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  1. Andy Gotting

    Andy Gotting20 hours ago

    @LockPickingLawyer if I was to put thread lock on the top screw and tack weld the ball bearings in the set screws, would that make this a reasonable lock ?

  2. Forcefield23

    Forcefield2320 hours ago

    One minute forty seven. I am not optimistic...

  3. Alex Dramarco

    Alex Dramarco20 hours ago

    Guys, if this wasn't a joke, he would have used a knife to cut open the bag. But I'm glad he respected the novelty of a GTA 5 Bank Deposit bag.

  4. BrusLee

    BrusLee20 hours ago

    Do they work for European locks? O.o

  5. stampy Dragon

    stampy Dragon20 hours ago

    I'd only use it for a airsoft gun anything more is recomendnusing a actual safe

  6. Ollie JW

    Ollie JW20 hours ago

    You could just cut it?

  7. Graye

    Graye20 hours ago

    The guy that responsible for the ads accidentally typed slash resistant instead of scratch resistant

  8. Matt Teee

    Matt Teee20 hours ago

    Thats some nice legislating. Do men get equal time off for parenting because of it too?

  9. TriixR4KiiDz

    TriixR4KiiDz20 hours ago

    Just tried this on my dads gun awesome

  10. 4TheMotorist

    4TheMotorist20 hours ago

    I love watching your vids and you defeating locks and making it look super easy only because your a professional. Even tho these tools are already on the market and proberly have been for years, im not sure i agree with you spruiking them to people who are "learning" from you to go buy them because it potentially makes their job easy at letting themselves into situations that affect other people. eg, "letting them into homes and business for the purpose of robbery" In any case, thats all i wanted to say + Hi from Down Under Australia .

  11. Dawn Bish

    Dawn Bish20 hours ago

    Did anyone else go back to admire the grain structure of the broken cutter blade?

  12. VulpesArgentum

    VulpesArgentum20 hours ago

    Lowkey expecting the mission accomplished track plays when he opened the lock.

  13. KiLLGaMeR Yeah

    KiLLGaMeR Yeah20 hours ago

    Wouldn't it be possible to just use a pen on the zipper? Just wondering :D

  14. Nate Cannon

    Nate Cannon20 hours ago

    Basically if you carry a blank key. You can just unlock door for free.

  15. Travminer123

    Travminer12320 hours ago

    Im surprised the lock isn as good as the locks on the casino heist bank vault door. Was expecting better from a company that sold millions of a single game.

  16. Justin Carawan

    Justin Carawan20 hours ago

    Do you ever need gloves when tensioning? Seems like all that repeated pressure would hurt your fingers after a while.

  17. M T

    M T20 hours ago

    What is the use of this kind of bags? Carry money from person 1 to 3 without taken by person 2 (delivery guy)?

  18. D. Woona

    D. Woona20 hours ago

    I've got this bag in my glovebox to hold registration papers lol, sadly the clasp on the zipper broke so It's a pain to open and close anymore. The Security Deposit box that came with the GTA IV collectors edition was is a complete joke compared to the bag)

  19. ukaypete

    ukaypete20 hours ago

    Assume I can get the same result if I use a power drill?

  20. Switch.XL

    Switch.XL20 hours ago

    I still, after 1000 plus episodes have no idea why I love LPL.... But I do.

  21. ً

    ً20 hours ago

    Thats why i want my community change from assa abloy to some secure lock

  22. Noah Watzlawick

    Noah Watzlawick20 hours ago

    What's about european locks ? Is this tool working with it too?

  23. Long Way to Work

    Long Way to Work20 hours ago

    What have you found to be the best motorbike disc lock in terms of all around value and security?

  24. Iron_ LordTTV

    Iron_ LordTTV20 hours ago

    Spends more time explaining the lock than picking it

  25. Gregory Maddux

    Gregory Maddux20 hours ago

    I'm pretty sure LPL is going to be a character in GTA 6. Just his hands, though.

  26. thegatesofsleep

    thegatesofsleep20 hours ago

    I could get in 10x as fast with a knife lol.

  27. Oh hi Mark

    Oh hi Mark20 hours ago

    The real question here is, what happend at 15.02.1997 / 02.15.1997? Since this was set by Mrs. LPL i přesune it is the day Mr. LPL and Mrs. LPL meet or had their first date, etc...

  28. k

    k21 hour ago


  29. Loopiloop

    Loopiloop21 hour ago

    Can these be attached to a key ring?

  30. Alb Per Nil

    Alb Per Nil21 hour ago


  31. Pömpel Klaus

    Pömpel Klaus21 hour ago

    Use knipex cutters and the lock will unlock itself

  32. Sniperbuddy Dex

    Sniperbuddy Dex21 hour ago

    for this guy is word "unpickable" realy only word and nothing else xDDD

  33. Patteroast

    Patteroast21 hour ago

    Not specific to this episode, but I started following this channel about two weeks ago and managed to lock myself out of my bedroom tonight with the only key inside, and managed to pick my way inside with a screwdriver and paperclip after having never tried to pick a lock before. Not sure what I'd have done if I hadn't been watching your channel!

  34. Ninto 1

    Ninto 121 hour ago


  35. Gregory Gurvich

    Gregory Gurvich21 hour ago

    Looks like LPL is a fan of GTA - nothing mentioned about slashing the fabric- 😆

  36. Llama Blade

    Llama Blade21 hour ago

    Don't let LPL fool you, he just has the Skeleton Key unlocked.

  37. nabnabking

    nabnabking21 hour ago

    You’ve spent less time on actual locks that aren’t just novelty 😂😂

  38. Lenny Winbox

    Lenny Winbox21 hour ago

    dumb chi neese!

  39. dcoog anml

    dcoog anml21 hour ago

    Master, the time has come for another raid in BosnianBill's hut

  40. hg

    hg21 hour ago

    You'd be better off putting your stuff in a shipping bag - those things are impossible to open.

  41. Cristian Mihaila

    Cristian Mihaila21 hour ago

    Would a pen through the zip not nave gotten it open?🤔

  42. bob shaw

    bob shaw21 hour ago

    “Here at (insert hotel name here) we stride for security and safety”

  43. Lenny Winbox

    Lenny Winbox21 hour ago

    total weasel box!!

  44. Sarah Jane Magbuhos

    Sarah Jane Magbuhos21 hour ago

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  45. Stazza

    Stazza22 hours ago

    I have this from the xbox 360 collectors edition of GTA5, I use this with my set to practice. Its fantastic

  46. Jaws10214

    Jaws1021422 hours ago

    Hmm, spend $2 on a magnet? Or $30 on one bottle..? Hmmmmmmmmmmmmmmmm

  47. Lenny Winbox

    Lenny Winbox22 hours ago


  48. Tim Oldenburg

    Tim Oldenburg22 hours ago

    its safe from an expensive lock picking set bot, not from a scissor you can buy for a dollar

  49. FatalSteven

    FatalSteven22 hours ago

    So glad I still have mine haha.

  50. British Rifleman

    British Rifleman22 hours ago

    Actually pretty good that it took you over 3o seconds to pick :)

  51. Peter Stewart

    Peter Stewart22 hours ago

    Watch his finger and thumb at 49 secs. Did he release the mechanism before he started to pick the lock

  52. Zac

    Zac22 hours ago

    Literally laughing so hard rn

  53. banksy2012

    banksy201222 hours ago

    Wow thsts false advertising its a piece of shit

  54. criggie

    criggie22 hours ago

    2 minutes and THREE seconds ! Must be not tea-bag then !

  55. Cammy

    Cammy22 hours ago

    This is the reason why I always carry a welding kit wherever I go.

  56. Shackleford Rusty

    Shackleford Rusty22 hours ago

    LPL is a gamer!

  57. Steven Senlacere

    Steven Senlacere22 hours ago

    2 seconds with ball point pen and we got this open!

  58. Jay A

    Jay A22 hours ago

    Why not just cut the bag open?

  59. Ghost De Razgriz

    Ghost De Razgriz22 hours ago

    Of course he identifies as Rusty Shackleford

  60. harikili

    harikili22 hours ago

    I really hope to see a video with you putting these things back together.

  61. HeyItsAcid

    HeyItsAcid22 hours ago

    Alternate channel name: We make Lockpickers.

  62. Zombie Killer

    Zombie Killer22 hours ago

    Trevor wants to know your location

  63. Keeba Africa

    Keeba Africa22 hours ago

    That lock is as strong as the anti-cheat in GTA V

  64. Lenny Winbox

    Lenny Winbox22 hours ago

    dude!! $80 each??? SOLD OUT

  65. sunnyscarborough

    sunnyscarborough22 hours ago

    Great timing was going to purchase one of these next week ,to replace my heavy chain,👏👍

  66. austen fricks

    austen fricks22 hours ago

    I think that's the first time I've seen a wafer lock complimented on this channel. Crazy that it was found in what amounts to a novelty item.

  67. Benji Jay

    Benji Jay22 hours ago

    I mean I thought he was just going to get some scissors or something...

  68. meh.

    meh.22 hours ago

    i don't think the reason for the unfairness of the situation was that you can't put doors on urinals, which of course is complete and utter bs. i think the reason there were no doors was that men can go where they bloody please and putting doors with coinlocks on urinals would've made them go where they weren't supposed to.

  69. Star Crasher

    Star Crasher22 hours ago

    I'm interested in other potential flaws, because the end-user could easily thwart this exploit by molding some epoxy to protect the button from being pressed while the lid is closed. The whole thing seems very flimsy in general.

  70. Юрий Иванов

    Юрий Иванов22 hours ago

    Хрень какая-то. Таким пластилином только алюминий кусать.

  71. Thehumangod

    Thehumangod22 hours ago

    You pick the lock you get the Glock!

  72. Benjamin Fraser

    Benjamin Fraser22 hours ago

    lets continue testing sounds like GLaDOS from portal

  73. efin dumb

    efin dumb23 hours ago

    interesting: one of the few times that the tensioner was used for more than just tension

  74. MrZurb

    MrZurb23 hours ago

    Next make one for abloy

  75. PaidInBoredom

    PaidInBoredom23 hours ago

    Lock company: Releases product LPL: Releases video on GTA V lock Lock company: Sighs in relief

  76. Kribo Msandawana

    Kribo Msandawana23 hours ago

    The comment from Lobster lock is funny,as Jim Ross would say "BAGAAAAAAAAWWWWWWDDDDD"

  77. Playing With Engineering

    Playing With Engineering23 hours ago

    So consider this Master lock...

  78. Phill Smith

    Phill Smith23 hours ago


  79. Jason Yang

    Jason Yang23 hours ago

    Do you need to know # of rotations in each direction before starting. Isn't every safe different.

  80. Ten Lugg Gaming

    Ten Lugg Gaming23 hours ago

    I still have this...