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  1. cali simpson

    cali simpson14 hours ago

    Timeless Music 💯

  2. Joanne Bassett

    Joanne Bassett15 hours ago


  3. Joanne Bassett

    Joanne Bassett15 hours ago

    This song is fun

  4. Feng Balidawa

    Feng Balidawa15 hours ago


  5. Joanne Bassett

    Joanne Bassett15 hours ago



    JAFIN SUNAR15 hours ago

    ❤️❤️ still listening 🎧❤️

  7. Leo Edekere

    Leo Edekere15 hours ago

    This needs to be on Apple Music

  8. Cassie D

    Cassie D15 hours ago

    Durk verse on repeat

  9. Wallace Patrick

    Wallace Patrick15 hours ago

    Eu gosto muito dessa música

  10. bts mi life

    bts mi life15 hours ago

    Dou jaja

  11. Марина Азаматова

    Марина Азаматова15 hours ago

    О чем песня? Кто может перевести?

  12. Leandro Sctik Gutierrez Mejia

    Leandro Sctik Gutierrez Mejia15 hours ago

    alguien que hable español?

  13. Wallace Patrick

    Wallace Patrick15 hours ago

    E pensar que esse clipe virou um dos melhores memes de hoje kkkkkk

  14. Mauro Correia diniz

    Mauro Correia diniz15 hours ago

    2021 essa é relikia

  15. Mauro Correia diniz

    Mauro Correia diniz15 hours ago

    Ouvindo em 2021 amo chris brown

  16. cinthya moreira

    cinthya moreira15 hours ago


  17. Kak Yeet

    Kak Yeet15 hours ago

    Erica mena

  18. AntonyLamontboogs

    AntonyLamontboogs15 hours ago

    Chris Brown we needs a video 📷📸

  19. Marlon Gabriel Rodrigues

    Marlon Gabriel Rodrigues15 hours ago

    Meu sonho e ter conhece vc

  20. Marlon Gabriel Rodrigues

    Marlon Gabriel Rodrigues15 hours ago

    Salve eu sou teu fam

  21. lil itachi CLE

    lil itachi CLE15 hours ago

    The greatest

  22. Nadia Humphrey

    Nadia Humphrey15 hours ago


  23. Jermaia Dukes

    Jermaia Dukes15 hours ago

    Blue's Clues & Angelica Pickles as Chris Brown

  24. Daniel Templeton

    Daniel Templeton15 hours ago

    Crown of Exultation XXXXXXXXXXX

  25. Jermaia Dukes

    Jermaia Dukes15 hours ago

    Ooh ooh She change in your pocket

  26. Daniel Templeton

    Daniel Templeton15 hours ago

    The Incorruptible Crown and the Crown of Rejoicing and oil of gladness

  27. Daniel Templeton

    Daniel Templeton15 hours ago

    Crown of favour of excellece of beauty. Crown of Glory

  28. Christy Arthur

    Christy Arthur15 hours ago

    I MISS BUSTA!!!!!

  29. Daniel Templeton

    Daniel Templeton15 hours ago


  30. Sandra Vucel

    Sandra Vucel15 hours ago

    love this video. Such a great visuals.

  31. David Joshua

    David Joshua15 hours ago


  32. Yulissa Nina Jiménez

    Yulissa Nina Jiménez15 hours ago

    Quien 2021❤️

  33. Martina Sutton

    Martina Sutton15 hours ago


  34. devonta benjamin

    devonta benjamin15 hours ago


  35. Teresa Oliveira

    Teresa Oliveira15 hours ago


  36. Francis Tisoy

    Francis Tisoy15 hours ago

    Old but gold❤️🥰

  37. *Neveah *

    *Neveah *16 hours ago

    "This aint the world it used to be" yeah breezy i agree its like he was speaking the future..😔

  38. Guilherme Lemos de souza dantas

    Guilherme Lemos de souza dantas16 hours ago

    Hay. Brasil. Eeeeeeeeeeiaaaa

  39. Meseret Tefera

    Meseret Tefera16 hours ago

    Every body they have not talented like chris brown act dance all of thing

  40. cameron carter

    cameron carter16 hours ago

    this well be my last song on earth

  41. chapin vlogs

    chapin vlogs16 hours ago

    Para mi es una joya de música

  42. Christina Brown

    Christina Brown16 hours ago


  43. lonely kid

    lonely kid16 hours ago

    U GAWT IT GURL U GAWT IT!!!!!!!!👌👌👌

  44. Tasia Janel

    Tasia Janel16 hours ago

    Iconic performance 🐐

  45. lonely kid

    lonely kid16 hours ago

    Dude I remember I used to always listen to song like last year this shit used to always be on replay no its like I don't even listen to it I just listen to roddy ricch now lol but this still my shit tho fr 🔥🔥🔥🔥

  46. Cindy Minaj

    Cindy Minaj16 hours ago

    Who is listening this song in February 2021 with covid-19

  47. Alcides Jorge

    Alcides Jorge16 hours ago

    2021 and ima here ❤❤❤

  48. Scouts Madesi

    Scouts Madesi16 hours ago

    Hey it's been a while, do you still beat women?

  49. saya sendiri

    saya sendiri16 hours ago


  50. Sydney Smith

    Sydney Smith16 hours ago

    this shit still a bop

  51. Silver Hoops

    Silver Hoops16 hours ago

    It's 2021 and this song is still 🔥

  52. NewJersey Drive

    NewJersey Drive16 hours ago

    I love Chris Brown

  53. Carnifex Caitlan

    Carnifex Caitlan16 hours ago

    This is the supreme of rap

  54. Jakyla

    Jakyla16 hours ago

    This is definitely one of the best remixes ever produced in the rap community🔥🔥

  55. Victoria Whiftield

    Victoria Whiftield16 hours ago

    2021 ❤️ Still a favorite

  56. Bria Victoria

    Bria Victoria16 hours ago

    Is the continued version of Go Crazy?

  57. Unghetto. Mathieu

    Unghetto. Mathieu16 hours ago


  58. Bruno Batista Batista

    Bruno Batista Batista17 hours ago

    Brasil rj 2021

  59. Molly Todd

    Molly Todd17 hours ago

    Can’t listen to this song without thinking of Millie’s rap 💀

  60. Jayden Manuel

    Jayden Manuel17 hours ago

    1:35 this is when the song start's btw ;)

  61. Cullen

    Cullen17 hours ago

    Who is here in 2021

  62. ww ww

    ww ww17 hours ago


  63. ousama Csc

    ousama Csc17 hours ago


  64. Kim Girrafe

    Kim Girrafe17 hours ago


  65. Heloise Santos

    Heloise Santos17 hours ago

    Queria entender o pq, tudo que o Chris faz fica perfeito 💕

  66. Тілеген Абуталип

    Тілеген Абуталип18 hours ago

    Who's watching March 2021? 🖐❤👍

  67. Alejandro Ramos

    Alejandro Ramos18 hours ago


  68. Maria Fernanda

    Maria Fernanda18 hours ago

    Estoy estudiando inglés ,solo para poder cantar esta canción :)


    VITÓRIA GAMER18 hours ago

    Quem veio pelo tik tok kkkk

  70. Blessing Nyamatsanza

    Blessing Nyamatsanza18 hours ago

    Wow it's amazing

  71. kyle caoile

    kyle caoile18 hours ago


  72. Eyes And Stars

    Eyes And Stars18 hours ago

    G-easy looks like a hipster youth pastor

  73. Regina Roberts

    Regina Roberts18 hours ago

    It's all in my recommendations now lol

  74. Fazlinda Rosidan

    Fazlinda Rosidan18 hours ago

    Listening in 2021

  75. Hugo Xavier

    Hugo Xavier18 hours ago

    French Montana is better then Tyga

  76. Mya Richardson

    Mya Richardson19 hours ago

    So melly got the song from here

  77. Breezy Infinity

    Breezy Infinity19 hours ago

    Man, this is so underrated. Not even a 100m views in 7 years. This music video deserves a 500m views.

  78. Aarya Tha

    Aarya Tha19 hours ago

    1:30 🕜

  79. GAMER 44

    GAMER 4419 hours ago


  80. Shanna Jennings

    Shanna Jennings19 hours ago

    Whatever. Hi chris brown