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  1. Eggs

    Eggs4 minutes ago

    Bruh this is the some disturbing sh*t

  2. Andrew Cruz

    Andrew Cruz10 minutes ago

    No. Damn. Way. My kids, my grandchildren, yes. Not even my parents or my siblings, except my sister, because she’s indispensable.

  3. LaToya Sam

    LaToya Sam10 minutes ago

    Zoe doesn't deserve no chances period. She blew it with Carter.

  4. Grant Dapaah

    Grant Dapaah21 minute ago

    Hey, technically Norse Mythology version of Hell is a giant frozen wasteland.

  5. Lakshit singh Bisht

    Lakshit singh Bisht21 minute ago

    Well i trying to zoom it in my phone.

  6. Brianna Price

    Brianna Price21 minute ago

    Zoey you were hoping to get pregnant by zende I really hope carter doesn’t forgive her

  7. zeepiet

    zeepiet22 minutes ago

    Hopefully one day some of US presidents and their followers will face the justice themself.

  8. ultraviolence

    ultraviolence23 minutes ago

    stan smith

  9. Victoria Washington

    Victoria Washington27 minutes ago

    I don't know...

  10. Mema Allen

    Mema Allen28 minutes ago

    Kelly is pretty

  11. TheSoloWingPixy 37

    TheSoloWingPixy 3732 minutes ago

    "Afro" Proceeds to arrest the bald guy 😂

  12. vellore S. R.

    vellore S. R.34 minutes ago

    పోరాటమైన యుద్ధమైనా సమ ఉజ్జీ లతో జరగాలి కాని ఇక్కడ అమెరికా సామ్రాజ్యవాదం స్వార్థ ప్రయోజనాలే ప్రధానంగా ఈ యుద్ధానికి కారణంగా కనిపిస్తోంది ముఖ్యంగా ఇక్కడ క్రూడ్ ఆయిల్ అవసరం ప్రపంచంలోని దేశాధినేతలు తమ అడుగులకు మడుగులొత్తాలనే ఉద్దేశం గా కనిపిస్తుంది కాని తన సమ ఉజ్జీ లో పోరాటం చేసే సాహసం చేయదు ఎందుకంటే యుద్ధం తన ఆర్థిక వ్యవస్థను చిన్నాభిన్నం అవుతుంది రకరకాల ఇబ్బందులు ఎదుర్కోవాల్సి వస్తోందని బలహీనులపై తన ప్రతాపం చూపడం అమెరికా నైజం

  13. Shanaaz Abrahams

    Shanaaz Abrahams41 minute ago

    Her boss is the ultimate Karen

  14. Lewis C

    Lewis C46 minutes ago

    Ed introduced talent to America.

  15. Rebecca Clark

    Rebecca Clark46 minutes ago

    I'd love to say he should give her another chance, but I've known someone like Zoe...she doesn't have Zende out of her system and will betray Carter again when a chance presents. Like Ridge pointed out, she's only backtracking because Zende turned her down.

  16. Jack Kahayon

    Jack Kahayon55 minutes ago

    What would you expect with cops, Bullshit

  17. Jay Hollow

    Jay HollowHour ago

    Some people think him and Donna should be a thing how old is Donna don’t she got some years on him

  18. christopher hinkle

    christopher hinkleHour ago

    That was a rant?

  19. Ashley Austin

    Ashley AustinHour ago

    He said they couldn't see the second plane, but...You clearly CAN see it coming. This, 20 years later, is actually the first time I've seen this footage. I had seen plenty of footage, but not this. This is just...I have no words. I was in elementary school (5th grade) at the time, sitting on the shiny, gymnasium floor watching a school assembly. Our teachers, were sitting against the left wall, on our lunch tables folded into benches. And I noticed, all of a sudden, that there seemed to be a lot of movement and restlessness coming from the teachers against the wall. My teacher, in particular, had gotten up a few times, exiting the nearby doors, back and forth. I thought it odd, but dind't think much of it. Until we got back to the classroom. I noticed it was odd, again, that after our assembly, our teacher was pulling a tall cart with a TV on it, into the room. That was NOT the plan she had mentioned before the assembly. And when we saw what was on TV, it all made sense. It made sense why the teachers had been acting so weird downstairs in the gymnasium.

  20. KontryBoy706

    KontryBoy706Hour ago

    Stop talking to her. You are going to accept 2nd place?! Gah I hate this so much it’s going just like I thought. He’s gonna cave. She don’t deserve no 2nd chance!!!! Only reason she begging is because she got no other option!

  21. Sherri Grant

    Sherri GrantHour ago

    Run Carter run. Why can't they give him a better storyline. Geez

  22. Alicia Marshall

    Alicia MarshallHour ago

    Run Carter Run

  23. Spongerob0

    Spongerob0Hour ago

    Spock's humor is the best. It just comes out of nowhere.

  24. Some iconic Animation guy

    Some iconic Animation guyHour ago

    I love it when she was imitating as her being like I was making Pie

  25. teresa schug

    teresa schugHour ago

    Wow! I can not even believe this , what a heartless human, I'm sooooo 😕 confused

  26. xrisouli gurl

    xrisouli gurlHour ago

    Carter and Donna shd get together!...Id like to see her happy agin, more age appropriate also. All Zoe does is lie, and she is an immature sneaky selfish kid! Carter deserves so much better!! I wldnt miss Zoe, Flo, Shauna or Quinn!

  27. Freddie Brown

    Freddie BrownHour ago

    Zoey Bye

  28. Helen Hernandez

    Helen HernandezHour ago

    Zoe is stupud n. Carter. Probadly will not take her bck

  29. C K

    C KHour ago

    Please Carter don't take that Zoey back she's all about money and status she don't deserve you I swear they need to bring in more woman in the bold and the beautiful Carter is hot 🔥

  30. Renjolo Bagunu

    Renjolo BagunuHour ago


  31. Gerald Lenard Alvin, Jr.

    Gerald Lenard Alvin, Jr.Hour ago

    Don’t Do It Carter

  32. Kim Wright

    Kim WrightHour ago

    Zoe Can't Be Trusted

  33. Kim Wright

    Kim WrightHour ago

    Carter Please Don't Take Zoe Back Because She's No Good You Deserve Better She Can Go Back To London Where She Came From

  34. michael kershner

    michael kershnerHour ago

    How about pairs she needs forgiveness too if not cat it out

  35. Kinglol 0929

    Kinglol 0929Hour ago

    Petition for the woman to be imprisoned

  36. Aesthetic Sunflower

    Aesthetic SunflowerHour ago

    even tho he did something bad it dosent mean we can’t help him but he is a very bad person and Elizabeth shouldn’t have gone thru all of that but we are not the ones who should judge him god should

  37. Annie

    AnnieHour ago

    Ridge need to fire Zoe because she's only using Carter to keep her Forrester connection. She's not in love with him at all.

  38. CaRloS

    CaRloS2 hours ago

    Love this title

  39. Catries Johnson

    Catries Johnson2 hours ago

    She can't be trusted

  40. Cece Green

    Cece Green2 hours ago

    💪🏾 team orca . they stole him from.the sea put him in a pool and wonder why he is so pissed.. Rest up he is free now

  41. Ashley Mone't

    Ashley Mone't2 hours ago

    Personally I want Nicole to come back, I think she would be perfect for Carter, but if not why not Paris? Bottom line Carter deserves happiness.

  42. Ronnie Saxton

    Ronnie Saxton2 hours ago

    Carter, please don't do it!!!

  43. Tongbai Mason Gilmore

    Tongbai Mason Gilmore2 hours ago

    Amazing story very uniqueness about how one can be found the truth about himself after 3 decades later.

  44. Melinda Burnside

    Melinda Burnside2 hours ago


  45. تسنيم ياسر

    تسنيم ياسر2 hours ago


  46. Ricardo Torres

    Ricardo Torres2 hours ago

    I remember growing up in New York in the 80s and 90s it was a lot of racial tensions especially between the African American youths and the Italian American youths

  47. Gisela Flores

    Gisela Flores2 hours ago

    The way she looks and kiss at her🥰

  48. No One

    No One2 hours ago

    Yeah, the reboot wasn’t very good plus you lost the MAGA crowd after ticking them off.

  49. Ashura

    Ashura2 hours ago

    Cry baby, now he's using profanity against a fellow Republican. Extremely disappointed.

  50. Wendy Stevens

    Wendy Stevens2 hours ago

    Girl bye!

  51. JOLVED1

    JOLVED12 hours ago

    Now that I watch this as an adult, it seems so stupid.

  52. popcorn123466

    popcorn1234662 hours ago

    If Zende would have given into her she wouldn't be trying to get him back. She wasn't confused she knew exactly what she was doing. From the first moment she saw Zende she wanted him.

  53. That Lonely meatball

    That Lonely meatball2 hours ago

    The finger in the fan Analogy is actually really smart

  54. Malik Mimiasie

    Malik Mimiasie2 hours ago

    If I was Carter I wouldn't trust Zoey 😤 .

  55. In_The_Kitchen_With_Katie

    In_The_Kitchen_With_Katie3 hours ago

    I love the deep commitment to this Daytime Drama as read in the comments. How long it has been on and continues to this day has been amazing. It’s like a really good book you can’t put down. They become family like that you have to view each day to see how they are. You become their champions. You relate to their pains. Their heartaches. Their joys. The ups and downs. No matter what, they are always welcomed by you the viewing audience. You give them life. It pleases me to read the comments and that they are so relatable to everyday people and lives. Everyone who may read this comment; please have a blessed day, today and every day. It was a pleasure reading through your thoughts and suggestions to spare this young man. Stay strong...Monday’s coming 👍😉😎 😊❤️🌎

  56. Lisa Davis

    Lisa Davis3 hours ago

    I LOVE how B&B have dyed Zoe's hair darker so that she will come off as trustworthy, conservative, innocent. Anyhoo, if Carter takes this trashy chicken-head back, I will have no sympathy for him in the future. None, zero. Just like I don't have any for Finn.

  57. Ingrid The Lord's Servant

    Ingrid The Lord's Servant3 hours ago

    It ain’t even meat anymore. Chemicals and human flesh

  58. Mg Sh

    Mg Sh3 hours ago

    تسلم ايديك

  59. ambaiarts

    ambaiarts3 hours ago

    Not going to China till I get Harry potters invisibility cloak.😎

  60. michael pennington

    michael pennington3 hours ago

    The You tube comment section really is an incredible place. Where else could you go to find World class experts in every field of life? From people who go on Maths, computer and science channels to tell professors that the video they made about their specialist subject is wrong to the people that can be confronted with a video explaining a problem that World leaders in the field are struggling with only for a random person in the comments telling them the problem is actually pretty straightforward and easy to solve. Why, even here we are lucky to be granted the wisdom of financial geniuses that knew the crash of 2008 was inevitable and obvious. We are lucky to be living in a time when such incredible intellects are able to find the time in their busy lives to provide us with their insights and teachings.

  61. Mary Brown

    Mary Brown3 hours ago

    The very same people who express outrage over the treatment of captive orcas are the same idiots who fawn over the fact that baby monkeys are taken from their mothers right after birth and given to a human family for that family's pleasure. Animals belong in their natural habitats with their real families, not human families and not in water tanks! think about i!

  62. Ronald Brown

    Ronald Brown3 hours ago

    We all love you Ric flair you are the greatest

  63. Jim Jackson

    Jim Jackson3 hours ago

    I love this show.

  64. U N V Me

    U N V Me4 hours ago

    Carter is too good for bubble eyes. But he's going to take her back.

  65. Aaron Berns

    Aaron Berns4 hours ago

    I'm surprised they even survived this

  66. Matthew B

    Matthew B4 hours ago

    I saw this shape a couple weeks ago In the night sky in Mississippi..

  67. Annette Melnychuk

    Annette Melnychuk4 hours ago

    I would love to have her job but I don't have the voice for it

  68. feroz ahmed

    feroz ahmed4 hours ago

    After a mass killing of innocent Muslim's people in Iraq why did you looking peace in it Mr. Bush? That was a wrong judgement that's why it's happened to you very shamefully,,still we had been waiting for judgement,

  69. Frank Sinatra

    Frank Sinatra5 hours ago

    No lies Bush looked so badass on this one

  70. Financial Intelligence

    Financial Intelligence5 hours ago

    more like "Captain Condom" amirite

  71. michael gaynor

    michael gaynor5 hours ago

    CIA planned it

  72. Virginia Stigall

    Virginia Stigall5 hours ago

    I’m sorry but Zoe’s apologies seem so fake. If they really want to give Carter a storyline then bring Maya back and put Carter with Maya. If Maya was here she would have put Zoe in her place and told her the truth that Zoe herself doesn’t want to admit which is that she didn’t really want Carter she just took who was available because she didn’t want to be alone.

  73. Skunk Clutches

    Skunk Clutches5 hours ago

    if only she didnt have a ponytail

  74. Teresa Messenger

    Teresa Messenger5 hours ago

    Horrible boss

  75. ChristopherP. Hitchens

    ChristopherP. Hitchens5 hours ago

    "You're too kooky" is an understatement...if you simply look at how she dresses. Much like Yoko Ono's association with John Lennon, nobody would have ever heard of Diane Keaton without Woody Allen. Like Ono, Keaton blithely assumes her dubious fame is based on innate talent.

  76. peanut pipper

    peanut pipper5 hours ago

    Russian rocket what bullshit this looks more like a test of an electro magnetic plasma wepon scalar phisics to tell obama we have one too


    TRUTH MATTERS5 hours ago


  78. Lineice davis

    Lineice davis5 hours ago

    I'm surprised Paris is even talking to her after what she did

  79. Caroline Bailey

    Caroline Bailey5 hours ago

    So she had a British accent when she started on the show. Where did that go? Then she fell for Thomas after that whole DR Birmingham/Hopes baby thing happened. Now.... she’s straightening her hair and still speaking in a US English accent and.... the story lines totally suck on this Soap. It’s time to call it quits! 🤮

  80. A H

    A H5 hours ago

    The Somali diaspora raised most of the ransom money. Lying media bastards.