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It all ends here
  1. J8N

    J8N4 hours ago


  2. Ivan Dizberg

    Ivan Dizberg4 hours ago

    xQc luv pet

  3. Pixel Player

    Pixel Player4 hours ago

    I don't understand why don't they just kill the cops?

  4. o3ru

    o3ru4 hours ago

    ghost writer

  5. drqx

    drqx4 hours ago

    What a shit show that was

  6. Colorfulish

    Colorfulish4 hours ago

    i wuz here

  7. Instabs

    Instabs4 hours ago

    Why'd they shoot tho?

  8. thelambof God

    thelambof God4 hours ago


  9. drqx

    drqx4 hours ago

    Damn Greek lost a ton of weight

  10. Mightyburrito

    Mightyburrito4 hours ago

    Whos the streamer that played the girl that got arrested?

  11. Hunter Gastineau

    Hunter Gastineau4 hours ago

    you are rued

  12. God

    God4 hours ago

    this is the sign you've been looking for, I belive in you <3

  13. Jenova

    Jenova4 hours ago

    X literally just randomly stole a car lol, didnt know it was a summit's car

  14. Jenova

    Jenova4 hours ago

    This is one of the best RP stories by far

  15. Trainer ShadOW

    Trainer ShadOW4 hours ago

    Was there Live, love the streams!

  16. Krauser Kahn

    Krauser Kahn4 hours ago

    The plan was very good, if it wasn't for those coppers that rammed them at 80mph with total disregard for their own life and then shot with no reason.

  17. mannhouse

    mannhouse4 hours ago

    HotPokket 🤝 KkonaW

  18. Rrchy

    Rrchy4 hours ago

    chat so unfunny they have to spam racist emotes to every clip to substitute humor.

  19. _Itspurple_

    _Itspurple_4 hours ago

    Rping in an rp

  20. TheChallengeWarriors

    TheChallengeWarriors4 hours ago

    that man based his entire persona off of his argument

  21. NightDancer Gaming

    NightDancer Gaming4 hours ago

    So Minecraft changed a lot since I played it many years ago. We used to go out in diamond armor with diamond swords. Now people do throw beds on dragon. I guess Im too old for this shit.

  22. Mr. smith Agent smith

    Mr. smith Agent smith4 hours ago

    I'm here to see x. 👍

  23. gucci mane

    gucci mane4 hours ago

    It was a very good hiest and it was very close, but I won’t lie, I honestly think it was all Felix‘s fault that they lost, I get it, you leave no man behind ever and the fact that he had half the money, but Felix still had $125,000, and if they did leave him, they would split that between three people and it would be $46,600 between the three of them that’s still extremely good. it’s fine the first time he said go back, the second time was fine as well, but AFTER the third time, they should’ve just left. What they did was extremely risky, and it didn’t pay off. that was also very confusing to the driver, he said go go go, then he said go back, and kept yelling go back, if you’re not a driver in a heist or any criminal robbery, or whatever, you don’t yell at the driver, you don’t backseat drive, you let him do whatever he wants, if you have a designated plan or route you let him go whichever way he wants to the place you guys made the plan to go. If he wanted to leave right away, then he leaves right away. Felix kept yelling and confusing & stressed him out which caused them to lose the fucking hiest. I get it Benji, could have broken out three times and he did but he still went back after the third time so I don’t know why, they should’ve just left and took in the $125,000 fuck the other half, better to have a $125,000 then none. $46,600 could been in their pockets. And I’m just thinking logically I ain’t mad or whatever. Just stating my opinion that would have made them successful. Lmaooo.

  24. Ghost Division

    Ghost Division4 hours ago

    That kid that started to eat paper and crying really had food issues.

  25. Estevan Romo

    Estevan Romo4 hours ago

    Why did they start shooting?!

  26. Just a random guy on the internet

    Just a random guy on the internet4 hours ago

    Why would you insult someone’s reason for wanting money? Some girl wants to go to her brothers wedding and everyone laughs at her? Who thought this was a hide idea

  27. Mr EyeRunSite

    Mr EyeRunSite4 hours ago

    As soon as xqc died my phone died, coincidence I think not.


    DEATHBOLT4 hours ago

    remove the in connect 4 in the title

  29. dysen

    dysen4 hours ago

    lmfaoooo amazing intro

  30. MrStubbs1981

    MrStubbs19814 hours ago

    Crazy how this happened at the docks...initiated by another guy reporting that incident and the chang gang thinks, he snitched again. You cannot make this up

  31. Stop the Negativity

    Stop the Negativity4 hours ago

    this dude is bitter as hell...

  32. Bepis Cuber

    Bepis Cuber4 hours ago

    now do this but white people

  33. Anna lena liebt chrystal metth

    Anna lena liebt chrystal metth5 hours ago

    his mikrophone wayyy to loud all the time

  34. Lamb

    Lamb5 hours ago

    What's her twitch lmao

  35. Wasolote

    Wasolote5 hours ago

    There is no way xQc isn’t hitting that

  36. Grayhat

    Grayhat5 hours ago

    Can't believe he is actually doing live PD, X delivers, maybe a terrible criminal but he is a good content creator = )

  37. Antonio Dawson

    Antonio Dawson5 hours ago


  38. Mew2melee

    Mew2melee5 hours ago

    You should have watched some aunt chilly prank videos from JIMMY KIMMEL they’re the funniest videos you’ll ever see! I recommend the ceramics class one

  39. drescrubb

    drescrubb5 hours ago

    They shouldve left a big enough gap only for their car to go through so that they dont have to jump over the trucks

  40. Ataraxia

    Ataraxia5 hours ago

    Go back! Pepega Clap

  41. fr0sty

    fr0sty5 hours ago

    the only reason x loses so hard all the time is his greed

  42. Kreine Aquino

    Kreine Aquino5 hours ago

    She has survayvals gilt search it on gugel

  43. Alaninatic

    Alaninatic5 hours ago

    Quisiera saber cuál habrá sido la reacción del chico al enterarse de con quién jugó ese día. xQc fue muy considerado al aprender un poco de español para jugar con el chico, resultó buen team.

  44. Killer Bean

    Killer Bean5 hours ago

    The plain waiter pivotally bow because crocodile connolly race to a toothsome chair. handsomely, blue-eyed apple

  45. Anna lena liebt chrystal metth

    Anna lena liebt chrystal metth5 hours ago

    kamera was so f up

  46. GeMiu

    GeMiu5 hours ago

    Bru is even funnier when u actually sell and smoke weed 😆😆

  47. FridgetteRain

    FridgetteRain5 hours ago

    sometimes chat and xqc are so brain dead sometimes. And it gets annoying on some levels as well

  48. Conan

    Conan5 hours ago

    system shock 2 soundtrack pog

  49. RasenRendan

    RasenRendan5 hours ago

    Man it really when from X + Dundee to X + Dundee + Mr B now its X + Wrangler making cop shows. this has been amazing

  50. dysen

    dysen5 hours ago

    i hate seeing dota and league clips in these videos

  51. Marc Angelo Chiapco

    Marc Angelo Chiapco5 hours ago


  52. multipletangos

    multipletangos5 hours ago

    PVC can’t drive for shit

  53. Jerry Hernandez

    Jerry Hernandez5 hours ago

    X is acting so weird man

  54. AaronAimZ

    AaronAimZ5 hours ago

    Too bad he's getting banned. Gonna miss GTA RP.

  55. Dossco

    Dossco5 hours ago

    wasn't very epic, need to see him actually get away next time with the bois

  56. Simp The Pretty

    Simp The Pretty5 hours ago

    Bro I have never been mad at a stream before. Why go back for him??????????????

  57. Dino Vlogs

    Dino Vlogs5 hours ago

    ICE COLD 🥶💦💎

  58. amvblank

    amvblank5 hours ago

    there comedy is so shit jesus chrsit

  59. Alex Kien

    Alex Kien5 hours ago

    I like this RP already

  60. Bush

    Bush5 hours ago

    blackface basketball

  61. A Hamzah

    A Hamzah5 hours ago

    2:14:47 that is my property fella

  62. The Hh

    The Hh5 hours ago

    Johnny is the best RP character I've seen! 😂😂😂 Plus that Ranger dude was a great sport LOL

  63. Andy Handy man

    Andy Handy man5 hours ago

    man these police roleplayers are so fucking cringe sometimes

  64. Julian Atkinson

    Julian Atkinson5 hours ago

    if you uh wanna uh don't if you wanna people escape your cuffs I uh -X

  65. massikeisari 09

    massikeisari 095 hours ago

    1 in 25 😳😳😳😳😳😳😳

  66. BrokeCollegeStud

    BrokeCollegeStud5 hours ago

    QXC in the police station but not arrested. impressive

  67. Adasz

    Adasz5 hours ago

    But why?

  68. Aruesx

    Aruesx5 hours ago

    "Any man who falls behind is left behind" Smh X

  69. Gg No Re

    Gg No Re5 hours ago

    The old people are correct, the young people arent.

  70. Andrew Sim

    Andrew Sim5 hours ago

    Chat what kinda dog is that at 6:40

  71. Sad Dream

    Sad Dream5 hours ago

    Why did the cops open fire ? they should have just dipped with half. They got greedy.

  72. nan

    nan5 hours ago

    this guy’s a menace LMFAO


    PH ECLIPSE5 hours ago

    I was there PogU there was another 100k ppl tho Sadge

  74. Something Same

    Something Same5 hours ago


  75. Tomis Meme

    Tomis Meme6 hours ago

    This is the only content that I can actually watch hour after hour, not like the bean game and the killer bean game

  76. Jodofly115

    Jodofly1156 hours ago

    just sat through 22 mins of a fella getting his hair done... definetly my first and last time doing that

  77. Mr. Blue

    Mr. Blue6 hours ago


  78. Daily Dose of Twitch Clips

    Daily Dose of Twitch Clips6 hours ago


  79. Devin D

    Devin D6 hours ago

    Those cops were really bad lmao. Usually they're super aggressive and tase to catch people. But chang gang literally walked away from the first chase and got away. And in the second instance at the pier the cops just stood by X and let them drive away.

  80. Akapulko06

    Akapulko066 hours ago

    the first guy to go (the one that eliminated himself) is probably someone who would've been an awesome friend back in the day