hours on end. You git gud by playing the game.